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More Great Stuff Hidden In Canada...

Non-fiction by Brian Joseph Johns
First of all, let me get this out. I don't play guitar. I am not Italian, Sicilian or Irish. I am not a member of Roman Catholicism or any other form of Christianity whatsoever. I am not a Mormon nor a member of the Fundamentalist Latter Day Saints. I am not Muslim. I am not a Gnostic. I am not a Hell's Angel. I am not a Black Panther. I am not a member of Bloods or Crips (do they even have that stuff in Canada?) I am not a Gun or a Rose, nor do I expect anyone to be my Rose. I am not Scottish. I mean no disrespect to any of those religions or cultures. I am Welsh, French, Spanish and Cree though I am not a blood centric person. For instance, if I found opposition from any of those cultures that my love interest is Mandarin Chinese, I'd cut them off of my heritage in the blink of an eye. I don't appreciate racism or xenophobia. Oh yeah, hate doesn't mean love and love doesn't mean hate. I believe in gravity and the direction of the flow of time. After all, cause comes before effect and not after. Also I am not a pedophile though that doesn't mean that people who are in relationships with spouses that are considerably younger (or older depending upon your point of view) are cradle robbers. I should know because I've dated older Women a few times in my life and have always thoroughly enjoyed it. I don't know how well that would work with me being 51 years old now but probably pretty good seeing as my love interest is a timeless beauty.

Canada is great. We have a cutting edge social system which almost prevented me from falling through the cracks when I left a production allegedly funded by the proceeds of the 1976 Lufthansa Heist who setup shop in the west end of Toronto in 2000/2001. I mean, one of the producers was an executive producer of the 1969 movie The Hell's Angels though that shouldn't necessarily mean that any wrong doing was afoot, though I don't know as I'm not a member of the Hell's Angels and never have been. Nor am I involved in any other organization that has ties to organized crime of which I am aware, except perhaps the Canadian Government or the union infrastructure. Ouch! Cliché can sting so very well.

So I almost didn't become homeless for 8 years which is pretty good. As Meatloaf said: "two out of three ain't bad". I almost didn't have my identity stolen from me. I almost didn't end up being socially erased while another group of people stole my history. I almost didn't get labeled as a pimp and crack dealer in place of real pimps and crack dealers. Yes, substitution is quite a booming business in Canada's organized crime scene. Law Enforcement's Motto: You do the crime, you do the time. Organized crime's motto: You do the crime, someone else does the time. A dupe. A sucker. A pushover. A substitute.

Fortunately thanks to Canada's system, I didn't get wrongly charged with someone else's crimes but keeping yourself clear of the legal system is only half the battle when you're used as a substitute. There's the issue of your reputation and life history, which for the most part when you are used that way by a cult or criminal gang, is replaced by that of the person for whom you're a substitute. So Canada's system actually worked fairly good in that regard except for the part of reputation and life history, because unfortunately many of the perpetrators in organized crime who turn people into substitutes work for the system or one of its branches. So if you become a victim of crime by being used as a substitute, you'll likely become a victim of those people as well. Many of them are the same people who believe themselves or their organized crime cult friends to be mind controlling or possessing others. They've actually got it pretty good too. Make a decent wage fucking their clients over and helping organized crime to literally erase people or to steal the content of their lives? Protected by a union too! Life has certainly been good to assholes like that. That's the corruption that doesn't show up in studies like this one and if you're a victim of it, you're pretty much screwed because no Ombudsman will show up to correct the situation.

Actually the way things are organized in the system, especially the housing system is that such organized crime targets typically one of a few different people upon whom they're going to unload the city or the national burden, in order to use that person as a "gun" against people from other countries. So the most bad they pile onto such a substitute, the more ammunition they'll have to shoot other people. When they target someone for this purpose, they typically take all of the good of that person's life from them and give it to the credit of other people's lives. In essence this is a form of cannibalism in Canada.

So far we've got cannibalism, spirit possession and mind control in Canada by cults who believe they can do these things to their victims. L. Ron Hubbard would have a field day in Canada if he was looking for some inspiration to start a new religion, far surpassing the whole Xenu story by light years. By the way, the school R.H. King is not named after Ron Hubbard with all due respect and ironically there is no record on-line that I've been able to find that indicates whose namesake it bares. I never went to R.H. King so I guess I'm excused for not knowing. Back to my gripe at hand.

Cannibalism is more a metaphor for the fact that there are many ideologies and religions in Canadian society that actually eat the content of other people's lives and wear that content as if it came from their own life. Meanwhile the same people who consumed their victim's life often dump the bad stuff from their life onto the victim and the victim is forced to carry the weight of that burden in their place. In fact, there's some cults that believe that this is how you should have to pay for other people's blood. Kind of like sponsorship. If you pay for someone else's blood, you're considered to be alive but only so long as you carry the weight or burden of other people. Like a pyramid scheme where the person at the top of the pyramid carries nothing while those four people on the level beneath him/her carry their burden. The nine people in the layer beneath them carry their weight and so on. That is unless you turn the pyramid upside down then the poor nave at the top suddenly has to carry the entirety of the weight themself. This is a good sign that you shouldn't get into a pyramid scheme but insofar as organized crime in Canada goes when it grabs a substitute usually there is no choice in the matter. The victim is just taken and slowly loaded up with crap and then abused for that crap as if they were responsible for it themself.

This activity actually farms people for this purpose early on in life, knowing full well that at some point their victim will literally be erased from existence to fuel the lives of those who consumed them though maybe it is a Scientology thing or Jehovah's Witness thing? That still wouldn't explain why I'm subject to it as I'm not a member of either religion. As a matter of fact I'm a Buddhist and a Taoist, though I do use cannabis, legally as I buy from the Ontario Cannabis Store. And no, I am never under the influence of cannabis or alcohol when I write a gripe or a long winded post protesting the activities of the abusive cult here nor am I under the influence of substance withdrawal. I don't depend on any substance except food and water.

This of course is the same cult that thinks that they mind control other people as well via what they call "blood" or biomagnetism. The most that they actually do is possibly trigger anxiety or depression in their victims. That's about it. They use their influence upon others of those two extremes of emotions to trick other people into believing that they are mind controlling their victim. Its all smoke and mirrors by the way and usually the people who believe it aren't exactly the brightest. In fact, if you happen to be selling florida everglades real estate, I'd suggest that you start with those people as your first potential buyers. If you do sell them on it, I'd like a cut of the profit.

So when you're homeless and at the mercy of the system, you generally don't have much a choice where you live. You live in a shelter or you live on the street and that's that. From that point unless you work, you have to wait for the opportunity for housing that is typically chosen for you though you get to choose from three pre-made selections. If you're working while homeless as I was, you can afford a place like a room or convince a friend to let you sleep on their couch, giving them money for it or whatever the arrangement is. If you do get housing after being homeless as a result of a startup from social assistance which gives you the money you'll need to pay first and last rent and buy some groceries and furniture, don't cut off your social assistance if you have work. The reason being that said cult will once they've found out that you're working will do everything to get you fired and have you lose your job. I know this from personal experience. The cult even stole my banking information upon me opening a new bank account. I actually got housing when I became homeless within the first year. I immediately began working full-time/part-time only to have my hours reduced and eventually cut off. Because I had told Social Services that I didn't need assistance, I had no money and no safety net and become homeless again within six months of being housed. This organized criminal cult targets you to ensure that you remain homeless and that's precisely what they did to me. So I had a home for about 6 months and then thanks to this cult, I had no work.

Once I became homeless again, I began working for a temp agency as I had prior (Labour Link). So I always kept working and busy while I was homeless. The organized crime cult didn't stop me from working at that point because I was already homeless. What they were up to was to cycle me through the system and have my housing selected for me so that they could put me close to their cult members after having dumped someone else's garbage onto me related to pimping and crack cocaine dealing despite the fact that I've had no involvement in either thing.

So once again I began working, and a slimeball who owned 85 River Street hired me through Labour Link so that he could dump all of the garbage from his and a few of his friends involvement or close association with some of the local gang activity onto myself, perhaps pretending to be a sponsor for Gnosticism or something of that nature which I would definitely never join. Gnosticism is actually what Nazism sprang from by the way and I'm certainly not a Nazi. So regardless in the midst of that mess, I ended up with the garbage of many people involved in crack cocaine and a few who actually were pimps. I had to struggle through the homeless system with that burden despite having no involvement in anything of that nature. I was used as a substitute by such scumbags whom I believe were covering for someone else named Eugene Francois, who worked driving Women for an escort company a few years prior and who had taken it upon himself to hire some of the escorts as his own prostitutes and to work in his adult films. He had rented office space in the same place that a company I'd worked for was situated and in fact he'd been long time friends with my employer. Also he's a member of Prince Hall or better put, the purple team. The escort company he drove for was actually owned by some rich Arabs from what I understood. It became a little bit significant in 2001 for obvious reasons and I had and have nothing to do with it. Perhaps I was being used as a substitute? After all, people from that point on regarded me as being a guitar player when in fact I am a piano player. Eugene is a guitar player. We both were in a relationship at different points with the same blond haired Woman, who was much more solid and sensible than either of us and of course involved in nothing of the likes of which Eugene was involved. So in 2007 I was lambasted and loaded up with the reputation of being a pimp and a crack cocaine dealer, likely by those protecting Eugene which could have been the Hell's Angels and a few other organizations with questionable ties. So from that point I remained homeless when in fact I was supposed to receive housing. Instead I became labeled a pimp and remained homeless for an additional 5 years.

