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Hi. Brian Joseph Johns here again. Not really a gripe but a few good comments. Keep in mind that I'm not a member of any ideology that reverses what people say to mean the opposite. I believe that people who consider themselves to be a part of the blue team typically operate that way. I believe in sincerity before polarity quite honestly and with all due respect, I'd like to clarify that I am not Irish or Italian though I've had friends who are. Just for clarity's sake so as to keep my own individual identity rather than to have it stolen or blurred by someone else. A common occurrence in modern times it would seem.

My Michael Jackson Story

I've often stated how I'm in the midst of a wacky group of people who believe me to be possessed or mind controlled by a wide variety of different people. I've a very scary and sometimes funny experience though I don't experience fear thankfully.

One person that this wacky group believes that I'm possessed by is Michael Jackson.

No, I'm serious. I mean that. The King Of Pop. Michael Jackson. Me.

I am not kidding. Their reasoning is a bit scary too. When I was younger, around the age of 20 I played in a professional band called The Act. My band mates were Chris Ridding our vocalist, Tom our lead guitarist, Peter our bassist and Blain our drummer while I was the keyboardist. We were gigging pretty frequently in the Toronto area and also had professional promo work and management at the time (Ray Sare was our manager for an agency he called Hollywood North). We were even almost famous. Almost.

We even did an autograph signing at an event at the International Center by the Lester B. Pearson International Airport at which fellow Jackson family member Latoya was also present and doing autographs at a table neighbouring ours.

I think that by some bizarre belief or rumour started by someone in this wacky group or cult, that they believed that I somehow inherited Jackson's blood or had become possessed by him. I don't know how or what made this possible and I mean no disrespect to Latoya. She was actually a very well spoken and confident lady from what I remember and likely just as much a victim of this kind of nonsense as am I. Just to point out, the Jacksons and myself are not of the same religion, and certainly not even close now (I'm Taoist and Buddhist leaning heavily towards Taoism). I'm assuming that at that point that some people in an ideology around that time assumed me to be a Rose and that by my presence to Latoya Jackson that I somehow absorbed a bit of Michael. So many of the members of this wacky group of stalkers and abusers believe that I am somehow possessed by Michael Jackson and that is where they think that my creativity comes from.


Quite honestly I believe that everyone is creative, just some forms of creativity are recognized more so than others but that doesn't mean that anyone is lesser or even less creative. I mean Parents are the most creative force in the world that we know of. They create life and even if they didn't have a hand directly in creating that life, they certainly nurtured and taught it. When I was in my youth I was a voracious reader, going through many books a week.

So I had a very keen interest in learning like most kids do when they're young. When I was a kid I'd already started doing many of the same things that I still do until this day. I'd certainly become familiar with and studied music. My Parents are and were professional musicians. I'd started to learn programming (punch card basic) long before monitors or mice existed. I'd started writing poetry and short stories by the age of 7 and continued to do so until the age of around 14, when I started to focus more on music and computers.

So everything that I do today I was doing when I was very young. Its actually more difficult to do those things now because of abuse and harassment from neighbours who believe they're controlling my actions otherwise I'd have likely finished all three Butterfly Dragon and A Lady's Prerogative books by now and would be working on another completely different series that I already have in mind.

So regardless I believe that everyone has talent and creativity but some people focus on stealing it from others or sabotaging it outright. Some people even regard writing and movies that way because they depict situations that aren't real and yet they create fanfare for the people who create them. So many people who are against creative works like works of fiction and movies set about trying to trick the people involved in those creative industries into contradicting their own works so that the notoriety associated with that kind of creativity and expression can be stolen by them and credited to other people, most of the time who have nothing to do with what was expressed creatively. It would be like punishing a teacher for giving an example of the application of knowledge, who then did not apply that exact same example themselves in real life. Most people of that ilk think of the kind of people who write books and create movies as being phonies rather than as being artists of expression and perspective. I mean attacking them is like attacking old sayings like: a stitch in time saves nine or attacking a seamstress who notices a tear in their clothing and then fails to fix the problem as soon as they see it but rather procrastinates until the tear becomes larger. That's what that saying means.

The Merit Of Books - Movies - Video Games

Books and movies are a chance to experience situations, become acquainted and accustomed with characters and plot without experiencing any of the associated risk of a real situation of that same nature. Training movies for Fire Fighters, Police and Medics are all based upon fictional situations that mirror situations that occur in real life. Does that mean those training films are phony? If those films save just one person's life, they've paid for themselves a hundred thousand fold.

