The following are organizations that I've support both financially and by spreading the word since the early beginnings of my Poetry And Fiction blog in 2012. Since having written and published The Butterfly Dragon I: Heroes Of Our Own and A Lady's Prerogative, the majority of publicity surrounding those books has been focused on using various publishing mediums to bring attention to issues that need addressing and funding around the world. The following organizations reflect what Shhhh! Digital Media is about in this respect. As well, I've added some other organizations that support similar charities in the same fashion. By either advertising for or taking some of their earnings and contributing them to such charities. Perhaps the future holds that such charities will accept digital currency such as bitcoin in the future, which could propel the innovations such charities are capable of into nearly unimagined reality. All in all, I'd highly recommend these sites and organizations to everyone though some may offer content that may be age inappropriate or present opinions that may challenge those of some. They are presented in no particular order and certainly in an attempt to bring our world a little bit closer together.

If any of the links below lack a description, it is likely a work in progress and will receive its description in a future update of this page.

Sick Kids Foundation
Sick Kids have been treating childhood illnesses for the entirety of their existence with a presence around the world. In this age of digital media, we can now contribute to their work through electronic transactions.

The Cancer Research Institute (World Wide Cancer Research)
Ground breaking research organization which encompasses a variety or research firms each focused on the treatment of or eradication of Cancer. Donate online now to contribute towards this cause.

Long known for its efforts in the field of Cancer Research, The Prince Margaret Foundation has spearheaded numerous research programs and treatments for a variety of the many strains of Cancer that exist today. With breakthrough after breakthrough, perhaps we're on the cusp of a world which may be free of this number one killer. Donate online.

The Reeve Foundation (Research Cures For Paralysis)
Christopher Reeve embodies my personal concept of what the character Superman is about. He brought the role to life in a way that has set the standard by which many people measure their own efforts and sense of social merit. After an equestrian accident that left Christopher paralyzed, with the support of his Wife, he lived up to those virtues by founding the Reeve Foundation, which has led to numerous treatments to spinal injury and degenerative disease resulting in spinal impairment. Donate online.

The ALS Society Of BC (Lou Gehrig's Disease)
Lou Gehrig's disease is a degenerative disease that leads to motor impairment or complete motor function disability over time from a young age. The ALS Society Of BC has been one of the leading research facilities with regard to the treatment of this disease. Thanks to modern digital communications you can now donate to their research effort online.

Muscular Dystrophy Canada (Muscular Degeneration)
Muscular Dystrophy is another degenerative disease that has affected the lives of millions world wide. It too attacks the nervous system from a young age resulting in severe motor impairment in nearly every case from youth. The sooner it is treated the more likely there is to be progress towards a healthy life for those affected. Once again we are on the verge of great breakthroughs with regard to nervous system functioning and repair. Continued support is needed to see this lead to a day where such illnesses will be completely treatable and reversible. Donate online now.

The United Nations Fund has been supporting the efforts and mandates of the United Nations around the world since its inception. Living standards that are experienced in developed countries are not present throughout the world and as such, education, medical treatment and human rights are not nearly on par with the rest of the world. Through the efforts of the United Nations Fund, these differences can be shored over time so that every Woman, Child and Man has access to the same education, medical treatment and rights that every other human being around the world enjoys. Donate online.

An organization dedicated to developing world community and positive change through cooperation and volunteering. The United Way has a number of programs dealing with a variety of issues both local and global that in effect help to make the world a better and much safer place in which to live. The modern digital media revolution has contributed to their reach both through the coordination of volunteer efforts and fund-raising online.

Humane Society International
Protecting Animal Rights around the world and ensuring that they have a voice and representation in the world of humanity. Animals are in fact essential to the diverse web of life and ecology of our planet and fundamental to our survival as they are for their own. Protecting them is as vital as protecting the world and humanity itself. Donating online can make a difference.

Habitat For Humanity
Habitat has been building living spaces for humanity from the ground up. Literally. With volunteers building complete homes designed to house families from around the world seeking to get a head start in life and an affordable mortgage. Donate your money or your time, both of which you can arrange on their web presence in the link listed above. Read my article Habitat For Adventure: Habitat For Humanity.

Care2 is one of the first Activism sites where its users can create or contribute to online petitions addressing any number of local or global issues. Many of these petitions are addressed directly to policy makers around the world and have contributed to much change in the world to date.

Amnesty International
Amnesty's site allows you to either donate directly or contribute via online activism which includes their annual Write For Rights event. Their work has resulted in the freeing of prisoners of conscience from around the world and made the world safer for us all by protecting the human rights of those in suspect living circumstances or political situations.

Humble Bundle
A great take on charitable contribution. Game developers and book publishers donate game licenses and ebooks which can be purchased directly, with the end user's payment being distributed to a variety of international charities, all of which can be chosen directly by the purchaser. This approach to modern digital medium like Shhhh! Digital will give the ability of the end users of media content to affect real world issues by diverting the resources they spend on such content to a variety of real world issues. Play or read an imaginary world, while changing the real world too.

Use the idle time on your computer (Windows, Mac, Linux, or Android) to cure diseases, study global warming, discover pulsars, and do many other types of scientific research. It's safe, secure, and easy. As this description taken from Berkeley's website says, you can donate computation time from your computer to help scientists solve real world challenges like taking on disease, astronomy, mathematics or even the Search for ExtraTerrestrial intelligence (SETI). You just download the client software, choose the projects you'd like to take part in and the software will do the rest according to how you schedule it.

World Community Grid
World Community Grid uses the same client application as the one offered by Berkeley with a streamlined installation procedure and simplified user interface. World Community Grid concentrates much of its effort towards fighting disease and the development of effective treatments by using the your computer's processing power for the calculations needed to create and evaluate potential cures.


