Lexx 2.1: Between The Light And Dark

Beyond Lexx 2.0: What You Do Know:

"I am the Lexx. I am the most powerful weapon of destruction in the two universes. I was grown on the cluster, which is ruled by his Shadow. The food was good there. 

My Captain is Stanley Tweedle. I blow up planets for him. Stanley used to be a security guard class four on the cluster, until he became a fugitive.

He is my Captain now because he got my key from heretics who'd like to steal me. But he was the one who took me away. Helped by Zev of B3K

She was made into a love slave for failing to perform her wifely duties. But things went wrong, and now she is part cluster lizard, so sometimes she is not a nice lady.

A robot head, 790, got part of the love slave programming, that was meant for her. He is in my crew too.

Because she is a love slave, Zev likes men, except for Stanley Tweedle.

The only other man onboard is Kai. Last of the Brunnen G. But he is dead, so he can't make Zev happy.

Two thousand years ago, Kai's planet was destroyed by his Shadow. All of his people were killed. They kept Kai's body and used him as an assassin.

But then he got his memory back from a Divine Predecessor, and then he became part of my crew.

The Time Prophet said that Kai would destroy his Shadow's order, but that is hard because his protoblood is running out and he must stay inside a very cold box.

The crew are afraid of his Shadow, the ruler of the Light universe.

His Shadow wants me back, and he wants is divine predessors back too.

But he especially wants Kai destroyed, because he is afraid of the prophecy.

Zev, and Kai, and Stan don't want that.

They took me beyond his Shadow's reach through a fractal core, into the dark zone, a universe of evil and chaos.

And now we are looking for a new home..." so said Lexx, the most powerful weapon of destruction in the two known universes.

Lex 2.1: What You Don't Know

"Fractal cores are very complicated. They bend and twist dimensions that confuse the citizens of the two universes.

When Stanley Tweedle, Zev of B3K, Kai and the robot head 790 commanded me to escape into a Fractal Core, we were diffused into three different realities.

One was the universe we fled, where we emerged and were quickly destroyed by his Shadow's forces.

The second was the universe into which we escaped, where Mantrid eventually devoured the universe with his army of self-replicating robot arms, but not before we escaped.

The third was the universe between, where neither light nor dark ruled, but both were ever present and struggling to gain hold over that which is between.

A universe where there is another Stanley. Another Zev of B3K. Another Kai, his Shadow's assassin, and another love slave robot head named 790. There is even another me, Lexx, the most powerful weapon of destruction in the two universes.

Stanley and 790 want Zev. Zev wants Kai. Kai wants protoblood. Giggerota and Lyekka, who both live in the swamps of my digestive system, they want me. 

I am very hungry with all of this running, and want to eat..."

Based upon LEXX: The Dark Zone Stories and Tales from a Parallel Universe, Produced by CHUM/CITY TV and Salter Street Films in Canada and Germany.

Created by Lexx Gigeroff (Wikipedia), Paul and Michael Donovan and starring the cast: Eva Habermann, Xenia Seeburg, Louise Wischermann, Brian Downey, Michael McManus (Official, Wikipedia), Ellen Dubin (Official, Wikipedia), Barry Bostwick, Tim Curry and many more.


Question: Is this Official And Canon?

Answer: No and yes. It isn't officially canon approved by the original writers, cast or crew, but it is my hope that they will endorse this content, and that it will preserve the world created by the writers Lexx Gigeroff, Paul and Michael Donovan and with their approval. If it fails in this goal, then it will remain here as very, very potent fan fiction, written by one of the biggest fans of the original four two hour movies, and the television series. 

Question: Is Lexx part of the Shhhh! Digital Brand?

Answer: No, not officially, but I am very confident that with the support of the Lexx community, and the endorsement of the surviving original writers, cast and crew, that perhaps this might receive the nod from these original creators to bear the name Lexx, with the dignity and honour and that their creation deserves. 

The writers created the stories. The performers gave body, flesh, mind and personality to the characters. Such amazing works of creative endeavor only start with the writing, and become the foundation from which many great creative interpretations grow. When I write Zev of B3K, you'll definitely get Eva Habermann because I will go to great lengths to channel her character. Xeenia Seeburg's Zev will also be part of this incarnation, but I won't get into details about that here...

Question: Will Any Of The Original Characters From The First Four Movies Be Returning?

Answer: Yes and no. The Lexx's traversal of the Fractal Core, split time and space into three different segments in my own canon, which I have to add isn't currently official. The original Lexx, made its way into the Dark Zone, while two other cloned (multiverse?) versions of Lexx were also spawned. 

Everything that occurred up until Lexx 2.0: Supernova (which at some point was officially renamed to Lexx 1.2: Supernova), will have bearing and consequence in this new storyline, though there will be changes that reach into the future, beyond Lexx 1.4 (Gigashadow) and draw upon characters from when Lexx became a series, need I mention the planet Potatoho and Lyekka?

Question: Is This A Retcon?

Answer: No. Not really. It will integrate many elements from the original, including the transition of characters from one form to another, yet without discarding the performers themselves. In fact, I will be giving full credits to the performers for the performance of their characters, despite the fact that I'm writing their dialog. I know their characters very well, but if I really hit the mark, that's because of the performers more so than me. Writing is the foundation, but performance arts take the characters and give them actual life. When I write characters, I write them from the perspective of their actual existence rather than not existing at all.

When I write Lexx material, I have every Eva Habermann performance I've ever known and loved to draw upon. That character is her's (and Xenia's). Proof of this is that when I write the Eva version of Zev and Xenia's version of Xev, readers will know that they're two completely different women and will likely if they're fans of Lexx, remember the performers.

Question: Will There Be Cameos?

Answer: Ohhhhh yes. Most certainly. If I could somehow convince the original performers to give me their dialogue, I would. However, the original cast performers used, will always receive credit, given their performance and hence interpretation of the character. There's a lot of material to draw from in that manner, but wait until you see what's coming. I guarantee that if Lexx Gigeroff were still alive today, that I'd have met him and been writing with him to revive Lexx, or create the next generation thereof.

Question: Will This Interfere With Other Shhhh! Digital Releases?

Answer: No. Currently, the priority of this new project is low compared to The Butterfly Dragon, A Lady's Prerogative and Legendary Of Xarn. However, that might change in the future depending upon the response. I am and always will be dedicated to The Butterfly Dragon and A Lady's Prerogative, but I was so inspired by every aspect of Lexx, that I won't allow it to disappear into obscurity of absence. Lexx and everyone involved in its production have a part in their inspiring me to write The Butterfly Dragon and A Lady's Prerogative.

Coming soon...