Shhhh! Digital Content License

The content on Shhhh! Digital Media, except where specified is offered under the Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International (with attribution) License.

Under specific circumstances, Shhhh! Digital Media or its key office holder and Chief Executive Officer, Brian Joseph Johns may issue a different license to specific individuals and organizations after negotiating such an agreement. 

The important thing to remember here is that unless otherwise noted, the content is the property of Shhhh! Digital Media and Brian Joseph Johns and that attribution including a link to the Shhhh! Digital Media website must be included with any republication of this work. Along with that attribution, it must be made clear in writing that the content being republished was originally produced by Shhhh! Digital Media and Brian Joseph Johns as per this example below:

Used under the terms of the CC4.0 License. This content was originally produced at Shhhh! Digital Media and is the property of Brian Joseph Johns.

This is not intended to restrict artists but rather to protect the work of artists and creators who contributed to the creation of this content.

For commercial licenses, or special agreements allowing charitable organizations the use of the content included here within, please contact Shhhh! Digital Media directly to discuss options.

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