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FYI - The How Of Erasing Someone

I've protested numerous times the effort of an abusive cult who use harassment and polarity reversal to cannibalize people. In other words they use this process to literally erase the social and sometimes identity records of specific people, even amidst a modern society like Canada.
I really do love Canada, but this activity is a scar on Canada's reputation and is certainly causing it to descend in terms of having many hidden human rights abuses that are never addressed or even acknowledged. 
Protesting this activity in any form is considered to be "complaining" by the cult like ideologies that conduct this and sometimes by other Canadians that have no familiarity with it.
The way this cult works is by conducting ever growing levels of harassment against their victim and hidden social abuses as well. As this mistreatment accumulates causing stress and anxiety in the victim, they eventually reach a boiling point where they either rant about it or possibly even commit som…

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