The Butterfly Dragon II: What Different Eyes See - Epilogue

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Journalists and reporters crowded themselves into several cliques outside of the Seoul City Hall, though the majority of their activity was occurring from within. Inside of the main building and just outside of the Council Chamber a group of reporters were fenced off away from the entrance as participants in the day's event arrived one at a time. They formed a fairly quickly moving line as they were queued inside for a second body search. The first having occurred as they entered the main building.

Security was at an all time high given the nature of events that had occurred within the last month. An attack was conducted upon the Forbidden City in Beijing, China resulting in a number of casualties, though no deaths fortunately. Another incident on the island of Cora Hau at a Future Tangent Industries facility had once again resulted in minor injuries and property damage, but no deaths. The last major incident however involved one of the largest mobilizations of military class equipment for use in a terrorist attack upon the Japanese Imperial Palace by renegade employees of the same Future Tangent Industries and their Private Military subsidiary. 

That incident was stopped by the team work of the Armed Forces of more than twenty countries operating in Japan. It was a convenience that so many had been in training with the Japanese Defense Force at the time of their need. Other law enforcement organizations such as the RCMP, the FBI and China's own PAP (People's Armed Police Force) had been instrumental in dismantling the attacks and conducting raids at several locations within Tokyo, assisting Tokyo's own finest. Remarkably, there were no deaths, but there were over fifty nine serious injuries as a result of the gunfire exchanged between the groups.

Future Tangent Industries being at the center of the whole investigation had cooperated with investigators and yielded information regarding the building of an organized crime empire, using the same blackmail techniques employed by Alomera Zek only years earlier on the Island of Treadwater located west of the Gulf Of Mexico. Though Future Tangent's reputation would be tarnished by these activities, it would be allowed to continue to operate as a business after an internal audit and investigation by the financial securities department of the World Bank, though at a limited capacity. This would continue for a probationary period of three years, with a review and audit occurring every year.

Tynan And Associates would also be investigated and audited, though mostly as a precaution and to appease Future Tangent's lawyers who'd negotiated this when they agreed to a deal. Tynan And Associates agreed to the conditions, reasoning that it could only benefit from such an effort as Helmut Werner had put it. This in turn became free marketing via the news when it was reported throughout the world, with many news affiliates even directly quoting Mr. Werner's statement. Tynan's stock value even jumped perceivably as a result.

Nearly a month had passed as the delegates recuperated from their voyage and the action that had caught them off guard. On this day they arrived together in several vehicles and made their way from the drop off point through the first security check and into the Seoul City Hall main building. They headed directly for the Council Chamber where the meeting would be taking place. As they approached the line, Valerie made her way over to the press area for an official statement.

Valerie Aspen
"Ladies and gentlemen of the press, as many of you already know, I'm Valerie Aspen, acting Manager and Consultant for the Western Delegation. I'm here to answer a few questions and to give you a few announcements as well. So if you'd like to start asking, now's the time," Valerie smiled as she too center stage in the press area.

Alicia, Heylyn, Monique, Zheng, Katya, Victor, Briggs and Bryce followed suit, standing near to Valerie in case they were needed.

"Jeong Chunmin, TV Chosun. Ms. Aspen, how has the recovery of your delegation gone?" asked one of the reporters.

"Thank you for asking Mr. Chunmin. We're all doing very well and have each managed to recuperate, though I'm sure that most of our delegates would tell you that they were ready for action again a few days in. I'm also glad to report that the members of the Eastern Delegation are all healthy and fully recovered as well. This includes the Professor Kong, who was shot by the same round that nearly took the life of our own Walton Norler," Valerie answered the question sincerely.

"Seyo Anyay, TVN Seoul. Ms Aspen, can you explain Mr. Walton Norler's fast recovery given that the nature of his injuries were nearly fatal. Is it true that the SY-349 may have been used for his treatment?" Ms. Anyay asked Valerie.

"Thank you for the question Ms. Anyay. Mr. Norler's recovery was thanks in large part to the state of the art treatment he received in Beijing from a Chinese medical team. Had he not found his way into their care as soon as he did, he wouldn't be with us today. As far as whether the SY-349 was part of his treatment is beyond my knowledge as I'm not a Doctor. I'm a Business Specialist and Analyst so it wouldn't make sense for me to comment on the specific details of his recovery. I think that we can all agree that we're very happy that he's still with us today," the press began clapping in response to Valerie's answer.

"Ms Aspen? Gyong Buo, SBS TV. What can you tell us about George Steadman and has he been apprehended yet?" asked the reporter.

