Updates And Speaking Candidly About Harassment...

First of all, I am Brian Joseph Johns and this is Shhhh! Digital Media. My photo is at the bottom of this post and confirms my identity at least partially.

So after some investigation and didactic reasoning, I was able to pin down the motives for the most recent harassment attacks upon my person and from where they came and the possible connection between that and the missing person's post, which I alluded to the person appearing very much like a Romanian friend of mine.

First of all, the cult responsible for this activity treat their target (me in this case, but there are others) as if they don't exist at all. They never make any references to my identity or person, and whenever they do, they're referring to someone else, and that creates what they regard as being a "ghost". A person that experiences life and can take part in it to a degree, but isn't part of the social record of the community. 

Everything they say and do is attributed to people other than themselves. That's essentially what they're doing to me. When it comes to my actual identity, they keep that buried and give it out to other people, while they give me the identity and reputation of other people based upon how I react to their abuse.

The means by which they hide this activity is by claiming that either I'm mentally ill (usually claiming schizophrenia or something of that nature), or by claiming that I'm a Jehovah's Witness (which I'm not, as I'm an Atheist that leans toward Buddhism and Taoism). Labeling me as a Jehovah's Witness is a way of taking away my own power and right of testimony, because Jehovah's Witnesses are required to have a second witness any time they level allegations against others. That's how so many have been victimized in their scandals, because solitary witnesses are often labeled as liars. The harassment cult and organized crime involved with what I'm exposing labels their targets as JW's in order to take away the power of their own testimony and account. Its a gross violation of human rights.

When you're labeled that way, and treated always as if you're someone else other than yourself, the community who do this can get away with a lot of crimes against you and just about everyone in the community takes part in it, including some front line responders.

The Actual Harassment Attack

The harassment was conducted by part of a group who are associated with the local sex trafficking network. Both the sex trafficking network of the past thirty years, and the more recent and secretive network that has since replaced it, using different tactics to keep itself hidden.

The people involved in the harassment attack, many of them are involved in the local narcotics trade as well, many of them dependent upon certain substances which are trafficked locally. Now don't get me wrong, this community has come a long way, but unfortunately those connected with the difficult issue of substance abuse often take out their angst on people with the most prevalent voice, as an attempt discredit such persons. They see it as a way to destroy my brand by ladening me with the burden associated with their substance dependency, which in turn would end up upon my readers and those who peruse my content.

So attacking me was all about pushing me towards a negative mind set, which this cult then use as an excuse to dump their garbage onto their victims. Essentially, they get a free ride on the backs of my readers, which of course would turn readers away from my content and harm my brand.

If I'm very supportive of harm reduction, that doesn't work for them, so they need to bully me in order to get me to react in a way that makes me appear the monster more so than they. They'll protect anyone who protects their dependency, and attack anyone that gains them an advantage in making others carry the weight of that burden, and then abuse that person as if it was their habit. So the very people whose dependency it was, were the ones conducting the worst of the attacks, because that's a means by which they can humiliate someone. Carry the weight of my life, while I abuse you for it. That's essentially the idea of their concept of revenge and this is a battle of public opinion. They'll never get cited for their abuse, especially in numbers, but the person who defies their abuse or tries to protect themselves will. The groups that take part in this purposely attempt to boil their target over, like a pressure cooker, so that their target becomes the monster, when in reality, its the people who collectively assist them in doing that, that are the real monsters.

So the idea was that this form of organized crime who burden me with everything, and that weight would end up on my readers' backs, which in turn would push readers away.

Also, it was a direct attack upon my name. My last name. Johns. The attack is given in the form of their organized crime defining it as meaning the plural of John: the customer of a prostitute. So basically, they were also attempting to load me up with the weight of the burden of customers of prostitutes, for which the same group, not working girls, but those connected to the substance abuse network that often fuels and drives prostitution, and the pimps that run those women - most of whom are looking for an easy way to dump the responsibility for their crimes onto a substitute. 

