New Artwork...

 Here's a couple of more familiar characters that has of recent not received the attention that as scientists and fun loving humanitarians, they deserve.

Now considering that Monique Defleur (aka The Eclipse)  has shown up in most every Butterfly Dragon and Two Butterflies episode since the very first book, I thought that these two characters deserved their time as well and despite the given political situation, that is not a stab at either side of this conflict.

So have you ever wondered what Doctors Katya and Victor Piotr look like beyond the original renders I used to represent their likeness?

Although I've kept them in the background given the current political climate, I'm strongly inclined to have them return and soon. Their lives have continued along in the Sciences, doing some very interesting work together as a husband and wife team, all the while contending with the damage of social attrition that results from their home country of Russia being at war, and largely regarded as an aggressor in a situation that has so many different political angles, that even Pythagoras, Euler and Euclid themselves would be struggle to unravel the trail of responsibility.

Not only has this been an obstacle to their careers in the West, but it has also strained their friendship with Monique Defleur, who is by way of her Father, part Ukrainian.

All of this will be explored in an upcoming episode of the Two Butterflies.

Katya (right) and Victor in a render 
from What Different Eyes See,
started in 2015 and finishing in 2018...

The AI derived artwork draws from the original 3D model based renders for the same characters, so if you look carefully, Victor looks almost exactly the same as he did, minus his microbeard and chinstache.

I certainly won't be so pretentious as to attempt to cure the ills of war or solve the problem of it. This is more about how the political state of the world affects the relationships between the people who inhabit it, especially when they're part of one of the two cultures fighting such a conflict.

See you soon.