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In Frustration And Focus, I Present My Case...

I've been working hard writing the latest chapters for A Lady's Prerogative III: Singularity and Stories From The End as you can see (or hopefully, read). Unfortunately, in the community where I live, there seems to be more corruption and illegal surveillance than anything. Probably funded by organized crime or even cocaine unfortunately. In a way, its like the rule of law just isn't functioning at all, and local organized crime and even local religions get involved in illegal surveillance. I'd like to say more good about the community, but unfortunately there seems to be this collective group operating in the area who conduct organized harassment with the goal of pushing their victims to the hate side of a love/hate battle or failing that, onto the side of the fence that will result in them being able to dump the most community burden onto their victim(s). I think that as a writer that seems to draw much attention, there's an abusive group in my community who see m

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