With Deepest Condolences And A Heart Of Celebration For The Life Of A Remarkable Woman

I just read today's news, at 2 PM EST only seeing then that Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II had passed away peacefully in her Scottish home.

I had just finished writing some of the most difficult early entries into The Butterfly Dragon III: The Two Dragons Act III and was not prepared for the disparity between the news and what I'd been writing. 

Losing an icon such as Queen Elizabeth II, despite her age, still leaves one with a feeling of indescribable absence, no matter what you're doing when the news finally reaches you.

As we ascend the numbers of our age, we all inevitably close in upon that one final moment where we draw our final breath. We each see our approach to that time, while also aware that it is a destination on the same journey for those near and far who've affected us with a sense of optimism and the confidence to progress forward.

Queen Elizabeth II's life represents a togetherness that many of us felt, whereupon we journeyed together during that chapter of a much more vast and enduring story that will continue on for generations to come. For those of us who remain, and lived during her time, we'll remember it well and it will be something we all share together. After the last of us are gone, that chapter will be in the telling of tales, as expressed by the generations after us, upon whose shoulders hers' and ours' memories endure.

There have, and will be many great documentaries and news articles covering her life's works and achievements, something I'm not always so well suited to present. So I'd much rather my contribution to her memory be reflected in the sense of sentiment we who've lived during her time feel, when we pay regard to such a remarkable woman. 

Those memories won't suddenly crop up all at once. They'll peek up, one by one over the years. Perhaps triggered by something we see that reminds us, or from the rise of a good memory and the nostalgia that accompanies our warm thoughts and wishes for such a remarkable woman: 

Her Majesty The Queen Elizabeth II.

Finis viae iunctae, nunquam eris una.

[Please note that this post in no way affects that my own love interest is a Mandarin Chinese woman, despite how some regard intercultural relationships of that nature. I stand by my feelings and dedication in that way and will never back down from that stance for any reason, regardless of by whom I am challenged in that matter. Nor should I ever be expected to.

I am not someone that wears the identities of other people in order to identify as someone with their skills or abilities. Just about everything I write about is related to skills or abilities I possess. I am not a member of any ideology whereupon when I stand up for someone, I am sucking their blood or taking their notoriety from them and wearing it as if it originated with my person. I am not a member of any such ideology and never will be.

I am a capable piano player myself and am well versed in music theory. I am a computer programmer  and have been for years as well. I am trained in riding and saddling horses too. I have many other skills and abilities as well that I've developed over my lifetime through formal training, online education or through my own research and practice. Do not ever assume that I am taking anything from the people I speak up for, because I'm not a member of any such ideology that operates that way and never have been. I say what I mean and mean what I say, so my message in relation of the loss of Her Majesty The Queen Elizabeth II is in no way any attempt to take anything from her life and legacy. 

It was my way of remembering her and saying thank you. 

Nothing I've stated here is a lie, nor is it altered in terms of context to mean the opposite of how I truly feel. I'm sincere, without being polar.]