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Pollution And Vampirism

  When a group of people single out one person and upon that person, verbally and in a constantly harassing manner abuse that person, that is a violation of that person's right to peace. The more that people are subjected to that sort of treatment, the more it accumulates within them and eventually can manifest as health issues and certainly as psychological stress. As that stress builds up, it further poses health issues and if not dealt with, may even result in episodes of anxiety. As it continues and without cessation, the person subjected to that sort of treatment by the groups of people who conduct it might result in such a victim taking action against that treatment with hostility. That's one of the scenarios behind organized community harassment. There are others as well because the people subjected to that sort of thing have their rights denied them and are often cut off of the same rights to which everyone else is entitled. When a person expresses or tries to expose th

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