Now take a book or a movie and apply the same logic, because most books and movies have a perspective that might open pathways and synapses in a person's brain that allow them to see situations from different perspectives than they might have seen them prior to seeing or reading such a work. Who is to say how many times they've saved lives on that basis? Maybe someone inspired by something they read in a book or saw in a film motivated them to act in a situation where lives were on the line? Maybe a written point of view resulted in someone seeing things from all sides simultaneously during negotiations, diplomatic or of a different nature. They might have prevented war for all we know because they introduced the reader or viewer to a point of view that they might not have considered having not seen or read it at all. Training films for the Police, Fire Fighters and Ambulatory services work the exact same way in a different area and scale.

So how could someone claim or believe that people who create these fictional situations are phonies?

That's not including all of the times that books and movies redeem the points of view of countless people, by putting into words or video what they felt but were unable to express. It redeems those people and makes them feel even less alone, perhaps averting much greater problems as a result.

The same applies to video games, which are a newer form of interactive story telling in which the viewer takes part in writing their own story and by their choices are rewarded similarly to the mechanics of real life (though video games are not real life). Those situations give us different perspectives in reality without putting us in the real risk imposed by such situations. If you learn in that way by reading, seeing movies, playing video games and perhaps a bit of active application of your knowledge, how does that make you a phony if you created it or if you were part of the audience?

I'll bet you that back in the days when we used to congregate around a fire at night in our tribes, long before civilization existed that the people who died the youngest were the people who ignored or didn't listen to the stories of their Shamans or Wise men of the tribe, because in those stories is crucial knowledge and hard learned experience that benefits survival. I guess maybe those people might not have wanted to be phonies? Don't turn your back to hard earned knowledge that might save you in a tight squeeze or open doors for you, though be careful of the kind of people who punish you for what you read, or watch or play, because they're trying to take away your rights to have a different point of view from their own. In essence, they're trying to control you. Fantasizing about control isn't a bad thing. Really trying to do it to others against their will is another thing altogether.

Consider that it takes time and energy to write books, make movies and video games. The people who do those things are often as driven and dedicated to what they do as the life savers out there like Police, Fire Fighters and Ambulatory services. It take a lot of time and effort and can be very emotionally exhausting. So why shouldn't the people who do those things be allowed to earn a living doing them? What's wrong with that?

Maybe we should start persecuting the kind of people who persecute those people because they obviously don't want people to be allowed to have different points of view. By doing so we'd be no better than are they though be careful, they're the kind of people who try to steal the membership of the winning side in a conflict. In other words, they'll trade places with the very people they persecuted.

Most of the time the reason that such people steal the credit for what others say and do is because when someone makes a set of statements as have I on this day that have both a great good to them and a great burden (my comments about unknowingly being forced to bear the weight of a bank heist and my comments with regard to Michaelangelo further down) versus what I said here form a duality.

The wacky group that I've described operates under the guise that if you want to side with one of those points of view, you'll have to carry the burden of the other point of view as well and remain consistent with both. So rather than allowing that to happen in that way, this wacky cult reassigns the source of each statement, either taking the good thing and giving it to the credit of someone else while leaving the bad thing to the person who originally wrote or said it, or by taking the whole thing, both good and bad and giving it completely to someone else by abusing the real author until they appear to contradict it verbally in some way. That's basically the abusive and identity thieving cult's scheme. Identity swapping too. They believe that they can swap identities between people and work in groups to convince other people of this. Unfortunately this is a rampant ideology in Toronto currently and possibly in other parts of the country and world. So in case that happens, here's my description and a picture of me:

I am 51 years old. I am 6 feet tall. I weigh 175 lbs. I am Caucasian. I have green eyes and short dark hair. I am reasonably thin an fit for my age. I don't always wear hats but when I do, I wear this one:

When I don't I look a little bit like this:

Though my hair is a bit longer now and I have a mini goatee.

There are many people in Toronto who try to steal my identity and leave me with the identity of someone involved in crack cocaine or even prostitution. I'm not involved in anything of that kind whatsoever and my love interest is Mandarin Chinese by the way. I'm not African or Jamaican as many people try to imply though I mean no disrespect by those statements. I live at 200 Sherbourne Street in Apartment 701. As I've stated, I'm a Taoist and Buddhist and no other religion. I'm not a member of the Hell's Angels or the Salvation Army though the reasons I state as such is because they define the colour blue as meaning hate means love. A polarity reversal in other words. Something I don't go for. Sincerity before polarity I always say. Likewise I'm not a member of Prince Hall.

Revenue Canada

I just got a notice from the Canada Revenue Agency about my 2001 tax return, which I filed 9 months ago hoping that I'd get a sizable return seeing as I paid a large sum of taxes for that year and the corresponding years.

