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Reddit Reply To Trimdon73

This is from a Reddit post I made under my username Weltherwithsp on the /Gangstalking sub.

It is a reply to this conversation that started out as encouragement to a woman on the sub who'd been looking for help.

I posted this here because I feel that there is a large amount of effort to steal my online identity and to erase my in person identity. So I'm going to make every effort that I can to expose this.

Also, revealing certain information in posts is referred to as doxxing, and Reddit is trying to pressure me into hiding anything that would reveal or link my identity to myself. That indicates to me that there is the possibility that it might used as part of the attempt to transfer my identity away from myself and to someone else (possibly someone Scottish though I am not Scottish and I have some good Scottish friends). Possibly this cult might be trying to transfer the identity of an old friend named John Penny to me, while taking my history and identity and applying it to him, or possibly someone else.

So here's the reply:

The Thank You For Not Killing My Son Reply

I'm very glad to hear that you're confidant against them. Don't let anyone, men or women bully you or determine your path for you. Escaping puppeteering can be difficult, and I can't imagine how it is for women in that regard because they generally attempt to make women very dependent upon them as a form of control. So by standing against them its a risk to your foundation and possibly your means of support but I'd be willing to bet there's a lot of people who'd help you escape from such nonsense. Thankfully it sounds like there's no substance abuse issues involved, as organized stalkers often try to control women via a dependency upon narcotics. They're scumbags and have likely ruined more lives than... Anyway. Thinking about that makes me mad. The fact that you have some momentum is a good thing. If you have any points where you feel you're losing that momentum, just remember that you'll experience lulls in life from time to time, and that doesn't necessarily mean that you've stopped moving forward. It just means that you've lost a reference point that allows you to distinguish that aspect of your being for a short period of time. One thing I'd highly advise is not living by the symbolism of colours they try to enforce upon their victims. You know, red versus blue or black versus white. Nonsense of that kind. I don't go by any of their colour or shade symbolism whatsoever. Nothing. Besides in Canada its a violation of the Charter Of Rights And Freedoms and the Human Rights Act to use colours in a discriminatory fashion. Not just the colour of a person's skin, but for any kind of symbolic reference that discriminates (meaning delineates a difference by which people can be afforded misfortune or opportunity). So I don't go by black meaning that only the things I keep secret are true. I don't go by colours representing the colour of skin of people, or their eye colours, or hair or any colour in that regard. Racist groups and scumbag criminal gangs use that as a method to take over communities and to polarize people. So don't let anyone manipulate you by the symbolism of colours (unless you want that). Generally all cultures have their own definitions for what colours symbolize and most cultures of ther world don't apply symbols that refer specifically to a means by which they can be used to discriminate against others. The only discrimination there ever should be is the fact that if you are in a romantic relationship with a partner, that means you're only letting that person into your life and privacy, not the whole of the human race. I mean I wouldn't invite my family into my bedroom for any of the intimacy I'd share with my lover. Likewise I wouldn't invite my friends or neighbours either. So some discrimination is a good thing where it affords your right to privacy, and where it protects your right to association and companionship.

With all due respect, I'm a Canadian from Toronto, Ontario in Regent Park. My surname of Johns is actually that of my biological father. He split when I was about 2 or 3 years old and left my mother by herself to raise my brother and I. My biological father and I are nothing alike. Rumours were abound that he had a heroin problem and that he used to screw prostitutes and hang out in cheap motels. Rumours I'm hoping. Another possibility is that he may have been an Undercover Cop without any of us knowing. We do have extensive connections to the Police in my family, including one of the relatives on my mother's side of the family having been a former Chief of the Police Chiefs Association in Canada so my biological father having been deeply undercover isn't beyond the realm of possibility. That's how I know that Federal Police aren't involved in organized stalking. Actually I believe that it more involves organized crime, unlawful vigilantism or both.

I'm not like my biological father at all but organized stalkers being the goofs that they are (forgive my colloquialism), make it into a bastard's game of "who is your father". Bastard ironically can be shortened to the term Bast, which is the Cat Goddess of the Egyptian pantheon of Gods. I don't follow any ideology or belief system founded upon Egyptian Mysticism. I just thought that was kind of interesting though the words "bastard" and "Bast" are unrelated etymologically.

That side of my family is actually Welsh and there is a Johns' Castle I've heard under our family name in Wales though that's likely another of the family legends that probably don't hold a lot of water with reality. I don't usually go by blood though as my love interest is of a different culture than my own and I don't want members of her culture or of the culture of my last two girlfriends to end up with the burden as is common amongst blood centric racist groups in North America when it comes to how they treat women of the Far East of Asia. My last two girlfriends are Mandarin Chinese and Korean and I'm Caucasian for all intense purposes and an Atheist Taoist Buddhist of my own freewill and choosing and after many years of consideration of the nature of life and reality. Much of the abuse arising from organized stalking hit me from faiths centered around Abraham, though I've never once been stalked or harassed by anyone Jewish and have had some great friendships and even a couple of relationships earlier in life with members of the Jewish community.

So my biological father left when I was young and a blood centric religion often stalks me about that aspect trying to sell me on the idea that blood determines your ways more so than your individuality and upbringing which I believe to be nonsense. I believe that we develop based upon our early upbringing and that overall up until we are through puberty determines how well we'll hold up to scrutiny of our ways when we're 33, which seems to be the age most of us are evaluated for the solidity of our upbringing.

I don't think there are any aspects of how we think coded into our DNA. I believe that our brains are actually like communications devices, quantum based probably somehow integrated with what we regard as being the Quantum Foam, the very stuff from which reality and time/space emerges and collapses in instances of Planck time. Our actual minds and our ability to think isn't intrinsic to our body. That's why our observation of time/space causes the collapse of the wave function with any phenomenon we observe as does the observation of any sufficiently conscious being. Consciousness is individual rather than collective, but built into the universe. We can hear the "mind noise" of others because our perception and cognition rely on communications that take place within our nervous system, which is bio-electric in nature which means that it emits a magnetic field containing all of the that information being conveyed through out nervous system and that our corresponding biomagnetic fields overlap sometimes and we can perceive each other's process of cognition and sometimes even our hormone production via Van Eck Phreaking of the body. I believe that organized stalkers are exploiting this aspect of our nervous system to create the V2K effect that many victims describe, though there's many theories on that right now. My theory adds up and currently is completely provable by existing scientific theories. I believe that within the next two decades, all the key discoveries will be in place to explain it all.

My biological father's family, the Johns family are great people. I had an Aunt and Uncle through them, and two cousins who went on to achieve some things much greater than being stalked by an organized group though that in itself is no small achievement (as is developing a sense of humour in the midst thereof). One of my Uncles on that side of my family is or was rumoured to be Schizophrenic and struggled with that for years. It takes courage to face problems like that as there are many stigmas that affect how society treats you. I'm fortunate that I've not been afflicted similarly though as I've stated, my stalking takes on the form that attempts to imply that I am or have that aspect to myself which again is not true. In the face of organized stalking I've held up quite well mentally and from what I've seen of organized stalking, much of it seems to be a based upon alchemical teachings of actually crafting a person into the symptoms of specific mental illnesses, using recipes that are handed down by the kind of people who practice such nonsense upon their fellow human beings. More scumbags.

I've been a victim of this for 25 years or more (I experienced group bullying prior to that). I'm 52 and I've never once reacted violently towards my stalkers, though I've been attacked physically more than a few times and never of my own instigation of attack. Always started by situations they incur and their attempts to bull bait me into attacking them. Though I've never attacked, only defended and counter-attacked three, perhaps four times and never in a means to cause permanent damage, which I could have.

I have some formal martial arts training in Goju Ryu, Goju Jujitsu Ryu and more recently Aikido (in my local community) as well as some Chen style Tai Chi which I studied for free by going to Bridgepoint Medical Facility in one of the Toronto China town areas and practicing with the community under the tutelage of an actual Chen Style Master. So I've been attacked physically and more times than not, I've been able to defend myself and yet never have counter attacked to the point of causing serious injury in any of my attackers, of which I am capable though I am not an expert in martial arts. If anything I probably have more respect for the harm that can be done by fighting than most people do. I only started my foray into martial arts at the age of 23 or 24 (about a year after I was attacked and left for dead on the sidewalk as you'll read below).

I did for years take them very seriously though. I had no idea how much they would help in my organized stalking experiences for self control and for clearing Chi blockages, creating which seems to be a weapon of choice for many organized stalkers. That's why I recommend to targeted individuals to seek help from Traditional Chinese Medicine, Reiki, Tantric or Vedic Meditation, Yoga, Martial Arts (especially Qi Gong which is all about keeping the body clear), an exercise regime in addition to help from the professional Western medical community and a trusted Physician. I have a feeling that had I not gone the path I'd chosen, I likely would have snapped during attempts at stalking me and possibly could have hurt someone other than myself and very possibly someone innocent of the crime of stalking.

That would lead to trouble with the law and from there things would undoubtedly be very difficult. Instead I've managed to keep my head about me even in the worst of situations while under verbal assault from numerous people over the course of a day. I'm talking in the hundreds in just about any day that I go outside to go shopping or resupply. So I'm doing pretty good in that respect and have managed to keep my head together. No substance abuse issues though I did recently partake of cannabis legally (its legal here in Canada). The kind I picked is high in CBD content and low in THC, so it actually helps to energize you while giving you immense mental focus without any hallucinatory effects. No negative aspects to it but I doubt its something that I'll rely upon. I can see that it could work for others though as a form of treatment. Best to consult a Doctor in that aspect though. I do drink, and recently celebrated my birthday (which is the 15th, ie the day I'm writing this). I'm not a Jehovah's Witness so I can celebrate my birthday all that I want. In fact, I've made myself two cakes so far but I'm only celebrating it with my Cat. Ironically the first person to wish me Happy Birthday this year is George Takei. I'm very grateful for that. I'm a big Trek fan.

