A Lady's Prerogative

Because We're Home

I've got a feeling that this could be the start of something precious
Much the same that this could be the start of something true
You see we've come this far but missed the journeyman's confession
Its a chance to fix the wrong and become stronger like we all are new

When we started this trip I think I lost your hand in the confusion
Its like the garden split us up and took our trust away
But maybe if I'd spoken up for you much sooner
We'd have our own tree and a garden where we both could stay

There's nothing but distress and a mess on the road before us
And I must admit that if I'd stood my ground back then that we'd be free
Equal as the day and night and its something that I have to make right
So stay strong cause we really need you as much as you need me

We'll get through this with a tree and garden of our own
We'll get through this with the love and knowledge that we're home
We'll get through this together if we stay strong
We'll get through despite our differences and never really be alone

Because we're home

Initially created: The Good Witches October 1980 (I was 12 years old)
A short story detailing three good witches who'd do good deeds on Halloween. Written as part of a creative writing school assignment perhaps influenced by Frank L. Baum's The Wonderful Wizard Of Oz and Glinda, The Good Witch Of The South and the television show Bewitched (or more recently), starring Elizabeth Montgomery, Agnes Moorehead and Dick York. In 2005 it was made into a movie of the same name starring Nicole Kidman and Will Ferrell.

First book: A Lady's Prerogative January 2010 (I was 42 years old)

I revisited the short story I'd written thirty years prior by turning it into a complete novel influenced by writers like J.K. Rowling, Anne Rice and Clive Barker. It is probably the book which most influenced my writing style as it forced me to incorporate a lot of different elements such as humour, horror, pathos, irony as well as the development of my ever improving prose.

The book is also inspired from productions like Charmed, and even the Witches of Eastwick though the original story was developed before either existed.

Mila's origins had also undergone numerous transformations in terms of her origins and ethnicity. It also took a while to figure out where the main characters were situated in the world when they weren't at the Sanctum. Because of their abilities to portal jump from place to place, I thought that it would be good to have them scattered over the world, keeping Mila (and eventually Barris) in my home country of Canada and situating the small town of Alivale somewhere a good distance north east of Toronto off the St. Lawrence river. This keeps it consistent with book II, which deals with access to waterways and the means of passage to Europe via boat. Mila is actually part European, possibly Austrian and part Japanese (hence her knowledge of Mishima Sato in the first book). Barris is Welsh having grown up in London in Shepperton, off the Thames. Nelony, Shaela and Sato all live in London, England while Yirfir and Jasmer both live in France (Yirfir's home country and nationality). Jasmer himself is a Canadian of British/Scottish ancestry. Cultures, beliefs and mythos of the entire world are represented within the first two books.

Within the story I really tried to examine the concept of magic and make it real in ways that are very different from how it may have been done before in other works. Magic in A Lady's Prerogative is very malleable and though there are different schools of magic, every Wytch has a unique style and energy to their weave. Not to mention that every practitioner thereof has a much different connection to their source of magic, whether it is drawn from their own bodily life force or from the universal energies of the aether or even other planes of existence that overlap our own plane which is known as the Major Prime.

The Sanctum, their headquarters inhabits a plane known as the Midspace, a plane for which time does not pass, though when you leave by the magic of portal jumping, you will return at the exact moment that you left. In other words the perception of time passing does occur and the Midspace obeys the laws of cause and effect in that order, but the residents do not age. The reasons for this are more likely to do with the lack of deterioration of information within the Midspace. That is, information and thermodynamics behave much differently within the Midspace and as a result, energy and information do not suffer from the effects of entropy emergent in most natural systems. This translates to no human aging. In fact, any system that produces heat (in the case of thermodynamics) or entropy (in the case of information systems) as a byproduct no longer operates as such but in fact operates with 100% efficiency and no signal loss. Naturally many of the members of the Sanctum are much older than humanly possible otherwise (such as Yirfir and Jasmer whose age is estimated to be over five hundred years).

The Sanctum operates in conjunction with the local laws of the nations of the Aerth, respecting those laws and the Charter of the United Nations. In some rare cases it might use subterfuge and intrigue during investigative operations in order to achieve their objectives. All members of the Sanctum are made aware of this upon their acceptance as members of the Order Of The Sanctum and throughout their studies in the various schools of the weave.

