I've Been Busy At Work...

I've been very busy the last couple of weeks working on a project and haven't had time to write, along with the fact that I never reward abuse or harassment. I know that most of my readers don't take part in anything of that nature, but if I don't take measures to address abuse by others, then I'm letting down people who are subject to the same sort of abuse, and as I've stated, I never do hate means love or love means hate.

I spend most every day working (and often quite hard and long hours) on content and material for my business Shhhh! Digital Media and I'd love to continue writing and will at some point in the future.

Here's a quick glimpse of what I'm currently working on, keeping in mind that this is a still from something quite animated...

Hopefully I'll continue the stories by the end of April 2024. Earlier if I'm not subject to harassment or abuse. That's the best that I can do.

See you soon :-)

Oh, and I don't have or use an iPad by the way. I'd love to get a Mac Book though at some point in the future. I did at one time build a hackintosh (x86 based El Capitan OS X) that was pretty slick. I'm just chomping at the bit to find out how a hackintosh runs on Ryzen. I do have an iTunes account with a few movies and some great music, that I've had since 2009/2010, and that I occasionally tune into every now and again... Of course I'm speaking of reality rather than myth. Note the floor of my residence by the way,  which is indicated by my suite number... 701... Hence, my office and residence is on the 7th floor of 200 Sherbourne Street.

If I ever was going to assist someone who needed my modest help, there is an Indigenous fellow in my building of residence who recently lost his housing subsidy, and has been forced to pay full market value rent (which amounts to about $1300). This arose not out of malice towards the person in question, but rather the challenges of bureaucracy. I should add that this is a person who resides on the 6th floor (one floor under mine) who has never been malicious towards my person in the entire time I've lived here (twelve years), and to myself that is of great value, considering the rarity of such an attitude, of course not including the staff of the building who are more professional and motivated towards their vocation. 

I often gripe about mistreatment from some residents, but I'd imagine there are others who face challenges against similar attitudes that sometimes far outweigh those I face against similar people. I'd also regard the fact that having additional challenges such as stigmatic obstacles (mental illness, developmental difficulties etc) could exacerbate similar circumstances, so I'll use my space here to speak up for such a person now. I'd hate to see someone either lose the safey of their residence or the assurance of their ability to provide sustenance for themselves. Anyone who has ever read and understood Mazlo's Hierarchy Of Needs (about which I learned of from a teacher and life mentor), is facing serious challenges in addition to the difficulties afforded them by malicious members of the community. Despite my griping, 9 times out of ten I can deal with them effectively, but there are others whose obstacles are not simply those alone, and I'd hate to see someone who has climbed a cliff to overcome their challenges to suddenly lose the safety and progress of their residence and sustenance.

Perhaps my speaking of such an issue might accelerate this person's solution? Its certainly an opportunity for those willing to try and I feel given dealing with this person on some occasions, that the effort is well deserved.

That's about the best I can do for someone else clearly so close to losing the benefit of the persistence of their struggle, assuming they've been sincere with my person.

Assuming that this person's situation changes for the better, I'm willing to start early on a new episode of The Butterfly Dragon, and add some tweaks to existing Tales Of The Sanctum  material much the same (a story leading up to the marriage of the eon). However, this will not interfere with my current project goals, it will only ensure that people who need a voice are heard. 

However, I'd also like it if those of you who are so inspired by Battlestar Galactica, both TOS (the original series) and the modern series, would put in some effort to ensure that such an awesome duo become the basis for a new forthcoming era of Cylons vs Humans.

This also includes the many University students out there who are struggling against the current trends of inflation. Most of my work here at Shhhh! Digital Media is possible only because there are such inspired and motivated individuals to ignite the flames of any future we see fit to create. These are the people who decades ago created the inspiration of the Butterfly Dragon, not only in myth but in reality. These are the people who will lead us into a brighter future, hopefully ensuring that we all have a voice there within.

Don't abuse me or anyone else again. These words aren't so forthcoming in the face of those who lack discretion with their inner beast and my patience only goes so far.

This content is entirely produced in Toronto, Ontario, Canada at 200 Sherbourne Street Suite 701 under the Shhhh! Digital Media banner.