I've certainly never tried heroin or crack cocaine or cocaine or anything of that nature and have no inkling or curiosity to do so at all. Likewise, I don't have an inclination to hanging out in cheap motels or hiring prostitutes, though I do feel compassion for the women who get caught up in that life as I'm certain that no little girl ever grows up wanting to be a prostitute when they're an adult. Its something that happens to women rather than something they seek. I'm a bit more liberal though about adult entertainment in the form of movies or video as long as it involves only consenting adults. Its certainly a lot safer for women who feel inclined to make money by exploiting that aspect of their body. Its good to feel comfortable in one's own skin whether you exploit it or not. Its the most important thing you'll ever have. Your body and health.

Most organized stalkers believe that their victims and targets don't have their own mind. They believe that whenever a target thinks for themselves that it is coming from someone else who is remotely controlling them. That's how they try to justify stealing the credit for the efforts of others. Kind of hard for them though when I don't believe in God or the Devil and am an Atheist Taoist Buddhist. Buddhism doesn't mean that I'll put up with being bullied by stalkers by the way and always turn the other cheek. It just means that I can take a lot more than most people, but remember that some of the most cunning warriors in history were either Taoists or Buddhists. Hence love peace but be prepared for war.

Certainly many of the Shogunate clans during the Feudal era of Japan were Buddhists and they fought a war literally for hundreds of years, perfecting the art of warfare itself. I certainly love peace and abhor conflict, but I don't cower from it and if I see it as being unjust and unjustly victimizing people, I'll do everything in my power to undermine it according to a code of conduct. Organized stalkers are thieves of what other people say and do and almost always attempt to turn it around against their victim. So they victimize, then attempt to put the blame for their very crimes upon the victims of their crimes. Also, they abuse their victim because they're trying to make their victim into the "hate" side versus someone they want to prop up as the "love" side of the fence.

One possible motive for them targeting me is because I'm the guy about which the story Thank You For Not Killing My Son was written about. I'm the son of Rita Schindler from that letter. I'm Brian Joseph Johns. There is likely a lot of effort to steal my identity or that specific identity from me. Its definitely the primary motive for my targeting and likely there's organized crime involved.

The surname of the father who raised my brother and I from age 7 until 20 is Schindler, he's the man I consider to be my father (hence the name Rita Schindler as the author of that news article). The article and the letter that my mother wrote actually resulted in the creation of the Victim Impact Statement in court proceedings in most of the North American Judiciary System, both Canada and the United States alike.

The letter found its way into several sociology course books for Universities and in a few of those books, I was compared to Jesus Christ and Buddha for forgiving my attackers which was accurate. I didn't forgive them because I thought in some way that I was somehow to blame for the attack, because I wasn't. I forgave them because at that point in time I was a very different person with different attitudes. I really believed in the best of all people. I still believe in a greater good, but I'm realistic enough to recognize that not everyone operates the same way or with the same self restraint with regard to how they acquire their share of the world. Back then though, I thought that bad things just happen without conscious fault being a part of that factor.

So those University textbooks were published after 1993, so from that point a variety of people would have had the impression that I was being compared to Jesus Christ and Buddha, which of course would likely cause a lot of anger amongst Christian and Buddhist groups who probably have their own ideas about "Christ-like" and "Buddha-like" people. They also probably have a list of their own candidates but remember, I don't believe that I'm Jesus Christ or Buddha and never have. I didn't make the comparison and I never believed it for one minute not to mention that I wasn't even aware that such a comparison had been made until around 2005. A long time into my being stalked. Not to mention that a number of people literally tried to steal my history from me for that comparison. I mean people tried to erase my existence and give my history to someone else's life. A few different people. I still am a victim of this to this day. Probably a religious cult of some form that conducts illegal technological spying on their victims and probably with ties to organized crime of some form operating in Regent Park like there's no tomorrow.

I believe my targeting might have resulted from those comparisons. Ie that I was actually targeted by religious groups who sought me out to prove that I wasn't Christ-like or Buddha-like. Their motivations would simply have been that I was not a member of their religion or specific sect, rather than my behavior and treatment of other people. Not to mention that people have been fighting over black jesus versus white jesus for about 1500 years (since the publishing of the New Testament) in much the same way they've been fighting over black judaism versus white judaism. That's what [Isaac versus Ishmael](, the offspring of Abraham is all about essentially. I'm certainly not anti-Jewish but as I stated, I'm a Taoist and Buddhist and have given this whole idea much thought. So when I was compared to Jesus and Buddha, that really brought out the worst in humanity as an effort to prove it wrong. Consider the fact that I had no idea of this comparison until around 2005, long after the damage had been done not to mention that I became a Taoist and Buddhist in 2007. The people who started all of this tried to steal my history from me and give it to someone else, including that letter my mother wrote after I'd been beaten to death on a sidewalk in 1992. Also from that point onward, groups of people began stalking me and attempting to provoke me to violence in order to whittle away at the idea that I was a peaceful victim of assault and attempted to turn the whole thing around and make me out to be the instigator. This included many of my former childhood bullies receiving employment from unions while I was literally forced into homelessness from a $50K a year job in 2004. Sorry, I don't mean to sound like "poor me" because really its "poor us", all of us that were devoured by this cult that did that to us. I'm a big player in this whole affair of which I was completely unaware until fairly recently.

So I consider my father to be Schindler, and my mother to be Rita Nadon Johns (my biological mother). But the man who raised me isn't my father biologically but I have more in common with him than any other human being. At least all of the good stuff anyway but we're also distinct from one another but I'd be willing to bet that anyone who knows him and meets me under calm conditions would probably believe me to be his child.

So group stalkers for me are the people who attacked me beyond that point in my life after 1992 that I was essentially beaten to death and left for dead on a sidewalk. I actually died in the ambulance once from blood loss and low blood pressure as a result (cardiac arrest). I was revived before arriving at the hospital so technically I've died once already. Ironically the hospital that treated me was the same hospital in which I was born.

So organized stalkers to me are a bunch of people who abuse others in order to rewrite history and the truth, to steal the history and identity of others and transfer it to different people. The harassment serves as a method of making the victim appear to contradict their own prior nature. If they were loving and peaceful in the past, then the abuse serves to make them appear having become mean and belligerent later in life and therefore not being themselves. Organized stalkers thrive on stealing the history of other people based upon their current reaction to abuse amongst many other methods and motives. In fact, the effort against us is tailored uniquely to each of us making it very difficult to share notes and dissect the nature of organized stalking.

Anyway, sorry I rambled a bit. I just meant to answer the sensitive question about my biological father and ended up explaining a bit of my life's story. Back to our original point, be confidant in yourself and never be too hard on yourself. If you think you're being puppeteered, then do your best to gain hold of your own puppet strings or cut them altogether. Liberate thyself and you'll liberate the world.

Brian Joseph Johns

PS: I'm not Eugene Andre Francois. I'm not a member of Jehovah's Witnesses or Prince Hall. In fact, I'm an Atheist Taoist and Buddhist.

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The Repercussions Of Polarity Reversal Or "Flipping" And Organized Stalking Hate Groups

Brian Joseph Johns
I've mentioned before how the symbolism of the colour blue is often used to redefine a person as being their exact opposite. This is called a polarity reversal and next to blue meaning a lie, it is one of the ways to hide the truth of a situation used by organized stalkers, those who misuse the teachings of the Kybalion and just anyone who is generally an asshole.

Most stalkers have the goal of provoking otherwise kind and peaceful people into becoming "blue meanies" because they want some aspect of that person's being to mean the opposite. So the entire goal is to put the victim in a state whereby everything about them is the opposite.

If after being provoked and abused by the stalking cult they're mean, then that's taken as meaning they're nice. Hate coming from someone of that ilk that has been forced onto the blue team then means love. Its a means by which abusive people milk their victim like cows. Generally they do this to quiet and kind people, attempting to harden and toughen them up over time.

As I've stated, for some scumbags that fancy themselves as alchemical builders or craft masons, their goal is to toughen up their victim, at the expense of their more peaceful or timid side. In fact, there's some women who actually prefer "blue meanies" to "red softies", and when as a guy you get picked by such a woman, you might be subject to this process of craft alchemy to "toughen you up". This is a method of construction also practiced by Prince Hall. I'm not anti-Masonic but I am against any ideology that puts a person through a process of abuse and stalking to "toughen them up".

Likewise, in the case of women, there might be times that if you're picked by a guy that likes certain kind of women, you also might be subject to craft alchemy or craft masonry to make you more how that person wants you to be.

The people who do this are scumbags quite honestly and none of them are real Freemasons or have had to earn their membership the hard way. Colour symbolism plays a very big part in both craft alchemy and craft masonry, in order to make craft more like an art. So as a result there are many people who believe that just because they understand art colours fairly well that they can attempt to alchemically craft people. Really, doing so to a human being is a form of brainwashing. This kind of brainwashing is also practiced by many religions as part of their conversion process. Especially in the case of religions that engage in aggressive conversion tactics and techniques.

