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Brian Joseph Johns
Brian Joseph Johns

CEO/CTO Shhhh! Digital Media

200 Sherbourne Street Suite 701

Toronto, Ontario

Canada M5A3Z5

Home/Business: 437-912-2860

Business: 647-947-4339

Mobile: 416-578-5579

Note: My home/business phone listed above is actually on Fongo though I don't officially do any business on it. It is listed as such for consistency's sake with some of my other online accounts and to protect my creation Shhhh! Digital Media as it is under constant threat of theft by many scammers who regularly attempt to take my identity from me and wear it as their own.

Fongo is a free VOIP service and does have a neat butterfly logo, but the Butterfly Dragon in no way is symbolized by the colours blue white and red black.

As a Canadian that believes in the Charter Of Rights And Freedoms and the Human Rights Act, I tend to stay away from aggressive use of colour symbolism, especially seeing as there are already too many people who abuse this aspect of life and society. Wreaking havoc upon the lives of others via social abuse and other forms of group bullying, especially bullying of a religious nature where groups attempt to force the rules of their religion onto others who are non-members. 

I am an atheist that leans towards Buddhism and Taoism by the way. I believe in everyone's right to believe as they choose, but not to harass and abuse others in attempt to sort people out between Cain blood and Abel blood, or love and hate or blood and fire. Not all of us live by those rules and beliefs and we have every right to remain exempt from any aspect of their application by practitioners of such beliefs. I have Jewish friends and Muslim friends and I'm sure they're fine with me having my own beliefs. As much so as I am with them having their own beliefs.

Colours are a wonderful form of expression and certainly not something I'd see tainted or ruined by their association with abusive activities in society, such as identity and creative property theft, or any other form of social abuse perpetuated through the symbolism of colours.

This ideal applies to all of my creative works and everything here at Shhhh! Digital Media. Also, seeing as my own love interest is Mandarin Chinese, and through my immense respect and admiration for Asian culture, I stand by Asians and always have. This is something reflected in my writing and throughout my life by way of words and action.

Nothing I have stated here has been expressed in the opposite context of what I intended. I do not operate that way and tend to express exactly what I mean, when I'm not writing fiction. All of my fiction is prefixed with a disclaimer. So if you have any doubts, look for the disclaimer.