 Bank Heists And Michaelangelo

I worked for Animation Group Ltd. (aka Ferretina Film Productions Ltd). I filed my return for 2001 using the accounting information I'd managed to keep for all that time. The return certainly would have helped immensely (it would have been in the neighbourhood of $2000) and would have gone a long way to covering the reparations for making me carry the burden of an armed robbery bank heist for so long without my knowing while I was homeless for 8 years and the resulting damage to my life and career.

It certainly wouldn't nearly cover the years of stalking and abuse by the social cult I've been referring to in some of my posts. The worst damage is that most days begin and end with abuse by members of this cult who are my neighbours and various people within the building I reside and some people within my community as well. I'd much rather be able to start a day without a gripe or being exposed to abuse from the onset.

Ironically the whole time I was sided with the Federal Police and about protecting my country and what that for which it is supposed to stand. I believe I did the right thing the whole way through and for that I'm being abused and punished by members of a social cult in Toronto, Ontario, Canada who claim that hate means love for their own benefit because that's how they dump their garbage onto other people. By garbage, I mean the content of their lives that is burdensome or that reflects aspects of their daily efforts. Most of the abusers make little or no effort other than abusing me because its a convenient way for them to unload and because  they believe that in doing so they're imbuing me (or whomever they abuse) with their blood which they believe makes it possible for me to be creative. Go back and read the Michael Jackson paragraph above for more information on that belief.

One good thing is that the Government legally accept the fact of my employment at Ferretina, seeing as my deductions would match the accounting from Animation Group Ltd's tax claim. So in a way, that might prove handy in the near future though the damage has already been done. Its kind of like having gone to prison for someone else's crime for seventeen years. The funny thing is that prior to this situation I wasn't typically a miserable person and was usually pretty happy and positive. I think this cult gets a kick out of crushing people's spirit. Some of them are crazy enough to believe that the greatest creations come from pain and suffering which I believe to be nonsense. The value in art created during the holocaust is not necessarily aesthetic but more so symbolic of the triumph of the Jewish people's spirit over the tyranny of evil. I'm not Jewish but I admire their tenacity and courage given their experiences.

There's evidence to support the idea that Michaelangelo was actually pressured by the Catholic Church to complete so many commissions in order to pay for the gambling debts one of his relatives, and that during the process of his creation that some people might have artificially made his life hellish and used the debt load to implore him to keep working on his art in order to pay for it. I don't think there's any the possibility of me being Michaelangelo (any Michaelangelo or Michael) as I'm not Italian or Sicilian.

There's not much information about this allegation floating around on the Internet because its carried directly by oral tradition and I received that directly from someone (Italian) who was a member of such an oral tradition himself. It is unclear as to whether he was referring to Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni or Michaelangelo Caravaggio. The context that it was given to me was that it related to the Michaelangelo who painted the Cistine Chapel. The point is, that some people (being mortals and not gods) believe that in order to facilitate great works of creativity that much suffering is required and those same people are quite prepared to bring that suffering upon others, perhaps artificially playing the Devil themselves or more fittingly, Rumplestiltskin so they can later take the creation for their own credit. I wonder how many lives would have been spared in the absence of such a belief or if such groups were legally investigated by the authorities?

Personally I've never been in a Casino in my life though it would be interesting to go seeing as I don't have an addictive personality. I think that it would be a great experience too. Maybe someday. I was able to quit cigarette smoking almost 9 years ago cold turkey. I just decided that I was going to quit, and then I quit. Lottery tickets can be fun in moderation.

The Merry Month Of May

Something that I did not know was that in 2002, the Government Of Canada officially declared the month of May as Asian Heritage Month. Oddly enough, this received little publicity and has been relatively obscured for years. Perhaps this is the sort of thing that should be front and center when that month arrives, certainly as a means by which to remember the enormous contribution to the building of our country by members the Asian community. That effort goes back to the beginnings of our the assembly of the vestiges of our infrastructure with the building of the first Canadian railway.

Actually the history of the Asian community's contribution to the building of Canada goes back 250 years and is covered quite well here in a series of articles at the Canadian Encyclopedia. One of the most important figures to support immigration and cultural integration is fellow Novelist and Governor General Adrienne Clarkson. She and her husband John Ralston Saul launched the Institute For Canadian Citizenship.