So in case you fall victim to this sort of thing and end up within their web of colour symbolism, here's a few lists to help you identify the problem at large. Once you understand the secrets behind this effort, it largely unravels though you'll often be abused by the same people that want to trap you on the blue side of the fence. That never seems to go away. In fact, many bullying gangs and groups like Hell's Angels practice this sort of thing. Some groups claiming to be Prince Hall members use these methods as well. There are some Jehovah's Witnesses too that will employ these methods. Generally, most ideologies centered around the symbolism of the colour blue take this sort of path and it often reflects in the way they treat people, especially if they gang up on solitary individuals in attempt to turn them into "blue meanies".

In the worst case for men being crafted in such a way, they might be setup and sent to jail or prison, where crafting can take on some pretty harsh aspects. I'm fortunate never to have ended up in that sort of situation but that doesn't stop the kind of assholes who attempt to craft blue meanies out of people from trying.

Likewise, the scumbags that do this sort of thing to women really irk me. Its one thing to have consensual give and take fun with a consenting partner. Its a completely other thing to have groups of people attempt to transform a person for your liking!

Worse is that when a person like myself exposes that, they often credit that to the worst offending people responsible for it! So I'm Brian Joseph Johns, and believe me, I didn't start out so negative or cynical. After years of being exposed to people of this nature it really affects you negatively.

So I figure I'd help people who are victim of this sort of thing by exposing it.

Typically this takes the form of the symbolism of colours. Red versus blue. Black versus white. This is actually a method of polarizing people to be against one another.

Blue typically symbolizes people who speak out against something they disagree with. Red typically symbolizes people who don't respond to anything of a different point of view to their own. For organized stalkers the goal is usually about trying to force their victim onto the blue side of the fence by any means. Much of organized stalking is conducted in such a way so as to provoke their victim into hostile reactions against statements that are not made directly towards the victim. To organized stalkers this is a form of mind control. Ie they believe they're controlling their victim(s) by these means.

You remember what used to be here? My company Shhhh! Digital Media? Well it was destroyed by organized stalkers in Regent Park, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Any time I went out into the Toronto community, I'd be stalked. That includes going to the food bank (yes, I rely on food banks to survive).

Even today at St. Bartholemew's I experienced the worst stalking I've experienced in a long time. One person even claimed that I had multiple personality disorder, which is nonsense of course. I'm actually not mentally ill, as organized stalking is the problem. In fact, the members of the organized stalking cult will actually steal a person's output, history and identity from them and wear it as their own. Then when they're accused of doing that, they'll gang up on the victim and turn the accusation around against them. So you'll literally lose your own history, and then have people accuse you of the same thing by which you were victimized and by the people who did it to you. Not to mention, they'll attempt to erase your existence completely.

One thing I've noticed recently is that the perpetrators are part of a group who regularly relocate to different places. So many stalkers are replaced by other stalkers who are cycled in from other locations from around the continent. This is certainly a clue as to their identity as it is related to the nature of their organization. As well and as I've stated numerous times, its a racist cult. That is, they're racists against Caucasian people who get mixed up with Chinese people in relationships as I have in the past. In fact, they prefer it that the only mixed culture relationships that occur don't involve anyone from Asia unless they're from an allied religion (Christianity usually). I'm a Taoist and Buddhist so I'm not and never will be a member of Christianity after what I've experienced.

In fact, much of the stalking and harassment conducted by the stalkers is about breaking down my beliefs or the rules they believe that I must live by in order to call myself a Taoist or a Buddhist. So these are racists who oppose mixed culture relationships that break their rules.

They're pretty bad people.

So here's some of the repercussions of polarity reversals and the secrets of blue symbolism for you in nice easy format:

Eye colour

Eye colour symbolism is one of the most used aspects of colour symbolism by these stalking cults. So here's a list of colours and their opposites that apply during a polarity reversal.

If your eyes/hair is...                               The opposite colour is...                      
Dark blueYellow
Light blueBrown
BrownDark blue
Hazel (Green, Brown, Yellow)Purple,Blue,Light Blue
Hazel (Green, Red, Yellow) (My eyes)Purple, Cyan, Light Blue
Eye whites/white hairBlack

For colour symbolism organized stalkers are notorious for trying to force the definition of the eye colours of the victim to something that benefits them and most often is either blood focused or racist or geared towards building hate in other people for the victim.

For instance, the organized stalkers believe that if you have green eyes, and green means LGBTQ2 rights, that by looking at people, you're spreading LGBTQ2 blood and making people gay, like you've got cooties. This is one of the methods that hate groups employ in using the symbolism of colours to create hate against people or specific groups. Also this is used to create hate against the victim whose eye colours have been symbolized in this way.

Often this method is used by hate groups (both black supremacists and white supremacists) to force a definition for eye colour that relates to culture rather than sexual orientation. It is always designed so that the victim is abused by other people or denied their own identity.

It is often defined in such a way that it stands in the face of and against certain mixed culture relationships as well. So both racism and homophobia is a larger aspect of this activity. Not only that but this sort of thing is exactly what the Charter Of Rights And Freedoms and the Human Rights Act was written to curb.

Blood types

If your blood type is...                           The opposite blood type is...                      
AB+ (My blood type*)O-
* Ironically, my blood type was "changed" by Canadian Blood Services from AB+ to A+ on my donor card despite the fact that my real blood type according to numerous tests that have contradicted their results. In fact, the clinical and eldon card tests tended to lean towards blood type B.

Much about organized stalking is blood related. In other words, many organized stalkers are members of a blood centric cult ideology whereby in order for certain people to "exist" or to be able to take part in society, they must pay a sponsor for the use of their blood.

Blood in this sense doesn't mean actual physical blood. It means borrowing an aspect of someone else's being in the sense of their nationality, culture, race, gender, sexual orientation or some other aspect for which organized stalkers can force other people to pay.

Hate groups and organized crime operate in the exact same way. For instance, some hate groups are on record as having forced newcomer Canadians to pay for the blood of other Citizens of the country by making them carry the burden of their sins or crimes, or by stealing the credit for anything the newcomers would accomplish and using it to fuel the lives of the members of the hate groups or organized crime.

Actually this whole nonsense is related to an earlier talk I posted about the meaning of blood paid.

In Canada and many countries the term blood paid, has two meanings. A very principled and good meaning or a corrupt and bad meaning.

The idea behind the good or principled version of blood paid is this:

A person who does good things over the course of their life and throughout their day, feeling responsible for contributing something to the world to make it a bit better, might be looked upon by others who've earned an important status in life, or their leadership, Government or even as members of a secret society (Freemasons) or of considerable importance, Veterans who've actually had to earn their position in life by the achievement of those efforts over an arduous and lengthy process.

Such people might notice the positive efforts of someone else and consider those people as being associates or even members of their circle based upon their accomplishments. So in this sense the term "blood paid" means that such a person has paid by doing good enough so that they may number themselves amongst that group as if they were a member.

That's actually a good way of doing things as people who are born into anything should have to earn their place within that paradigm the same way their parents did by contributing to it in some way. Also, others outside of such association have the opportunity to earn their way into such association by way of positive actions and good efforts.

The problem is that there is a lot of corruption when it comes to the kinds of people who know that's the trick to how you get recognized. As a result, organized stalkers are people who actively seek out the means to steal from other people their identity and creative output to give to the credit of other people and to fuel their life so that they may earn that association instead of the person from whom they're stealing. The abuse conducted by organized stalkers is purely about preventing that person from earning their way into such association for their efforts. It is conducted by the people who live by the bad version of blood paid. The version where they make other people pay for their association as a rental feel that is paid for by stealing the credit for a person's good, or by making them carry the weight of a person's social burden.

Criminal gangs operate in this way and what makes them particularly dangerous now (not physically but socially) is that they also employ illegal surveillance technology to aid them in their organized criminal effort and that some of that effort is actually conducted by the legal side of things for organized crime.

When a conflict between people who they've propped up to be icons erupts from this sort of thing, it becomes entertainment for communities in North America. Almost like Rock'em Sock'em robots.

Zodiac signs

This table depicts the polar opposite signs though the opposite elements don't correspond to the elements of the opposite signs. For instance Libra is the opposite sign of Aries, but Water is the opposite element of Fire though Air is Libra's element. So I've included both in case your stalkers do it either way. Armed with that knowledge you should be able to cope a bit better.

I actually really like astrology, tarot and other forms of divining. I find them to be quite therapeutic, calming and interesting to say the least. They're very healing in the same way that traditional and therapeutic massage is healing for the body. I personally do not believe such activities to be selfish or narcissistic in the least. I certainly wouldn't say that the stalkers and abusers need the healing the most. I'd say the people they abuse need it most.

Your zodiac sign is...  Your element is...  Opposite sign is...  Opposite element is...   
Scorpio (Me)WaterTaurusFire

Cause And Effect Becomes Effect Then Cause...

In the event of a polarity reversal, cause and effect can become reversed and this is something that organized stalkers will definitely use against the victims. So if you as a victim of this sort of thing are harassed and then you react harshly towards their harassment, they'll remember events as occurring in the opposite order. Ie they'll remember you as behaving harshly and them responding with harassment. Or they might remember it as you having kind words for them and them responding in like, with kind words (as the context of harassment would also be reversed though that doesn't always factor in with the minds and logic of organized stalkers). So once again, being aware of this can really help make the different in protecting yourself.