"Thank you for the question, though I can't really answer that. You likely have more information about that subject than I do. We worked closely with the investigators for the first week after our recovery, about twenty days ago. We gave them everything we had that was pertinent to the case and even some stuff that likely wasn't, just to be safe. As far as I know, his whereabouts are still unknown. Next question?" Valerie answered and immediately looked for another one.

"Jackie Osoto, Arirang TV. What are these reports we've heard from witnesses making references to a Butterfly Dragon-lady or other large winged creature? We've had corresponding descriptions from several witnesses. Can you tell us anything?" asked Ms. Osoto.

"You must be from the tabloids..." Valerie said, drawing a round of laughter from the rest of the press.

"No Ms. Aspen, I'm very sincere and I take journalism very seriously," Ms Osoto responded.

"I'm sorry Ms. Osoto, but these reports may have been of a large camera drone, I know there were a few operating in the area, especially for security purposes and likely some by the press. The delegations were a considerable news story, so maybe that's the case? A large bird? I know there are several large sea avians native to this region. It would be neat if the stories are true and in such a case I'd certainly love to see an investigation into this. A flying butterfly woman dragon that solves crimes? What a good role model for women, with the exception of the violence. How about we instead focus on some of the real world role model women in the sciences, medicine, business, leadership and certainly the single mothers at home all over the world struggling to make a living in order to ensure that their children have a chance in this sometimes cruel world? Better yet, why don't each of us focus on making this world a little bit less cruel and a bit easier for those single moms?" Valerie smiled having sincerely pulled a rabbit out of a hat, while distracting from the topic of the question.

"I'll second that..." Alicia stepped in beside Valerie.

Monique Defleur

"Me too!" Monique on her other side.

Valerie waited for the applause to die down before speaking again.

"Look, I'd love to stay and answer all your questions but we're time limited here. I will however give you over to Doctor Alicia Westin, who is ready to make a related announcement. Alicia?" Valerie stepped aside and gave center stage to Alicia.

Alicia Westin
"Hi! Glad to see you all here today and very glad to be here. I know Walton is too. I have an announcement related to this meeting and that is dependent upon the outcome of the vote. Actually these are plans that were in the works and projected to come to fruition in about ten to fifteen years from now. Norler has given me permission to make the announcement and that is if the vote succeeds. Tynan And Associates will be expanding its operations globally. This translates into two new facilities in North and Latin America. A new facility in the European/Mediterranean region and one in Asia. I can't give you the exact locations yet, but I can tell you that we'll be hiring ninety five percent of the workforce for those facilities in the region of their operation. We'll also be hiring entry level right through to professional level positions in the pharmaceutical production and medical research fields. This includes operations that will focus on naturopathy and traditional medicines as well as modern pharmacology. If you live in these regions and are looking for a job, we're looking forward to hearing from you. We'll announce the locations one month after the vote, should it succeed for Tynan And Associates," Alicia smiled for the reporters, their cameras, microphones and flashes as the applause rose and then died down.

"Thank you. I'm going to give you over to Ai Yuanlin Ying, my best friend forever whom you know as Heylyn Yates," Alicia stepped aside as Heylyn stepped up front and center.

"How are you!?" Heylyn asked, bowing for the press who returned her sentiment.

Ai Yuanlin Ying aka Heylyn Yates
"Many of you know that I run my own fashion company, West Meet East International and that we've been operating in Toronto, Ontario, Canada for the last nine years. Actually our birthday celebration is upcoming, a month and a half from now. To celebrate I've decided to announce to you that we're also expanding, once again depending upon the outcome of the vote. We'll be opening a facility in the United States. We'll also be opening one in Latin America, following Tynan's example, and finally one in Asia, and that one is the culmination of my life's dream. To give opportunity to aspiring artists and designers who've got a flair for innovative design and a demonstrated appreciation of the presentation of the human body, in a healthy manner. We'll also be hiring entry level through to artistic professionals with a background in fashion and clothing design. We're definitely looking forward to hearing from you. So all of you students, keep your eyes and ears open. Thank you so much Seoul," Heylyn stepped aside and Valerie took her place.

"We've got to get in there and get this done. Thank you again. Hopefully we'll see you again with some good news," Valerie stepped away from the front and headed to the line with the rest of the delegation.

"Ms Aspen, are these announcements part of a Tynan strategy to ensure the outcome of the vote?" asked one of the reporters.

"We think we've got a pretty good shot at this, but we'd like to have the deck stacked in our favour. Wouldn't you?" Valerie answered, very much the business strategist.

The delegation continued on their way into line and quickly filtered into the chamber.