By the time my housing did roll around, it was as I had mentioned. It was selected for me though I had a choice of three places. The first place was vetoed by my housing worker for reasons that I cannot remember. The second place was apartment 701 in 200 Sherbourne Street which once I'd seen I'd chosen as my home. It is a very modest bachelor pad but I can cook and sleep and that's good for me. The neighbour I met when I came to see the apartment is a different person than who was living next to me when I moved in. In other words, the neighbour moved out midway through the month and was replaced by another neighbour who is actually one of my worst harassers and had been from the beginning. A 350 lbs male named Marty Shea. I have many harassers in the building though it started with apartment 702 and apartment 605 who still to this day are amongst the worst harassers.

The system works in favour of the harassers. In order to complain about harassment, I need a security guard to act as witness and any time I've had that opportunity the harassers usually just quiet down. They do however attempt to rile me up and then to get a security guard if I overreact to their harassment. So they're trying to turn the tables on me in that regard and quite often try to imply themselves as the victims and me as the perpetrator. In fact, I've even in some very rare cases been harassed by the security guard or workers in the building in addition to the clients. So there's corruption for certain and me getting a witness to harassment is definitely not going to happen. There's a greater chance that they'll actually force me out which brings me to another situation.

Whenever I go out into the community, I'm often harassed by others in the community. If I go to a volunteer position as I have in the past, I am harassed on the way there and sometimes at the volunteer position. In fact my neighbours are harassing me as I write this now, calling me "Doug Cane" or "Chuck Cane", essentially trying to swap my identity with that of someone else. I've worked as well for a landscaping company too, and was harassed there, though not by the workers themselves. I think that the employer was harassed too for letting me work there and encouraged to hire someone else by the organized crime of which I've spoken. So finding a job like everyone else in the country has the right to is not an option for myself. I'm literally fighting to keep my housing every day and to keep my social assistance too against this corruption and organized crime which has yet to be investigated by the Police and is actually sometimes a laughing matter for them. In fact, some of the people on my floor seem to be protected by them or the Hell's Angels. I didn't go looking for these problems myself by the way. I was peaceful and they came to me and started this conflict which I intend to end hopefully with a formal investigation by the RCMP or an oversight committee brought in by the Government. Preferably one that isn't so corrupt.

So without the option to work for a living like everyone else, I have to justify receiving social assistance. Even if I go through one of their training and placement programs I'd likely be harassed and out of a job within a month of the placement and I'd be back to square one. So with that eventually in mind I applied for ODSP and am using the nature of my neighbours harassment as the symptoms of my fictitious mental illness,  though I'll be the first person to admit that I have nothing wrong with me. I'm physically healthy and somewhat fit for my age. I just lost my freedom to a cult in Regent Park that seems to have spread to Toronto and probably most of Canada. So when the rest of my application goes through for ODSP, I have to lie to them and indicate that I'm mentally ill when I'm not, which is dangerous because that could result in me defrauding the system, something that I don't want to do. I mean I vote, I file taxes. Why the hell would I want to go and lie to my Government about such a thing as social support?

I have a computer, and no, I don't smoke pot all day and play video games. I do love gaming but that is something I don't do. I actually try to accomplish something meaningful each day and when I was geared towards turning Shhhh! Digital into a possible income stream, I would work on Shhhh! Digital, either writing books, articles or software. Now that I'm pretty certain that this cult thanks to their constant abuse has ruined Shhhh! Digital, I am giving up on it and looking for other solutions. Keep in mind that the people who harass me don't have to answer to anyone and I believe they were specifically placed here next to me on purpose and that they're members of this cult, or a criminal gang for whom they're working because this harassment literally goes around the clock. In addition, someone named Karen who'd moved into the building about two months after I did was labeled as being my girlfriend when in fact I don't know her and have never known her. I've never hung out with her and in fact have no social life with anyone in the building never mind a romantic life. I haven't had any sort of sexual interaction for 8 and a half years, though if I did, I would be with someone who is named Helen and who is Mandarin Chinese. I'm Caucasian by the way. That's another aspect about this cult. They're racists against mixing culture that violates the rules of their religion or ideology. They most often want everyone to think that I'm a member of a "blue" or "blue brown" ideology in terms of colour symbolism which I am not. Besides that's illegal in Canada as the Charter Of Rights And Freedoms and Human Rights Act states. This cult and organized crime sorts people out by the symbolism of colour. They don't want me on the red side of the fence but rather the blue brown side of the fence and often attempt to swap my identity with people who are Italian, Irish, Jamaican or Tanzanian despite the fact that I am not a member of those cultures. In addition, they try to put the responsibilities for the impregnation of Women with whom I've never slept. In fact, I've never fathered a child in my life. I've had people try to put the burden for their fathering a child onto myself, but I've never fathered a child myself.

So in the new year, I've got to go and justify receiving ODSP when I'm completely capable of work myself. The problem is that there's a vicious organized criminal gang in Canada who stalks and prevents certain people from having their rights. Maybe its Scientology? They're documented as having done things like that to people before. There's other possibilities as well and lots of evidence but apparently all that Canada wants to do is to sweep it under the carpet and to give the credit for anything good I've accomplished to other people while trying to dump their bad onto me. So the abuse is about trying to make me negative minded in the first place and they always start this conflict. There's even people outside right now harassing me from the streets up to my apartment. That's how bad it gets. Meanwhile I haven't done anything to be worthy of such harassment. Not to mention, that the harassment often comes from African and Jamaican people. Here's the irony in that fact. I'm not on the blue team by the way. Blue to this cult means "lie". It means that what you're saying if you're on the blue team is complete and utter shit. Its a lie. I'm not on the blue team at all and never will be.

Twice in my life I've scolded friends of mine for using the word nigger in a statement, because I was thinking about my other friends (Miles Hutcherson, Joel Farinha) both of whom are of African descended. After my experiences being homeless for 8 years and being stalked for almost 27 years, I've been quite often harassed and stalked by people who are African, Jamaican or Caribbean and abused for years by some. I even defended my friend Miles from attack, when several other men wanted to beat him up and implored me to tell them where he was. This was when I was 18 years old and a group of thugs surrounded me because they wanted to hurt Miles because he was African and dressed like a Punk Rocker or Goth (I was a Goth). So these guys wanted to beat up Miles because they thought he was white wash. They punched me and kicked me a few times, trying to get me to tell them and I didn't. I've always been like that with my friends. Very protective. That includes my friends who are members of the LGBTQ community as well.

So as a result of being stalked by members of those cultures, I've decided that I will never again defend members of those cultures again. EVER, because they abused someone for years that defended them against other racists. They have no honour and aren't worth any expenditure or concern because that's precisely how they treated someone who defended them against violence and racism. Not to mention that in order not to get caught on this, they're implying that I am someone else. Swapping my identity in order to get away with it. So never again and I mean that. My Facebook and twitter accounts are filled with petitions and activist actions fighting for the rights of other people and these people did this to me? No more. Not to mention their racist behavior and attitude towards my love interest being Mandarin Chinese. They've actually many times attempted to force me to be with someone who is African, Jamaican or Caribbean so as to preserve the rules of their cult and organized crime about proper cultural mixing of blood. So they're the racists. By abusing me in such a way, they've shown me their true colours. I've been stalked and harassed by people of many different cultures though in my life so its not just resigned to a few cultures. It just so happens that much of the time where I am now, I'm stalked and harassed by groups who represent Brown skinned racists and Caucasian racists both of whom are equally repulsive. I can forgive and forget in most cases, but being harassed and stalked for 27 years and then having a group of people try to steal my identity so they can claim it was them who were stalked and harassed? No. That's absolutely not forgivable or forgettable. Not to mention that when confronted with racism by members of my culture, I've stood them down. When I'm the victim of the same thing from another culture, nobody stands them down. Unforgivable.

I'm not Shane by the way. I am Brian Joseph Johns. I have to clarify who I am every once in a while because the abusive cult members suddenly get it in their mind that I'm someone else other than myself and they try to convince others of that fact. Even those who might read this post.

I won't be going anywhere for Christmas this year. Too much abuse that I won't be celebrating it. I also know that this cult does this to people around Christmas time in order to cool things down a bit. So they sacrifice someone whom they abuse and beat up in order to keep things cool. It used to happen in the shelter all the time. Kind of like gang colours I guess where a bunch of idiots and complete morons and goofs get the idea that they're going to get warm and in order to do so, they need to ensure that someone becomes cold in order to counter balance things enough so as not to throw their colours based ideology off kilter. They're against too much red for whatever reason. I guess they don't like Women's lips, which is one of my favourite parts of a Woman's body.

So regardless there's a fair bit of corruption here which needs tending.

