Don't Worry - The Butterfly Dragon Is Still With Me...

Hi. Brian Joseph Johns here again.

The last week has been rather hectic as a result of the same abusive and harassing cult, though I also went a little over the top in my reaction to their abuse, though fortunately I managed to keep my reaction within the context of the law and human rights, while their effort focuses on violating a person's right to life on the grounds of replacing their identity with someone else's against their wishes.

Also, they are creating the illusion that certain aspects of the stories and books I've created here are abandoning me and teaming up with others, which couldn't be further from the truth. This is the method by which this cult attempts to take from other people, while denying the person from whom they're taking, their own consciousness and identity. And this takes place via a LOT of verbal harassment and abuse from many people over the spans off weeks at a time. The way the public sees it, is generally in terms of the target's reaction to the abuse, but they never examine the actions of the abusers or even take that into account. In fact, its never even acknowledged, so in essence, its a very one sided battle.

Regardless, I just felt that I should let you know that The Butterfly Dragon (she's Chinese by the way) and Tales From The Sanctum: A Lady's Prerogative are both very much at home here at Shhhh! Digital Media, and neither will be abandoning me at any time at all, despite the illusions that other people might try to create to the contrary.

Sure, I'm busy writing the latest We Who Stand On Guard story, but that doesn't mean that Butterfly Dragon or Tales Of The Sanctum disappear or even abandon me. My other story plots wait patiently as I work on other story franchises, and its the same case with Butterfly and Tales when I'm working on other stories away from their circle.

Much the same, I am still the same person. I am not possessed or being remotely controlled by someone else's displaced consciousness, whether by the malice of their distinct effort or by the accident of such a displaced spirit seeking their own independent ends. People are complex, and we have complex minds. 

Moods are not separate personalities at all. They are a combination of psychological factors related to ambitions, goals, worries and stresses that compete for audience with the mind's eye so to speak, so their urgency is often in competition with other aspects of one's attention. Add to that the fact that our body produces hormones that affect the clear functioning of our ability to rationalize and reason, sometimes to the point of calm and at others to the point of anxiety and hysteria. 

Consider that the harassment cult are a large group of people who've learned to coordinate efforts towards exploiting these aspects of a person's psychology and physiology, for the benefit of their harassment cult and the detriment of their target. To the outside world, it is sold much differently that what is actually going on, in order to cover up the harassment cult's activities and to keep it protected as a secretive (collective) power within society. If you've never experienced this or the detrimental aspects of it, you'll have no context or awareness of it and would likely regard those who are subject to it with skepticism and quickly write it off as mental illness or something of that nature.

These are people that treat their target as if they don't have their own mind, but are just a hollow puppet that they can jump into and occupy, like car jacking a car and going for a joy ride. None of that is actually occurring, its just the bling and ego food that this cult uses as a means of demeaning and humiliating their target. Its dehumanizing and its an illusion. An excuse to subject the target to further efforts to "clear" them of any said possession or inhabitation by disimbodied spirits, when in fact its all the result of using social stress and manipulating a person's hormones to keep that illusion in place. Its also all a part of this battle of colour symbolism, and quite often an attack on the colour symbolism of (Southeast) Asian cultures, or tricking others like me into doing the attacking myself.

Regardless, I still have my own mind and have never lost it at any point. I sometimes have a bit of difficulty navigating the illusion this cult creates to keep their ploy in place, however that isn't a proof that I am not myself. If anything, the fact that I stand against it any time they make such an attempt is proof that I am myself. If I was someone else, then I'd be fighting in the other direction and to the benefit of this cult, wouldn't I?

Consider the fact as well that the harassment cult want their targets to make efforts to distinguish themselves from others, which actually seems to divide people rather than unite people. So in this sense, its a manipulation where they are trying to cast the target as the bad side - a divider of people, the side that the public should avoid because they divide people, while the cult will shortly thereafter present someone else who unites people (but never undergoes the sort of abuse this cult dishes out). They're kicking down an... influencer or a pseudo public figure and using the dichotomy to juxtapose their own influencer or public figure to prop them up above. Rhetorically speaking - the way they see it is: the one we're kicking down is bad, the one we're promoting is good. However what they don't tell you is that the unflattering reaction of the "bad" one is the result of being abused in the first place, and that is something they started themselves, as I never went to them and started attacking them. They came to me first. They continue to come to me to do this, and I have never once sought them out to do the same.