Having done so, most who are connected with running trafficking networks of women resume their same activities as if nothing had obstructed them at all, while all that weight is on the back of someone like myself. For the organized crime in this community, its all a game to them and one that even the Police get involved in the social game and politics of it. Hence the missing person repost. They knew I was aware of that person because I filed a report with the RCMP, the OPP and possibly locally with them as soon as I saw that bulletin on Twitter years ago. I trust the RCMP. I trust the OPP. Neither have ever betrayed me or put me in the midst of a social game to elevate their status at my expense, after I've risked my safety (and at least on one occasion, my life) to assist them. Also, they've never attempted to emasculate me either.

Kenny Shim

When Variety store owner Kenny Shim was murdered in Regent Park in 2004/2005, I was approached by a man stating that he had direct knowledge and information relating to the murder, from an account of someone who was very close when it happened. He thought that I was an undercover officer (no, I didn't pretend to be or even act like one back then, he just assumed because I was very clean cut). He didn't give me details, but he gave enough information that investigators could have disproved whether he had details of the case or not, or so I assumed.

A year earlier, I had been given a contact name for the Intelligence Unit of the Toronto Police Service, I had a cellular phone at the time, but I didn't want to use it because I was wary that I was being eavesdropped at that time similarly by an organized criminal group. The same one I'm contending with now. So I faked a call on a pay phone to my cellular service provider, so that whenever someone walked by, I was ranting about getting my phone repaired. Instead, I was really calling the TPS Intelligence Unit.

When I gave them the name I was given to ask for, I was handed over to a person and I indicated that I had direct intelligence relating to the murder of Kenny Shim. From that moment, the person with whom I spoke started asking me if I had taken my medication, and then began dealing with me as if I was mentally ill. I tried reasoning with the person a bit more, and they continued along the same lines of conversation, getting nowhere, until I finally said goodbye and hung up. It took me a while to figure out what had happened, but after reasoning for a bit, I figured out that the person who'd given me the number and name, had used a code name, that when I asked for that person, the Intelligence Unit immediately had labeled me as mentally ill. I'd been given a code name that lets the operator know that my information is questionable or probably not worth it.

The second time I called, I called the radio room, and upon asking for the same name in the Intelligence Unit, the person who'd answered the phone called me a rat and hung-up. A Police Officer on duty. This all happened in 2004/2005 and from that point onwards, it changed my perspective a lot. I tried a third time, even going to a different phone, and got the same thing (when I was transferred, the line went dead). I'm not against Police, but that experience let me know that I was dealing with something that wasn't limited to any particular group. This problem had no organizational boundaries, and I was as likely to encounter it in someone aggressively into trafficking, as I was in institutions I'd long trusted.

Missing Persons

So I believe that the missing persons post, was in relation to something they knew I'd remark about on my website, which would immediately associate me, and that's not an association against which I hold any contention at all. She is a nice woman from what I recall, and generally held no ill for anyone. So the association would create a situation where my readers might possibly question the quality of my character. I don't believe this person was working in sex trafficking as a prostitute, but it seems that many who end up on missing persons posters are or have been associated with it in some way.

The way I regard prostitution is, that I'd never tell an adult woman what she can and can't do with her own body. Anyone who does (outside of a Doctor looking to preserve her health and life) is most likely doing so out of the safety of the numbers that their own political stance affords them. It takes real courage to stand against the safety of numbers and stick with your own ideals.

Not many people like my stance, but I stand with it. Prostitution here, most of the time involves substance dependency as the motivating factor, as it is often employed by pimps to lure women into working as prostitutes and very often, used as a form of pay (that and methamphetamine). There are also many who are simply substance dependent, and who look for scams in any form to make the money to afford their dependency. I had one girl tell me her boyfriend was going to beat her up if I didn't give her the money she owed him to pay for her crack cocaine habit. That scam is two fold, because there's no way out of it. If you give her the money, you're buying the crack cocaine, and from that point on their network of people protecting it, will keep you branded as someone who bought it. If you don't give her the money (and you're a guy), then they'll label you as being homosexual for not protecting a woman. 