It's all around you.

The Space Channel, a great place to watch science fiction media both present and past with such titles as Star Trek: Discovery, The X-Files, Philip K. Dick's Electric Dreams, Rod Serling's The Twilight Zone and many other classics.
  • Inner Space
    Get the latest Science News both Fiction and Fact along with the latest about media entertainment.
  • Great Movies and Series
    If you're a fan of Science Fiction and Fantasy, there's always something to be found here from some of the most innovative creators of our time.

Space Agencies on Youtube and the WWW
“What everyone in the astronaut corps shares in common is not gender or ethnic background, but motivation, perseverance, and desire - the desire to participate in a voyage of discovery.”

– Ellen Ochoa

Canadian Space Agency [Click for Youtube]
The Canadian Space Agency from my home and native land of Canada.

Canada has a long history in the field of aviation, space research and aeronautics. AVRO under contract of Canada's advanced aircraft program produced the AVRO Arrow, perhaps one of the most advanced multi-role jets of the cold war era and beyond. It was ultimately scrapped to solidify Canada's role on the world stage amongst trusted nations of science and diplomacy over tactical enforcement, though both roles are needed to protect the fragile nature of peace into the future. Developer of the Canadarm and Canadarm 2 as well as an actively engaged partner in the International Space Station.

NASA [Click for Youtube]
The National Space and Aeronautics Administration has been a world leader in space exploration since its birth on July 29, 1958. Producing orbital instruments, vehicles and spacecraft it is one of the few world agencies that has landed craft on the Moon and the only agency to have had successful manned missions to the Moon bringing humanity closer together through its world achievement.

ESA [Click for Youtube]
The European Space Agency is the collaborative effort of several European nations resulting in one of the world's leading space research and exploration programs. It has produced the Huygens (which landed on Titan), the XMM-Newton ultraviolet space observatory as well as the Rosetta (studying comets and other objects found in the Kuiper belt) and Herschel (Infrared Astronomy) observatories.

Chinese National Space Administration
The CNSA has had many successful endeavors furthering science and space exploration despite its young age. Created in 1993, the program has already achieved scientific experiments like the first successful quantum teleportation and is amongst the nations of the world who have landed exploratory craft on the Moon. The Jade Rabbit successfully landed on the Moon on December 14, 2013 bringing China closer to interplanetary space exploration and advancing the world's march towards space expansion of humanity.

India Space Research Organization
A 1969 quote by Vikram Sarabhai, one of ISRO's founders best sums up the need for innovation in the space sciences: "There are some who question the relevance of space activities in a developing nation. To us, there is no ambiguity of purpose. We do not have the fantasy of competing with the economically advanced nations in the exploration of the Moon or the planets or manned space-flight. But we are convinced that if we are to play a meaningful role nationally, and in the community of nations, we must be second to none in the application of advanced technologies to the real problems of man and society."

ROSCosmos [Click for Youtube]
This Russian space agency has risen from the region's recent historic renewal that started with Mikhail Gorbachev followed by Boris Yeltsin and finally solidified by Vladimir Putin. Now taking part in international efforts such as the ISS Program, it commands one of the most powerful launch vehicles deployed in recent human history, their Soyuz lauch system.

SpaceX [Click for Youtube]
The brainchild of founder Elon Musk, he and his very talented team members and employees have rapidly advanced the field of commercial space flight and kept it in the media and popular culture in recent years. SpaceX's recent launch of the Falcon Heavy with its nosecone payload of his automotive company's flagship: Tesla have made this the first car automotive vehicle in orbit. The live stream is available from many sources. SpaceX continues to innovate bringing the world closer to commercial passenger space flights and solar system colonization.

Bigelow Aerospace

One of the earliest commercial space and science companies of which I'm aware that takes an innovative approach to tackling some of the biggest and greatest mysteries humankind encounters in this new age of exploration with the courage to ask and investigate the questions that others would overlook as superfluous or fanciful.

Dr. Roberta Bondar

To quote from her web presence: A cross-discipline thought leader with groundbreaking insights on the environment, innovation, discovery and leadership, Dr. Roberta Bondar is one of North America's most sought-after and respected presenters. Doctor Bondar is one of the pioneers of astronautics, space medicine and is the world's first space neurologist in the subfield of Neuro-ophthalmology. More than that much like the many astronauts our world has produced, she's an inspiration to Women, Men and Children the world over.

Chris Hadfield 

Col. Chris Hadfield – First Canadian Astronaut to walk in space, operate Canadarm, and command the International Space Station – Pilot, astronaut, musician & speaker. An icon whose experiences and words inspire humanity to ascend together to a greater understanding and kinship of life and this universe. One of humanity's legacy of astronauts who've become ambassadors of the transcendence of humanity.

Black Pen Red Pen
Do math for fun.

For those of you interested in the field of Mathematics, transcendental and complex numbers, differential equations and their corresponding integrals, this may be the channel for you. It does require a little bit of an interest and a background in mathematics or at the very least, a healthy curiosity in the subject of the one true universal language. If you need to bring yourself up to speed in mathematics to be able to enjoy this YouTube channel to its fullest, you could always sign up for, which hosts a series of free courses that can help you do just that for many topics related to mathematics, science and computer science. Math is fun. Really. It is. Get to know it personally by the examples and instruction of the mathematics wizzes on Black Pen Red Pen and


(requires VLCWinAmp, Windows Media Player or similar streaming audio player)

Let's face it, music sets the mood to just about every experience we have in life or at the very least is a big part of it. Much of The Butterfly Dragon series, A Lady's PrerogativeStories From The End and Welcome To The Pleroma were created with these online stations as the aural atmospheric background.