With the month of February which is Canadian Black History Month coming to a close, you can also read about Canadian Black History at the Canadian Encyclopedia as well. Personally my favourite person of African Canadian heritage is Jazz Pianist Oscar Peterson, my favourite album of his being Satch and Josh (which also features Jazz legend Count Basie). I could also cite others, including Lincoln Alexander with whom I was fortunate enough to have a sizable walk talk with in 2005 while I was still homelessness. Unfortunately he left us in 2012. I could also cite Jean Michelle, who is certainly one of the most adventurous Governor Generals we've had. She was was originally born in Haiti, which historically was populated by nearly one million Africans (brought there to work as slaves on French plantations). She's lived the Canadian experience to its fullest having become an honoured hunter of the Inuit people (including their initiation rites).

So regardless I've been on the side of a secular society and the rule of law for my whole life. I think that in writing A Lady's Prerogative I'm presenting an idealization of how a bunch of people whose principles are more or less in alignment and many of whom have very different beliefs and religions can work together despite their differences while not becoming corrupted by the power of their chosen faith and the collectivism of its membership. Keep in mind that the Sanctum of A Lady's Prerogative also includes atheists and those who are more keen towards the sciences. In fact, A Lady's Prerogative is essentially pro-individual as it and the Butterfly Dragon espouse individuality before the group. One exists as a result of the plural of the other and not the other way around. When the group is enforced by intimidation we tend to call that slavery. When the group is mutually agreed upon by all, that's cooperation.

In these days there tends to be a group or gang that pressures people into doing things at the threat of stealing one's identity or swapping their identity with that of another person to their detriment. That in essence is criminal extortion by the way and is listed in the Canadian Criminal Code as such.

Most people who abuse others or do things of this nature want the world to operate on the idea of hate meaning love and love meaning hate. That's because they want the transference of the content of a person to occur on the basis being hateful towards someone rather than being loving, because as I've stated numerous times its easier to provoke someone to a hateful reaction than it is to earn their friendship or respect and love. So in a way people who operate that way are trying to steal the best of us. That's because they only attack those who have something of value to steal by provoking a harsh reaction from that person. In exchange they offer nothing. The kind of people who do that to others typically have no good about there lives.

Where I live, many of the people employed to utilize that tactic are actually involved in much of the narcotics trade or prostitution and other criminal enterprises that take place in this community. So in essence they take the best from someone good and dump their bad garbage onto that person. That's typically how the "blue" ideology operates though In Canada we're not supposed to discriminate against others on the basis of colour. That's in our Charter Of Rights And Freedoms and Human Rights Act. Colour doesn't necessarily only mean the colour of one's skin. It could mean the colour of our eyes. The colour of the clothing we wear. The colour of the things with which we interact. Be wary of such people because they're trying to move that issue into anything of colour and quite honestly the only other groups to operate in a similar fashion or Nazis and criminal gangs. I'm a Canadian. This also applies to our treatment of members of the LGBTQ community as well because they have rights too and none of what I've said is about "dancing" to avoid hate. I've been quite blunt in this article about the way I feel on a number of issues and I only speak sincerely. I don't speak in opposites. Hate does not mean love to me and never has. Likewise love does not mean hate to me.

Chances are I'll have another rough attack by this wacky group of abusers but I'll never cease standing against them or explaining things at face value with regard to their activities. By the way, I'm not a Scientologist nor a member of the Salvation Army and never have been with all due respect. Despite liking erotic content of a mind control or hypnosis related nature, I am not a member of nor have I ever tried to "mind control" anyone in my life aside from making demands of a person who has wronged me or others in some way.

I think that this wacky group of abusive people try to make their victim appear selfish and narcissistic when in fact they themselves are as such. For instance, I used to be quite active with Amnesty International and a variety of other organizations. The abusive group that I've exposed would do everything that they could to make it seem like my efforts were coming from someone else's apartment in my building of residence. They were doing so purposely so that they could make me appear selfish, which is how they discredit others. They would also increase their social abuse of me whenever I did something for Amnesty International or other organizations and eventually it got so bad that I just stopped doing those things out of anguish. I still have my other blog located at where much of my efforts in that way are documented. I believe that this group has tried to make it appear that both this site and my other sites are run by other people. Its actually quite amazing the effort that goes into this. Regardless, they'll get caught and receive their just dessert as a result and likely sooner than later. I don't wish them any ill, but I do believe that paying the price for their abuse in those regards will probably make them better people in the end.

I hope that you learned something here today.

Now what's the connection between bank heists and gambling? I'll have to look into that.

I am Brian Joseph Johns and this is

Brian Joseph Johns

200 Sherbourne Street #701
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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Perspective: The Mayerthorpe Tragedy

On March 3, 2005 on the farm of James Roszko, four Officers of the RCMP, Anthony Gordon, Lionide "Leo" Johnston, Brock Myrol and Peter Schiemann were murdered while serving a search warrant for stolen property and a marijuana grow operation. James Roszko then turned the gun on himself. Shawn Hennessey and Dennis Cheeseman later plead guilty to manslaughter for assisting James Roszko with the murders of these Officers.