An example of reversal of cause and effect comes into play when I'm abused by people who want others to believe that I'm a Jehovah's Witness. I'm not and never have been. What the organized stalkers are trying to do is to have me persecute Jehovah's Witnesses, because if you do, it will actually work out good for them. So when organized stalkers harass a person, they remember things in polarity reversed order. So if they're trying to force you onto the Jehovah's Witness side of the fence, and you resist harshly, they'll remember it as you persecuting the Jehovah's Witnesses. They won't remember the fact they abused you first. There's plenty of sites on the internet that speak of the persecution of Jehovah's Witnesses which well may be true. There's no sites that speak of how the colour blue is defined to mean a polarity reversal, meaning that people who live by the symbolism of colours can be speaking the opposite of truth. When organized stalkers do this to a person, that means they attack that person and ruin them, but they remember things having occurred in the opposite way. Unfortunately when and if you become victim of something like this, that won't do you much good and there's no many people who will have sympathy for you or regard you as having rights at all. So be prepared for the worst.

When it comes to this activity, it will show you the truth about society and the true nature of corruption.

Watch The Colour Of Your Shoes Versus The Colour Of The Floor

If you really want to see the worst of this cult, then watch what they do to their victims with regard to the colour of the victim's shoes versus the colour of the floor as this really gives away a lot about their methodology. For instance if you wear black shoes on a brown floor as did I today at the food bank, their game is about breaking down colours so that the only symbols left are the ones that are the most burdensome for their victim. For this cult in a racist sense, the colour brown most often refers to skin colour, and black most often refers to absorbing from others versus white which means emitting. Kind of like darkness hides secrets while light exposes them. So when you wear black shoes on a brown floor (or vice versa) the cult members try to burden you with things related to people on the basis of having brown skin. So often what this cult do is find the worst burden they can, and try to stick it to their victim using the symbolism of colours. After they've done that they then proceed to harass their victim about that burden whatever it may be and usually that represents a payment for the blood of that person. In other words, they're making you pay for the blood of the person whose burden they're harassing you about.

So if you happen to be clothing and shoe impaired in terms of having a colour of shoe to deal with every possibly floor colour, you've got a problem.

Once again as I've stated, this cult are racist in the sense that they don't want Caucasian people in relationships with Chinese people. This cult is so convinced that my impression of having been in such a relationship is an illusion that they literally think that I'm possessed by someone else. Like Jamie Foxx having had a fling with someone Chinese. Or someone else having had the same, but its always on the basis of that person having brown skin because according to this religion, its against the rules for white people (Caucasian people) to have a relationship with someone Chinese. So there's always an explanation for it if you remember something true from your life of that nature. So if I remember having such a relationship according to this cult its because I'm possessed or being mind controlled by someone with brown skin. So as I've stated, they're racists. That's how they utilize colour symbolism. For racism. I don't know if that's a Presbyterian thing or a Prince Hall thing, but it seems awfully racist to me. I certainly wouldn't be a part of any cult that operates like that.

Worse, if you reveal secrets about yourself while wearing black, this cult believes that you lose those secrets and they become the property of someone else.

Africa Becomes Asia And Asia Becomes Africa...

Organized stalkers that prey upon people on issues related to racism will often reverse the polarity of ethnicity, culture and skin colour despite the fact that in countries that have anti-hate speech laws (like Canada) it is against the law. It also can be used to create racial tension between groups as well but that depends upon a few things. First of all the logic behind it is that if others are in mixed culture relationships, there are many organized stalkers who are members of racist groups that do NOT approve or mixed culture relationships or only approve of CERTAIN mixed culture relationships but not others.

The logic in such hate groups is that if an upstanding member of the community has sex with a member of a culture outside of the acceptable limits as defined by their racist group, they believe that the community member's good will end up with the other culture and fuel their life and race more so than the original culture. This is actually the foundation of much racism in the world. The idea that if someone does something upstanding or good, that it should only be distributed to others according to similar blood or ethnicity rather than being shared within society across cultural boundaries.

Even worse is that if the couple are married, there are many racist groups that feel that if there is sharing in this way, that it should go beyond the couple's rules and be shared with everyone. This sharing actually occurs as a result of intimacy so to many people, this is the same thing as inviting the entire community into your bed.

So when relationships involved cultures that were not accepted for such relationships, the way that hate groups got around the blockage of blood as they call it, is by using polarity reversals with regard to culture or skin colour and colour symbolism.

This is actually what prompted the writing of Human Rights with regard to the issue of colour. Colour in this regard doesn't only mean skin colour. It means eye colour, hair colour, the colour of your clothing or any other means by which colour can be used to symbolize that something of yours can be taken from you regardless of your choice in the matter. Often the symbolism purposely reflects our inbound understanding of colour where it refers to differences in culture. So hate groups and racist groups that were against the mixing of cultures in terms of relationships or intimacy developed this as a system to overcome the boundaries setup by love and intimacy of a couple.

That is not to say that people in same culture relationships are racists anymore than it is to say that people in different culture relationship can't be, because the truth is that there is no such resounding definition that can apply in that way. For instance, two people in a mixed culture relationship can as much be racists if they disagree with other certain mixed culture relationships. Much the same, a couple in a relationship with a member of their same culture who agree that any cultures involved in a mixed culture relationship if between the couple and nobody else, are certainly not racists at all.

So this whole aspect of polarity reversal affects people in relationships that are not commonly approved such as and I've mentioned this many times over, relationships between Caucasian people and Asian people, which for whatever reason is not accepted by North American, Caribbean and often African culture as much as mixed culture relationships are accepted between members of those cultures. The reason is certainly one of the most deeply rooted reasons for racism in the first place, and that is early colonialism and the origins of the human species. This disagreement has long been fought over the lineage of blood between cultures from the beginning.

So for a Caucasian person to be in a relationship with someone Asian, it is most often thought of as being wrong unless some tie to the culture through the lineage of blood can be found. Even in such a case, there are people who will fight tooth and nail about that despite the fact that it isn't their life, and it isn't their relationship. The truth is that people who fight over blood that way, believe that the output of every married couple in their blood line should be the fuel for their lives.

So you could say that the problem isn't even related to blood. Its related to the boundaries defined by a married couple and how they're respected by their own family and the rest of the world.

With organized stalking, the problem I most run into is that my love interest and ex-girlfriend is Mandarin Chinese. Organized stalkers and even members of my own family do not accept this because in their argument it breaks French blood (which apparently I have in my lineage). But it would be alright if my love interest was Vietnamese because Vietnam had a French colony, and the French had a colonial stake in Vietnam.

My last girlfriend is Korean. Organized stalkers literally ripped her to shreds by the way. They tried to do the same thing with my Mandarin Chinese girlfriend too years prior, who by the way is older than myself by more than a decade and I was 39 at the time. So this racist cult were stalking a woman in her 50s. I still get furious when I think about that. That's how racists break up relationships and they try to get away with it by claiming that hate means love and love means hate (another polarity reversal). Yet this activity still kills people or often leads to suicide or mental health problems.

So no matter the culture  (or gender) of your spouse, if the two of you are consenting adults, nobody and I mean nobody else but yourselves have a say in how the content of your life is shared with anyone else.

When racists want something from one of the people in such a relationship, racists will literally stop at nothing to trap that person into isolation especially if they believe something about that person's blood entitles them to a share of their efforts or being or something other similar.

One means of isolation that racists will often use is gender or sexual orientation swapping. That is, they redefine the victim's sexual orientation so that instead of sharing with their spouse, partner or love interest who is of a different culture, they'll share with other people of the same (or opposite) sex depending upon how the racists have defined that to separate the two.

For instance, in the case of my Mandarin Chinese lover, others were often told that I was gay. I have green eyes (Hazel - red, yellow, green actually). So in order to keep any aspect of my life from overflowing onto my love interest, especially if I was doing anything good for the world or society, working hard, being a loving person, this racist cult would keep it from getting to her culture by redefining my sexual orientation so that it would only stay within my gender, and specifically within my culture. That's how racists do it. I completely support LGBTQ2 rights and marriage, however I cannot believe that a group of people did this to me to keep me from bonding permanently with my love interest because they did that on the basis of the cultural difference between myself and my love interest. Me being Caucasian and her being Mandarin Chinese.

Years later when I met a Korean woman, and whom I resisted for fear that the same thing would happen, she eventually seduced me (being the wonderful woman that she is) and within a week of us consummating our relationship, she was being stalked by scumbag racists. So needless to say that relationship didn't last too long.

Currently the organized stalkers in my building try to trick everyone in the community that I'm in a relationship with a plump Haitian, or Jamaican or African woman which is not the case at all. I've never been in a serious relationship with anyone of that culture and I mean no disrespect in that regard. The racists in this case oppose Caucasian guys being with Asian women and so to get around that, they bring the polarity reversal into play. So that Africa becomes Asia and Asia becomes Africa. Now I have no problems with anyone on the basis of culture, but I am honestly disgusted by anyone who would go to such lengths to trap people into culturally approved relationships by those means versus those who don't interfere at all. So to hide my identity and the fact that I most often given the fact that my two most recent relationships were with a Mandarin Chinese woman and a Korean woman, I find that I'm  attracted to women of the Far East of Asia. It matches beliefs as well as I am an Atheist Taoist Buddhist. I love Japanese eroticism as well, and culture having studied martial arts earlier in my life. For racist reasons the organized stalkers try to reverse Africa and Asia so that it seems that I have a fetish for African or Caribbean eroticism which is not the the case. In doing so, they're certainly trying to push my resistance and reactions against their efforts to appear like racism itself. Fortunately I'm pretty quick on the uptake and managed to expose their racism by carefully explaining it.