Maschinegeist Radio
Ambient and experimental radio with deep field transmissions.

Anima Amoris Ambient

Pulses, Beeps, Pads, Ambrosia for the soul.

Montekidlo radio
Dark Ambient with vodka

CBC Online Radio
News, radio series and music.

A Canadian presence in radio and broadcast bringing Canadian content into the age of convergence along side the talents of nations from around the world.

Television that matters.

Perhaps the strongest voice of public broadcasting in Canada, TVO includes a wide variety of programming relating to the history, art, literature, sciences, sociology and most importantly people. Certainly a strong influence upon my being growing up in Canada. One of my favourites from TVO had to be Art Attack!an Australian a British television series for a younger audience geared towards creativity and art. I'm sure those are floating around somewhere in cyberspace.

Learning Media

An American public broadcast station through which I first glimpsed Carl Sagan's Cosmos in 1980 having just turned thirteen. The legacy started by Cosmos has been carried on by Astrophysicist Neil Degrasse Tyson with a modern television series of the same name. PBS is a station whose programming includes the great show Masterpiece Theater which presented adaptions of classic literature for the small screen to the legendary NOVA, a science show that still stands the test of time to this day.

David Schindler Music 

One of the big inspirations in my life and certainly the most musical of them. A performer and bard that has likely inspired many more. If music is your deal or you need an arrangement or lead sheet fast, he's the guy that you should talk to but he's so much more. A real Renaissance Man in the flesh. You might find a bit of him in my stories and books too. That's because he'd the man who raised me and whom I'd consider to be my Father.

The Wonder Forest Blog YouTube
Create. Explore. Inspire.

Accomplished artist and fellow blogger Dana Fox presents a series of incredible articles and inspired videos and DIY tutorials, all geared towards the artistic and blogging communities. Her blog is eye candy as are her many videos, drawing upon a palette of pastels and soft colours probably much like her spirit.

John Paul Young aka Cardboard Brains Facebook

A personal friend of mine with whom I braved a difficult time in both of our lives in the Riverdale area of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Cardboard Brains is perhaps one of the most inventive and innovative bands that I've heard originating from the early Punk/New Wave movement in Canada during the late 1970s and 1980s. John Paul Young, its core song writer is part esoteric musician. Part philosopher. Part eccentric genius. Part good friend and fellow obsessively driven maniac. This space is in waiting to link until either the Cardboard Brains or John Paul Young website exists. I'm waiting patiently buddy.

Petri Arts

Run by Petri Rantanen, his facebook presence offers one of his many unique talents as a service by way of custom stained glass, fan art and illustration. If you're an instrumentalist you might want to check out his Ukulele page on YouTube. Just another wacky eccentric artist and personal friend.

Saori Kanda Website YouTube

An incredible performance artist whose shows are composed of a multi-medium performance of her process of composition. By the end of her shows she'd produced a complete work of visual art inspired by the performance. Captivating to watch her and her talented team in action.

Crunchy Roll

Anime has certainly been one of the inspirations for much of the effort here. Tune into Crunchy Roll for up to date Anime broadcasts (including subtitled and Professional Voice work), news and reviews. Comes in a free and subscriber service that gives access to great Anime one hour after their broadcast in Japan!

Agnes And The Butterfly Dragon

A children's tale written by Nalin DeSilva, about a brave young girl whose adventurous spirit allows her to save an imperiled blue dragon. This story is of no relation to the Butterfly Dragon to be found here on Shhhh! Digital Media but it is written by a talented writer and creative writer. Perhaps Weltherwithsp is friends with this other dragon in another plane of existence?

The Butterfly Dragon

This again is another project that bares the same title as our franchise. It is a traditional animation produced as part of a film school project and is simply an astounding piece of art and hand drawn animation by talented Sushan Yue with music composed by Olive Musique produced by students of The University Of New South Wales in Australia. See UNSWTV on YouTube for more content produced by their students.


Any creation is only possible as a result of the tools used to create it. Often, those who create those tools are the unsung creators of many paradigms. Who created the hammers and tools used to build some of the greatest architectural accomplishments? Who created the chisels from which many sculptures were rendered? Who created the fine paint brushes that etched oil and water colour upon canvas? Who created the harpsicordspianos or violins which afforded us many great works of composition and music? Who created the HarpGuzhengShakuhachi through which many great epic motifs were written in the East and West? Who created the guitars which founded rock and blues music? Who wrote that software that was used to render or paint that digital image? Who wrote the software and VST synths that enabled the modern digital DJs and MCs to conduct symphonies of emotion and feel much like the conductors of old for millions of dance and trance lovers world wide? Who put that film together into a two hour experience that takes our breath away? Who made the equipment they used to make it? Everything that we create requires the use of tools in one form or another and they are as much a part of the process of creation as is the artist. Here are some of those who've played a part in our creations at Shhhh! Digital Media in one way or another through tool making or inspiration.

Live Production And Streaming Solutions

Serious about broadcasting and production? Videolink IS Advanced Non-Linear Audio Video 3D WorkstationsYoutube Professional Broadcasters, behold the future of live switching/editing/streaming and NLE video. A place of creative innovation and inspiration.

Create Stunning Visuals With Daz3D Software And Assets

Much of the graphical 3D rendering and scene composition that makes up the artwork and scene concepts for The Butterfly Dragon and A Lady's Prerogative were done with Daz3D. It combines an award winning software with an asset library and tools which enable the creative freedom to compose just about anything that you can imagine should you be willing to put in the effort. When combined with other tools such as Newtek Lightwave3DAutodesk MayaSideFX Houdini or Blender it is a powerhouse.

