Updates And New Hardware...

Hi. Brian Joseph Johns here.

Earlier today, sometime this morning I was able to procure computer upgrades from the hard working and sales oriented bunch at Canada Computers (shameless plug), which did a great job despite not linking my order with my own official business account. I'll correct that tomorrow.

The upgrade is taking me to the point that I'll be able to produce content much more efficiently, and more importantly, it will serve as a base for my upcoming participation as a student in a local program.

Once again however, I'm having to contend with identity thieves (who use the symbolism of the colour blue to achieve such ends) and I remind you that I'm not a part of any such ideology or cult, and likely never will be.

So I'm doing everything I can to connect up things that take place outside of my residence with the inside of my residence, so that there's an audit trail always linking back to my identity. The one thing identity thieves can't do is take your identity if there's way to much evidence linking you to it.

You could say that A Lady's Prerogative II: Wounded Aerth, was my first attempt to expose such an ideology and their methods, by using the language of metaphor. So, you could say there is a real life group just like the Strangers, and how I've described them is essentially how they operate, however minus the blatant murder. They are an ideological group with whom I contend until this very day.

Insofar as the appearances of my being egotistical, that is definitely not the case. When you are attacked by a large cult who attempt to steal your identity and your output, most people respond in a way that makes them appear egotistical. This is a strategy purposely used by this cult to discredit their victims. Hypervigilance and being protective of what you produce when its under the threat of theft, tends to make one appear self involved or conceited, and that's part of this cults strategy to destroy the life and reputation of their victims.

This has been the case with many people they've targeted and is consistent across the board. Usually it involves some kind of egotistical battle the cult creates between two people, as a sort of social competition through which they elevate the person they're not attacking, while they discredit the one they are. An attempt to make their victim into the hate side of a love hate battle or to provoke some other negative emotion, which they can further use to discredit their victims.

This isn't something that originates from Wytches, as I've known a few real Wytches in my life. People that not even my parents or regular friends knew. People who instead of involving themselves in a campaign of tit for tat against their victims, or trying to undermine their victim's lives, spent their time trying to improve the world and to make people feel more welcome and a part of this world. They were very prominent in the West End of Toronto, on Lakeshore Blvd. in 2001, running an establishment on that stretch of road, and their establishment rose above any other similar place I've ever seen. It was truly remarkable and serendipitous too.

Its so ironic that while I write some of my best work, I'm subjected to the worst and most abusive treatment from groups of many people, that I sometimes have to question who I'm doing this for?

These weren't people who spent their time and effort in a battle to destroy someone. They were like life mentors, all voluntarily trying to piece people together from the damaged goods they had become at the hands of malicious groups or people you trusted but whose ulterior motives ultimately caused you to steer clear of them, those who try to provoke negative emotions and responses from you to suit some contrived concept of colour symbolism that they've turned into the bars of a pyschological cage. Be free of it and them.

Regardless, I published the latest part of Wounded Aerth, Part X, so its up for your perusal and I do hope that you enjoy it after my efforts to improve it from the initial first draft I completed in 2015. I figure one or two more iterations of editing and it will be complete.

Butterfly Dragon Episode 11 will receive an update very soon as well, maybe as soon as tomorrow, but I won't promise anything.

There's one more day left before the weekend, so expect a bit on Friday, though I've got a lot of other things to do administratively to grow Shhhh! Digital and solidify it.

FYI: I'm not a member of Prince Hall or a Jehovah's Witness or a Mormon with all due respect. I don't swap identities with others, or allow others my identity or polarity reverse the context of my expression.

Have a great day or night as the case may be! :-)