I certainly support LGBTQ2 rights and marriage, and its not an insult to be labeled as being gay, but I'm not. The scammer's motive for using that logic is that they feel that being labeled that way is wrong, and that it turns a person into a garbage bag for everyone else in society, because many religions regard being a member of the LGBTQ2 community as being a sin, and sinners are often forced to carry the weight of the cross by aggressive members of such religions.  Having been labeled that way for failing to protect the woman, you'd be burdened with the weight of her "sin". So with that scam, you lose both ways, whether you give her the money or you don't.

When it comes to prostitution however, I would never tell a woman what she can and can't do with her own body, so my only form of protest is to not take part in it. If a woman wants to exploit herself in that fashion (sexually), there are many much safer ways to do so that don't put them at any kind of risk at all in terms of their physical health or even their identity. There's nothing wrong with sexuality as expressed as a facet of adulthood, the biggest problem being the sense of shame people feel over their own bodies, but that's not an invite, because I'm very private when it comes to that aspect of my life, and abhor the kind of people who turn it into a social spectacle, as if somehow to break the bias of love and the expression thereof with a solitary partner of one's choice.

There are other possibilities too when it comes to why that missing persons poster suddenly cropped up again, and I sincerely hope that person is alright, though in all honesty, the bulletin is for something from 1992, and the girl I saw, was last in Regent Park in 2007. So if these are one and the same person, there's certainly a sense of relief. What worries me is the similarity between her appearance and my Romanian friend, who I've not seen in nearly as long.

So their timing was based upon the idea of attacking me and putting me in a mean and negative mind set, likely to dump their garbage onto me, and possibly as an attack against my brand.

Using Women As Shields

Many of the people who victimized women, especially Indigenous women by luring them into prostitution using substance abuse as a motivating and driving factor, are now hiding behind those very women, who still are depending upon them for their substance of choice and would never turn them over to the authorities and put their own supply at risk. The (pimps - ex-pimps) know this, and are hiding behind those members of the Indigenous community they compromised in that way, well protected by reconciliation even though those same scumbags exploited those women horribly! Those women though, would never turn them over and put their substance supply at risk. So many of those pimps are receiving the protection of reconciliation, while others are being held responsible for their actions, and believe me, those who are doing as such, are well aware of it and the political strategy involved they need to protect themselves, using those women as human shields.

So many of these kinds of attacks are attempting to destroy my brand. Now I've always said that Shhhh! Digital Media does not own Women, or Women's Rights. Women own themselves and Women own Women's Rights. Shhhh! Digital Media is a part of the cheering section, but don't get me wrong, I'm entirely responsible for everything I say here, flattering or not and I'm far from being perfect. I've made my share of mistakes in life too, the difference is that I learn from mine and always try to do better, without sacrificing what it is to be myself.

After I spoke out online here about those posts, I still walked down the same streets in front of everyone and did not cower in hiding, and I was still harassed, but I got by.

Cherades And Possession

Some of the people involved in this activity operate under the idea that in doing this, that its like a game of cherades. The in abusing someone, they're mixing up a bunch of names in a hat, and then trying to guess which one you've picked, according to how you react to their harassment. That's the general gist of the motivations for their harassment. They enforce the idea that they're replacing your mind and spirit and identity with that of someone else, a disembodied spirit that's floating around in all of the hate associated with their harassment, and that if it sticks to you, it indicates your bloodline ancestry and heritage, as these disembodied spirits they believe come from other people. That is, they enforce the idea that you've become possessed by one of them, or their friends.

How you react during and after the harassment is how they determine this, and whatever you produce between that time and the time that you manage to get yourself clear of these possessions, they give to the credit of the person they assume you to be possessed by. Given enough time, they enforce the idea that they can actually swap your mind and identity with that of someone else. So you would literally become them in terms of your life experience and mind, and they would become you. This generally appears to be one of the goals of the groups involved, while the others are just looking for ways to rid themselves of their crap onto someone else.