I'm not a member of Prince Hall by the way and never will be as it too is far too racist for my liking believe it or not. They've got rules too that are governed by the symbolism of colour. Red and blue mixed, which to Prince Hall often means that love and hate are the same thing rather than its alright to mix blood in a relationship. In fact, they're the most racist against my relationship with a Mandarin Chinese lady named Helen because I'm Caucasian. As I've said, I'd ditch every one of my cultural heritages if I thought it would be an obstacle to being in a relationship with said Mandarin Chinese lady. I'm also not a Freemason or a Rosicrucian by the way. I'm not Roman Catholic and I'm not a member of the Salvation Army and never will be. I'm not a member of any form of Christianity at all and I'm not a Muslim. I'm not a member of any ideology that would require me to pay for the blood of other people because I don't want it. Likewise I'd cut my French blood off in heartbeat if it was an obstacle in the least to being with someone Chinese as many racist groups would make it. Likewise any blood that is a part of my heritage. Gone in a second without even a moments second thought about it.

It seems that these spirits that this cult think that I become possessed by are referred to as Thetans (according to Scientology). I'm not a Scientologist and I don't believe in it at all. Ironically as a programmer, I've dealt with the term theta, which is a Greek term used often in mathematics involving angles or it can also mean the smallest distinguishable floating point number represented by a particular data type (either 32-bit or 64-bit floats, often referred to in C++ as float and double or single and double in Object Pascal). Also I'm not a guitar player and never really was.

One last thing. I think that the membership of this cult harasses me because they want me to appear selfish, because that's what they really are. They don't lift a finger for anyone else but themselves. So by abusing me all they're hoping that by these posts, I appear selfish. They also believe that by their abuse they're infusing me with their "blood" and that they are controlling me. I'm dead serious. That's literally how they think. That's my neighbours and the nature of their abuse.

By the way, I don't believe in any version of the Bible or any Western religion for that matter and I don't play guitar. As I've said, I'm a Buddhist and Taoist and have been since 2007. Furthermore, I'm not a pirate and never really was. I think that I really was just used as a substitute because the amount of abuse I've received is far out of proportion to anything I've done wrong. There are some people who believe in social punishments such as stalking and abuse to pay for religious sins or things of that nature. I'm certainly not a member of any such ideology and as a matter of fact, I don't even believe in god or the devil. They're anthropomorphic human concoctions and beyond that icons used to delineate our team membership in society outside of civic order and the rule of law. Besides that, they're personal in rather than social just as anyone's religion or religious practice should be. Your spiritual growth and enlightenment isn't anyone else's problem but your own.

Some people believe that by being constantly hateful to someone that they can infuse that person with their blood and actually control them. In fact, there are racist and hate groups that do just that. Their abuse of others is their attempt to influence the behavior of their victim(s). They abuse for a time and then stand back and watch for any changes in their victim's behavior, and use those as indications that they are controlling or possessing their victim.

I am not a member of any ideology that operates around love/hate or blood/fire at all. I don't believe in jesus christ at all. I don't mind control people or even attempt to mind control people at all and never have. Wayne Buttery is NOT my father. I am not a member of whatever religion he's a part and I'm not a part of anything that he is, with all due respect. I'm not a member of prince hall either and never will be. Too racist for my liking, just like its flip side. I'm not a Mormon and never have been. I'm not a Jehovah's Witness and never have been. I'm not Roman Catholic. I'm not Irish and I'm not on the blue brown team, though I don't form my opinion of others based upon colour.

I think that this cult abuses people like me to ruin our lives and destroy any possibility of a career. I'm 51 years old and this is still going on. Unbelievable. I'm not a freemason and I'm not a rosicrucian. I'm not a gnostic either (gnosticism is the origins or Nazism by the way, just so you know).

Brian Joseph Johns

200 Sherbourne Street #701
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
M5A 3Z5



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Love Hate Blood Ideology: Abusive And Dangerous Teams


If you want to really know the quality of character of a person, watch how they treat you when you're not a part of their team.

When it comes to "teams", ie grouping members of society under a particular banner, everyone wants everyone else to be under the impression that they're on the "best" team whatever that team may be.

A team might be a religion or of a religious nature (Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, Salvation Army, Scientology, Jehovah's Witnesses etc). A team might be a lifestyle (420, Veganism or Vegetarianism for instance). It could reflect aspects of your physical being such as physical gender (Women's club, Men's club, Children's club) or it might reflect aspects of the defense of your rights (LGBTQ community for instance).

Love And Hate

The one thing above all else that determines the quality of your individuality and character is how you treat others when they're not a part of your team.

Everyone wants others to think their team is the happiest, the most successful. The most generous and charitable. The most fair.

In order to achieve that impression one must distinguish between being on a team and not being on a team in addition to being on the team of the competition.

For instance if you want others to join your team, you give them the impression that its the best. Its members are happy. They're kind. They're smart. They're considerate. Those qualities will draw other people because other people want to feel that way too.

In order for people to have that impression of your team, they must have an example of what it is not to be happy. Not to be kind. Not to be smart. Not to be charitable. Not to be generous. Most often such a team wants others to be under the impression that is the state of being in a competing team rather than their own. Enter abusive love and hate.

The whole idea with this is that you're going to treat people who are on competing teams with hate and negative emotions, while you treat only members of your own team with love and positive emotions. That way given enough time, the competing team's members will appear miserable and unhappy with being mistreated all of the time, making your team all the more attractive for new members to join.

Now take that idea and apply it to the life of someone who is not a member of your team. You obviously want them to think that life will improve for them if they join your team. You want them to believe that your team is the missing link in their life. The answers for which they've been searching their whole lives. Of course if someone is going to feel that way about your team, in order to feel that way they must feel that their own lives without your team are inadequate. Without meaning. Miserable.

So for people whom are not a member of your team, you might start to treat them abusively. Not all out abuse, but perhaps having one person from a group of many of your team members provide a little bit of the abuse. Each team member them does the same thing. A tiny bit of abuse to people who aren't a member of your team and given enough time, this will accumulate within their person.

If you go a step further and break those people away from every other person they've had in life, this process will likely go much better. You'll be able to break down their psyche, independence and confidence and slowly integrate dependency within their life. That is, in order to feel happy they need or they feel that they need help from an outside source.

This is the idea behind aggressive conversion as much as it is the idea behind gas lighting. Breaking a victim down to the point that they can no longer be dependent upon themselves for their emotional happiness and confidence and in some cases to make them question their own sanity. Even these long winded posts that I make are fueled by that sort of treatment by my own neighbours and others in my community who are members of such a team, though I do this more so as a warning to others who might end up victims of such people themselves.

Colours And Polarity Reversal

Further, people divide themselves up into teams using colours for symbolism often applying some form of meaning to colour that separates them from other teams that use different colours for their symbolism.

For instance, a team which utilizes the colour blue might use the colour blue to indicate that everything they say means the contextual opposite. That is they might claim that love means hate and that hate means love.

They might compete with another team, lets say the red team who defines love as meaning love and hate as meaning hate. So which ever team has the most of what they regard as being a positive emotion by the end of the day might be considered to have won. So if the blue team has been more hateful than the red team has been loving, then the blue team "wins", and everyone in society might go along with the proposed idea that hate means love for the day. I myself am sorely against such a social game of this nature but many others aren't so I felt it best to make sure that everyone knew about this by revealing it.

Inaccuracy Of The Kybalion: Polarity Is Not Grammatically Symmetrical

This assumes of course that love and hate are interchangeable in that regard ie that love and hate are the same. The concept of polarity in Hermeticism delineates that all things of a dual nature are in fact the same thing. That is, positive and negative are mirror reflections of one another. Other than the psychological differences between the idea of positive and negative, they're the same thing. In terms of electricity this is reflected by the direction in which current flows through a circuit, from positive to negative though as Tesla proved, circuits can be made to flow in either direction by reversing the polarity. There are many things in nature which can operate this way with true dual and polar nature because they're symmetrical at a fundamental level. Electricity and electromagnetism are just one case. Gravity is purportedly another force which can behave according to the polar nature of symmetry.


Information doesn't work in the same way and in fact information that contains grammatical context cannot be polarity reversed without losing the context of the information itself. In other words, grammatical information that has been polarity reversed is not polar in nature because it is not the mirror reflection of its opposite. This is how information can retain context through transmission but must always arrive in the correct polarity in order to be accurately understood.

Here's an example. Take the information in this statement:

I am traveling up.

If you were to polarity reverse it in terms of its linguistic context, it would then read:

I am traveling down.

Assuming of course that we don't polarity reverse the pronoun I and the verb traveling we end up with a statement that is the exact opposite of the first statement in terms of the predicate. After all, down is the opposite of up. This means the statement itself is symmetrical and follows the Hermetical concept of polarity as illustrated in the Kybalion.

Now lets modify our statement with the addition of one word.

I am truly traveling up.

The statement seems innocuous at first but when you polarity reverse it, you'll find that it breaks the rules of symmetry and polarity.

I am falsely traveling down.

The predicate that describes which direction we're traveling no longer indicates that we're traveling down, the opposite of up. Instead it only indicates that we are not traveling down and therefore is not the exact opposite of the first statement which states that we are truly traveling up. After all, the true opposite would be that we are truly traveling down, which is the exact opposite of truly up. Falsely down would essentially mean that we are either traveling perpendicular to up or down, or that we are traveling up to some degree.

Therefore information with linguistic and grammatical context are not guaranteed to be reversible in terms of polarity and are therefore not symmetrical. So that statement breaks the symmetry of the Hermetic concept of polarity quite easily and in a very repeatable thought experiment that is quite easy to explain to others.