The council chamber itself appeared as just about any other council chamber might appear the world over, though it had touches of South Korean design that made it stand out. The walls were lined with images, paintings and photography of South Korean history and pertinent moments in its development. One of the most overlooked aspects was the fact that if you looked at the chamber from overhead, you'd see that its circular design had eight tiers in all with three rows. The four corners of the council held tiers that matched the corners of the South Korean flag, though few were aware of this fact.

Seoul had not been the first choice for the vote, and other cities were evaluated long before they settled upon their final decision. The Asian Alliance wanted a city that was distinctly Asian, yet with a modern image and strong economy. Tokyo had initially been one of the front runners, and certainly was prepared to host the meeting. Bangkok and Hanoi too were evaluated for this purpose. When Seoul was suggested, the Alliance vote was unanimous. It seemed to represent a middle ground between the west and the east, yet it retained its heritage as a distinct East Asian city with prominent sites representing its history and tradition. Regardless, the vote would ultimately benefit all the member states of the Asian Alliance, and one way or another, reflect the direction their collective compass pointed them towards.

As the delegates finished with the second security check, they sought the tier in which they'd be seated.

"There we are, over there. Werner and Norler are keeping the seats warm for us," Bryce pointed out to Valerie and the rest of the delegates.

Helmut Werner
Walton Norler
Walton Norler sat beside Helmet Werner, who in turn sat beside several consultants and lawyers, whom for the most part were in a heated discussion regarding the hearing. Behind them sat another row of consultants and lawyers, while behind them sat several of the Tynan And Associates board members who too were in their own discussion. To anyone looking on from a distance, they may have mistaken the scene for the bullpen of a hockey game or the dugout of a sports event, perhaps a baseball game or maybe even football. The tension in the air certainly indicated as much.

Professor Iseul
Nurse Sung Ki
In another tier to their left, in several rows sat the South Korean delegation amidst their political representatives and policy makers. Amongst them, those who authorized their grants, especially those who signed off on their funding. In their midst there was obvious segregation whereas the Doctors, Scientists and Researchers found themselves grouped while the bureaucrats took up their point. Occasionally, Professor Iseul would confer with the bureaucrats, shortly thereafter returning to his seat beside Nurse Sung Ki. They'd joke in the nervous tension between them, but it was Nurse Sung Ki who'd relieve the tension. Norler observed this from a distance away, recognizing her naturally compassionate personage. He winked at her, throwing her a friendly smile and she smiled and blushed back. Professor Iseul observed the interplay and held his thumbs up to Norler. Norler nodded in sincere appreciation.

Advisor Gun Kwan Suk 
On their other side sat the North Korean delegation, including Advisor Gun Kwan Suk amongst advisors, a security detachment both protecting and observing him. The Advisor was used to working under such pressures and often thrived in such situations. He very much intended to look after the needs of his fellow citizens in North Korea, while ensuring that their world position was neither confounded nor compromised by his willingness to accept this Western health solution. He was already under immense pressure given the fact that he'd pushed for the Western delegation's agenda. In fact, he'd spent most of his sway convincing the party reps, those the North Korean leader ultimately had to report to that this was in the best interest of all Eastern people, and that North Korea was an integral part of that population. To avert this acceptance of Western medical assistance was akin to betraying the entire Eastern population just to satiate the anti-Western medicine movement. To satiate any anti-Western political stance that could destroy both their diplomatic and trade interests. After all, North Korean solutions were definitely superior, but they ultimately worked better for all peoples with the cooperation from the world. In the world, for them to be a fountain thereupon, they must open the floodgates to the globe. Their floodgates. Their globe.

Advisor Gun Kwan Suk eyed Norler, perhaps in admiration of his freedom just to be. Norler didn't have to dance between what his company wanted it to be and what the world expected it to be. In fact, Advisor Suk estimated that Norler's intimacy was followed out of his own relaxed virtue. That their flawed system somehow gravitated to charismatic leaders, picked for their muse rather than their astuteness.

Norler eyed Advisor Suk, perhaps feeling the empathy of the tense position that life had thrust upon the Advisor. Born into a regime the world despised and forced to lead it like it was the best, his only audience ever the extreme of either side. Advisor Suk lived a polar life from the start and that with which few could relate. Yet seeing Norler's eyes in the distance, he suddenly realized that he was not so alone as he'd imagined. Norler was nearly as lonely as he, though for reasons far less dissimilar than he'd pretended. They both loved women they secretly feared they'd truly never know and given their dissimilar circumstances, matters of which they could not speak for very different reasons.

Doctor Chandra Bohdi looked on from her vantage point, eyeing the two men, Advisor Suk and Walton Norler.

To be continued...

Brian Joseph Johns