Schrodinger's Cat As A Means Of Rewriting Ownership?

Even this post will be examined by this cult, who will probably give it to the credit of someone else other than my own person of Brian Joseph Johns and Shhhh! Digital Media, based upon how consistent it is with my life and someone else's. You could say that this cult are attacking Quantum Physics, by determining ownership for a person's output not when they actually create it, but at some point later, based upon who is more consistent with it then. Kind of like a bastardized form of the Schrodinger's Cat thought experiment. The idea is that a person is deemed to be the real owner of something not when they create it, but in remaining consistent with it. Of course, a group that enforces this idea then creates very involved and intricate and ambiguous means to trick people into contradicting their own ownership of things, at which point they give them to the ownership of deemed more consistent with them. So you could say this is a trick that uses the collapse of the wave function to determine ownership not at the time something is created, but much later by who is the most consistent with it.

Actually, this motivates most surveillance and eavesdropping because anything a person creates on a computer could be stolen from them this way. Most people working on computers are doing so alone, and hence there's nobody there to confirm or deny whether a person is working on something specific or not. In a building full of people, it could be anyone at that address at that time that is responsible for creating or doing that thing with their computer and this cult operates under the same premise of taking from other people based upon consistency, rather the actual effort it takes to create something. In such a case, the community actually favours the people who steal other people's efforts rather than protecting the ones who create it or actually own it, and this effort goes to the extent that there are intricate networks of people who actually target residences for such theft. 

There's a person in my building of residence (nicknamed "Chuck Cane") who has developed  a technology based upon electromagnetism that can disable some (cheap) USB web cameras often used for personal security. He's connected to a criminal network that has ties to hackers (of the black hat variety), who coordinate with him against targeted residences, disabling cameras or even hacking computers to gain remote access to any security software and disable it so that criminals can enter the residences without the risk of being caught on camera or triggering an alarm. These are people who work closely with the trafficking networks locally, and surprisingly many are protected by some members of infrastructure as well.

 Nothing I've said here is taken from anyone else's life. For instance, nothing I've stated was taken from Donald Sebastien Des Rosier's life at all and my association and frienship with Romanian Isobel is for real as well. She'd attest to that if I could find her.

The membership of this organized crime and cult want me to be the negative side and naysayer, so they bully me very often, trying to force that side of things. This is how cults force people onto the blue side of the fence, and often a version of blue that is detrimental to a person's expression. Ie meaning untruthful or the opposite context.

Finally, one last thing that I'll address is that the group conducting this activity is opposed to my own love interest being Southeast Asian and they've gone to great lengths to obscure this fact, but I stand by heart in that way and always will.

I'm still taking a short break from writing, but I'll return soon, possibly within a week or two. I'll most likely post more productive content in the next few days. Maybe art or other content as well.

Thank you to those who have stuck by me through situations like this, I am truly grateful, and I prefer a calm and creative existence than a cold and miserable one. What a waste of a life to spend so much time bitter and angry. I'm much happier with the woman who appreciates a soft touch, than the one who wants a brute.

Happy belated Victoria Day (this past Monday) and Happy Memorial Day to the United States.

Have a good week! :-)

I say what I mean and mean what I say. I don't speak in opposites or use the colour blue to alter the context of what I say to become the opposite polarity. I'll stick with the blue of South Korea or I'll stick with my Shhhh! Digital Media colours thank you very much. I'm not a Taurus with all due respect, and I'm not a guitar player, but I am a real Scorpio, and don't have to buy it from someone else.

If I was a parent, I'd never try to erase my children or steal the credit for their efforts. I mean, its not like I'm a Hell's Angel. I've never used cocaine or crack cocaine in my life. I mean, I certainly wouldn't want to be a snow man.