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Belated Happy Father's Day!

I completely missed the mark on Father's Day which was Sunday, the same day as the Summer Solstice, for those of you who don't know. I'll do my best to make up for that here but most of what I have to say is very simple. I think in a heartfelt post earlier this month, I really emphasized the impact he has and had upon my life. I think that most of what I've done on Shhhh! Digital Media (aside from the griping about stalking and harassment) really represents much of what I've gained from the inspiring and influential people in my life, and my Father is certainly at the forefront. He's in every story and book in some way, shape or form and that transcends everything that I can say on one day marked on the calendar to express an appreciation as such. It's nice to cite those aspects on this one day, but really, I believe that we represent those aspects of the most influential people in our lives every day, and that if you can weather the storm of those who'd

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