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Happy Canada Day!

  To all of my Canadian sisters and brothers out there across this wonderful, and sometimes turbulent nation of ours, I'd like to wish you all a very Happy Canada Day!  I'd also like to invite everyone throughout the world to share in our celebration of the true, north, strong and free nation of Canada, with the good graces of our Indigenous land lords and guardians of this vast and ecologically diverse country. We've come a long way from our colonial, multi-language origins to progress ever closer towards that ideal that drives us all from within. Regardless of our differences, we share a common denominator that is reflected in our Constitution , our Charter of Rights and Freedoms and our Human Rights Act .  Most of all however, it is reflected in what we express, in what we do, and our ability to somewhat converge those often conflicting idioms to become the Canada we all know and love. We're far from perfect (I'll be the first one to attest to my own imperfecti

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