Once again, the symbolism of colours are used in a way that violates the Charter Of Rights And Freedoms and the Human Rights Act in Canada. Many of the organized stalkers claim to be American (living in Canada) possibly in order to get away with the form of abusive stalking they practice upon their victims thinking that because they're American, they're immune to Canadian laws.

That sounds about right coming from a country whose leader tried to take a Chinese woman hostage by having Canada arrest her just prior to their trade negotiations with China. I definitely do not stand with people that would accept that sort of thing and I expressed my concern over this issue, so I did take action against it. So this cult are a group that seems to want to keep me on the blue side of the fence versus red. They're scumbags by the way. This is a cult that fights over the symbolism of colours and uses that whole concept to keep people in a perpetual state of conflict. Red, blue and brown/orange. I don't go by that sort of ideology and never will. Likewise I'm not a member of anything blood centric in the sense whereby others would rent me their blood and expect a payment in such a way that amounts to criminal extortion.

So the organized stalkers and their use of polarity reversals has a decidedly racist bent to it but don't hold it against everyone because not everyone is involved. Just be sure not to respect the people who don't try to stop it and whom benefit from it. They're not worth it.

Gender And Sexual Orientation...

Really, there is nothing wrong with being oriented towards the same gender sexually so during a polarity reversal don't allow yourself to become manipulated by the kinds of scumbags that would try to manipulate you on the basis of doing anything you could just to prove that you aren't gay. Be comfortable in your own skin. You know yourself. Also, there is nothing wrong with whatever your sexual orientation towards gender is as an adult. If you're heterosexual, don't fall for the ploy used by these abusive people to manipulate you into "proving" that you're not gay. Likewise, if you're gay or a member of the LGBTQ2 community, don't let yourself be manipulated by these scumbags for any reason for which they might try to make you for being yourself. There's nothing wrong with it so why even let them make you feel that way?

There are scumbags who've played women like that many times over and especially younger women. Not because women are hateful of the LGBTQ2 community but because women are familiar with what its like to be targeted by religion to be the bearers of the burden for humanity because they've long been associated with being the blame for original sin that got humankind kicked out of the garden of eden if you believe that kind of thing.

So women understand the plight of the LGBTQ2 community because they're often burdened on the basis of the same justification. If being a member of the LGBTQ2 community is a great sin in religion, many people reason that they should be forced to carry the burden of sin for humanity much the same way that people did the same thing to women.

So most women, especially younger women who fear the possibility of ending up with great burden as a result are often manipulated into sexual situations by those means. Ie if you don't sleep with me then you're gay, and you'll end up with the whole load. A lot of people end up manipulated in this way in order to hook up with a member of the opposite sex before the end of the night.

My advice is don't let anyone do that to you. There's nothing wrong with being gay, so even if you aren't, don't worry about it. If people do suddenly attack you and burden you, then get through it. Look for other avenues out. Watch something adult or erotic with a member of the gender of your preference. Just don't be manipulated into anything on the basis of that form of peer pressure. Its a scummy thing that people do, especially the kinds of scumbags that do that as a manipulative way to trick women into the sack.

Don't get me wrong, I love sex but I'd never go to those lengths to take it from a partner and I'm not trying to sound like the knight in shining armour that has come to save women, because I have my kinky fantasies too. My point is that women (or men) should never allow themselves to be peer pressured in that way, regardless of your sexual orientation. Its especially a tragedy when younger women are, because sometimes they might be saving that moment for someone that is more than just a flash in the pan trying to trick them out of a moment that's a big part of their life.

Also, don't let any scumbags trick you into thinking they wrote this.

Blove and Blue Love

Blove and blue love is basically hate means love. They use the term blove to refer to this and will often try to slip that in when the victim has exposed them (so as an attempt to reverse the polarity of everything the victim has stated against them).

Age Polarity Reversal

Age polarity reversal is where the organized stalkers swap the numbers in your two digit age. So if you are for instance 34 years old, your polarity reversed age is 43. If you're 51 years old as I currently, you're 15 (I get that alot from the stalkers). In such a case, they might swap your identity with that of someone who is your polarity reversed age.

Forced Religion

Organized stalkers tend to force their victims into the association or membership of other religions, essentially any religion represented by the colour blue and then force the definition of the colour blue to represent polarity reversal on the part of the victim. So when forced into such association, everything that you say will be taken to mean the opposite or be taken to be a lie.

Black And White Polarity Reversed And Racism

There's a lot of racism centered around the symbolism for the shades black and white. For instance, black supremacy and white supremacy can each be symbolized by said shades, though the actual meaning is left ambiguous. So it could mean black or white as a symbol itself being supreme (which essentially would make it a gnostic idea though I myself am not nor have I ever been a gnostic).

For the most part when organized stalkers harass and stalk their victims, they leave the definitions for those symbols open and leave it to the bias of the victim to determine their meaning. Almost like a Rorschach test.

So the way they'll read the heading of this section is that I implied racism into the symbols black and white when in fact, the organized stalkers do everything they can to imply it in that fashion if any colours or shades the victim is wearing benefits one or the other of white supremacy or black supremacy in terms of race. The truth is though that nobody has white skin and nobody has black skin. In fact, none of us have the exact same skin colour. So the use of shades to symbolize something like skin colour is racist and a gross generalization not to mention that it violates the Charter Of Rights And Freedoms and the Human Rights Act.

Polarity reversals apply to that symbolism as well. So black becomes white and white becomes black. Most of this is conducted in this fashion as a racist attack against the cultures of Asia most often, who don't fit into that colour and shading scheme with regard to a distinction of culture in relation to skin colour or shade.

So in a way, its a racist means of diluting the distinguishing and unique factors of Asian and East Asian culture around the world by sorting them into one of two categories based upon the shade of a person's skin, that is already dominated by Westerners on those grounds. Ie being sorted out between belonging to the group "white people" and "black people" without any distinction with regard to their individuality and culture. The same could be said of anyone who gets pushed into that paradigm. As I stated, that is the very nature of racist and hate groups.

For example, being simply a "white" person or a "black" person is a label that reduces a person, removing all of the uniqueness of their gender, family, culture, history and geographic origins. It doesn't matter who is subjected to this gross generalization. Its demeaning regardless of which side of that fence you end up on and no matter your origins.

This by the way has nothing to do with Taoism (a religion of which I am a member). Few people understand the nature of dualism in that sense. Its the difference between thinking this or that versus this and that. It even goes beyond that over simplification, though in no way does Taoism contribute to racism because Yin Yang does not refer to anything so specific as cultural reductionism. So this isn't a conversion to Taoism by the way. Believe as you will.

The misuse is more closely related to the misinterpretation or application of gnostic ideas and as I said, the use and misuse of the teachings of the Kybalion, with the symbolism of cultural reductionism with a dose of the Rorschach test thrown in just to really confuse things.

There's a reason why every Human Rights Act the world over has a section referring specifically to discrimination on the grounds of colour (and shade). In such works, it never refers directly to skin colour. In fact, that part is left open and refers to the symbolic use of colour in any way to discriminate against a group of people, violating any of their other rights during the process. It could refer to eye colour. It could refer to hair colour. It could be your clothing colour. The colour of your car. If you don't have a car, the colour of your curtains or blinds. It makes no difference. Polarity just confuses the issue that much more.

Pointing this out doesn't take away anyone's freedom of speech in Canada. Say as you will. Just be prepared for the consequences because in Canada there's anti-hate speech laws. So you can really speak freely, but there's a price if you violate someone else's rights in that speech because words are powerful. Any power has implied responsibility. So if you want to say something that violates the rights of others, be prepared for the fact that there might be consequences to the use of those words and that context, much the same as there is the price of responsibility upon your actions.

Brian Joseph Johns Nov 11, 2019
These issues should be especially important today, Remembrance Day 2019. A lot of people have fought and died over macro issues like this one. I wouldn't want any of those deaths to have been in vain because I don't think that I could face those people who made such a sacrifice knowing that I did anything less than my best to defend them.

I take that risk every time I speak out against organized stalking and I'm prepared to accept the responsibility for the consequences.

Nonperson and Damnatio Memoraie

This isn't really polarity reversal but rather erasure of a person from existence by completely disregarding them in the present and by reassigning their past to a variety of other people and origins, to completely erase them from existence and memory.

This seems to be a part of the aspect to my harassment and organized stalking as well. Much of it occurs as a result of the belief by organized stalkers in a collective they believe to be the holy spirit. That doesn't necessarily mean that they're Catholic, it does mean however that they explain everything that the victim accomplishes as being the result of possession by other spirits and being that make up a portion of the holy spirit, a large conglomeration of the living and deceased spirits of people in the world. So in essence its a form of identity denial and the erasure of a person's existence. The victim's being is completely denied and everything that comes from the victim is often stolen and credited to other people. This effort is accomplished by an astonishing level of surveillance as well.

Most of the effort to do this to someone is paid for by a barter system, paid in variety of means including stolen goods, sexual favours, narcotics, job opportunities, cheap or free goods etc. So there's no real audit trail and it isn't accurate to blame the entirety of an organization or ideology for it. Its really the result of a boundary crossing ideology that is defined by the symbolism of colours more so than anything. That's essentially how its organized and kept secret.

