Another Update...

I'm not on the blue team or the brown team by the way.
I just got back from the local NoFrills grocery store, the second leg of my grocery shopping, about forty-five minutes ago. It was a good experience mostly, but there was a setup waiting for me to take my identity from me and to replace it with that of someone named Terence. I think the person attempted to "snap" me out of existence (which obviously didn't occur) and then verbally tried to replace my identity with that of this Terence person (which obviously also didn't happen).
From there, I left the store, encountering a number of people who are members of a cult that believe they can take aspects of a person's life via colour symbolism. I guess because I'm wearing a grey shirt, that's the opposite of black and white as this cult assumes, and therefore they assume that I have nothing to do with Shhhh! Digital (simply because I'm wearing grey). 

An abusive cult if you will. So, obviously that didn't happen either. I don't believe in any of it and when I get home, its me that's writing this content and running all of Shhhh! Digital Media. That's certainly not boasting. Its protecting my exceedingly hard work and effort very obviously socially abusive people and I don't polarity reverse any aspect of my expression.

But I suppose if you believe it and let them affect you, then they've achieved their goal. So I'd say the thing to do is just remember that none of it is real and not to believe it. I don't, but it is frustrating sometimes. There's a bit more to it than that alone, but in knowing that much, you'll have some tools against it and I'll give you much better tools against it in the future.

I'm just working on Wounded Aerth Part IX and I'll have that up very soon. From there, I'll be working on Butterfly Dragon.