A Lady's Prerogative Book I: The Yearning And The Learning

A Lady's Prerogative Book I: The Yearning And The Learning - Part I
A Lady's Prerogative Book I: The Yearning And The Learning - Part II
A Lady's Prerogative Book I: The Yearning And The Learning - Part III
A Lady's Prerogative Book I: The Yearning And The Learning - Part IV

A Lady's Prerogative Book II: Wounded Aerth

This is the sequel to A Lady's Prerogative Book I: The Yearning And The Learning. I finished the original first draft in late 2014, when a version of it was published online for a short time. The first draft was very sloppy in terms of grammar and spelling which I've cleaned up in this draft (call it version 2.5 build 10).

Since that time I'd kept it in hopes of revising it as I've done here. Having become comfortable here at my own company Shhhh! Digital Media, I've decided to release it much revised and in a much revised draft format for your reading pleasure. The beginning remains pretty much in tact, having the fewest changes while the approach to the ending will bring about the greatest changes to the original story line so that it fits with the starting point to the plot of Book III. Despite the book not mentioning a book III, there will be a third installment though I've done nothing to work upon it so far. It also rectifies some of my greatest complaints against the original story I'd crafted for it. So far pretty epic at nearly 145,000 words falling short of The Butterfly Dragon I: Heroes Of Our Own word count which is approximately 165,000 words.

A Lady's Prerogative Book II: Wounded Aerth - Part I

The Debate - A Prelude to A Lady's Prerogative III: Singularity

A Lady's Prerogative Book III: Singularity

A Lady's Prerogative Book III: Singularity - Part I

Other A Lady's Prerogative Novellas/Short Stories

A Lady's Prerogative: The Devil In Music

This story details Mila's attempt to ready a musical progidy for a role in the Sanctum and Mila's own school of magic, The Order Of Aetherial Artistry. It begins a mystery that Mila must unravel in order to save this prodigy and herself.

A Lady's Prerogative: Sato's Shameful Shop Of Lust
While Mila dance's with the Devil In Music, Barris is off to Shepperton by the Thames in London to help Sato do some reorganizing of his curios and treasures shop. Things get a little hot under the collar for reasons you'll need to read for yourself in this short. View discretion is advised.

Sometimes the biggest heroes come in the smallest packages. Unfortunately that's also the case for the mischievous too.

A Lady's Prerogative: Hallow's Weave (Finished second draft)
Started in June of 2016. First published in July of 2016 on Tales Of The Sanctum by Brian Joseph Johns.

Every year should it follow 'round the season of Wytch's Hallow,
Upon the night of the weave, it would be called Hallow's Eve.
The Wytches and Sorcers comparing their weave forces.
A game that is fought through planned fear and negotiable fraught.
For those whose hearts do overcome may find their truly treasured sum.
Its weight much less than air though its true value without compare.
There's winners and there's losers both while be entertaining muses.
And one lost soul to retrieve on this Wytch's Hallow's Eve...

A Lady's Prerogative: Barris, Where Art Thou? (Finished)
Started in March of 2015. First published in November of 2015 on Tales Of The Sanctum by Brian Joseph Johns.

A dark night in the household. A mysterious man hunting Mila within. The ghosts of two long passed Women of history hold the key. This is a night full of surprises and the mysteries of a distant land of Gypsies, Werewolves and a dreaded Count... and of course Barris caught in the midst of this with nothing but his sense of humour and his gauchies.

A Lady's Prerogative: Bella's Tarot Reading (First Draft Finished)
by Brian Joseph Johns

Mila and Barris once again find themselves in the midst of one of Margaret and Susannia's games. They are whisked off to the far away land of... Niagara Falls? Along with Shaela, Nelony and Sato where they meet an old friend who holds the key to their fate...

A Lady's Prerogative: The Test Of Time (A Work In Progress)

Started in May of 2011. First Published on one of my personal blogs on September of 2012 at http://poetryandfiction.blogspot.ca by Brian Joseph Johns.

This story takes place within the same universe as the rest of A Lady's Prerogative and introduces some of the most important concepts about connected to the Sanctum, though the at this point the Sanctum does not appear in the text. Nor do any of the characters with which you might be familiar. If you've been reading some of the A Lady's Prerogative short fiction such as Barris, Where Art Thou? and Bella's Tarot Reading, this novel will give you a background on the mischievous ghostly apparitions Margaret and Suzannia. The book takes place at various points in time around the main story arc of ALP 1 and 2.

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