This is the account of the Mayerthorpe tragedy on Wikipedia:

Initial contact with Roszko

On the afternoon of March 2, 2005, two civil bailiffs went to the farm owned by James Roszko to repossess a truck which Roszko had purchased, but on which he had not made any payments. They arrived around 3:00 pm. There was a metal gate blocking the road into the farmyard. When Roszko saw the baillifs, he released two large aggressive Rottweilers. The bailiffs decided they should call the RCMP. The officer who responded to the phone call warned them not to go onto the property until the RCMP arrived. Roszko had a criminal record with violent and sexual offences, and was subject to a firearms possession prohibition. He was known to the members of the Meyerthorpe RCMP Detachment.[3]

Roszko swore at the bailiffs and drove off in a truck. The bailiffs thought it may have been the truck they were to seize, but were not sure.[4]

Shortly after Roszko drove off, three Mounties arrived, including Constable Peter Schiemann. The bailiffs had the legal authority to search the farm for the truck, since they were not sure if the truck Roszko was using was the truck that they had instructions to seize. Acting under that authority, the bailiffs broke open the gate. The Mounties confined the dogs in a shed. The group then went to the quonset in the farmyard. They found numerous vehicle parts, indicating a stolen vehicle chop shop, and a marijuanagrow-op. The Mounties realised that they would need a search warrant before proceeding any further. They left the quonset at approximately 4:15 pm and called in the truck as stolen, warning that other officers should be on the lookout for Roszko.[4]

Search of the property

The senior officer in the group, Corporal James Martin, left to obtain a warrant, leaving two officers to maintain control of the farm. Corporal Martin returned at 8:40 pm with the warrant. Given the expected magnitude of the search, the warrant was valid for twenty-four hours. The Mounties first conducted a security search of the dwelling and the quonset, to ensure that Roszko was not present.[5] While their search confirmed Roszko was not on the farm, the RCMP found a radio scanner tuned to the frequency of the Whitecourt RCMP detachment in Roszko's residence. They also found lists containing intelligence on the local detachments at Mayerthorpe, Whitecourt, Barrhead and Evansburg, including member’s names, car numbers and cell phone numbers. There was also a night vision scope and .308 and 9 mm caliber ammunition, which indicated Roszko was in breach of his firearms prohibition.[6]

[Shhhh! Digital note: The above paragraph is evidence that some members of the public actively engage in intricate counter-intelligence against law enforcement and those associated with it in order to protect criminal enterprise]

Having confirmed that Roszko was not present, the Mounties began the search of the quonset. The initial focus was on the search and seizure of the marijuana plants and equipment, conducted by a special "Green Team" from the RCMP "K" Division in Edmonton. According to documents obtained by the CBC's The Fifth Estate in a court case to have the search warrants made public, police seized seven growing marijuana plants, and 88 harvested plants from the residence, plus a further 192 growing marijuana plants along with growing equipment from the quonset. The marijuana search concluded around 3:00 am on March 3, 2005.[5]

All but two Mounties left at that point, with the expectation that an RCMP team which specialised in stolen vehicle searches would arrive in the morning. Constables Anthony Gordon and Leo Johnston remained on the scene until the morning, with no signs of any trouble. As a security measure during the night, the Mounties had parked several marked police vehicles prominently in the farmyard with their lights on. They also left the vehicle doors and man-door of the quonset wide open, with bright halogen lights on inside. The lights were also left on in the dwelling. The purpose was to make it clear that the Mounties were on the scene and investigating, and to deter unauthorised entry.[5]
Roszko returns

After he fled the farm, Roszko phoned Shawn Hennessey, who worked in Barrhead and who subsequently admitted that he was associated with Roszko in the grow-op.[7] Roszko wanted to hide his truck on Hennessey's property. Hennessey refused, but he contacted his brother-in-law, Dennis Cheeseman, for help in dealing with Roszko. Roszko went to Hennessey's farm. Hennessey and Cheeseman arrived there separately.[8]

Roszko was armed with a Beretta hand-gun, and asked for a Winchester rifle that he knew that Hennessey had been given by Hennessey's grandfather. Hennessey got the rifle, chambered in .300 Winchester Magnum, along with ammunition. He wiped it down. Cheeseman got a pillow case and some gloves. He put on the gloves, then put the rifle in the pillowcase and gave it to Roszko. It was clear to all there that Roszko was enraged at the police.[9] He said he was going to go back to his farm to burn down the quonset, with the evidence of the chop shop and grow op. He had decided to hide the truck at his aunt's home, and asked Hennessey and Cheeseman to follow him there, then drive him to his own farm. They agreed to do so.[9] His aunt's house was 38.5 km from Roszko's own farm.[10]

