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The Butterfly Dragon III: The Two Dragons Act III [Updated 6/10/2022: 15:00 PM EST]

IMPORTANT NOTICE: THE CHAPTER ONE LESS HAND, ONE EMPIRE MORE  HAS BEEN UPDATED ON 4/OCT/2022 WITH ADDITIONS PERTINENT TO THE STORY, ESPECIALLY WHERE IT INVOLVES THE SY349 FORMULA AND AN IMPORTANT NEW FEMALE CHARACTER INTRODUCED NEAR THE END OF THAT CHAPTER. PLEASE RE-READ IT IF YOU READ IT BEFORE 4/OCT/2022. Shhhh! Author Introduction This story which is the third book (or Act as I'm calling it) is the conclusion of the Butterfly Dragon trilogy. This book will wrap up all the loose ends created during the course of the adventures of Heylyn, Alicia, Monique and Valerie over the three books and several short stories involving the characters. It will also bring back a number of characters from the previous two books to assist in overcoming the forces with which they're about to clash. Hidden forces whose presence I've been building up over the course of the first two Acts of the Dragon Butterfly story. As is the case with my previous Butterfly Dragon books, science will play

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