Happy Eclipse!

Courtesy of Wikimedia
At around 9:30 PM tonight, the Sun's shadow crossed the path of the Moon giving us a Lunar Eclipse. I didn't see the eclipse myself by my own eyes here in Toronto, but I did watch it on video (thank you Adler Video) afterwards and it was spectacular.

Its incredible to think just how this phenomenon affected many lives lives over thousands of years of human history considering that we've only had a modern explanation for this phenomenon for the last four  hundred years, possibly less. 

Before that, it was mostly superstition that reigned in terms of how eclipses were interpreted. How many lives were saved or lost upon the appearance of an eclipse over time? How many famines both prevented and caused simply because of how they were interpreted affected crop rotation? How many wars were started and terminated with the emergence of an eclipse? Its amazing that we can look upon them now, possibly unimpressed, seeing them as a momentary spectacle, because in history, they were interpreted as being the harbingers of life and death. The same thing would apply to us if not for our advances in science, and our gradually diminishing the shroud of ignorance.

Unfortunately, some nasty people in my community and in other places it seems had plans to the effect that they'd steal my character Eclipse (Monique Defleur from The Butterfly Dragon), if I didn't see the eclipse with my own eyes myself and then force me onto the red brown or the blue brown team, in terms of how their abusive cult operate according to colour symbolism. They literally spent the last three days harassing me around the clock, but I didn't think that this was the end goal, but apparently that's what it was. All I can say is how shallow that such people are.

One thing I can tell you is that I don't operate according to colour symbolism, especially any method that is utilized to steal a person's identity and replace it with someone else's.

So, I'm probably not going to work on A Lady's Prerogative any time soon, and will instead stick with Butterfly Dragon for the next few months. After that, I'll work on a project I've been playing with for a bit in terms of story development. For the time being, Singularity is on hold. 

Who knows, maybe it was a religious cult opposed to people writing fantasy books involving Witch Craft, or just a cult that uses colour symbolism to steal other people's efforts. Regardless, I'm going to be changing the direction a little bit.

I did get a chance to play Red Dead Redemption 2 this weekend which is always fun and even gave my female character a makeover...

Butterfly Dragon Of The Wild West

I will have another release here fairly soon. Until then, thank you for reading my work here on Shhhh! Digital Media, and thank you for being civil.