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The Mass Murder Of Assiniboine Peoples: The Cypress Hills Massacre And Its Relevance To Current Times

On June 1, 1873, a mass murder occurred near Battle Creek in the Cypress Hills. This crime involved the mass murder of members of the Assiniboine tribe, an Aboriginal tribe that lived in Canada under Constitution of 1867.

These people were (allegedly) murdered by a group of American bison hunters, American wolf hunters or "wolfers", American and Canadian whisky traders and M├ętis cargo haulers or "freighters".

The death toll for this crime was twenty or more members of the Assiniboine tribe, and one of the "wolfers".

This is an unmodified recollected account of the incident as it stands at this page on Wikipedia

The incident began in the spring of 1873 when a small party of Canadian and American wolfers, led by Thomas W. Hardwick and John Evans, were returning from their winter hunt. While they camped on the Teton River a group of unknown Natives stole their horses. After determining that their horses were indeed stolen the men travelled to Fort Benton, Mo…

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