Adobe is the foundation of image editing in any production pipeline with Photoshop. Compositing is a dream with layers, effects and blending in just as many ways as you can imagine imaging.

Rapid Multi-Device Application Development tools including Delphi, RAD Studio, C++ Builder, and RAD Server.

Operating systems and software to take your imagination into the future. Much of The Butterfly Dragon and A Lady's Prerogative was produced on Windows Vista, Windows 7 and finally Windows 10 Professional.

Newtek Lightwave 3D
Lightwave3D is the complete suite of award winning modeling, scene composition and rendering software present in the toolkit of every television and blockbuster production. Its intuitive user interface and state of the art renderer make it the tool of choice for many 3D artists. We miss you too

Unity is a real-time 2D and 3D rendering engine and development environment for multimedia applications, games and experiences. It supports a wide variety of target platforms making it one of the most versatile development platforms around.

Unreal Engine
A complete development environment for gaming and multimedia production, Unreal sports modular design in terms of media, plugins and code while also retaining direct linking with C++ source through the Unreal API.

Wilmap's Digital Creations
A 3D digital asset site for Daz3D created by a 3D outfit modeling sensation. There are numerous outfits and props for Genesis, Genesis 2, Genesis 3 and the new Genesis 8 figures. Many of the outfits worn by the characters in The Butterfly Dragon and A Lady's Prerogative were designed by this artist.

A repository of 3D and 2D assets encompassing a large artist's community. Some of the props used in A Lady's Prerogative (such as Bella's veil) were created by Arki, a fellow Renderosity 3D artist. Much of Athandra Rithyani's upcoming design will combine artwork by Wilmaps and Arki as well.

Another asset archive combining 2D and 3D assets into a search engine, database and forums. I'd certainly recommend the 3D artwork of Ghastly and many others there.


Practical effects are the mainstay of films like the Lord Of The Rings, Aliens, Resident Evil and certain from the foundation of the likes of Star Wars, Raiders Of The Lost Ark, Battlestar Galactica and Buck Rogers. My personal friend Scott Maple and myself have lived that past and history having seen Star Wars together during its run at the theatre more than 72 times. Scott and a bunch of very talented and like minded people went on to found Kropserkel, a practical props and effects company that has brought many miracles to you on the big screen without you realizing they weren't CG. Kropserkel's work will set the foundation and inspire the next generation of Ridley Scotts, David Cronenburgs, David Lynchs, James Camerons and many more.


In their own words: Renderosity is the online art community for 2D and 3D digital artists, animators, and photographers. Free membership! We have thousands 3D models, textures, and tutorials to buy, sell or download. I certainly couldn't have said it better as this resource has a great variety and selection of assets for any digital artist to explore and perhaps use in their own work.


An extensive library of digital artistry resources from textures to 3d objects all searchable allowing you to filter upon license of use (commercial, creative commons, free etc). Includes free and for purchase content of unimaginable variety and for a number of different graphics and 3d platforms.


Doctor Melissa West

One of the health and wellness gurus that I've watched for some time. Her videos focus on Hatha Yoga and physical wellness through exercise and balanced lifestyle.

Physical Therapy Video

In their words: Our videos offer the best "get fit , stay healthy, and pain-free" information directed toward people 0 to 101 years old. Physical Therapists Bob Schrupp and Brad Heineck have over 50 years of combined experience in the physical therapy field. I myself have personally used some of their techniques to great effect, especially for stretches and quick exercises that can have a tremendous impact upon our daily well being.


Anna Akana
Artist. Film Maker extraordinaire. Philosopher. Comedienne. Cat wrangler. Wrangled by Cats. Tune into her nearly weekly episodes in which she explores just about any aspect of life, the universe and the getting by in modern society while retaining one's dignity (just barely). A joy to watch and highly recommended.

Fellow Canadian Rick Mercer presents bite sized clips featuring relevant skits and editorials dealing with today's politics, Canadian issues and our place in the world at large. Rick is one of those guys who sees the bigger picture, often coming at it from angles others miss. Highly recommended whether you're Canadian or like seeing Canadians satirize their current issues.

The embodiment of the perfect Woman. Courageous. Intelligent. Funny. Beautiful. She cooks, cleans, does dishes, laundry and fetches beer and snacks during television sports events.

For the small duration of the rest of my life, I think I'll tune into her channel and enjoy my last few moments laughing in hysterics before I'm ripped to shreds by every Woman alive. ;-)

Telltale Atheist
Examining cults and oppressive religions
Some of you may know that I`m a strong believer in freedom of thought and certainly freedom of choice of belief or non-belief. When people fail to question what they believe and who is laying down the rules of said belief, especially if it contains restrictive dogmatic practices, one could be said to be giving up their own freedom. Worse if a belief system implores its parishioners to violate the human rights of other citizens of the country host to their belief it is a travesty. Telltale Atheist has produced a variety of intriguing videos that ask the questions which many fear asking of their faith or belief. I believe very much in what this person is doing as it is very important that we do not lose ourselves to our failure to stand against that which oppresses our free thought and belief. I`m a Buddhist and Taoist, and Telltale`s videos even explore and provide a provocative critique of Buddhism as well as many other belief systems. Its important to consider these arguments and to retain one`s right to freedom of thought and not to give that away to any organization of any kind for any reason.

Piper Blush

Every once in while in this new digital medium with which many have become familiar, you find someone that really seems to embody the things we sometimes forget to enjoy in life and most certainly always take for granted. Piper lives life to its fullest and lets us share in those experiences through her YouTube channel with her travel videos, episodic adventures and personal fashion shows. Another highly recommended channel.