Now this brings me to the concept of love, which is an important component of what I'd tried to explain above and that's the use of love and hate ideology to fight over which one actually by the end of the day represents love. The team frequently represented by the colour blue most often goes with the idea that hate means love. So if you treat someone hatefully, according to their ideology you're treating them lovingly and by the end of the day if they've put more hate into the world than love, then hate is considered to be love and love is considered to be hate.

What if there's a hidden bias that once again breaks the rules of symmetry and polarity hidden within love and hate ideology? After all, its most often used for the aggressive conversion of people to particular religions (or teams if you prefer) as a form of brainwashing. If you don't join us, you'll be miserable for your whole life. If you do join us, you'll be happy for your whole life. Some teams even go so far as to enforce this by how they treat others that are not a part of their team. Perhaps interpreting the text book "rules" their team follows as a means to visit misery upon others whom do not believe while treating those on their team with love and respect?

Another possibility is that love and hate are not the same thing. That they too violate the rules of symmetry and polarity. First of all though we have to look at the significance of why people use love and hate ideology. I'm describing something that exists, not creating something that didn't exist. Consider this my observations of a social phenomenon that isn't taught to you in school but that it still exists in society as a hidden social ideology and sometimes game.

Your Palette

Whatever you do over the course of a day, becomes a part of you. Good, bad or in between it becomes a part of your being and represents you to others. If people wanted to get to know you, they'd examine what is on your daily palette. What do you do over the course of a day, every day. What are your best achievements and your worst failures. What are your most just moments and your worst crimes. This is your palette. It represents everything about you and your history. It speaks droves about your nature and life experience and should someone really want to get to know you, they should carry its burden for themselves which is exactly what is supposed to happen in society in order for people to become bonded with one another.

If you carry the weight for another person, you'll come to understand them though nothing has weight or burden unless it causes stress to keep secret from others. So there's an ideology who go around and keep the accounting for who is carrying what of other people's burden. The way they do this is by harassing others in relation to that burden in order to find out which people are carrying what and for whom. So if you react to such abuse and harassment in the right way, you are assumed to carrying this weight or burden for someone else. In some cases some of the more enthusiastic members might indicate that you are in fact possessed by and being controlled by the other person whose weight and burden you're carrying which I'd say is not the case at all.

In such a belief, the more of a person's burdens and weight you carry and keep secret, the more that you become them or become like them. In fact such an ideology or team if you'd prefer run this daily social competition every waking hour of the day. Just because you're not aware of it doesn't mean that it doesn't exist and that its not occurring right now as I write this.

How do other people end up with the contents of your palette? When you treat others in a loving manner or a mean or hateful manner, that deems whether you're sharing with them or not. For instance it is generally considered to be the case at least historically that we share our palette with those we love. After all, who would you rather be in possession of your secrets? The people who hate you or the people who love you or the people somewhere in between?

Chances are that the people that you love are the people that you trust and that you'd much rather them in possession of your secrets than anyone else. So perhaps in that way you ensure that you produce good in life so that you're not a burden to those who carry your palette, which in essence are those you treat lovingly. If you do have burdens and weight to your palette, they'll be stressful to those whom carry the weight of your palette. If you have lots of good to your palette, ie good achievements and contributions to society, then the people that you love will likely have a very easy time carrying your palette. They might even benefit from it. So if you do lots of good, the people that carry your palette will benefit and if you do lots of bad, the people who carry your palette will be stressed with the burden because in either case they'll be treated as if it were them who were responsible for your prior words and actions. Good or bad.

Polarity And Sharing Your Palette: Bringing It Together

Polarity reversal allows for people to change the rules by which the good and bad of their palette is shared with others. By reversing the polarity, a person now shares their palette with those they treat hatefully and shares nothing with those they treat lovingly. That way you're ensuring that the people that you love have hold of your secrets rather than the people that you have no opinion of or even the people that you hate (if you do hate at all and most people have a few people they don't like at the very least).

So with this idea, if you treat others lovingly, they won't share in your palette. You won't be sharing details of your life with them but instead with people you treat mean or hatefully. That doesn't include the number of devious ways that such a team might use to get around getting at your personal secrets, such as by swapping your identity with that of others or any other number of ways they might achieve this. Lets face it, if you were a movie star or someone of public note, there are likely many people who'd love to know your secrets. For some people, the idea of carrying the weight of a person's secrets is "blood". In that context it means that one person is fueling another person's life with their blood, their life events for others to carry as their burden.

There are some people whom even believe that others cannot be creative or intelligent without "renting" this blood from someone else. That is, there are teams out there who use the symbolism of colour to represent this idea of blood, and whom also use smoke and mirrors to give others the impression that those who don't pay for their blood in this respect are incapable or intelligence, creativity or anything of which any of us are equally capable. The only difference between what makes us capable or not is motivation and effort, not blood or love and hate. In fact, if you're abused socially chances are you won't be able to effectively achieve anything because you're so distracted by the abuse and harassment. If you do, then you're probably very motivated to do so and won't give up easily. Consider that the abuse and harassment utilized by these "teams" make up most of the means by which these teams use smoke and mirrors to trick people into believing that they are possessing or controlling someone else's ability to be intelligent and creative in order to maintain control over who gets rewarded for using those abilities. After all, you don't want someone who is creative and intelligent that is a part of another team to succeed. Then people would stop joining your team and join that other person's team. So fooling the public into the impression that only certain people have those abilities is just another way that such teams use to keep control over the rewards of being motivated and ensuring that they only go to people who are members of the "right" teams. Believe me, you could have a whole lifetime's worth of accomplishments behind you by the time these teams examine you and they'd completely ignore the evidence of your proven capabilities in order to keep the illusion that they are in charge or who has ability and who doesn't. That's basically what blood means to such teams. If someone doesn't pay for their superior blood, then they're punished especially if they achieve or have achieved something without paying for the blood that enabled them to achieve that in the first place.

Sharing your palette with others has a lot of different ramifications. Your secrets for one. Your accomplishments for another. Not to mention that some people use the devouring of your palette as a particularly cruel form of social cannibalism whereby society literally eats and devours a person, essentially making them disappear from existence. Some Egyptian Book Of The Dead based ideologies operate this way, following the myth of Ammit, the crocodile of the underworld who devoured souls who failed the test of the Duat only to be removed from existence. In fact, the Roman Catholic social punishment Damnatio Memoraie is based directly upon this edict. Some other ideologies that idealize cannibalism also use this metaphorically to represent cannibalism itself (as found in the Carib tribe of the Caribbean) whereby the tribe devours a person and becomes them much the same way that it is practiced in modern society under the guise which I've exposed here. It doesn't mean actually devouring a person as in their physical body but rather a metaphor by devouring their life history, hence simultaneously removing them from history and becoming them. A cruel punishment still employed by some "teams" even to this day. Perhaps what is meant by the oft used Mafia expression: "make your enemies disappear". Taking away the secrets of such persons often takes away their power over others.

Are Love And Hate The Same Thing?

Love and hate are not the same thing. Quite simply because their context is relevant to sentient beings and all sentient beings respond differently to love and hate, though most will respond similarly to the one they're experiencing. That is, people as well as animals and other living creatures respond similarly to love. Living creatures also respond similarly to hate. So there is a universal context that underlies all living things with regard to love and hate. They're not the same thing though they might be mirror reflections of one another. Let's take a closer look.

We only need to examine how the bodies of living creatures respond to experiencing the extremes of either emotion, love or hate.

When someone is exposed to hate, their body begins producing hormones that get them ready for physical confrontation which is better known as the fight or flight response. Fight or flight syndrome is the result of the production of hormones in the body that ready us for the need to either fight or flee and they can be involuntary. That is, our mind cannot necessarily override such an experience with free will alone. One we're heading down the path of fight or flight response, there's no turning back. In fact we have many automatic activities that our body undertakes without the need for us to consciously think about doing those things, such as breathing and digestion. In fact, we can't cease those processes by freewill alone and if we did, we'd fall unconscious and they'd automatically begin again without our permission. These are processes that occur thanks to parts of our brain and the timing and homeostasis of our adrenal system. That is, our freewill alone is dependent upon hormones and the state of our hormone production.

If we're abused by people, the result is much the same. Abuse and harassment cause the body to produce hormones which result in stress, which in turn escalate the level of the body's readiness to fight or flee. When you get to a certain point, you will no longer think about your actions before doing them. This threshold is the point at which you lose your conscious control over yourself and just act according to the threat you perceive. This is the result of hateful treatment, ie abuse and harassment or any repetitive treatment that leaves a victim of it feeling miserable or afraid of the people who conducted it. In fact, the body produces hormones which actually accelerate Cancer and reduce the functioning of the immune system during such instances. So it could be said that abuse and harassment is a means to shortening one's life. In fact here's one example of how stress affects the brain. Here's another article about how stress actually kills people. Here's one more reference that indicates how stress may actually increase the risk of heart disease and stroke. So you could say that organized stalking and abuse is a means of murdering someone because it has a detrimental effect upon the body. Be careful of such people who do stalk and harass others. They work in numbers and they often make their victims responsible for what they do in a cruel form of identity swapping. So they abuse their victim and then make their victim responsible for what the stalkers did. So the victim gets abused by the stalkers and then gets abused by those people who believe the victim to be a stalker. That's happened to me many times, so I've been punished by both sides.