Hate is not love and love is not hate.

Head Swapping??? (AKA Identity Swapping)

Head swapping (identity swapping) seems to be a big part of organized stalking at least from my end of things. I'm not sure if that's related to a connection between organized stalking and gnosticism. In gnosticism the penalty for revealing its secrets used to be decapitation. Over time that changed to become figurative decapitation rather than literal. That is, you'd be symbolized as having been beheaded. So in order to be regarded as being alive, organized stalkers might offer up someone else's head.

Its also a form of sponsorship. Sponsorship is where you pay someone else for their membership to a club, religion or ideology. Often sponsorship involves corruption of some form. For instance, if in order to be considered alive by organized stalkers you're forced to pay for someone else's sponsorship (some Christian groups do this) the cost is that you might be required to carry the burden of their crimes, mistakes whatever you might want to refer to as social burden. Anything that other people will make heavy for you by harassing you as if you were that person. On the other hand, paying for their sponsorship might involve the ideology stealing the credit for anything you accomplish and giving it to the credit of the sponsor. In either case from my experience its a form of corruption and the means by which organized stalkers justify charging their victims a price which involves making them carry the social burden of the stalkers or stealing the accomplishments or efforts of the victim and giving them to the stalkers.

This forms up part of the organized stalkers' motives for denying their victim's identity and regarding them as someone else completely different. Its all based upon the stalkers' misconception that the victim is possessed by another person that is making them seem inconsistent with their own life and identity and then only recognizing that person as someone else. A substitute identity meaning that anything the victim does that is good (or bad) is attributed to that person. Usually that identity is disconnected by the stalkers if the bad done by the victim is heavier in burden than the good.

There is also a decidedly racist bent placed upon this whereby they often force the identity of someone of a specific different culture onto their victim so that their victim is powering and fueling the life of the person whose identity they've been assigned. In this sense its very racist as well. Other people won't recognize the victim as being themselves but replace the victim's identity with that of someone else.

So much of this cult's activity is also about competing between two people for the better of the two identities. Kind of like a Nazi competition. This is actually quite common in Canada from what I've seen and experienced during my life. A group of scumbags sets up these competitions between people so they can steal one person's history and identity and give it to another.

Transference, Substitution And Blackmail

Transference and blackmail refers to the efforts of this organized cult to transfer their crimes or sins from themselves and their members to other people. Often the people who do this will employ some pretty sneaky methods to do this not to mention the fact they're criminal. I mean organized crime and corruption criminal.

Here's one example of an actual series of events that occurred in reality with this cult's involvement.

A person who owned a home in low income area rented to people whom became involved in crack cocaine. The person whose rental home it was had friends amongst organized crime and gangs local to that area. The person who owned that home also started using the services of a decidedly young sex trade worker as well (she likely wasn't a sex trade worker but money became involved in their sexual activities).

This rental home owner also had a family who lived in another part of the same city. His family was considerably large and had several daughters of his own, including daughters near the age of the woman he was bedding as a sex trade worker. Negative attention including the attention for an unwanted pregnancy started to come his way for said activities and he needed a way out.

He sought out the assistance of the organized crime and gangs he knew, and family members and in-laws with connections to various bits of infrastructure. One of his contacts knew people who worked within the shelter system and some people who worked for local temporary agencies that employed homeless people. So through a combination of these connections they arranged to hire someone whom they would use as a substitute for this person's actions. Someone else who would take the blame for the homeowner's actions and become a substitute unbeknownst to the homeless victim they'd chosen to do this to.

The home owner even hired a neighbour to setup a hidden camera system within the rental property and then paid the girl with whom he'd slept numerous times between $500 > $1000 to lure the homeless person they'd hired to work on the house into a sexual relationship, in order to transfer the homeowner's activities to the homeless person without his knowing. The camera system would act as video evidence of the fact that there had been romantic or even possibly sexual activity with the homeless person. That way they could transfer the blame for all of her woes that had arised from the fact that she had been sleeping with numerous men prior to that, including the homeowner.

A number of people local to the area became involved in perpetrating this setup, including much of the organized crime elements from the area and even some employees of the shelter system and the temporary agency.

The whole idea was that they would transfer the responsibility and the blame for the homeowner's wrong doing to the substitute homeless person and if the homeless person revealed what had actually happened, ie the truth, the homeowner and his fellow perpetrators of this crime would publish the hidden video of the homeless in romantic situations with the girl, which would get the homeowner off the hook for his own sexual activities with the girl.

So the homeless person figured out what had happened and revealed the truth about the situation. This caused the homeowner to release the hidden video as revenge porn, even doing so secretly to avoid the laws against revenge porn.

Another private investigator looking into this matter hired a man to take the same girl involved in this situation out for her birthday to a bar in the city. As it turns out, this girl got very drunk and became involved in numerous sexual activities that were allegedly recorded to indicate that she could be easily hired to conduct such activity against anyone, and was probably a puppet in the middle of this whole scheme by the homeowner and some employees of the shelter system to clean the homeowner of his wrong doing. The wrong doing in that case would involve many criminal charges including felonies.

The homeowner managed to escape investigation likely as a result of corruption protecting him, while the homeless person had their life and any possible future destroyed. Keep in mind that there were no substance abuse issues in the case of the homeless person nor any other issues related to crime or wrong doing. In other words, there were likely other ulterior motives for the selection of that person as the substitute that were likely related to revenge and corruption and possibly mistaken identity.

Ironically, shortly after the setup, the temp agency received a $180K donation. The homeless person who'd been homeless for 3 years by that point had everything they'd worked for and accumulated up until that point stolen from them and had been labeled as a pimp and a crack cocaine dealer despite having had no such involvement in any activity of that kind. That person also failed to receive housing at the closure of a local shelter while 58 other residents of 60, including those with severe substance abuse issues had received housing.

That's one example, yet there have to my knowledge been as many as five situations similar to this one that have occurred since 1995 under the same or similar premise. In other words, this sort of thing is common enough that it can be categorized and cataloged for further investigation into such groups that emerged with the spread of access to the internet. With situations such as this there is usually much more than meets the eye, but there are people in communities that do this sort of thing and that misuse their access to infrastructure resources to accomplish these goals.

Breaking Polarity Reversals: Gravity

If you want to break polarity reversals its very easy. GRAVITY.

Drop your keys and pick them up. Drop a coin. Do anything to indicate that despite their polarity reversal, gravity still works the same way.

You could also site that the Court system isn't running a reverse onus system because that would mean that any pleas that were entered into the system during that time would mean the opposite as would any judgement.

Also, light creates shadows, but shadows do not create light. So polarity reversals with regard to the nature of light don't work. Shadows don't make light.

Also, on the macro scale the direction of the flow of time is always consistently from past to present, hence cause and effect. Easy enough to prove in a variety of ways that I won't get into here. See the part on gravity.

The cult's abuse also targets trying to use my own creative properties as weapons against me. So for instance I wrote a poem years ago (2002) that goes like this:

What was then is now
what was then in nought.
What is to be and when,
are what's now just thought.

Living in the past
makes harbour for regret.
The good things you remember
is the future you beset.

So the members of the cult made it into a game of creating bad situations and setups in my life, and then bringing up those situations or associating them with symbolism that they later use in order to push me to remember the bad more so than the good.

If you remember negativity more so than positivity that labels you as a blue rose. That's what this cult want and that's actually how they justify abusing people. By turning them into blue roses. Red roses on the other hand you must treat positively. So the goal of this cult is to make blue roses for themselves so they can literally abuse people all day and night. That's how the system or roses works. Also many of them are blue roses so they want whatever comes from you. That's actually what the symbolism for blue white is. You're going to be spewing hate or negativity or the opposite of what you mean, so the people you want catching all of that are on the blue black team rather than the red black team. I don't really go by colours in this way, but this cult play their victims in this way purposely so that colour symbolism always benefits them and is detrimental to their victim. If I'm positive and happy, that's a good sign that in the near future I'll be abused the most in an attempt to force me to the blue side of the fence.

So as I stated, I'm giving away all of their secrets about colours and how that all works. That's how red versus blue works. It depends upon what you put out more of. So the blue side of the fence seeks to abuse you so that what you put out is hateful and negative. The red side goes for the opposite though they don't abuse you and most people will gravitate in that direction naturally.

So most of the organized stalking game is about pushing people in a conflict over this determination of the symbolism of colours for roses, and yes it does involve a lot of racism. Yes, I'd be willing to bet they kill a lot of people doing this to them. A lot of suicide. A lot of health problems and depression I'd be willing to bet. Not only that, but the people they victimize in this way then usually end up denying those people their own identity and existence, claiming that the pain they're experiencing is originating from someone else's life and they're just experiencing it as if it were their own life, which once again is completely bullshit. They're literally abusing someone in substitution of another person and if the person being abused reacts in a way as if it is directed towards them, the cult believe that the abuse victim is possessed by the other person ie that the abuse victim is being remotely controlled by someone else and that's who the abuse sympathy should go to rather than the actual physical victim of social and organized stalking abuse.

I'm pretty sure that this is part of a cult whereby these people seek to radicalize their victims to violence and that's precisely why I've been reporting this to the Federal Police for a long time. I'm not mentally ill. I'm exposing an organized abusive cult that is attempting to radicalize people. They also attempt to erase their victim from existence as well. They likely get paid by barter system for doing this from other corrupted individuals who are a part of their network of operations.

