More Updates And New Content Coming Soon...

Hi. Brian Joseph Johns here at Shhhh! Digital Media.

I'm spreading myself a little thin, and have been over the last few days as I prepare for some much needed life-skill upgrades. Those upgrades also include a concerted effort to progress to the next stage of content production here at Shhhh! Digital Media.

So, between writing, and some of the other roles I fill here, I'm also running around town and getting other things done that are needed to keep this whole thing progressing.

Today, I'll be working on coding in UE5 for a bit as I prepare something visual intended to progress the artwork here, while I'll spend some of the rest of the day (later into the evening) writing as much as possible to coincide with with a historical date. I can say that both A Lady's Prerogative and Butterfly Dragon characters will get the attention they deserve, although I can't promise whether I'll have these updates ready by tonight for publishing, or tomorrow in the late morning.

Regardless, this week and into the weekend will very likely introduce some new things for you.

Thank you most graciously for checking out my content, especially to those who've been reading it throughout the years. I look forward to publishing new updates soon...

Credits and attribution:

Artwork: Amy WongWendy PuseyGhastlyBirdman, Brian Joseph Johns, Daz3DUnreal Engine...

Tools: Daz3DCorel PainterAdobe PhotoshopLightwave 3DBlender, Stable Diffusion (Easy Diffusion distribution), InstantIDSadtalkerGoogle ColaboratoryMicrosoft Copilot (Windows 11), Hitfilm, Borderline Obsession...

InstantID by: Wang, Qixun and Bai, Xu and Wang, Haofan and Qin, Zekui and Chen, Anthony. Research Paper Title: InstantID - Zero-shot Identity-Preserving Generation in Seconds.

Sadtalker by: Zhang, Wenxuan and Cun, Xiaodong and Wang, Xuan and Zhang, Yong and Shen, Xi and Guo, Yu and Shan, Ying and Wang, Fei.
Research Paper Title: SadTalker: Learning Realistic 3D Motion Coefficients for Stylized Audio-Driven Single Image Talking Face Animation.

Gratitude: Our Mentors, Senseis, Sifus, Sebomnims, lifetime inspirations, family, friends, the Nomads (ask Stanton about that one), the Music, the Movies, the Theatre, the Arts, ASMR, (both YouTube and Bilibili and the many other creators on those platforms), the Gaming and Developer communities and of course, the audience.

Special thanks to AitrepreneurHugging Face and the YouTube educational content producers, including those catering to the AI content production pipeline and of course AlphaSignal.