Love on the other hand has the opposite effect upon living creatures. It causes the production of anti-carcinogens and improves the immune system's functioning. Kindness and compassion actually has health benefits to it both physically and psychologically. Being treated lovingly is actually very beneficial to both mental and physical health so really it is impossible for love and hate to be the same thing.

Hate because of its connection to fight or flight syndrome is linked to a lack of freedom, because abuse and hate can lead to behaviours over which one has little or no control.

Love on the other hand is all about freedom and healing.

So love and hate are not the same thing and mistreating someone hatefully has a negative impact upon their health and life.

So few who take part in social abuse ever face the consequences for their actions and because of the methods they use to hide their abuse, others often pay for their crimes as the people who do this to others commonly transfer the responsibility for harassment to their victims so that society in hunting down who is responsible actually ends up accidentally punishing the victim.

In fact the people who do this are so shallow that they don't care who they hurt during the process. They're just trying to get away with it. Many of them are part of groups who attempt to turn other human beings into weapons: guns as they're often referred to that are loaded up with the palettes of people full of weight and burden, which becomes the ammunition for the person made into a gun. Then the abusers try to wind up the gun to attack their enemies so as to burden others with the burden they themselves had cast onto them by the "team" who does this to other people.

So that's the truth about this love/hate/blood ideology and their abuse of people.

I've found that the best way to deal with such people is to reveal the secrets of their ideology entirely though be careful. Many are involved in dangerous activities, some even criminal with ties to organized crime.

Those teams tend to protect each other using the Dark Web. That is, they conduct all of their organizational efforts to coordinate abuse on the Dark Web. That's where they'd keep material used for blackmail or extortion in order to keep their detractors quiet and to discredit their victims. Most criminal activity related to their "team" is conducted there because liability for possessing material used in such conduct is very difficult if impossible to obtain legally.


The following is based upon research in Elderly Abuse but generally applies to anyone mature and experiencing social organized abuse and harassment. I have a friend named John Paul Young who experienced this sort of treatment at least as much so as did and still do I. The abusers responsible will often claim that I am just experiencing what John Paul Young experienced but that I'm not actually being abused which is nonsense. I can confirm that I've experienced more than half of what is on this list in just the past two months alone, never mind the 25 or more years which I've been experiencing social abuse.


What are the Signs? 

Older adults who are experiencing abuse or neglect may — 
  • tell you they are being harmed, 
  • show signs of depression or anxiety, 
  • seem fearful around certain people, 
  • become socially withdrawn (having less contact with people who they have been close to in the past),
  • become passive and very compliant,
  • have unexplained physical injuries,
  • lack food,clothing and other necessities,
  • show changes in their hygiene or nutrition (e.g.signs of malnutrition),
  • suddenly become unable to meet financial obligations,or 
  • have unusual withdrawals from their bank or other financial institutions.
Sometimes these signs are mistaken as a part of growing older or may look like other health conditions. For example,mental confusion, depression or anxiety resulting from abuse or neglect may look like dementia.People may not realize that sometimes older adults are experiencing frequent falls or have long-term pain because they are being abused or neglected. 

What are the Effects of Older Adult Abuse?

Health Effects Abuse and neglect are a major source of stress and can have long-term effects on the health and well-being of older adults.The stress of abuse may trigger chest pain or angina,and may be a factor in other serious

Abuse of Older Adults: Signs and Effects

  • Heart problems.
  • High blood pressure,breathing problems, stomach problems (ulcers),and panic attacks are common stress-related symptoms among older people who experience abuse. 
  • Abuse has a significant impact on people at any age,but older adults can be especially vulnerable.
  • In general,older adults have less physical strength and less physical resilience than younger persons.
  • Some older adults may be very frail,or already have disabilities or impairments that leave them particularly vulnerable.
  • Older bones break more easily and take longer to heal. 
  • An injury or accumulation of injuries over time can lead to serious harm or death. For example, physical abuse may result in a hip fracture. Many older adults experiencing abuse or neglect are isolated. Individuals who abuse or neglect older adults often threaten, harass, or intimidate them.
  • For example, some abusers threaten to not let older adults see their grandchildren. 
  • Others may prevent older adults from having visitors,or may threaten to leave them alone. 
  • As a result of abuse or neglect,older adults often experience worry, depression,or anxiety.
  • These signs may be mistaken for memory loss or illness,when really they are the effects of stress or worry. 
  • An older adult may also feel shame,guilt,or embarrassment that someone in the family or someone close has harmed them. 
  • Some abused older adults may start to eat less,use more medications or drink more alcohol to help cope with the emotional and physical hurt.
  • They may have difficulty sleeping or sleep too much.Some abused or neglected older adults may lose interest in life or become withdrawn. Some may have suicidal thoughts.

Did You Know?  

  • Between 44% and 62% of abused older adults experience some level of depression.
  • Up to 6% of abused older adults become severely depressed. 
  • Living with abuse and neglect can also significantly increase the person's chances of becoming ill or may make other health problems worse.
  • Abused or neglected older adults have a 200% increased risk of early death.
  • The stress of living in an abusive situation shortens older people’s lives by several years on average.
  • Financial Effects Financial abuse can have a negative impact on older adults' health and wellbeing.
  • Many older adults who experience financial abuse also face emotional abuse. Financial abuse can lead to ongoing distress and financial strain in the older person's life.
  • Stolen or forged income cheques can leave a low-income senior without money for food,medications,or transportation.
  • Financial abuse may involve loss of a home through deceit,loss of beloved personal assets through theft,or loss of money from improper use of a power of attorney. 
  • When abusers steal or control older adults' money or other property,older adults may have fewer resources to take care of their own health, housing, good nutrition, and activities.

Social Effects 

  • The effects of abuse and neglect can carry from generation to generation.
  • For example, grandchildren who witness such abuse may come to view negative behaviours toward older adults as acceptable and perpetuate disrespect. Abuse and neglect of older adults is not a private matter.
  • It affects individuals,families,communities and ultimately society at large.
I'd love to spend time doing other things rather than writing posts such as this, but quite honestly the more I experience of what I've described here, the more I'll reveal it and any criminal activity associated with it (including Hell's Angels, Bloods, Mafia or any abusive religious organization involvement as I have no fear of those organizations whatsoever). I'd much rather write and do something positive, but I guess that my home city of Toronto doesn't want that for some reason because they don't seem to do too much about stopping it. Its ironic that this sort of thing happened to Stan Lee before he died as well. There is no reporting system for such crimes and they're mostly well hidden and covered up by a gangster like presence in the city not to mention that if you do try to expose such efforts, you'll be gas lit and marked as being mentally ill or even a liar. In fact, because my biological father was marked as a pathological liar this cult even tries to make it a competition to see who I'm more like in those terms so that they can imply that everything I've revealed about this cult is a lie. This is something about which I'd never lie and I for one am not a Hell's Angel or a member of any criminal gang or outlaw organization including the Mafia or a Cartel.

Its funny how the people you trust the most are often the ones who would do something to facilitate this. No, I'm not a pathological liar and I have no mental illness. I'm a victim of this abuse and I'm not Irish nor will I pay for anyone else's crimes or sins. In fact, as soon as I find out who they belong to, I'll reveal them publicly if you've burdened me with them as part of this cult's activities. I am Brian Joseph Johns.

I think that another motive for this cult doing such a thing is in order to discredit their victim and to lock their victim to a certain circle of people, because most people would avoid a person like myself based upon the kinds of problems I seem to have, which are entirely outside of me and not internal.

So its a means of locking me into a certain paradigm with certain people so that whatever I have to share remains hidden while the perpetrators steal it. Most abuse comes from people inside of my building of residence while the people who cover it up are wide and varied, from people who work in the building to people I've known my whole life. Very difficult to trust others in such circumstances but know this, it is criminal in nature.

Just as a note, I've never been mistreated by anyone involved with Judaism by the way and have never felt myself at odds with the religion though I am a Buddhist and Taoist. Likewise I could say the same for Chinese culture and many other cultures of the Far East of Asia and Europe too (including Russia).

I'd even go so far to say that the building in which I live is likely run by organized crime, either by the residents or outside management.

Brian Joseph Johns

200 Sherbourne Street #701
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
M5A 3Z5



Thursday, December 13, 2018

About Being Stalked And Harassed...

by Brian Joseph Johns
The cult responsible for this stalking and harassing in Toronto (in my case specifically in Regent Park) try to claim that my victimization in this way is actually the result of me being possessed by someone else who is harassed.

In other words, I'm not being harassed at all according to this cult. I'm just experiencing what others are experiencing so when I go outside the stalking cult make a great effort to turn the tables upon me in order to make it appear like I am a stalker rather than being stalked.

So they're claiming that my protesting the stalking and harassment is the result of me being possessed or mind controlled by another person who is being stalked and harassed in the same way.

Just to give you perspective on the nature of this cult, they literally believe that some people don't have their own mind or "soul" (or spirit as they refer to it). In other words, they're the only people who can be stalked and harassed. When it is someone else other than themselves they take it from the victim, then claim that the victim is possessed by a real stalking victim which is nonsense.

I am not pretending to be a stalking victim to pay for someone else's blood. Fuck that! (Pardon my language, I rarely swear unless I'm upset but I'm going to leave this in because I'm really upset about this whole situation).