If you're a kind person or nice in any way, they try to imply that you are possessed by someone else making you that way. Ie in my case, they don't believe that I am capable of that of my own freewill or accord. This cult are racists and likely gnostics or nazis that deny their victims their own identity and existence. So nope. No blue team for me but that certainly doesn't mean that I'm anti-Jewish at all. In fact I have Jewish friends, but they're my friends because they respect my freedom and free choice of belief or non-belief. I'm a Taoist Buddhist Atheist. Not because someone else is controlling or possessing me into that. Because those are my beliefs.

Ironically this cult did this the most on the hours before my birthday. Again probably their definition for the colour blue. I just don't go by that at all. I'm not a rose and never would be involved in anything that would force me to either side, blue or red in that form of symbolism. Likewise black or white. Way too abusive and racist for my liking. I'm not on the red blue or brown team at all. I'd consider myself most of all red white but really, I'd have nothing to do with this cult and its symbolic use of colours in this way. Its a gross violation of Charter Of Rights And Freedoms and the Human Rights Act of Canada.

Once again the organized stalkers try to attack their victim if their victim is nice or too warm. I think that the people they abuse they try to turn into "blue" meanies. Its because this cult define hate as meaning love, which is something I'd never take part in.

Anyway, that should be enough to get you started understanding how organized stalking might play you in terms of polarity reversals and their symbolism for the colour blue as meaning a polarity reversal.

Actually, my birthday is coming up. On the 15th I'll be turning 52. Hard to believe I made it through that many years. I'll probably just celebrate my birthday at home getting drunk, cooking myself a nice birthday meal too. Then maybe chill out with my favourite ASMR artists on youtube.

Maybe someday soon the Police will investigate and bust this organized crime so some of us can take part in society with the same rights as everyone else.

Brian Joseph Johns

Cult Abuse And The Movie Game

Hi again. Here for another gripe session but this is quite informative (as are they all). This exposes a great deal about how the stalking cult operates and one of the key features of their game: The Movie Game.

The organized stalkers actually gear their attempts at mind control or manipulation in relation to the plots of movies. In many cases they attempt to predict a movie their target will eventually see, and then try to pit the target as being one of the antagonist characters, while promoting the members of their cult as the hero characters.

This might sound kind of crazy but it actually works quite well when they do it in conjunction with their use of colour symbolism.

This is NOT to say that the movie industry is involved in anything of this kind whatsoever. In fact, I'd be willing to bet that many involved in movie production including performers, production staff, crew and post have no idea about this.

Anyway, the way it work is convoluted but I'll do my best to explain it.

I've explained about the symbolism of colours, well imagine that colours on some symbols and logos actually relate to the specific quadrants of locations on a map, geometrically. This works for square logos and round ones too. The logos imply an order through which a person must achieve the symbol of that colour in a specific order, either clockwise for roses, or counterclockwise for masons. The winding order (either clockwise or counterclockwise) indicates whether you're absorbing and retaining from people around you or whether you're exposing. Kind of like the symbolism for the shades black and white respectively. This is related to Masonic Rosicrucianism though the people who abuse it, are NOT really involved in Freemasonry or Rosicrucianism. In fact, they likely found the information by infiltration or other investigation in order to use it for the power it would give them, which for the most is social in nature.

Of course, a lot of people wanted access to those secrets and how they're used, so a lot of effort was put into infiltration of groups of that nature. This information eventually spread and ended up in the hands of many people who'd misuse it for often very malicious purposes. Organized stalking is certainly one facet that probably originated as a mechanism to interrogate Freemasons about their secret knowledge. It probably expanded to target their family members as well. From there it continued to grow and has become what it is today, a power base of people who use such knowledge for very corrupt purposes.

The red versus blue "game" I explained in the last post is related to this information and knowledge and specifically the teachings of the Kybalion, and the misuse of its teachings to maximize the benefit of ripping people off at their expense. Most often these rip-offs are geared towards stealing a victim's history, their identity and possibly even swapping it with the identity and reputation of someone else.

Now we're really into conspiracy territory but in a good way. Keep in mind that there are people with that knowledge that liberate others, and people with that knowledge that oppress others, keep them imprisoned while they leech the most creative efforts of their life. I'm not the only victim of this sort of thing and I'd be willing to bet there's many more. Many, many more. Once again, I've seen that people who make and write movies generally are not involved, though there might be some exceptions. I know that I'd only use the power of writing to expose something of this nature upon its oppression of others.

So back to their movie game. The whole idea is that the colour lime-green is most often used to symbolize mind control (amongst other things for which that symbolism if often competing for and against). So the idea is that if a group or individual watching a movie is connected via biomagnetism to others, that they'll experience aspects of the plot of the movie as if they were one of the characters.

So the cult involved in this aspect actually make it a game of trying to always pit someone as the antagonist (bad guy or girl in other words) and themselves as the good side. Actually the movies that people watch and enjoy actually explain a lot about how they feel about themselves. The thing is, that the people who conduct this game, always are doing it in such a way that is invasive and abusive, hence they're behaving more like the oppressors than the liberators, and that's precisely in most protagonist/antagonist story defines the "bad guy or girl". In other words, they're forcing their victims onto a side of the fence that they choose not to be of their freewill. So in this sense, its oppression.

In fact the people who do this often attempt to force their victim into the association of religions or beliefs that take away their rights to expose this. Jehovah's Witnesses or Prince Hall for instance.

The abuse that accompanies it is based around love/hate and blood/fire philosophy (something of which I am not a part as I am a Taoist and Buddhist).

Often the group who operate in a gnostic sense (I'm not a gnostic either) attempt to use their victims to fuel their lives. So everything that occurs in terms of the victimization of their target, goes to the life of the person with whom they're identity has been swapped. So the impression of victimization itself is actually transferred to someone else, and other people actually make it up to that person rather than the person who is actually being harassed, stalked, controlled, manipulated and socially abused. So in other words, its as if this cult abuses a victim so that someone else can benefit from people helping that person in order to make up for their poor fortune in becoming victimized by social abuse.

Torture one person, make it up to another. In fact, this cult uses it as a social prison where they make substitutes pay for the crimes of other people. They believe this is a method of making other people pay for their superior blood. In fact, they even believe that in my exposing this that I'm possessed by someone other than my own identity of Brian Joseph Johns. In other words, if you don't say what they want to hear, you're not yourself.

Again, this is all related to colour symbolism. So often the cult try to force their victims onto the blue white team (red black - blue white). To them this means that whatever you say means the opposite or is a lie. The colour blue is symbolized in this manner for Chinese theatre and it is not Chinese people doing this sort of thing at all. Its racists who oppose Chinese culture misusing aspects of Chinese culture and philosophy against other people so that those people who are victimized are mistaken as sounding like they're speaking out against Chinese philosophy.

This interpretation of colours is only used by the Chinese (and others involved in film and theatre) during a theatrical performance, not in real life. So people attempting to conduct this sort of activity are usually attempting to create anger or hateful reactions and probably trying to cover up their own racist activity.

Many of the people who attempt this form of "mind control" are film pirates as well. So they believe that if they can affect others in this means, that they are controlling those people and therefore should get the credit for anything good they accomplish.

When they're close to being caught, they usually attempt to use the blood and fire ideology. In other words, they attempt to connect themselves biomagnetically with their victim (which they refer to as blood) and then they simply light a lighter, which they believe transfers the responsibility for their crimes to the person of blood to which they've attached themselves.

I was actually going to try to make this much more clear, but I was attacked during my explanation. I'm not a member of any blood centric ideology by the way, and in fact I'm Caucasian and my love interest is Mandarin Chinese and is older than myself and is a lady with whom I've been in a relationship prior. I am absolutely against sponsorship of any kind with regard to blood or Freemasonry or Rosicrucianism or anything of that nature as it is often used as a form of extortion by organized crime. We'll take your good, you carry out bad. To others we'll make it look like you dumped your bad on us, and took all of our good.

That's how they operate in that way.

So the movie game involves trying through social abuse to make their victim's behavior match closely the worst character of a movie. Usually that involves the members of the cult abusing and harassing the victim as much as possible while trying to connect to them biomagnetically as I explained yesterday. During this time, either the victim or one of the perpetrators is watching the movie in question and by creating a connection between the victim and perpetrators, the abusers are hoping to create an existential or referential experience from which to draw the plot of the movie. I'm not sure of the psychology behind this, but think of it like this. You're connected to another person over a distance, willingly or unwillingly. In either case, your experiences will play a part in their thought processes. Not controlling them but perhaps influencing the things to which they take notice. Ie meaningful coincidences. Jung spoke on this subject often and I believe that if he was alive today that he'd have come to the same conclusions about the nature of this phenomenon as have I.

So if you're watching a movie, a person to whom you're connected via your closeness or through biomagnetism might experience synchronicities ie meaningful coincidences related to the plot of the movie you're watching, based upon your cognition and experience of the movie. This might manifest as the perspective of one of the characters in the movie. It might manifest as the whole plot itself. From an existential perspective it takes a lot of observation and inner reflection to observe that these coincidences which could be analysed as observation selection effects are the result of being connected to someone else who is having their own experience, watching a movie. Reading a book. Playing a video game or creating any one of those kinds of experiences.

