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In The Midst Of Any Rise To Fame, Infamy May Ensue...

One of my parents' favourite sayings is that you have your whole life to create your defining work, the one thing that pushes you over all the initial hurdles and onwards to fame and success (and the hurdles that you'll encounter from there).  That one work you created or of which you were a part is what gets you there. You have your whole life to achieve it up until that point. From there, you only have twenty minutes to achieve your next, and so on and so on... Consider that during the time you're building yourself. Your life and career up to that achievement whatever it may be. Graduation. Your dream career. A successful business. Your marriage. Your first child. Your family. Your directorial debut. Your first book to sell a million. Your first starring role in a major blockbuster motion picture. For everyone its different. Pursuing a life dream means something different to each and every one of us. However, for some, it does put you in the public eye and under scrutiny



The Daz3D facial morph for 3D model of Ai Yuanlin Ying, Heylyn Yates (of The Butterfly Dragon) and now Mila Rendebelle (of A Lady's Prerogative) by 3D artist Amy 'Ai Mei' Wong. Please check out the work of this talented artist. 

Amy shares a similar name sake as another talented Toronto artist by the name of Amy Wing-Hann Wong. Please show your support to such artists.

Cora Hau offices and hardware from The Butterfly Dragon II: What Different Eyes See created by Inlite Studio.

Various scene elements (eyeglasses, furniture, facial hair) by Renderosity.

Xenshi's hair and fan was created by AprilYSH of April's Vanity.

Many of the outfits for the 3D models in the various artwork and renderings created by Wilmap Digital Creations.

Various 3D props used in renderings and images that may appear on this web site created by Ghastly.

DNA Image in The Butterfly Dragon I: Heroes Of Our Own web logo by amorimbiotec from Pixabay.

Ox image from Lunar New Year message by AnnaliseArts from Pixabay.

The Perfect Cherry Blossom Illustration used for Mila's and Sato's Ochoko by pixatarou (

Cora Hau Security Operative's Cap and other miscellany by guy91600.

Tengu and Kami image for A Lady's Prerogative: Sanata Claws short fiction courtesy of On Mark Productions as per the indicated content use guidelines.

ShareCG user Josea for their 3D Model Antlers, used for 3D rendered images in A Lady's Prerogative: Sanata Claws short fiction.

Galaxy spiral, used for portal animation rendering in A Lady's Prerogative artwork available from at galaxy clipart png from for several pieces of clipart used in various places in both 3D renders and the website itself.

The image of HappÄ«u~isuka, Mishima Sato's dog is derived from this image on Wikimedia. I (Brian Joseph Johns) heavily photoshopped it to make it appear like a 3D render of a dog in order to maintain a consistency with the artwork here. 

Each of the aforementioned artists have their own gigs and projects going on, so please check them out!

Writing, Application Development, Renderings, some 3D Modeling, Image Editing, Image Compositing, Musical Composition, Video Editing and all other art by Brian Joseph Johns 



Daz3D for Character design, rendering and animation.

Newtek Lightwave 3D for modelling and scene composition out to FBX or Wavefront OBJ format.

NVidia iRay GPU Accelerated Rendering Technology.

Adobe Photoshop for image creation, compositing and FX.

Cakewalk Sonar, Magix Music Maker for music composition, editing and video compositing.

Corel Pinnacle Studio for video editing, compositing and post.

Hitfilm Pro for video editing, compositing and post.

Embarcadero Rad Studio for multi-platform native application development.

Microsoft Windows 10 Professional x64.

Steam Powered for software and entertainment.

Spotify - because we all need a soundtrack for life.

Google Platform for hosting and domain.

Canva Logos, stationary and corporate identity artwork.

Other Credits

Shhhh! Digital for background music.

Long live my keyboard warmer and deceased buddy... I miss you...


Wikipedia for a great source of information and research on many of the topics covered in the Butterfly Dragon and A Lady's Prerogative stories where accuracy and facts are essential.

Now Magazine Toronto for information related to Toronto and local venues. They're actually going to be a quite a resource for the upcoming The Butterfly Dragon III: The Two Dragons.


Thank you to my parents, Rita Johns and David Schindler for raising me.

All content was originally posted and published in May/June of 2012 by Brian Joseph Johns under the banner Poetry, Fiction, Software, Music and Graphics.

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