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A Lady's Prerogative: Sanata Claws And His Helves - FINISHED or is it?

Please support the local Building Better Schools . If this were a movie or streaming holiday special, this would be the opening music... Four Years Ago... [Thank you for using the Google Holiday Blogger Template. Please Insert An Appropriately Themed Cliché Holiday Story Introduction HERE] Once upon a time, there were three little girls, each of whom grew up in different homes and under very different circumstances. There was Nelony. In a tiny back split, detached home, in suburban London. She was a little blonde-haired girl whose favourite place was the garden greenhouse kept by her successful post-sixties musician parents. Except for her parents' greenhouse cannabis plot, Nelony would look after the garden balance of the  entire  ecosystem within, maintaining the harmonious growth of the plants, and the animals who'd often care for the garden in her absence.  Her parents, though responsible adults, were literally bead loving pot smoking hippies still caught in the delusion of


M-Audio KeyRig Software Update

Here is the M-Audio update I promised that I'd host here. This will update your existing KeyRig software to and remove the certification requirement. Downloading this file from here is entirely legal and this is an Official update of the M-Audio software produced by M-Audio.

Download KeyRig_Updater_1_1_0_4v6.exe for Windows

MD5: 1D73AE1FE1483367E2D6B9778A2E3259

The following are original musical compositions by Shhhh! Digital Media (Brian Joseph Johns) in MP3 format.

They are freely distributable and may be used in any legal capacity so long as they are presented with attribution to both Brian Joseph Johns and include a link back to this site -

You can also check out other content related to Shhhh! Digital Media at my YouTube channel.

A Lady's Prerogative III: Singularity - Because we're home

This is a concept piece I created for the book A Lady's Prerogative III: Singularity. It has lyrics but no vocalist as of yet. I'd try to sing it myself but I think that I'd probably do the song a great injustice. It is definitely an homage in terms of style to the Beatles during the later part of their musical journey as a band.

Digital Senses (Plucked Counterpoint)

A combination of simple linear melodies layered over top of a syncopated beat. Melodies hand played on top of a few loops.

Electronic, Ambient

Silence Between Notes (Mood Muzak)

Ambient, some tracks hand played and others with loops. Peaceful mood with a mildly intense bridge.

Electronic, Ambient

The Butterfly Dragon II: What Different Eyes See (Main Theme)

Main theme from The Butterfly Dragon II: What Different Eyes See. Composed note by note on a midi keyboard without any loops. Pentatonic melody and corresponding counterpoint common in much Eastern music to really give it that feel. Like an East Asian tour.

World Music, Soundtrack

Just Illusion

No loops. This piece of music was written and is played on a keyboard. There is no (real) guitar in the piece. Its all synthesizer played with a guitar technique. A small string pad and touches of electric piano.

Acoustic, Digital Guitar (There is no real guitar in this song, its a keyboard believe it or not)

More to come...

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