That's how this cult steal from other people what they accomplish. Its because their cult forces other people to pay for their blood if you live in their vicinity, the members of this cult. That is, in order to be considered alive, I have to pay for their blood by carrying the weight of the burden of one of their members. So by me protesting being abuse, they're assuming that I'm just paying for their blood by pretending to be someone else who is being stalked and harassed.

This is a cult that steals people's identities. They operate using the symbolism of the colours blue and brown or red and brown quite often, much like gang colours in a criminal gang and they do this in Toronto despite the fact that Canada has laws against using colour in this way, which is discriminatory.

So this cult steals my victimization and applies it to the lives of other people just the same way they steal anything that I create and apply it to the lives of other people, while applying a life that doesn't apply to my own in terms of lifestyle. I don't hire prostitutes. I'm not a pimp. I've never driven for an escort service in my life. That would most likely be Eugene Francois. I'm not him. I've never used crack cocaine in my life, nor cocaine or heroin for that matter. I've never been to prison or jail at all and that's because I kept my tail clean for my whole life by being mindful of my choices and paying for my mistakes.

By abusing me so much this cult wants to make me appear intolerant and incapable of leniency. They're part of a cult of people who try to harden men up as part of a rite of passage or something of that nature. To make men more "blue". I'm not a member of that cult at all. I'm a Canadian who at this moment in time would much rather live in China, Korea, Thailand, Japan, Europe or Israel. I bet there would be a lot less anti-Jewish sentiment in those places. Despite the fact that I am not Jewish I still have no acceptance of the anti-Jewish attitude in which hate clubs against Jewish people try to destroy the character of people who defend Asian or Jewish rights. I actually used to be pretty active in the human rights defending department and I'd rarely if at all bias any particular culture or religion. I'd try to speak up when and where I could for everyone until this cult got involved. They make defending human rights into a scoring game, counting how many times you defending one group of people versus another. They literally turn it into a social city wide game. If you don't bias in the direction that they want you to bias, they'll abuse you.

They even take this a step further. You can have a girlfriend of one culture, but you must balance your affection for every other culture by being similarly intimate with other people of other different cultures. If you don't, then this cult will assume that you owe them something. So we're putting cultural and religious quotas on our relationships now for which we'll be indebted if we aren't in balance? Well being monogamous and all, I generally don't aim at having more than one girlfriend at a time. If I want to be intimate with someone and you're not happy about what culture that person is, then truly fuck you you true goof. I'm not a member of any religion or ideology that has any right to do such a thing to a person.

Me protecting my right to feel the way that I do about someone who is Mandarin Chinese is my right and hers too. I'm protecting that for us both. Just because I'm Caucasian doesn't mean that there is anything wrong with such a relationship you truly racist scum fucks! (Getting creative with the language). That's not the Canada that I grew up in and in fact, that's not Canada at all. Did your cult swap country identities with another country? Whatever country it is I'm glad that I didn't grow up in it but it sure sucks to live in it now. Its a good thing that I don't believe in that stuff. Swapping identities I mean. So as a Canadian I have a responsibility to ensure that this nonsense doesn't continue if not for myself, for those who follow.

I've defended human rights on many occasions even writing several letters to two different Prime Ministers on the issue and having received replies from their offices. I actually defended Women's rights and those of the LGBTQ community as well. By doing so, this cult then tried to take away my manhood much the same way they tried to take away my identity when I was in a relationship with someone of a culture they disagreed. Because she is Mandarin Chinese (between 2005-2006).

So this country is full of scumbags like this now. If I make a statement of protest about this, I often have my identity stolen from me and my words are then credited to someone else. Is this a scientology trick? I know that they regularly play musical chairs with people's identities as part of their instructional workshops, so is this them or another similar ideology bringing that aspect into someone else's life illegally. I'm not a Scientologist at all. Nor am I a member of Christianity. Or Islam. I mean no disrespect by those statements but its the truth.

I'm not a member of Prince Hall either. Too racist for me as I've explained. Red and blue are used symbolically to define either love and hate or two different types of blood (that sums up love/hate and blood/fire in a nutshell). Those on the red and blue team believe that you shouldn't mix red and blue whatever it may mean. Those who mix red and blue are considered to be the Purple team (which ironically is red and blue mixed) which generally delineates Prince Hall which is supposed to be about liberation and freedom. The Purple team on the other hand denotes that red and blue mixed means: love and hate are the same thing. It doesn't mean red blood and blue blood because they're against the cultural mixing of blood. The colours of blood come from the colours on our countries' flags or by any other cultural cliché often perpetuated by racist groups, who quite honestly prey upon cliché. In other words, racism. Hey, if you yourself would prefer to stick to your own culture in terms of your relationships, that's cool if you feel that way for yourself. Really you can't make that decision for other people. So that's where they're violating the rights of other people. Unfortunately if you go outside of this paradigm you'll be targeted by groups like this and when you speak out like I often do, you'll be labeled as being crazy, or possibly they'll come up with some other far fetched idea of which they try to fool the populace into believing, like their victim is actually possessed and being mind controlled by their cult members. So whatever the victim expresses is actually the way the cult member whom they're possessed by feels. Talk about taking away a person's voice!

So that's where I am with this cult and believe me, Canada or at least Toronto is being run by such an ideology despite what people might say to the contrary. For crying out loud people! Stand up to them!

Don't let these scumbags take away your identity and swap it with someone else's!

That's how they get around defending the rights of people they believe don't or shouldn't have rights (like members of the LGBTQ community) which would indicate it is also likely homophobic too.

If you're heterosexual and you stand up for the rights of those in the LGBTQ community, this cult will take away your identity and give you the identity of someone from the LGBTQ community because "you're not sticking up for your own". "You're not being a team player" in other words as they often put it.

By taking away your identity when you stick up for the rights of others, human rights are NOT progressing at all because you're losing your right to your own individual identity. So human rights aren't progressing or recessing. They're at a stand still in such a case. The point of any rights is that there should be no condition for receiving those rights. Taking away the identity of someone and forcing another different identity onto them in order to explain their standing up for someone outside of their "team" is another violation of rights and an unjust condition to ensuring the rights of other people.

I am urging people not to allow that to happen. Don't allow anyone to take away your identity or to swap it with someone else's. Don't be a part of anything that makes you earn your own identity on a daily basis. It isn't a currency by the way. Its yours. If someone holds you hostage for your identity while you defend the rights of others who are "outside of your team", stand up to them! Don't let anyone do that. If you think that existing human rights were forged only by people whose idiom was: stand up only for your own, you're sorely mistaken. Those rights were gotten by people of different identities and origins standing up for one another despite their differences. If you have to put a stipulation onto someone that if they stand up for you, that they must be you, then you're an obstacle to what is right. That simple.

So I've got to turn in some paperwork today or tomorrow in order to keep my housing subsidy (I receive a housing subsidy from Housing Connections, a charity in the Toronto area that ensures livable rent pricing for those who cannot afford market price rent). That's the only way that I can afford to live in an apartment in downtown Toronto (just south of Dundas Street on the west side of Sherbourne Street at 200 in apartment 701). I love working but when you're stalked and abused it is impossible to work a normal gig, let alone work any other kind of work. That's because your stalkers will literally abuse you around the clock, whether you're out and about or at home. Believe me, I'm not a lazy person at all. My stalkers are though. Most of them.

So I'll have to worry that when I take in my paperwork to the TCHC (my low income landlord) that my identity isn't swapped with someone else's based upon what I've written here. Yes, there are people who see the good deeds and efforts of others as a form of currency that they'll readily steal from other people to inflate the reputation of other people on their team. As I've said, Toronto is rampant with that sort of thing.

I'm also trying to get a door code buzzer installed (I've actually been trying for about 7 years with little luck). The closest I've gotten to it so far is that they nearly got my name right: BRIAN JOHN though it might be listed as JOHN BRIAN. They seem to really want to keep my name as being John rather than Johns. I'm guessing that someone with whom they're swapping my identity is named John?

So the new and most recent Superintendent seems to be pretty cool, though I suspect that some of the others just ran into the same kind of hurdles that I've been running into in terms of claiming my own identity. So with my name being close, the punchline is that the code 1216 isn't right. In other words, when you buzz my code, I have no idea where the hell it rings. It could be anywhere. Maybe in the apartment of someone with the name John?

I figure that with having my name and the correct door code on the directory, I have a higher chance of old friends who personally know me dropping by and for all I know, I could have had many such visitors prior.

I think that this cult is trying to steal my identity and that it involves organized crime to such an extent that this effort might be going a little further than it would for most people. After all, I did work for Ferretina. They seem to be focused on keeping my identity falsely as a Jehovah's Witness which I am not. As I've said, I'm not a member of any form of Christianity at all. Not a Mormon either. No disrespect meant but that's the truth. Not a Hell's Angel or a member of Bloods or whatever other gangs there might be in the hood of Regent Park. They don't scare me either by the way but don't get the impression for a second that I'm some kind of tough guy, cause I'm not. I have a bit of Martial Arts training from many years ago (TaeKwonDo/Goju Ryu/Goju Jujitsu Ryu/Aikido) but I'm not a martial arts master or expert for certain in terms of physicality though I am fit for my age of 51.

Also, stay away from cults that steal your identity if you reveal information about yourself while wearing the shade black as that seems to be quite a problem too. I think that their idea is that if they can keep your secrets better than you can, that your secrets belong to them. In other words, you are whose secrets you keep. I don't believe in any such nonsense like that as well.

