Resources Protecting The World Against COVID-19

Reposted in order to remind people that COVID-19 is still a serious issue.

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The Coronavirus disease (COVID-19)

United Nations and World Health Organization: Advice For Public And Basic Protective Measures

United Nations and World Health Organization: How To Put On And Take Off A Medical Mask

Basic Protective Measures Against COVID-19

Why is it recommended to avoid close contact with anyone who has fever and cough?

How is the new coronavirus affecting people who get it?

Can masks protect against the new coronavirus infection?

What is the correct way to wear and dispose of masks?

Currently, the blood supply has been affected adversely and pressure will continue to mount as the number of cases increase.

I myself donate blood fairly regularly at donor clinics in Toronto and will be donating sometime within the next week, possibly Saturday March 21, 2020.

There are a number of services that allow you to book an appointment for donation or even drop-in at your earliest convenience.

Here are some resources from around the world for those of you who'd like to make a difference. Chances are, your donation is saving lives. If your region is not listed here, then I suggest that you check with the World Health Organization, Pan American Health Organization or The Red Cross for the possibility of regional information about clinics in your area. Failing that, the web or a simple phone call is your next best bet.

Canadian Blood Services (Blood Donation Clinics throughout Canada by appointment or drop-in)

American Red Cross (Blood Donation Clinics and buses throughout the United States by appointment or drop-in)

European Blood Alliance (Blood Donation Clinics in Europe, Iceland and the Mediterranean)

Finnish Red Cross (Blood Donation Clinics And Scheduling)

Japanese Red Cross Blood Donation Clinics throughout Japan

South Korea Red Cross (Blood Donation Bus And Clinic Schedule)

Thailand Red Cross (Blood Donation Bus And Clinic Schedule)

Australia Red Cross (Blood Donation Information, Clinic Location And Scheduling)

Israel's Medical Emergency Service (Information and Contact numbers to find blood donor locations in Israel)

United Arab Emirates Government Portal (Blood and organ donation registration and clinic finder)

India Blood Donor Clinics (Google search results with a map and multiple Blood Bank Donor agencies)

SAYS Malaysia Blood Donor Information (Everything that you need to know about donating blood in Malaysia including finding clinics)

African Blood Donor Clinics (Google search results with a map and multiple Blood Bank Donor agencies in the South Africa region)

Pan American Health Organization Blood Services (information for Latin America and the Caribbean with regard to blood donation, including the means to find clinics or agencies local to the South American and Caribbean region)

A warning to people using Food Banks, please check with the Food Bank before going as many have closed in light of COVID-19. For the Greater Toronto Area check with

Thank you to the people who created these resources.

Thank you to the medical professionals & those keeping us & the infrastructure safe around the world, including the Women and Men of the Armed Forces.

Thank you to the people that don't aggressively engage in attempts at verbally stalking or harassing others as a means to rile them up to a hateful or negative reaction.

Thank you to the people that don't reverse the definitions for love and hate or use colour symbolism for any kind of social abuse or harassment.

Consider the fact that for the last 8 years I've had 3 computers pretty much running 24/7 crunching numbers for science. During that time I've volunteered officially for Habitat For Humanity (on the suggestion of a friend) and been an instant volunteer on many occasions as well. Currently, my three computers are running around the clock crunching numbers to find solutions for the COVID-19 crisis for the Folding@Home project.

(Thanks to my childhood friend Scott Maple for sharing a lot of information used to build this page and for his posts on Twitter with regard to combatting the spread of COVID-19)

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