After parking his truck at his aunt's house, Roszko got into the car driven by Hennessey, who drove him back to the area of Roszko's farm. On the way, Roszko continued to rant about the RCMP, saying he would get even with them. Cheeseman later said Roszko's ranting was "devil talk".[11]

Roszko directed them to drive past the road leading to his own farm and go on to the next one. They could see the lights of the police cars at Roszko's farm. Sometime between 1:00 am and 3:00 am on March 3, 2005, Hennessey and Cheeseman dropped Roszko off. He pulled heavy socks over his boots, presumably to hide his tracks in the snow. He grabbed the Hennessey rifle and set off towards his farm and the police.[11]

As they were driving away, Cheeseman suggested to Hennessey that they call police. Hennessey disagreed, and no call was made.[12]
The shooting

On the morning of March 3, 2005, Constables Anthony Gordon and Leo Johnston were still providing scene security, pending the arrival of the RCMP Auto Theft investigators. In a telephone report at around 9:00 am, Constable Johnson advised Corporal Martin that the night had been uneventful. Corporal Martin decided to send Constable Myrol to the scene to assist with the search by the Auto Theft investigators. Constable Schiemann was not assigned to work at the scene, but agreed to drop off Constable Myrol. They also agreed that they would pick up some meat and a veterinary sedative to feed and calm down the dogs, who had not been fed since they had been put in the shed the day before. The two drove to the Roszko farm, arriving sometime after 9:30 am.[13]

Just before 10:00 am, Constable Hoogestraat and Constable Vigor of the RCMP Auto Theft investigation unit arrived. They saw the four Mayerthorpe Mounties at the shed, presumably feeding the meat and sedatives to the Rottweilers. As Hoogestraat and Vigor prepared for the search, the four Mayerthorpe Mounties went towards the quonset. The doors to the quonset were still open, as they had been all night.[13]

Unknown to the Mounties, Roszko was inside the quonset. The subsequent Fatalities Inquiry could not determine when he had returned, but the judge conducting the inquiry concluded that it was unlikely Roszko had entered the quonset much before daylight. He was well-dressed to spend the night outdoors. He had probably approached the quonset hiding under a sheet which the Mounties later found in the quonset, along with a pillowcase and workgloves. The sheet would have masked him against the snow, and the socks over his boots would have muffled his steps.[14]

The four Mayerthorpe Mounties entered the quonset. Outside the quonset, Constables Hoogestraat and Vigor heard two loud bangs, followed by several other sounds which they recognized as gunfire. They also heard screaming from within the quonset. Constable Hoogestraat ran to the radio to report "officers down". Constable Vigor started to the entrance of the quonset, when Roszko came out. He had a hunting rifle slung on his back, a pistol in his belt and a Heckler & Koch .308 semi-automatic rifle in his hands. He was just casually walking out, then saw Constable Vigor and stopped, apparently surprised that there were more Mounties outside. He quickly recovered and fired two shots at Constable Vigor, who took shelter behind a police vehicle and returned fire with two shots from his sidearm. Both of his shots hit Roszko, who staggered back into the quonset.[13]

Constable Hoogestraat was unable to make radio contact with the officers in the shed. The RCMP Emergency Response Team was called by 10:13 am and arrived by 11:52 am from Edmonton, which is normally an hour away from Mayerthorpe.[13] An armoured vehicle from the Canadian Forces Edmonton Garrison was called in, but subsequently stood down as not needed.[15] The Emergency Response Team sent in a Remote Mobile Investigator, a robot with a video camera attached, and determined that all four officers and Roszko were all dead.[13].

The Fatalities Inquiry later determined that Roszko killed all four officers, who all died almost instantly. Only Constable Johnson was able to return fire with one shot.[14] Roszko then was wounded in the hand and in the thigh by the shots fired by Constable Vigor outside the quonset. The shot to his thigh fractured his femur. After he went back into the quonset, he turned his weapon on himself.[13]

That concludes the account of the Mayerthorpe tragedy on Wikipedia.

The four Officers in this tragedy were taken from their families by a killer, who had obviously been keeping a purposeful eye on the Mounties for some time through scanners and careful tracking. I know what I said yesterday in my now deleted post about being "disconnected" from family but I'd like to make one thing clear and that is that I don't side with anyone who would number themselves amongst the killers of these Officers or any Officers for that matter and I hold my ground on that without exception. 