I think if you protest abuse this cult will try to label you as someone they call "complain". I get the impression that's actually referring to a friend of mine named John Paul Young who was also homeless around the same time as I, who is or was a victim of similar stalking and abuse and whom often like myself would become manic upon experiencing repeated abuse and stalking by the members this cult. That doesn't mean that him or myself are the same person. I hope that John Paul Young is alright.

I'd better get going before this cult thinks I'm possessed by Henry Hill though I'm not Irish or a bank robber, nor have I ever had Robert De Niro play me in a movie. Henry Hill was one of the gangsters involved in the Lufthansa Heist, allegedly from which $250K was invested in the Ferretina project that I'd worked on between 2001 and 2004, before becoming homeless for 8 years between 2004 and 2012. Coincidence? I think not. Was organized crime involved in throwing me into that loop for years? Either them or law enforcement despite the fact that I'm not a bank robber nor do I have criminal record. Is it right for any such group, organized crime or law enforcement to ruin you in such a way? I'm grateful that I've got my health at least. I don't believe in god or the devil at all though. I'm a Buddhist and a Taoist quite honestly and yes, my love interest is Mandarin Chinese but its unlikely that I'll ever be with her again thanks to this racist cult. So I guess the best that I can do is reveal their methods so that others can avoid the same fate.

You are yourself as I am myself.

Update Thursday December 13, 2018 3:08PM:

I just got back from the TCHC Office (155 Sherbourne Street) where I was harassed by membership of the blood centric cult. They were harassing me to measure for the presence of an alleged Hell's Angel named Karen who lives around here. You see, if I would have reacted hatefully, they'd have assumed that I use crack cocaine and that I was possessed by or a friend of this person (which I am not). I don't hang out with anyone in the community at all. So this came from other clients of the TCHC and the clerk working there though the tone of conversation was polite, still the harassment was there.

Also they tried to put the identities of people onto me that they refer to as "threat". That means people who threaten other people. So this cult as I've stated, have membership amongst the clients of the TCHC and those who work there as well.

When one person tried to put the identity of a gang member onto me, I stated very clearly that likely my intel to the authorities has likely put gang members in jail (which is possibly the truth though impossible to verify as information doesn't flow both direction when you provide it).

So basically this cult attempts to load people up that are clients of the TCHC (Toronto Community Housing Corporation) with the local garbage and social burden from the area. As I've said, many of them are racists and anti-Jewish as well (there seems to be the biggest concentration of anti-Jewish sentiment I've encountered in the city located here). I'm not Jewish myself but the people of the community are aware that I am pretty protective against hate groups of that nature.

Also I was wearing red and white. This cult as I've indicated try to define people in terms of the being on the red team, the blue team or the brown team all of which they define according to their ideology. Often red and blue are pit against one another as love/hate. So their goal is to make someone else wearing the other colour into the hate side by abusing them into a hateful reaction. That's typically what goes on in the community and that's what went on at the TCHC Office.

There's lots of things on the wall to outline the rules but these rules aren't adhered to by anyone so far that I've seen. If you stand against them they'll gang up on you and have you kicked out by one means or another. Often this is by stalking and abusing you to the point that you react harshly against them.

That's the truth and reality around here in Regent Park unfortunately. Most of the members of this cult attempt to make other people into the garbage bags for the people heavily involved in cocaine, crack cocaine or heroin. I don't use any of those narcotics whatsoever and never have. I do however use cannabis from time to time, though legally. So I think that this cult are and have been trying to associate me with this other activity. I do believe in harm reduction though as it really does help.

So likely the membership of this cult is trying furiously to make me the hate side and them the love side. That's their simple thinking and how they reduce people and challenges. To terms of extreme dualism and it is a violation of their victim's rights. They literally gang up on one person and in this case, that person is me. Brian Joseph Johns. I'm telling you that until someone starts enforcing these rules, this cult is going to walk all over our Charter Of Rights And Freedoms and the Human Rights Act.

I am not a Jehovah's Witness, I'm not a Seventh Day Adventist and I'm not a Scientologist by the way. I'm not even Roman Catholic but that doesn't mean that I'm not Canadian and that I don't have rights. So I'd suggest that the Ombudsman investigate because nothing has changed. Still racist and bull baiting as per usual.

The problem is that if you go to report such activity, the people you report it to will do everything to prevent you from reporting it. So they'll claim you need the witness of a security guard, or an sworn affidavit from a notable member of the community or something of that nature.

I'd never want to see someone lose their housing or their job, but I also don't want to experience harassment or abuse from people who completely fail to understand the rules and our rights.

So whenever I go out into the community this cult assumes that I'm someone else. Not myself. I have to take the identity of one of my neighbours in other words. I'm not a Hell's Angel and I'm not a member of the Salvation Army either. I'm not a member of Bloods or any gang and I don't say the opposite of what I mean. Usually say exactly what I mean. I don't pay ANYONE for blood without exception. I don't want anyone else's blood and I don't want to be a part of a cult or gang for whom that's the primary factor of being a member. Blood.

You have to be careful too because this cult will reverse polarity, which means that they'll take everything that you've stated for the day and make it the complete opposite. I think that they may even make days of the week permanently that way. So Thursday might be one of the polarity reversed days and Friday (tomorrow) might not be. On such days whatever you say will be taken in the exact opposite context, so if they stalked and abused you don't forget that they'll remember it as being the exact opposite. I think that this is how the Teamsters do things as well when they're trying to put pressure on people, though I'm not a Teamster. Its certainly an organized crime way of taking over a community and that's likely whats going on here. They abuse one person to pit themselves against that person and then make it into a competition between them and that one person. They reverse polarity so that the arguments of the one person (who is essentially a victim) are turned against them.

Once again, that's Toronto for you. I'm not a member of Prince Hall by the way and I'm not on the blue team though I tend to admire all colours when it comes to art and nature. As I've said, I'd never join Prince Hall because it has become far too racist.

Maybe they think that I'm possessed by Tom Cruise, Nicolas Cage or John Travolta?

So I've stopped writing books for now seeing as I don't want this cult to be able to steal anything from me anymore seeing as my country won't stop it according to its own rules or laws. I guess if you live in poverty, you don't have the same rights as those that don't live in poverty. I don't and have never used crack cocaine, cocaine or heroin in my life. I'm not going to carry the weight for anyone who does.

They're certainly not Freemasons. I mean this cult takes good people, stalks and abuses them for years until they're miserable.

I thought Freemasons took good people and made them better? So chances are they're not Freemasons.

I'm certainly not a Rose as this cult uses Roses as their garbage bags, which in turn they use as ammunition for guns. Homemade guns. Sounds like the most recent Toronto Police Service bust doesn't it? Well this cult makes people into guns. They load up people they refer to as Roses, with the bad life events of other people and use that as ammunition to "shoot" other people. When you're shot by a gun in this way, it means you'll be stalked by the members of this cult who will treat you as if you're responsible for that social burden. Worse, if you react to it, they believe that you've bought it from the person from whom it really originated. So this cult us this as a method to ruin and destroy people's lives. This is big in Toronto right now. I should know because this cult tries often to use me as a gun.

I'm not Irish and my name is not Clarence or Terence and once again as I've said, I'm not a Freemason though I am free. Most of all, I am not a member of any cult that swaps identities between other people. The more I am harassed by this cult, the more I'll take it down. Also, I'm not a gnostic at all and never have been and never will be.

One last thing. Love isn't hate and hate isn't love. Love is. Hate is.

I think computers are great but they're nothing like the human brain where we are capable of conceiving of a nearly infinite arrangement of states rather than two states found in dualism. This is not a criticism of Taoism as it isn't solely about the dual nature of being and most people who think that is all there is to Taoism don't know a thing about Taoism. So if this cult is trying to trick me into speaking out against Taoism it isn't working.

That's another aspect to how this cult operates. If you are of a different religion to their own, they attempt to trick you into speaking out against your own religion so as to "break" it. That way this cult feels that they can force you into their religion and their rules, which is nonsense as Canada isn't theocratic at all. We're secular, with most people believing in a God or some form of supreme being of supernatural origin. I'm an exception to that because I will not truly answer that question of my belief because it is nobody's business but my own. I'm a Buddhist and a Taoist but I'm still Canadian though at this point I'd much rather be living in China, Israel or Europe.

Also one more thing. Whenever I post something that is good, this cult steals the credit and gives it to someone else based upon similar cultural blood to my own. I'm Welsh, French, Spanish and Cree in terms of my heritage. Because I'm part French, this cult is against me being in a relationship with someone Mandarin Chinese and instead think that I should be with someone African or Jamaican. In other words, they're purposely trying to force me in that direction despite the fact that I don't want to go in that direction. Forcing someone to is a racist action by the way. So as a result of these two things, them stealing whatever I accomplish to credit to someone else, and the fact that they are racist against me having a Mandarin Chinese love interest and would rather force me to be with someone African or Jamaican, I deny all of my French heritage. I don't want it because I wasn't raised to be a racist and I won't accept that. The same goes for any of my other cultural heritage. I'd drop any of it without a second thought if I found that it posed difficulty on the basis of a relationship with someone of a different culture. My love interest is Mandarin Chinese and that's not going to change for anyone. She's not a Jehovah's Witness nor am I. I'm not Italian either (there's another couple in the building whom this cult try to swap my identity for in order to cover up the fact that my love interest is Mandarin Chinese). I'm not a Mormon and I've never been in a relationship ever with someone named Karen and I've never been a Hell's Angel or a member of Prince Hall and I've never been a guitar player.

