Updates And Nuttiness At Month's Start...

They've come a long way together from The Two Dragons...

Hi. Brian Joseph Johns here. CEO of Shhhh! Digital Media and creator of Butterfly Dragon and A Lady's Prerogative (Now Tales Of The Sanctum).

I just wanted to post a little something about more of the updates up and coming, and a bit about the nonsense that occurred earlier at the beginning of this month.

Now that I have your attention...

Sometimes they take off their masks...

Butterfly Dragon: The Two Butterflies - Episode 11 is complete. I'll be starting Episode 12 within the month, though Night Boat and We Who Stand On Guard have priority first. Night Boat will have a subplot related to Pride month, which I am confident will add steep plot elements that will examine all sides, especially on a boat with only one female crewmate on board, and a divided crew of men in the neighbourhood of two-hundred and eighty, most of whom have little experience working on a ship, let alone a Gearing Class Destroyer Refit.

Not a permanent design, but a contemplation...
Tales Of The Sanctum: A Lady's Prerogative - Crystals Are Forever will be coming soon on a chapter by chapter publishing basis, alongside Sufragium Per Proxy. Both of which I'll write alongside of one another, alternating chapters for each every two to three days.

They should both be done within a month and a half and Tales From The Sanctum will lead directly into an episodic mini-series in the aftermath of Crystals Are Forever, that will connect it with the Mentis plotline of The Two Butterflies and some other unfinished business. I can't really say much more than that without giving anything away.

Dina and Stanton will be back, working alongside Tricia and Halmand as the global political infiltration by Mentis stirs an international incident, that threatens to divide NATO down the middle.

Month Start Nuttiness

I usually begin every month by designing an intense budget using Google Sheets, and I try to divide my shopping between the two grocers I use the most (one a very North American budget friendly brand that has been a staple of my shopping for years, and the other a very Asian centric brand, with a great variety of selection, especially where it concerns hard to find brands catering to Asian cuisine which I happen to enjoy thoroughly and love to cook).

I ordered from both places for delivery through a third party delivery service, and it seems that the delivery service itself became involved in assisting the cult attempting to steal my content and Shhhh! Digital Media brand, by making it seem that it was another one of the residents who received my order (which essentially was stolen the delivery company had to replace last minute). 

Most of the evidence points to a collaboration between the delivery drivers and employees of the delivery service who consipired with my neighbours to assist them in creating the impression that my orders originated from these neighbours, and that their activities originate from my person. So in other words, swapping our identities in terms of our lifestyle and activities.

As I've stated, the membership of this cult conduct illegal surveillance on my computer and these are people who the evidence points to being maligned with organized crime.

I do have allies who also conduct surveillance, that represent law enforcement at the two highest levels in Canada, not to mention support from other Southeast Asian allies (China, Korea, Japan, Vietnam) as well who also from time to time keep a very close eye on things, despite the efforts of my neighbours to make it appear like my content originates from someone else.

The two key members that seem to be connected to the organized crime that is trying to steal Shhhh! Digital are residents in the same building as mine, and as I've stated, they have assistance from corrupt representatives of various organizations locally, who are assisting them to achieve these goals.

So, as you know, my name is not Terence, and there is nobody named Terence that is associated with Shhhh! Digital Media. Much the same, there is nobody named Trent that is associated with Shhhh! Digital Media either. Nor is there a person named Bobby associated with Shhhh! Digital Media, though I sometimes promote the music of Rita Johns and Bob Federer, in addition to other musical artists I like to promote. I usually try to mix my stories with good song for each chapter, when and where that kind of effort works well with the story telling.

Now, insofar as dogs go, I think dogs as pets are cool, but I myself don't have a dog and I've never owned a dog myself, so in essence you could say that there are no direct employees of Shhhh! Digital Media that own a dog.

I can't speak for the other artists and contractors I've worked with in the past, but I can tell you that no direct employee of Shhhh! Digital Media owns a dog. No disrespect meant to dogs, but I'm definitely not a New Dawn kind of guy, if you catch my drift. I'm more of a Night At The Museum (1&2) kind of guy (though I'm not a security guard with all due respect to those for whom its an honest living), and as I stated, I lean very much towards Southeast Asia more so than anywhere, but I do very much heart Canada. I am not a member of any blood centric cult and would never be a member of anything that would divide me from Southeast Asia, or force me only to socialize or become romantically involved with people of my own blood.

My photo is always up on Shhhh! Digital Media and I often work with Shhhh! Digital content on my computer, with broadcasting software running. So if you're one of the people spying on my computer, chances are you'll see me and my live webcam face, in realtime with whatever content I'm working with, and often I'll record directly to YouTube so I have a working record of my content creation pipeline.

I never steal the credit for the efforts of others (even as a writer I give thanks and credit at the end of every post that is part of the storylines).

So, for those of you who might have been confused by the latest efforts I described from the beginning of the month, I'm Brian Joseph Johns, and you can expect more new content soon, especially as I am fine-tuning my production pipeline.

I will see you soon with some new content and chapters for the stories you enjoy and a few big surprises as we head into Autumn (in both Alivale and West Meet East)...

Have a good weekend, and I might be attending a presentation at Huron Square tomorrow. If I do, I hope to see you there... 🪄🦋🐉