Yumi King

Yumi's unique SuperCute fashion style is inspired by J-fashion, K-fashion and traditional Chinese clothes hanfu. She makes DIY crafts, cloths transformations, costumes, hauls, vlog videos and more. You can catch her at the TigerCon in Valdosta, Georgia April 14-15 in 2018 too as she'll be one of the many presenters.


The objective quanta of reality needs to be understood in order for the material parts of our being to survive, though it begs the question: is objective reality the point of intersection between the collectively subjective? Perhaps Science can help us find half the answer.


The YouTube presence of an incredible Woman and Physics PhD student whose love of physics and the process of her path to expertise really shine through. Highly recommended for any potential physics student or those just interested in learning. This wonderful Woman talks about her experiences as a student, what you can expect as a student, about physics itself and the physics of her incredibly long hair. I'd climb her hair to rescue her from a tower any day of the week.

Physics Girl (Woman)
Physics videos for every atom and eve.

Another awesome physics channel produced by Dianna Cowern, an MIT Physicist with an Electrical Engineering Major. Her channel features a variety of physics, space and science related topics that create insatiable curiosity about the wonders of the universe when you contemplate them. You can also catch Physics Girl on Curiosity Stream at Both are highly recommended.

VSauce VSauce2 VSauce3
Our World is Amazing.

A YouTube channel and the brain child of host Michael Stevens. VSauce asks questions that challenge our understanding of the world around us and then attempts to answer them using our current understanding of science, with a touch of Michael's brilliance and perspective. You also may want to check out Michael's DONG for things you can Do Online Now Guys/Girls.

An element of truth - videos about science, education, and anything else I find interesting.

Derek's science and education station is one of the best on Youtube. Much like Michael from VSause, Derek possessed that innate ability to convey complex subjects in very intuitive micro digests. A reminder of why it's so important for us all to use that spark of understanding and comprehension within us to make positive change through understanding.

Beyond Science
Exploring the strange and mysterious. A new mystery in each episode.

A channel that really captures that essence that made Omni Magazine such a popular media venue for science speculation back in the 1970s and 1980s. In addition, host and show creator Mike Chen brings his own curiosity and insight to each of these truly amazing stories that make Beyond Science a great channel for the curious mind.

Dark 5
Top 5 videos exploring the greatest mysteries of this planet and beyond...

The Dark 5 delivers science and paranormal mysteries in an esoteric and artistic video delivery format all its own. Each episode is enticing and a complete joy to watch and hear with eerie edits and atmospheric music. Perhaps one of the best and most uniquely stylish top 5 video channels.

Night Terrors
So many things to fear!

Watch creepy bite size stories of mystery, macabre and the mind with host Bill Madon. Each episode focuses upon a unique story based on factual events or occurrences. Bill Madon's chilling delivery is enough to entice any terrified viewer.

Strange Mysteries
Unexplained & Unsolved Mysteries of the World. All about ghosts, ufo's, spirits, aliens, legends, paranormal activity & phenomena from magic, science, facts, and tales either real or some fake hoax.

The delivery of the videos once again has a style all of its own. It combines modern sensibility with humorous sarcasm while hitting upon some pretty heavy topics in its content.

John Michael Godier
Author and futurist John Michael Godier explores the universe in weekly documentary videos released on Monday evenings. These videos center on science, future technology and the mysteries of the universe. Additionally, John releases irregular videos covering breaking news on important developments in space science and technology as they happen.

Both technically informed and imaginative, John Michael Godier's episodic videos covering real life fiction as it becomes science are the right stuff. He deals mostly in the topic of the search for ET and space exploration asking intriguing questions that delve into one of the most important aspects of our existence: are we alone? On his channel you can view many of his videos as well as find his books including his own science fiction classic: Supermind.

Robert Tozer's The Dead
A personal friend from my childhood and another aspiring author, Robert Tozer brings a new take to the Zombie genre in his book The Dead. Unofficially, I've been told directly by Robert to look forward to the upcoming sequel to The Dead in the near future.

Martial Arts

Shaolin Temple Qanfa Institute Toronto - Traditional Chinese Martial Arts - Perhaps You'll find your own Sifu Jinn Hua forming the basis for the Butterfly Dragon technique which is a hybrid based upon Wing Chun and other schools of Martial Arts. Wing Chun was originally conceived by a lady Buddhist Monk who developed it for close up technique versus larger and stronger opponents. She grew her school of Martial Arts by besting Kung Fu trained opponents who then would seek her training. Exercise techniques include the Butterfly Kick, a multi-opponent take-down. Shaolin Kung Fu combines many schools and techniques and is a core complement to Chinese Traditional Medicine.

Canada Goju Karate Association - My first personal experience with Goju Ryu Karate back in my early twenties. Back then the Dojo was located in Toronto's Danforth community on Danforth Avenue just west of Main Street. Back then it was very much an old-school Dojo with adherence to the principles that have made Goju Ryu a presence in the Martial Arts world. Lead by Hanshi Bill Hind, 9th Dan Blackbelt with 52 years experience, his classes are as incredible as his ability to teach this very practical yet philosophically present Martial Art. Hanshi Bill Hind and Sensei Stewart Morgan are inspirations for the instructors of Ai Yuanlin Ying in my book The Butterfly Dragon I: Heroes Of Our Own.