I'm also not a black panther either. Black panthers are a Hell's Angels/KKK like group that take aggressive action in fighting for African rights. In other words a hate group on the other side of the fence. I'm not a member of any hate group whatsoever and I refuse to give in to any. Ironically with all of the nonsense related to the Hell's Angels at Ferretina, ironically we had one member of the management that was a Black Panther. I think that this cult tried to swap my identity with his too. Peter Andrews if my memory serves me correctly.

So I'm not a member of anything of that nature at all but as is most often the case, it pays to form your own opinion of such matters based upon objective data and your own observations and experiences. Often people allied with such will try to lure others into conflict with them, which is called bull baiting. Bull baiting is when one or more person try to lure someone into an aggressive reaction against them without being caught having done that. In that way, they can claim that any actions taken against them weren't instigated and the fault will lie entirely on the person who was bull baited into attacking. Most people don't know that a bull reacts aggressively when they see the colour red, hence their attacking the matador as their cape is often red on one side so as to lure the bull into attacking as part of the show. So most of the interaction that I have with members of this cult typically wants to go this direction to make me appear the aggressor.

Also they're likely trying to clean the criminal record or violent past from someone else off by putting it onto my identity as often the Hell's Angels and Salvation Army do. They use other people as substitutes, whom they often throw away once they've been used in that way unless of course you find Jesus or trick them into believing you have. I don't believe in Jesus Christ as I think that Jesus Christ is actually a punishment used by ancient Roman society. They would take the worst in society and put everyone's sins and crimes onto this one person and likely torture and torment them in place of the real perpetrators of those sins and crimes. Then they'd kill the unlucky person and after they did, they'd make them a saint posthumously.

That would buy reprieve for the family and put them in possession of the blood of a saint, which would mean their family would likely be protected for some time to come much the way that some members of secret society's families are. So in this way, there'd be lots of incentive for a family to sell out their family member to the authorities which would get them this special blood at the expense of the family member they sacrificed. In a way, Christianity is more akin to human sacrifice, which it regards as being pagan or heretical.

That would also explain why so many Christians nowadays seem to get off on stalking and torturing others as do many people of a variety of other religions as well. So likely being made into a "Christ" was probably a big punishment more so than a reward. I'm sure that many families would likely not have thought twice about selling their offspring into such an arrangement in order to get the family a protected status from the Empire.

I'm certainly not Jesus Christ and never would be. Not to mention a lot of people make it into a game trying to find who is the most Christ-like and this game is based around race. That is people fight over who Jesus is based upon race. There's something wrong when people are doing things like that and so close to the holiday that was supposed to represent his birth. Anyway, I don't believe in it. Far too abusive for my liking yet if you protest abuse, many will say: "look at what Jesus went through on the cross for your sins!" or something of that nature when in fact most people who use that defense are really defending their own tendencies towards the sado-masochistic treatment of others under the guise of their religion. So in other words, they get off (sexually?) by abusing people and perhaps their religion gives them reprieve by way of flexible interpretation from doing so. Many other religions are similar in that context as well or will use the context of scripture to justify abusing others.

Its the same in Buddhism as well as I've found that many people often try to take on the role of Mara, attempting to tempt me to harsh reaction and anger though the people doing so are certainly not Buddhists trying to test me on my level of enlightenment. More likely they're people trying to break down my religion and force me into theirs so they can literally get away with mistreating me according to the rules of their religion.

This cult likely draws its motivations from the story of Cane and Abel, trying to force its victims into an archetype extending from either one of these blood lines, with the Cane blood being more prone to violence, anger and hatred while the other side is the loving, non-violent side of things. So the cult members (that means the people who actually stalk and verbally harass and abuse others) do so in order to sort their victim out between one of these two sides, the Cane side or the Abel side based upon the victim's reaction to the abuse. If they're abusing a victim for years, then chances are they're trying to steer the victim towards the Cane side more than anything. I don't believe in Cane or Abel at all. That story is almost drawn from the story of Abraham's offspring and a similar situation between Isaac and Ishmael which according to Biblical scholars is the source of the Middle East conflict between Muslims and the Jewish, stating that the Jewish people originate from Isaac and the Muslim nations descend from Ishmael, so fighting over which blood is the more peaceful and just has been a long standing feud. Not bad for someone who's never been to Sunday school eh?

In addition this cult are guilty of trying purposely to make their victim into the miserable and negative side of the fence while everyone else is the positive side of the fence. So they benefit from sacrificing one of their own community members to make such a person for the internet (the negative person of the internet) or something of a similar nature while everyone else is going about being positive. The abusers locally never are treated as negative people themselves and are never punished but most often the victim they abuse as soon as they begin protesting their abuse, are grouped into the negative or even hateful side of the fence.

They use abuse to weed out selfish or "self serving types" whom they used to assume were all of the blood type AB and that such people should be eliminated from the population. So abuse is another way of this cult weeding out who is selfish and who is selfless. People who are under constant assault tend to be more selfish and self preserving while those who aren't tend to be more generous and trusting. The cult uses this as a sorting grounds to make one group of people appear much better than another group of people. For instance if you'd stumbled across Shhhh! Digital on a random search never having heard of it before and you came across this long winded post as the first thing you'd read on Shhhh! Digital, you'd likely think that the writer was nuts or had some issues.

If on the other hand you knew of the details of the fact that the writer has been stalked for years by an abusive cult or religion in the Toronto Area, you might have different feelings about it knowing the other side to the story and likely if you live in Toronto, having witnessed or experienced this for yourself. Some people in the city get targeted much worse than others and I'm one of the ones who gets targeted the most and most often. Meanwhile this cult steals whatever I produce and generally regards me as not existing.

So if I hadn't been harassed and abused so much today I'd have likely worked on programming today which would have meant that I'd worked and that would have meant that whatever garbage this cult had tried to throw onto me would have ended up right back in their face seeing as most of them who abuse don't work. That's why in a prior post I alluded to the fact that they're essentially paid to abuse. That's where the tax money goes. I can think of a ton of people who were in the shelter system when I was who deserved housing a thousand times more so than these abusive people do but I have to be careful because I could lose my home as this cult would label me one of the stalkers and then get me kicked out and I'd be homeless again for who knows how long. This cult does work like that by the way and that's a very real risk for me. They're protected by someone (who is likely a member of their cult). I'm not. So they can stalk and abuse others to their heart's content but anyone who complains about them will likely lose their homes and they are very good at turning the tables on their victims. So their victims would likely be kicked out as the perpetrators while they'd remain housed and literally do nothing but stalk and harass other people.

So I'd have worked on programming today. I would have posted something grateful about the free games being given away at a variety of different places on the web today. I'd have likely posted something else a bit more positive and light hearted than this and would have been done and felt better to having done it. Instead I was harassed by this cult which they turned into a war or conflict trying to push it for the whole day so I decided to explain what they were doing.

I'm not a member of their religion or ideology which is very abusive. They're certainly not possessing me or mind controlling me with their blood. That's one of their beliefs by the way, that they can mind control others with their blood (which is really biomagnetism). So they literally believe that everything that I do is the result of me living close to or in proximity them. So I decided that I'm going to stop writing, because I don't want them stealing my writing because they believe they're controlling me into writing. I actually won't do anything productive anymore. I'll just do what they're doing and lets see how long it is before I have to answer to someone versus how long it is before they have to answer to someone. I can already tell you that they never have to answer to anyone so far. They're very protected by someone in the system or with money or as I've said, the kind of people who seem to be working for TCHC that seem to be allied to their cult.

I mean its so bad that in order to avert losing my subsidy or my assistance, I have to claim ODSP despite the fact that I am not mentally ill. The problem is social stalking and abuse by this cult. Not the inability to work. I love working. I don't like being stalked or abused. So the system has me cornered in such a way that many clients and workers for the infrastructure can abuse me freely without repercussion but I can't protest it or complain. Not to mention that many of those people have already associated me with the Hell's Angels despite the fact that I have nothing to do with them whatsoever. I'm not a member and I don't want to be. In fact I don't want to be a member of anything of that nature. I'm not on the blue team at all either.

As I've said before, this is the same ideology and methodology that was used on Women in the 1960s and 1970s to cause mass hysteria and anxiety which resulted in many Doctors having to rely on Prozac to protect these Women. The people who caused that anxiety in them then claimed that the Doctors were doing it to the Women, because most of this cult are against Pharmacology so they naturally blamed the Doctors for what they themselves were doing to Women. So its basically the same thing and many Women at that time were written off as being "crazy" or "complainers".

Perhaps if at that time the West had accepted Eastern philosophy and Medicine more readily, they would have been able to determine the nature of what was affecting these Women, as its origins were based in biomagnetism or Chi, which this cult was abusing in attempt to cause anxiety attacks in the Women they victimized. Scientology and Jehovah's Witnesses are historically speaking against Pharmacology and both employ a very aggressive version of love hate. I am not saying that people shouldn't believe as they choose, I am however saying that people shouldn't choose what other people believe for them.

Brian Joseph Johns

200 Sherbourne Street #701
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
M5A 3Z5