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Identity Theft And CERB (Canada Emergency Response Benefit)

 The most recent scam I'm experiencing is that of people stealing my identity in order to replace my identity with that of people who've scammed the Government to receive the CERB (Canada Emergency Response Benefit). I, like any other Canadian had the chance to apply for the benefit, which would have put me in a substantially better position financially but I chose not to because I felt that I'd be taking advantage of something that is really for workers who are in much greater need than myself (ie that have a family to look after). So it appears that the people who did opt for the CERB that may not have been fully entitled are attempting another scam and that is to steal the identities of people who didn't receive the CERB, to replace the stolen identity with that of someone who did receive the CERB, perhaps even illegally. This seems to have been coordinated and timed in such a way that my mobile number expired so that I had no way of confirming my own identity with t

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