New Toronto Academy Of Martial Arts - I studied with New Toronto Academy back in 2001 and 2002 and was very impressed with the Dojo, the transformed style of Goju Ryu which included the grappling techniques of Jujitsu. Goju Ryu rarely contends with grappling or wrestling, making this adapted variation of the original Chojun Miyagi curriculum very appealing to modern Martial Artists. Kyoshi Michael Neville is perhaps one of the most impressive instructors I've seen in action. An accomplished Martial Artist by tradition he is also a creative force following the principles of method and motion implementing new waza (technique) to the existing Goju Ryu curriculum, hence Goju Jujitsu Ryu. Much like Hanshi Bill Hind, it is important to note that Kyoshi Neville is one of the inspirations for Ai Yuanlin Ying's instructors in my book The Butterfly Dragon I: Heroes Of Our Own.

Aikido Tendokai - I studied Aikido starting at 48 years old while working for a landscaping company. I literally walked 5 kilometers to work every day and back (10 kilometres total). After work, I'd train at my Aikido class after digging and moving boulders for the whole day as part of a landscaping project. Despite being in great shape at that time, I was very quickly humbled by both the instructors and the students at Aikido Tendokai in a most gracious manner. Traditional Japanese Aikido - Part of the original Bujutsu and Samurai Curriculum as revived by Morihei Ueshiba O' Sensei. It is one branch of an interpreted artform known as Aiki-jutsu which according to many sources was one of the curriculums taught to many Samurai for the application of non-lethal constraint. Part of Mishima Sato Sensei's history prior to meeting Barris Windsor in the fictional world of A Lady's Prerogative. Aikido despite it's controversial techniques has been proven in life or death combat having endured three hundred years during Japan's Feudal era. It is currently innovating and redefining itself in the age of Mixed Martial Arts. Aikido Tendokai is an incredible example of what a great Dojo can be to its students and the community it serves.

Eagle Tae Kwon Do - Traditional Korean Martial Arts based upon on of the four guardians. Early Korean Martial Arts are rumored to have been developed by the spread of the first Buddhist traditions originating from India under (Siddhartha) the Buddha Gautama seeking perfection of body and mind. Strength and stamina are hallmarks of the Korean Martial Artist tradition. Just ask the "Tiger". Highly recommended.

Goju KarateDo (Goju Ryu) - The original Okinawan Martial Art drawn from Chinese Shaolin Martial Fighting Arts. Goju Ryu literally translates in English to Hard/Soft Warrior. Following the Kyu system of progression Goju Ryu was another Martial Art derived from the original Samurai unarmed Curriculum. This incredible martial art is well concealed as a branch of Karate Do, and has produced some of the most prolific martial artists in the Shotokan school. It is the core martial art that inspired the character "Mr. Miagi" fromi the Karate Kid franchise of movies having originated in Okinawa where its original dojo still resides.

Kennedy Tactical Concepts

A self-defense and tactical training school drawing upon the foundations of several martial arts along with the expertise and experience offered by its instructors servicing the Greater Toronto Area of Ontario, Canada. Its approach is innovative and insightful taking a fresh approach to the art of self-defence. Self-defence is not just about fighting but in fact about confidence in one's ability to deal with life. By physical repetition and exercises geared towards strengthening our body and response time, we build confidence while maintaining a humble approach to life. Perhaps this is the essence that every martial arts program aspires or should aspire to teach? Highly recommended.

Aikido Siauliai

Siauliai Sensei has taken a path to the renewal of Aikido otherwise known as Aiki-jutsu, one of the martial arts that survived the Japanese Feudal era and is an original part of the Samurai curriculum. Siauliai Sensei is reviving and vitalizing this art in the modern era of fearless sensibility and MMA to embrace both its core philosophy while bringing it into the twenty first century. Not an easy task and certainly with obstacles in the eyes of the many traditionalists but a goal that would like draw the admiration of Morihei Ueshiba O' Sensei as well as other great masters.

More coming soon...


In this fast-paced age of multitasking, time management and the home office, there is more demand for effective relaxation techniques. ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) is one of them. Often delivered in the form of role play, it is specifically designed for relaxing brain tingles. I covered many different channels in my article Another Simple Medium for Relaxation and there might be some overlap here. They are presented in no particular order. The bylines are given in their own words with occasional additions by myself.

ASMR " ASMR WHISPER " ASMR ROLE PLAY " MOUTH SOUNDS " " ASMR EAR TO EAR WHISPERING" " HYPNOSIS " SLEEP " INSOMNIA ". Anya's ASMR artwork is spectacular, bringing hypothetical scenarios and minimalist role-plays to the forefront. She focuses on tingles and gets right down to business in her videos. Highly recommended.

ASMR Barber
Videos of people getting shaves, haircuts, and massages. Very relaxing indeed. Another recent creative take on combining ASMR with the world of hairstyling (see Switch Scissors). Very relaxing videos as well as artistic touches focusing on hair cuts and hair styling. Highly recommended if you enjoy seeing other people get hair cuts or worked on by a talented stylist.

ASMR Blossom
This channel will be all about you and your relaxation! I make videos to help you fall asleep and suppress anxiety and depression!

ASMR Cherry Crush
I make videos so you can experience a relaxing tingling sensation in your scalp and the back of your neck that can extend into the rest of your body!! Cherry Crush has become another easily recognizable celebrity of ASMR with her amazing videos and unique looks and self-expression. A welcome addition to the ASMR community and highly recommended.

A great collection of relaxing and tingly videos. ASMR Doll's videos are very much the hobbyist ASMR viewer's delight. She presents relaxing videos of modest budget while focusing on pure creativity. Highly recommended.

Ephemeral Rift
Unique and humorous twist on ASMR, with Ephemeral Rift you'll find role plays en masse with everyone from Binaural Cabbage to Face Painting by Bob Ross (he does one of the best Bob Ross impressions as an added bonus). Impossible to describe. Its better just to go there and check it our for yourself.

