Canadian F-35A Lightning II And 401 Tactical Fighter Group for Strike Fighters 2: Operation Darius

The F-35 Lightning II (left) partnered with the F-16C (right)

As many of you know I'm a fan of many things, but aviation is high on my list. Especially jet fighter technology. I love old school flight sims such as Flying Circus (a third party DLC available for IL2 Sturmovik) and more modern sims like DCS. As such, I'm a fan of flight simulators and anything with an aerospace twist to it, when I'm not playing strategy games such as the Total War series, or occasionally Ark: Evolved and Conan: Exiles.

My Conan Exiles character Ai Tien and the "Sanctum-like" base that she built (honestly, she did it).

Being Canadian, I crafted this mod for the military flight simulator/flight trainer Strike Fighters 2. It requires both Strike Fighters 2 by Thirdwire (an excellent flight sim along the lines of the old Microprose classic flight simulators), and a working installation of the Operation Darius mod to use. 

It allows you to fly the F-35A Lightning II when running Single Combat Missions or Campaign Missions as the Canadian Forces. It also includes the proper Canadian textures for the F-35A utilizing the Canadian 401 Tactical Fighter Group insignia.

For more details read the post at Combat Ace and download the file there, or from my site directly below:

Canadian F-35A Lightning II And 401 Tactical Fighter Group for Strike Fighters 2: Operation Darius Download here.

Other Updates

The Butterfly Dragon III is coming along nicely so far, and I'm managing to press out chapter after chapter in the epic end tale to the Butterfly Dragon series, giving my characters an attention to detail and a level of intelligence on par with interesting and engrossing characters. The story line is a complex one initially, but over the next few chapters it should become clear how everything is interconnected.

Updates to A Lady's Prerogative are a long ways off, but they'll come soon enough and maybe, just maybe, there might be a short story soon. Maybe one celebrating the summer solstice? Its hard jumping between the two story lines and I'd like to keep the scientific authenticity and feel of the Butterfly Dragon without getting magic involved in this last three part book. An A Lady's Prerogative short story seems to be the best solution to give fans of A Lady's Prerogative something to hold them over.

The latest chapter to Butterfly Dragon III: The Two Dragons Act II involves Inspector Camden (Tricia), Detective Farnham and Inspector Halmand going over their case in a morning strategy session before they continue their effort to uncover what caused Ronald Forseth to become radicalized. I updated this chapter today, so if you read it yesterday, it has some significant changes already published. I urge you to read it again. You'll probably like it.

Bye for now!