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A Lady's Prerogative III: Singularity (Updated December 4, 2021)

Please support First Nations' right to self determination, especially where it involves the extraction of resources on their land by signing and supporting this letter to the Ontario Provincial Government  care of the David Suzuki Foundation . Introduction This is the beginning of the third attempt at A Lady's Prerogative III: Singularity. For those of you who've been around since the previous two attempts I made at finishing this book over the last two years, most, if not all of the elements included in those attempts at a multi-story narrative will return in this version. So fret nought, we'll still have the plot line that finds Mila teaming up with Sato, as they desperately try to return Barris to the land of the living, with a few new added twists. Nelony will take on two new apprentices. The original two activist students that had been protecting the Amazon rainforest when they encountered Nelony. One from Jordan, and the other from Iceland. The situation with the

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