ASMR Kitty Claw
This channel is dedicated to ASMR video. The video will be presented in binaural 3D sound, so don't forget to wear headphones! Highly recommended.

ASMR Massage Collection
Videos like the famous Head Massages from Baba, the great Nomad Barber massage Videos or anything that seems awesome.

ASMR Massage Psyche Truth
A channel dedicated ASMR and relaxation. Our video feature binaural recorded of a number of ASMR tingle triggers like whisper, soft spoken, massage, ear cupping, ear massage, scalp massage, hair brushing, ear cleaning, mouth sounds, ASMR eating sounds, etc. Enjoy our massage asmr with real licensed massage therapists that explain how to give your friends a massage and give you real techniques. Our video are recorded at 60p and 60fp for smooth hand motions and we use a 3Dio Freespace Pro microphone for 3D audio. These videos feature a number of psychetruth regulars including Corrina Rachel, Melissa Lamunyon, Corey Kay, Katie Beth, Athena Jezik, etc. Highly recommended for its incredible variety.

One of a few Korean channels featured in this list. She produces a variety of great relaxing videos with a healthy dose of culture. Highly recommended.

You will learn from my first video that I was not "born" with ASMR, but learned about it later in life and cultivated the ability to experience it over time. I feel so glad to have found this community, and I want to give back. Please send me your requests, and I will make it my personal goal to bring your ASMR dreams to life, as you all have done for me. Ally's channel is pure creativity when it comes to ASMR. Many of her videos are innovative as well as technical masterpieces. One of the first channels I watched in this relaxing medium and certainly a well deserved high recommendation.

CAM ASMR And Massage
A great channel and family production presenting ASMR massage in a relaxing and tingly format. There's something about their videos that is very hospitable. It's like they've invited you into their home as a welcomed house guest. Highly recommended.

Fairy Char ASMR
One of the early founders of the ASMR community on YouTube, Fairy Char is very much one of the highlights that anyone exploring the medium should take a moment to enjoy. Her videos and role plays are very creative and elegant. Look forward to a peaceful rest with her videos. Highly recommended.

Heather Feather ASMR
Heather Feather is another early innovator of the medium, presenting a variety of different and relaxing videos and role plays. She's also collaborated with many other artists in the medium. Another highly recommended channel.

Another excellent artist and role play video maker taking ASMR to new heights and breaking new ground on occasion as well (much like her sister). She puts a lot of energy and heart into her videos. Highly recommended.

Ocean Heart ASMR
A relative new comer to the ASMR scene, Ocean Heart has defined her own style of ASMR and healing all into one package within each and every video presentation. Her unique voice and creative improvisation which also includes singing, will bring lullabies composed by elves to mind. Very relaxing and enjoyable. Highly recommended.

Pelagea ASMR
Pelagea brings a wide range of relaxing role plays mixing cosplay into her videos as well. A very relaxing and enjoyable video feed and another highly recommended channel. Look for her ASMR team ups with Valeriya as well.

Another highly creative take on the ASMR genre on YouTube that offers a variety of role plays and situational improvisation ASMR videos to give you the tinglies. Often teams up with fellow ASMRtist Ephemeral Rift for great combo videos. Highly recommended.

Poki presents very creative and intense ASMR sessions often focusing on tingle triggers more so than role plays. In this sense she often tries new techniques combining them with tried and true methods for best effect.

Scottish Murmurs ASMR
Creative and multi-talented role player, Scottish Murmurs also innovates bringing the first ASMR Artist Impressions video to the ASMR community. Her many creative videos explore this aspect as well as touching upon her other talents in this medium.

Seafoam Kitten's ASMR
Seafoam brings us a variety of creative role play and character ASMR videos. Her talent for taking on different characters is quite astounding while keeping with ASMR roots in terms of tingles and relaxation.

One of my favourite channels, Switch Scissors hails from Korea and brought the world of head massage to ASMR. He doesn't just give a head massage, he gives THE head massage of head massages to his customers being an artist and professional hairstylist. His videos feature head massages (did I mention that?), hairstyling and a variety of videos highlighting the vanity arts brought to you by South Korea's celebrity hairstylist. The Mozart of the Hair Salon.

TingTing ASMR
Last but certainly not least on this list, TingTing brings a variety of ASMR art in an East meets the West format as well as combining her ASMR with a variety of creative touches and innovative editing techniques. She also does customized ASMR for her many supporters. Highly recommended.

This Russian ASMRtist is innovative and very expressive in her ASMR. Much like Pelagea she offers enticing role plays and relaxing cosplay as well sure to bring tingles to the reaches of your spine. Highly recommended.


Perhaps one of the most prolific and worldly ASMRtists on youtube, this school teacher lives her life in such a way from which we'd all learn if only we'd pay attention to the likes of her. Worldly and wealthy of knowledge and life experience is what makes this Woman one of the most attractive on youtube.


Make believe is perhaps one of the eldest arts stemming from our ability to create situations that potentially never occurred from which we can learn without the risk of possible harm from really experiencing such a situation. Often those who inhabit such created worlds often become our heroes, a reflection of those who perhaps really did something to inspire us all. It is through make believe that we play homage both to such heroes and our own imagination through artistic interpretation. Theatric Costume Arts are one such medium while Cosplay is certain it's modern incarnation.

