Other Novellas

My Secret Place
A short story by Brian Joseph Johns

The wonder of childhood and the mystery of that special place. The place where we keep our hidden treasures and our buried secrets from the grasping hands and prying eyes of others. Our secret place.

The Legendary Of Xarn Work In Progress
A novel by Brian Joseph Johns

A long standing work in progress that details the lives of a group of adolescents who play pen and paper fantasy role playing games in their spare time. The line between fantasy and reality becomes blurred, and they soon realize that that their fantasy pursuits might have worldly implications as the two worlds overlap.

Santa Of The Stars: An Elite Dangerous Story
A short story by Brian Joseph Johns

My own tribute to the Frontier Developments game: Elite Dangerous. This story was written in 2014, long before the Horizon or Odyssey expansions were released and has a decidedly holiday theme to it.

Early design of Brad Stanton
(very different from the modern version)
Stories From The End Work In Progress
A novel by Brian Joseph Johns

Engineers at the power plant. They'd worked together for a long time keeping the lifeline to the big cities going. Elena, a beautiful and intelligent Engineer uncovers a diabolical plot. Brad Stanton is not who he said he was. Who thought the end of the world would arrive like this? Foller did. Stanton and his daughter Jennifer didn't. Elena, Dave and Matt didn't. Rysalin and Trent didn't. Hope has to start somewhere though.

We Know Who You Are
A short story by Brian Joseph Johns

The conspiracies are real. Very real as Cory is about to find out.

Moving On
A short story by Brian Joseph Johns

She's off to a bad start and it is going to get much worse. Its what she does with it that will make the difference however. When the path diverges once again, will she make the right choice?