Updates On Situation Before I Get Started Writing...

Hello. Brian Joseph Johns here again at Shhhh! Digital Media, on the 7th floor of 200 Sherbourne Street in Suite  701.

I hope that every one of my readers had a peaceful and easy night.

My trip out to catch up on groceries and get something to drink with my meal went reasonably well with a few "setups", but in all there were far more friendly people than usual. Not overly friendly, but definitely noticably so and it was good to see some familiar faces, especially in the arena of mathematics and graph theory, despite the chaos around us. 

But as those of you who've read situations describing The Butterfly Dragon's Zheng Ni Wong and her work as both a computational biologist and mathematician, you may know that when you figure out how to paramaterize chaos, its a lot easier to work with. Its the deterministic and predictable things that always catch you off guard. 

Ultimately, you can work with chaos by quantifying it, and you can work with complexity arising from determinism through nothing other than life experience. One is a feat of parameters and probabilities. The other is a feat of pattern recognition. Its when you can intuitively in life, mix the two means ot dealing with them, then something really magical happens. But quite honestly, I should digress from giving too much advice as myself, when I still have so much to learn about dealing with things that others overcame much earlier in their lives.

Its sad to think that there are people who'd spend so much time and effort trying to create pitfalls for a person, that I have to wonder if some people have way too much time on their hands and are inept at finding constructive ways of using that time? The tragedy is, their spending that time coming up with these plots, and then their target's time protesting it. In my case, I share my experiences not as a form of garbage dumping, but in the hopes that others struggling with the same situations might find answers in my experiences. Its a grave loss of constructive possibility on the part of both sides. What a horrible waste, but I'm glad to learn from it, because there's few that get by me now.

So to those workers on my path today, who made a possitive difference where it could have been much worse, and to those out there who chose to share a kind word rather than a taunt or a situation to swap responsibilities of actions, thank you. It did make a big difference. I still tripped a few times, and was a bit upset upon ariving home after a few setups that almost got me coming in the door, but I made it home with more smiles than frowns.

That's a big, big gain and that doesn't even count the smile of being back in my home office and ready to get started at doing what I love to do. When I don't write, I miss my characters. All of them.

Of course I had some trouble with some neighbours, trying to block my sunshine and push me backwards, but that was dealt with quickly and conversively. I should use the short peace I have to get to work on something.

I will however let you know that there were several "setups", each of which was related to trying to make me responsible for activities that have nothing to do with me. All of the information I've given here is enough to do away with those efforts and should clarify the situation nicely from my home office here in Suite 701, Shhhh! Digital Media.

Thanks to those who made the difference, and to those working today who despite the stress, were professional and exemplary. Oh, and thanks to the Legion that used to be near Yonge Street and Isabella Street in downtown Toronto.

With that, there's a lot to be done so lets get to work. ;-)

Before I get started, I would like to say that I'm not mentally ill by the way, though I'd never do anything to stigmatize those who struggle with such a challenge. Consider it that my harassers and stalkers are trying to create such an illusion using extreme dualism, to see-saw me between extremes in order to cover up their cult's existence by discrediting me and any effort I make towards revealing them. Everything I've stated in the rants is truth, not the opposite thereof. I've never been a hate means love or love means hate kind of person and never will be.

Remember that I never started attacking the harassment cult. They started attacking me. I'm just going to undo them.

Also, I vote in every election. I file taxes every year and I am not against organized Government or the system. I don't use, buy or sell (or accept for free) narcotics, but I support harm reduction.

My phone is not the part of a love hate or blood and fire battle with my computer, as I'm not a part of any religions that engage in such activity.

My own love interest is a Chinese woman with whom I've been involved previously and no, she doesn't have a "bob" haircut and I've never used crack cocaine in my life. It seems the harassment cult are attempting to switch my identity and past with someone of that description, a common tactic they use (swapping identities between two people).

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