So naturally there are people whom have become aware of this and they fall into three categories. People who try to force their experiences onto others via their membership in an organized stalking group who specialize in that sort of thing. Connecting themselves to that person, as a collective, then connecting themselves to their victims. In all of the cases the same methods are used, though in the case of the unwilling and nonconsensual victim, this process is invasive, more like psychological gang rape and social abuse by a group than anything. That forms and enforces a connection between all of the people involved and the victim's existential reference becomes affected by whatever the other person is doing. Watching a movie. Playing a video game. Reading a book. Working. Whatever that might be. The bottom line though is that it is nonconsensual and not preagreed upon. It is essentially a form of rape.

The second type of people that do this, as a means selectively choosing a person with whom they are familiar already and perhaps friend or lover. That person offers to fuel the other person's life though it is often unspoken. The form that fuel takes is like having a copilot in one's existential experiences in life. A second mind and body of experience upon which the person connected can benefit from in some way. This technique is actually used in real martial arts and military training. Hence why so much of both of those methods of both physical and mental training involve a lot of assertion on the part of the instructor, especially in old school martial arts training. So this second type of person chooses to fuel someone else's life with their consent often expressed in a secret language. The first kind of people, the ones who are essentially psychological rapists often try to prevent consensual connections between people because they want certain people to fuel their life. So they force this connection with that person and steal from their life to fuel the lives of their friends.

An example is quite often related trying to give others the impression that one possessed knowledge, training or ability that they truly do not possess. In other words, wearing the impression of a skill rather than the factual ability to use that skill. An example of this would be a narcotics dealer who wears the impression of being a Police Officer. Though they have no Police training, others would get the impression that they're a Police officer and would write off any of their illegal activities such as narcotics dealing, thinking that they were undercover. In fact, many narcotics dealers use this as camouflage for their activities. The camouflage itself is preserved by the people in the community who protect the dealer. So not only is the dealer wearing the impression of being a real Police Officer, the community is assisting in keeping that illusion in place, making it very difficult to know the truth of situations and very difficult for real authorities to investigate.

Another example would be the impression that someone has had prior martial arts training. Of course this can be verified through the Official Kyu system of progression and the registration process for testing, but one can study martial arts without progressing in belt level, but actually acquire a great deal of skill without advancing in the Kyu system. Regardless, it is often possible and often done that there are people who purposely wear the impression of being a martial artist while having no training. Perhaps having a romanticized illusion about the martial arts without understanding the kind of commitment to both physical and mental progression it takes. Not to mention the fact that if you don't keep up your exercise regimen from martial arts after having been absent from it for a time, you lose much of the benefit because real martial arts requires upkeep. So there are people who wear that impression and wrongly represent it in the community. In fact, organized stalkers are notorious for stealing that aspect of a person's actual life activity and applying it to someone who has no experience in that facet of life. If you make such an accusation you'll certainly be subjected to it by the perpetrators. I know personally as I have studied for real, a few different martial arts though never getting my master's degree, I still have a fair bit of training under my belt in a variety of martial arts (more than 3).

My neighbour I found out was the subject of a home movie he made with himself brandishing a practice Katana or Wakizhashi (a short bladed Katana), which are both common implements of weapons kata in martial arts that include traditional Japanese weapons training. The poor fellow's heart is obviously very much into the impression that Tom Cruise gave during his performance in The Last Samurai, but the fellow is about 350 lbs, and the video ended up becoming a joke video illustrating fake martial artists. I feel sorry for the poor fellow in one respect for what happened in that regard, in another respect when I think of what he and his organized stalker Hell's Angels friend did to me to ruin my reputation and my background in martial arts, I spit on him. So his support group locally in Regent Park tried to transfer his identity to mine.

A trusted instructor of Aikido and Aikijutsu on youtube actually shared the video one time, and I noticed that it was my neighbour (whose name is Marty Shea). The neighbour and his support group of bullies also tried to steal the impression of having written the Butterfly Dragon I: Heroes Of Our Own and A Lady's Prerogative, as did a variety of others in the building who did things like steal my stories and handed them in as homework assignments. In addition, others in the building then started trying to force me to pay for their blood as sponsors for the impression that I study or have studied martial arts (which truly I have). One person named Terence and his friends started doing this. As did others in the building 200 Sherbourne Street in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. They then replaced my identity with that of people who sell and use crack cocaine, heroin and a variety of other things with which I have no involvement. Then they tried to cover up everything they did in that way. Then they tried to take the characters from my books and forcibly change their culture away from being Chinese, or Japanese or European or Middle Eastern (I used to write a multitude of characters in my books having researched many different traditions over the course of my life). So this whole thing became a racist effort as well, trying to use my output to fuel the lives of people and workers in the shelter system of Toronto. It was and still is pretty bad. So cults like this can literally victimize people and steal their identity and abilities and apply them to other people, while replacing the identity of their victim with that of someone else.

They're real bullies. These are the same people who think they're craftspersons who essentially try to turn their victims into blue meaning, knuckle dragging blue meanies insofar as colour symbolism is concerned. These people are of course fakes in terms of craft alchemy or craft masonry. They're mostly organized crime and gangs of bullies most often populated by racists of either black supermacy or white supremacy who don't like Caucasian people intermingling with Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Indian, Malaysian, Indonesian, Israeli, Iranian, European history and culture. So naturally they're not too good.

So taking the impression from someone that they have a skill is another motive and method of organized stalking. Insofar as my experience goes, anything that you don't keep secret, ie if you write a resume, you can assume that all of the skills and history that you share with others, even potential employers will be applied to someone else's life rather than you're own. They'll literally erase their victims in this way.

Ironically I even studied martial arts around here. With witnesses too. And they still did the same thing.

If you're a programmer, they'll do the same thing too. Any skill they can take from you and give the impression of someone else having that skill, that's what these scumbags do. So I'm on the red, white, black, gray, gold team by the way. The people that do this represent the worst that I've seen in Canada. The worst treatment of others. The worst attacks upon others. The most destructive efforts to the lives and prosperity of others.

Worse still these people that do this spy illegally upon others' computers and equipment and steal from them their creative efforts and properties. That's what killed Shhhh! Digital. What killed Poetry, Fiction, Software, Graphics, Music. What killed The Butterfly Dragon and A Lady's Prerogative. They killed 8 years of work on my part and about 20 years of character development (I started both The Butterfly Dragon and A Lady's Prerogative in my pre-teen years in the mid to early 1980s).

Its pretty bad what they did to me. I can only hope that this cult isn't doing this to others, but unfortunately that's not the case. There are many, many other victims of this.

I have a feeling that this is fueled by the kind of scumbags that believe that good only arises from the perpetuation of bad. Without someone being bad, no good will happen. Comedy arises from tragedy which gives it contrast. That's nonsense.

The people who believe that, are the same people that wait for the child to get hit by the car crossing the street before building the crosswalk rather than using their brain and compassion together to come to the conclusion that perhaps a life might be saved by acting upon something one notices.

Good does not arise from bad. Good arises in spite of it but never because of it. Sure, contrast gives us a frame of reference, but honestly shadows do not create light.

It urks me that fools architected this mode of thinking without truly knowing or understanding what they were doing. Thalia and Melpomene (which form one of the first bases for modern Jungian archetypes) are a great concept for story telling but not for architecting a society because the human psyche has infinite complexity and therefore ability for observing and creating solutions.

There are many people who understand very well that victimization is a harvest-able commodity. That making people into victims can be harvested and attributed to the lives of others. Almost like stealing someone else's karma, good or bad.

This idea has to be nipped in the bud sooner or later. Organized stalking and organized harassment should not be tolerated nor allowed to continue but the only way that it will cease is for people to do something about it. This isn't going to accelerate the removal of the beast from humankind. Nor will it result in making the world a better place, because the people who do most of that activity are not creating system of support for themselves. In fact they're preventing it and at the expenses of the tax payer. We don't live in a country where we throw people away thankfully (I hope, and not for my own good but because I'd not want to see Canada become the next Nazi state). Ironically this is how it happened in Germany. The Nazi party secret police preyed upon the residents of Germany who'd felt that the Treaty Of Versailles was unjust. Truly, the treaty did wrongly impose debt upon Germany that certainly was known to eventually lead to another war. Industry at that time was dealing with an ever more active work force who were becoming aware of the profits that were being made upon their backs and their fight for rights. Industry leaders feared the idea of a liberated workforce and hence the pressures for war were likely orchestrated in order to ensure the workforce was preoccupied fighting rather than fighting for their rights. So that debt fed the resent of the German people over WWI (which was fought to prevent an eventual worker revolution).

The Nazi secret police early in the 1930s had little problem taking over by oppressing those opposed to the reforms the Nazi party offered. One by one their opposers were silenced, including immigrants, trade unionists and of course the Jewish community. They were all silenced by a similar methodology to organized stalking. There was no internet at that time so there were no public records of what happened except through the accounts of the victims. Keep in mind that as the Nazi regime grew, they controlled what history was recorded in Nazi Germany. So we really have very few accounts of the conditions that those who were persecuted prior to the war were facing. Many simply disappeared. Others attempted to escape the country. Organized stalking was certainly a mechanic during that time and is what helped the Nazi party to overwhelmingly take power of Germany. The Treaty of Versailles opened the door. The Nazis took advantage of that opportunity and orchestrated one of the worst injustices ever to occur in the history of humanity.

So to those ignoring organized stalking these days and writing it off as nonsense or conspiracy. You should try reading some of the accounts of pre-war Germany prior to 1936 by the citizens victimized by the growing Nazi power and social movement for reform in Germany. You'd learn a thing or two.

So are you going to build the crosswalk first to save the child crossing the street?

Brian Joseph Johns

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