I've personally seen the kind of effort that goes into tracking authorities or people deemed to be on the side of authority as used by people within my community of Regent Park and it is quite sickening, especially when examined against the context of this tragedy. Keep in mind that James Roszko was one person. Imagine when a group of similarly minded people collaborate to protect their criminal enterprise by similar means?

I suppose that aspect is only shadowed by people who would work from within the system and exploit it to protect their own criminal enterprise or those of their friends and peers. Either using system resources to track individuals or to share information with those protecting other criminal enterprises and to misuse the system to thwart people who are deemed to be enemies of these criminal enterprises. It is activities like those on both sides of the fence that polarize people, sometimes to the level of atrocity though it seems that James Roszko had certainly targeted the Mounties and was keeping an eye on them in order to protect his own illicit activities.

In examining this case, I'd say that there is no contest when it comes to the fact that these Officers were taken away from their families forever, and that is of no comparison to being "disconnected" from one's own family and friends. There are times when it is essential to stay gray, and find common ground between two opposites and there are other times, times like in this case where boundaries are truly defined, because in such a case, train wrecks like James Roszko could never happen because nobody would allow it to progress that far.

This case changed how Mounties are trained and also increased the level of protection which they're afforded when dealing in similar situations. Perhaps cases like this should serve as a reminder of how important some boundaries are because if such boundaries had been kept in mind by the public who'd known of James Roszko, perhaps such tragedies as this would not occur at all. I am not talking so much about the legalization movement and Canada's choice to legalize marijuana. I believe that will have last benefits to law enforcement and to society and the economy.

I am ultimately talking about the history of James Roszko, which ultimately should have set off someone's alarm. Read the article entitled The Terrible Secrets Of Dennis Cheeseman.

Anyway, the anniversary of this tragedy is just around the corner (March 3). Its a shame that tragedies such as these happen at all. For that matter its a shame that mass killings occur with either Officers or civilians as victims, yet there is a collective predatory nature in today's society that seems to be fascinated with making people who are capable of such deeds. Perhaps it is time that we stopped turning a blind eye to such activities?

Please take a little bit of time to consider what Officers like those lost in the Mayerthorpe tragedy risk every day. Maybe if we all put a little bit of effort in the direction of helping we can avert such tragedies. Remember that those involved in Policing service take risks every day and they are no different than the brave members of our Armed Forces.

As I stated in my prior (and now deleted) post, I'll continue working on A Lady's Prerogative III, both The Debate and Singularity on Tuesday 26 or Wednesday 27 of February (next week). I might have some other surprises soon too.

I am Brian Joseph Johns and this is

Brian Joseph Johns

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Monday, February 18, 2019

New Tactics By Local Cult To Make Me Appear Further Mentally Ill

Ironically on Family day, I had to go to the food bank to resupply. Unfortunately it was closed which is no big deal. I can survive until Wednesday or Thursday and the volunteers deserve a much needed break I'm sure.

On my way back from the St. Bartholomew's I passed a guy wearing red and black toque who was yelling stuff (to himself presumably seeing as he was alone) about the Hell's Angels and terrorists and things of that nature. Likely a lot of the similar content a local criminal gang has tried to use to gaslight me.

That's essentially how the "blue" team operates with regard to the red team despite the fact that using colours in such a fashion is against the Charter of Rights And Freedoms in Canada. I myself actually don't believe in the Bible, the New Testament or the Quran nor am I a Scientologist or Gnostic or member of Prince Hall and I'm not from Nova Scotia with all due respect though I'd love to go there some time and as I've said, I don't use, buy or sell narcotics. I say that just in case someone is trying to swap identities with mine, a common tactic used by this abusive cult. That is, in groups this cult will deny you your own identity. Even throughout your own community and quite often they'll force someone else's onto you. I'm 51 years old. I'm 6 feet tall, I weigh 175 lbs. I have green eyes and short dark hair. There will be a picture of my face on this post when I get to it.

This cult that operates via the symbolism of colours takes different aspects of a person's life and then applies them to someone else's life however they see fit. That can mean a person's history or events from their life. The plot of movies or books or video games they perused recently. Anything that they can steal from their victim including their victim's identity. Not necessarily the victim's paperwork identity, though I am going through the process of verifying that, I mean a person's identity by way of their reputation.

The group that seems to be doing this is a religious cult of some kind and they steal the content from one person's life to fuel another person's life. All using the symbolism of colours. This can work out to one's benefit or their detriment though that's largely subjective.