Naomi 'SexyCyborg' Wu
Creative. Intelligent. Technically Skilled. Ambitious. Fearless. Cyborg. Naomi lives in the heart of the Chinese Silicon Valley, ShenZhen where she creates cyber-builds such as a wearable 3D Printers to her amazing Boot Projectors. She also tests and reviews products from her head-strong technically inclined video blog. An inspiration for us all. Did I mention that she's a Cyborg?

Schadenfreude Industries
You don't choose the cosplay life. The cosplay life chooses you.

This YouTube channel provides the latest coverage of Cosplay events from around the world. Get a taste of the tremendous variety and diverse talent you'll find in the world of Cosplay Arts.

The Hacksmith
Make it real.

With The Hacksmith YouTube channel, they take fictional ideas from movies, video games & comics, and make real working prototypes! You read it right. If you've ever wanted to see Batman's Grapnel Gun, a Light Saber, Iron Man's Repulsor's, the Call Of Duty Exoskeleton in real life, check out the Make It Real playlist.

Adam Savage's Tested

Much like his prior work on the coveted hit show Mythbusters, Adam and his talented team work through a number of builds putting them to the test. An awesome channel that certainly adds much to the whole genre with his talented team.

Yaya Han
Perhaps one of the early innovators of the cosplay phenomenon if not the countless Mothers (like my own) who created incredible costumes for holidays or other festivals. Certainly an inspiration for a Heylyn-like character. Someone whom I'd certainly like to see have a hand in the design of the Butterfly Dragon final costume.


All living creatures learn from what they play. That has been a truth since the early beginnings of life on this planet. Perfecting our skills as hunters/gatherers which gave rise to farming, construction and Civilization. This concept gave rise to the first narrative and story telling, which in turn gave rise to books and literature which in turn gave rise to theater, which in turn gave rise to film, which in turn gave rise to television and most recently virtual worlds and video games. They are directly an extension from this first primal urge to play, children and adults alike for it keeps us each young and keen. Here are a collection of gaming related links which I recommend. 

I also recommend to any gamer or computer user to establish a balanced lifestyle, integrating a bit of exercise and healthy eating into your life. If you're anchored to your computer, keep some weights nearby. Stop and take five minutes to do some push-ups every once in a while. Plank for thirty seconds. Learn to cook some healthy meals or make some quick and healthy snacks from the many streamers out there keep yourself fit if you're able. Even if you can't physically, then look after yourself by being conscious of what you put into yourself in terms of nutrition and hydrate often. I love using my computer as a tool and for entertainment, but I try to balance that with cooking (I love to cook) and a bit of exercise. As always you should check with your Doctor as well.

Elite Dangerous
The space game. The space opera legend.

Considering this phenomenon all started more than thirty years ago (1984) and without an instruction manual, it has become an established part of video gaming culture. More recently its visionary pioneer David Braben through his company Frontier Developments brought this vision to the modern world of gaming where pilots may freely explore a simulated milky galaxy from the comfort of their own home or office on a reasonably equipped computer or console. Drawing influence from other space operas like Star Wars, Star Trek and Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy, Elite has forged its own unique style and story all shaped through the actions of its players. This is one of my favourite gaming venues where you'll find me under the guise or a variety of different pilots, Female and Male alike piloting ships like the Ermie Scub Tour Bus or the HMCS Star Fire under a familiar username associated with one of my fiction titles.

Obsidian Ant
One of the staples of the Elite Dangerous community, Obsidian Ant as he's known brings a variety of news and updates related to Elite Dangerous and space gaming in general with great in game cinematography and video editing.

Commander Plater
Watch Commander Plater's exploits as he travels the galaxy of Elite Dangerous educating pilots, pirates and the mysterious thargoids alike.

1,000 Dreams Fund (For Female Game Streamers)
As recently published in Polygon, the 1,000 Dreams Fund is a charitable foundation teaming up with twitch to fund more female game streamers on the popular streaming platform. If you're a female gamer and you're seeking funding to get your Twitch stream and channel going, this is something that you might want to check out.

More streamers coming soon and I'll certainly look to add more Female streamers...

Remember What The Dormouse Said...

Remember that unless we challenge our thought process with wonder and sometimes what may seem impossible that we may stagnate. We become trapped within the comfort of thinking that we know when in fact we don't. That is because being is always in motion and never still long enough for us to come up with a solution for the be all and end all of everything. When the prior generation thinks that it has found the answer, it is challenged by the younger generation who usually rocks its foundations and renews that vigor for imagination.

Perhaps the concept of growing old is better put as becoming too stationary in one's ability to entertain the improbable. Just as much as the younger generation assumes that those of old have never experienced the adventure, excitement and sense of wonder that they have.

It is time that clarifies that illusion but the older should never stagnate by dismissing that which challenges their understanding and the younger should understand that most older people are underestimated in terms of the real life experiences they've accumulated. Not all of one's memories and life experiences are merely imagined, though most real life experiences do start there.

So as the Dormouse (and Gracie Slick of Jefferson Airplane) said in C.S. Lewis' loving classic: Feed Your Head. That statement certainly doesn't mean to use anything that may damage your body (like dangerous narcotics). Lewis' statement really means challenge your own thinking every once in a while so that you may continue to grow and hopefully never lose that lust for learning.

More coming soon...

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                 | |   / ____|           | |       (_| |    |____  |   __ _ _ __   __| |  | (___  _ __  _   _| |_ _ __  _| | __     / /   / _` | '_ \ / _` |   \___ \| '_ \| | | | __| '_ \| | |/ /    / /   | (_| | | | | (_| |   ____) | |_) | |_| | |_| | | | |   <    / /     \__,_|_| |_|\__,_|  |_____/| .__/ \__,_|\__|_| |_|_|_|\_\  /_/                                 | |                                                                 |_|                                    
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