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Current Version: Network Connection Scheduler

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WinXP/Vista/Win7/Win8/Win8.1/Win10 32-bit installer Download
MD5 Checksum: B671D8CEB488872FF7AF910B1C696739

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Shhhh! Digital IP Monitor

A very simple tool that allows you to track and log changes to your Public IP Address. It includes the Delphi source code too.


- - Fixed http error message during minor OS http service interruptions (which are common)
      Logging now works correctly and log file can be found in Data directory off the install location
      Added menu elements for setting the update interval
      Removed Run On Windows Startup checkbox from interface
      Placed Windows Startup interface in menus
      Run on startup now operates correctly on program startup

- - Released 2019.12.18
              Added run at startup option
              Cleaned up credits
              Hovering over the IP Monitor tray icon shows public IP
              Various miscellaneous fixes

-   Fixed error writing log to Program Files (x86) folder. It now saves the log to Documents\Shhhh! Digital IP Monitor

-    Released

WinXP/Vista/Win7/Win8/Win8.1/Win10 32 installer and application Download
MD5: B24D6B7D6743E9C3A42E033D7B2C9F42

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Canadian F-35A Lightning II And 401 Tactical Fighter Group for Strike Fighters 2: Operation Darius

As many of you know I'm a fan of many things, but aviation is high on my list. Especially jet fighter technology.  As such, I'm a fan of flight simulators and anything with an aerospace twist to it. 

Being Canadian, I crafted this mod for the military flight simulator/flight trainer Strike Fighters 2. It requires both Strike Fighters 2 by Thirdwire, and a working installation of the Operation Darius mod to use. It allows you to fly the F-35A Lightning II when running Single Combat Missions or Campaign Missions as the Canadian Forces. It also includes the proper Canadian textures for the F-35A and the Canadian 401 Tactical Fighter Group.

For more details read the post at Combat Ace and download the file there, or from my site directly below:

Canadian F-35A Lightning II And 401 Tactical Fighter Group for Strike Fighters 2: Operation Darius Download here.

Font Spy

Font Spy is a Windows font browser that allows artists to preview fonts in their own words and work. The latest version of Font Spy is integrated into the latest version of Shhhh! For Windows (v1.0.108.144). As of this writing Shhhh! For Windows is not available for download.

WinXP/Vista/Win7/Win8/Win8.1/Win10 32-bit installer and application Download
MD5 Checksum: 7DA3A02B3A0C0B0E71044FBAF3774F27

A Lady's Prerogative Skyrim Special Edition (v0.4.1)

This is a mod I initially created for Bethesda's Skyrim which featured some of the spells and factions I'd designed for the A Lady's Prerogative novels. I ended up developing the whole concept into a much more encompassing though still limited mod.

Since that time I've converted the mod for use in Skyrim Special Edition, even cleaning up some of the Night Wytch spells to work much better with the new graphics capabilities in the Special Edition.

Currently there are only a few spell books available at some of the vendors throughout Skyrim that will allow the player to learn some spells from the Order Of The Night Wytch.

The next release will see some big changes and a few more additions in terms of following the source material in the books. Also the next release will be available for other platforms such as PS4 and XBox One.


Requires: Skyrim Special Edition on Windows. A Lady's Prerogative Skyrim v0.4.1 Download
MD5 Checksum: 063BB2CEFD406146D63F1DAB02694C34

More to come...

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