The last issue I'll expose about the harassment cult are some of the means by which they keep it hidden. The first method they use is identity swapping of the target with that of someone who is usually a member of their cult, or someone else in a situation where they too have grievances, but against something else. The harassment cult wants to make everything the target says sound like they're experiencing someone else's grief, it once again like they're being remotely controlled by someone else who is suffering a situation of their own unrelated to harassment or similar to it. In that way, most people would write off the target revealing this activity, and basically claim they're experiencing someone else's legitimate suffering and complaining about it as if it were their own.

The second method by which the harassment cult obscures or hides their activity, is by associating it with news stories that have a similar edge to it. That is, that involve some kind of suffering or tragedy on the part of a victim, who the harassment target is simply complaining about the news story or once again, mistaking someone else's circumstances for their own and complaining about it. Once again, it is a form of identity denial, because the target is being denied their own identity and existence and the legitimacy of their own experiences. Treated as if they don't exist and instead are experiencing someone else's real pain and suffering.

Another method I'll explain today involves racializing the target. That is, utilizing specific members of a community for their racial identity to attack the target, so as to provoke animosity from the target systematically, ramping it up more and more over time. Their eventual goal is to trigger rants that end up getting the target labeled as a racist, which actually benefits those who are doing the harassment. Keep in mind that before the harassment started in a large scale, that a number of people intentionally did some very horrible things to me, that are unforgiveable in my eyes and this is part of their systematic approach so that by the time the harassment starts at some point later in the target's life, those issues related to the wrong doing by those people have already grated on them for a while. This compounds with stress of the harassment, and contributes towards the means of radicalization or racialization, either of which will benefit the harassment cult by giving them the means to remain hidden. I've noticed that this cult conducts this sort of activity against people who were typically very worldly for a great deal of time in their life. I hypothesize that this is connected to part of their method for stealing their target's history from them, by creating reactions from them that contradict it.

Another distinct method I'll expose that the harassment cult use to maintain their secrecy is that whenever the target protests the harassment activity, perhaps with a post like this one here, the harassment cult take over the identity of the target from them, so that these statements are attributed to someone else entirely different, and often the harassers themselves are touted as the victims, using this method.

One last method they use is sealing whatever is revealed by containing it to the area it was revealed in. That is, members of the community who are part of the harassment cult will black out anything the target has said, making sure that it doesn't go further than the community, and certainly not beyond. This is coupled with similar efforts online as well, using the same methods to prevent the spread of information exposing them. This is known as a form of hermetically sealing the target and the information they're revealing, though that is not a shot at the Hermetic Order Of The Golden Dawn. Hermetic seal in the context of this revelation refers to preventing information from leaving a confined region.

I've been too busy trying to build my thing here at Shhhh! Digital Media rather than trying to start wars between influencers or online personalities or community stars and rather than trying to steal someone else's efforts.

So, Butterfly Dragon and Tales Of The Sanctum haven't abandoned me at all, nor have they run off to be with Guyanese Bobby, or anyone else for that matter. They're here at Shhhh! Digital Media at 200 Sherbourne Street Suite 701 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada at the location of my home office and the (only) headquarters of Shhhh! Digital Media.

I hope I didn't waste your time, but these issues are not only important to myself, but likely to many, many others as well and when you have something constructive to say about such issues that give legitimacy to it, its kind of a responsibility to speak up because you're speaking up for people who might not be able to do it for themselves. My characters are important to me as are their storylines, and I'm going to protect them.

I'm still very much with my Shhhh! Digital Media colours and won't be changing for the foreseeable future, but that doesn't mean that I'm not an individual or that I don't believe in independence of mind. 

See you soon with some more thought provoking content...