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In The Midst Of Any Rise To Fame, Infamy May Ensue...

One of my parents' favourite sayings is that you have your whole life to create your defining work, the one thing that pushes you over all the initial hurdles and onwards to fame and success (and the hurdles that you'll encounter from there).  That one work you created or of which you were a part is what gets you there. You have your whole life to achieve it up until that point. From there, you only have twenty minutes to achieve your next, and so on and so on... Consider that during the time you're building yourself. Your life and career up to that achievement whatever it may be. Graduation. Your dream career. A successful business. Your marriage. Your first child. Your family. Your directorial debut. Your first book to sell a million. Your first starring role in a major blockbuster motion picture. For everyone its different. Pursuing a life dream means something different to each and every one of us. However, for some, it does put you in the public eye and under scrutiny

Example Gamemaker Content

Here are some examples of the kind of things I'll be publishing on the GAMEMAKER Marketplace:

Example Script:

/// @function sdm_motion_relative_angle_degrees(_sender,_target,_angle,_speed)

/// @param {index} _sender The object being set in motion

/// @param {index} _target The target object for the relative angle

/// @param {real} _angle The angle in degrees

/// @param {real}  _speed The amplitude of motion to add

/// @description Adds 2D motion in a direction relative to another object

/// Brian Joseph Johns - Shhhh! Digital Media

function sdm_motion_relative_angle_degrees(_sender,_target,_angle,_speed){

// determine relative position

ToX = _target.x-_sender.x;

ToY = _target.y-_sender.y;

// for our rotation of ToX and ToY

cs = cos(degtorad(-90));

sn = sin(degtorad(-90));

// rotate vector by angle

ax = ToX * cs - ToY * sn;

ay = ToX * sn + ToY * cs;

// normalize the resulting vector

templen = sqrt(sqr(ax)+sqr(ay));

ax /= templen;

ay /= templen;



Here's a quick and very basic demo of something I did recently using Gamemaker 2. 

Shhhh! Digital Media Example Demo

Most of my Marketplace content will be utilitarian in nature. I'll charge for some things and share others freely, and attempt to strike a fair balance between the two.

Brian Joseph Johns

Shhhh! Digital Media (the email through which I purchased Gamemaker) (Official Shhhh! Digital Media email)