Gordon Pinsent

Leah Pinsent, Gordon's Daughter (Right), Norman Jewison (Center),
Gordon Pinsent (Left).
An icon of Canadian theatre and film passed away recently, though I'm sure that all of you know who he was.

The Canadian press (CBC, Globe And Mail, CTV, National Post, CityNews), and his peers in the theatre have this covered I'm sure, but I wanted to express a humble and sincere thank you to him and his family,  and to let you know that he will be missed here at Shhhh! Digital Media.

The Right Honorable Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister Of Canada had his own kind words to say regarding Mr. Pinsent's legacy.

Goodbye to Mr. Gordon Pinsent

May your work continue to inspire creative, theatrically performance minded thespians and writers into the decades to come as you have yours truly.

Thank you for your inspiration, and the gap you bridged across several generations with your body of work.

The saddest part is that with your heroes and legends, that as you get older, you watch them leave one by one. 

Your circle continually gets smaller and smaller and faces around you less familar.

But every so often, a child or youngster among those unfamiliar faces stands out, admiring with glee and enthusiasm, those same heroes and legends that inspired you, perhaps watching them on the latest technological medium for such content. 

And you think to yourself, maybe they really haven't died after all.

A short Red Green TV clip from the Official RedGreenTV YouTube Site site featuring Gordon Pinsent...

And consequently, Red Green too. 

I'll be working on some content, possibly for an update tonight, assuming everything goes alright. 

I'm on my way to the NoFrills at Front Street and Sherbourne Street to pickup the groceries I ordered last night. 

Be back soon!