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If You Don't Use It, You Don't Lose It + You Can Be More Than One Thing At A Time + You Don't Lose What You Express

A quick post here on Shhhhh! Digital Media by myself, Brian Joseph Johns. I disagree with the statement: If you don't use it, you lose it .  I used to know someone who lived by that eidos, and quite simply put, it is completely nonsense. That might apply to bad habits such as smoking or other habits along that line, but it certainly doesn't apply to your skills and abilities in life. I've never been in any situation where not having ridden a bicycle for years, that I've been unable to get on and ride again, assuming the bicycle is completely functioning. Likewise, I've never jumped into a swimming pool or lake after not having swam for years and suddenly found myself unable to swim. I've never sat at a fully functioning piano or keyboard and found myself unable to play having not played for some time. I could name a hundred other things like that, all that prove that if you don't use it, you don't lose it. There are people who live by and enforce that so

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