Watch Party Channel And Updates...

Watch Parties...

Yesterday, was a rather productive day, though I haven't published all of the recent updates, there are some and ones that I often don't announce.

Case in point is that while I was doing my writing yesterday, I hosted a pseudo movie watch party, which is basically just posting a movie I'm about to watch, and a time that I'm watching it so that others can synchronize with it and watch the same thing, assuming that all that extra traffic doesn't clog the video stream so to speak.

I post that schedule on my Watch Party Channel page (try the link or find it at the top right hand of the page in the MORE... drop-down menu where you'll find lots of other goodies).

Yesterday's watch party included the movies L.A. Confidential (1997) and Tournament (2009), two very different films with a common theme between them as noted on my Movie Connection blurb for the two films.

Most films that I do watch parties for are free (as in no monetary cost assuming you live in a region of the world that they support), and can be found on great (and legal) sites such as Plex TV, Pluto TV and Tubi TV. When Crackle supports streaming to Canada again, I'll add them. Its unfortunate they dropped Canada, as I used to watch them quite a bit and enjoyed their hosted and creator content as well. There are other great places that host free movies such as CTV, but mostly I stick to the three I mentioned.

Occasionally however, I'll do something on one of the big three pay channels such as Netflix, Amazon Prime or Disney/Hulu (I only have Netflix currently, which goes nicely with a little less than one half of my Shhhh! Digital colours).


Suffragium Per Proxy

Despite the current tone of The Butterfly Dragon And Tales Of The Sanctum: Suffragium Per Proxy, I'd implore my readers, especially my female readers to stick with the story and weather the rough parts, because this is going to be one heck of a rewarding ride.

Although the story involves a lot of tribulation for some of the key characters, this is a necessary part of the story to understand the importance of what's to come. I don't like putting women through difficulties in real life or in writing, but the core of what I'm covering in this written story demands an exploration of what fueled an important part of relatively recent history, and without a context to understand that struggle by experiencing the difficulties that people in real life from those times overcame, the overall story would have no context nor an epiphany for those of us living now, of any kind when it comes to understanding the immense achievement it is narrating from our own past. 

Please stick with it if you will, as this isn't about venting onto my readers anything at all, from anyone but actual history involved of a little more than a hundred years ago and what I speculate had to happen for this change to occur.

This story will be an ongoing effort for the next two months I suspect, though that depends largely upon how much time I'm able to afford it.

The Two Butterflies: Episode 11

My choosing the film Tournament (2009) for my watch party was no accident, as it is symbolic of what is to come in Episode 11 (not to mention it has an actress who symbolizes heavily the character Jinn Hua), where I'll be exploring several themes related to training, martial arts and the public's fascination with battle royale. L.A. Confidential (1997) was also a part of that watch party, and for the same reasons. After all, what is it that Police spend most of their time doing, that actually plays a very small role in their day to day activity? They train for situations they hope will never occur.

The recent epoch level event that occurred  to which many people were witness, that also has the same name as one of my superhero characters will play a big role in this episode. PUBG and other Multi-player Online Battle Arenas will play heavily into this episode as well.

Episode 11 will likely be done within a week or two,  and hopefully before or by the end of the month of April.


You can expect some of these updates today, and a few more by  tomorrow and throughout all of next week. Between writing and posting, I'll be spending time on the Unreal Engine project associated with upcoming content. Also, expect more character designs to be revealed as well, as there are still quite a few.

Until that time, keep in Shhhh! Digital Media will keep shining and the shadows...

Once again, none of this is written anywhere else other than Shhhh! Digital Media, at 200 Sherbourne Street in Suite 701 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, from where it is published on and by Brian Joseph Johns.