Personally I'm not a member of any religion that would operate in that way but it seems that this cult forces me into this sort of thing for whatever reason. I don't consider myself to be on the blue team in that sense for certain. I'm actually a Taoist and a Buddhist and I'm not Schizophrenic though I am mid way through an application for Ontario Disability Support Program. I'm actually applying as a victim of crime, though I have to go through the red tape for the bureaucracy.

I am the writer of A Lady's Prerogative I, II and now III and the writer of The Butterfly Dragon I and II. I'm also working on the ever unfinished Stories From The End and a few other things as well of a technical nature.

In the building in which I live, most often this identity swapping is about propping up someone else in the community with my accomplishments to make them look good. Usually this propping up is related to protecting narcotics trafficking in the area despite the fact that I have nothing to do with that aspect of life.

Everything I've revealed on this blog is truth in that regard, especially with regard to my life. I did work for a film company for the animated feature Ferretina in the west end of Toronto. It was allegedly funded by the proceeds of the Lufthansa Heist. I have been conducting my own personal investigation into that while providing information to the correct authorities. As a result I actually ended up homeless for 8 years and upon receiving this housing I was set upon by my neighbours and members of this cult in the Regent Park community. That's after trying to bring some positive attention to the community. You see the thing is that if you do something good, they don't want it to appear to come from you. Instead they'll steal it from you and give it to someone else's credit while ladening you with an identity that is not your own. So I didn't even start this conflict but I'm certainly going to finish it legally and with the truth.

This weekend was another example of harassment and abuse by people in the community and it occurred for the entire weekend as well. No interference from anyone. Not even the Police. This cult believe that when they abuse their victim, they're transferring their blood into the victim and that the results should make the victim a better person. That's what they believe but this comes uninvited and its what they call blue love. Their hate means blood in this sense. I'm not a member of any ideology that operates that way. Also this cult tries to forcefully define one colour (usually blue) to mean love and the other colour (usually red) to mean hate. They have competitions over this and they really do go quite far in this extent but they don't treat everyone equally. They'll usually target one person in an area for this sort of treatment and I just happen to be the most commonly mistreated person in the area for this reason and as I've said, I'm not on the blue team and never will be. I'm not a Hell's Angel. I'm also not a member of the Salvation Army and not a member of Prince Hall. As I've stated numerous times, my love interest in real life is Mandarin Chinese (they originate from the country China) and I'm not American with all due respect. Neither is Doctor Stephen Briggs. He was born and raised in Canada and moved to the United States in his mid twenties and became a citizen there (holding dual citizenship). He eventually returned to Canada as part of academia.

I think for some reason that this cult is trying to swap my identity with that of a pedophile or someone who is infatuated with African or Caribbean Women. No disrespect meant but I am not that way and I don't swap identities between cultures. So China isn't Africa and vice versa. Asia isn't the Caribbean and vice versa. Japan isn't Saudi Arabia and vice versa. So I believe that this cult in my building have been trying to swap my identity with that of a variety of people who meet the criteria of being infatuated with African and Caribbean Women. There's nothing wrong with that, but that's not an aspect of my life whatsoever. Likewise I'm certainly not a pedophile. I think that the person this cult tries to prop up in the community is the person they're attempting to make into what they call "King Hell" or the King Of Hell, despite the fact that I don't believe in heaven or hell despite being a Taoist. I'm not a member of Christianity or Islam at all. I do admire the story of Exodus, Moses, King Solomon and King David, but I'm not a member of any religion associated with the Old Testament, New Testament or Quran. As a matter of fact the majority of abuse that I experience originates from people who seem to be connected with those religions in one way or another, or are infatuated with Scientology and Gnosticism, neither of which I'm a part. Likewise I am not a Satanist and I don't believe in Voodou either.

So most likely I'll have to spend another week or two clearing myself before I continue writing A Lady's Prerogative III or The Debate. I'll probably have to spend a day or two in bed as well, as when I'm attacked in this way for long periods, it usually results in migraine headaches that last for two or three days. Fortunately I have IBU-Profen.

If anyone out there acting as a Rose for me is suddenly burdened with things related to narcotics, prostitution, fellatio or anything of that nature, it is likely not coming from me nor did it originate from myself. Likely the membership of this cult tries to laden me with it to hit you out there possibly to give you a much different impression of me than is the truth. I'm not Italian, Sicilian or Irish and I'm not African or Jamaican either by the way and once again I say that with all due respect. There's nothing wrong with any of the cultures that I claim not to be. That's not the point. The point is that its wrong to try and force a different cultural identity (or any kind of identity) onto a person than that of their own and if they deny their own cultural (or gender) identity, that doesn't mean they are inviting others to give them a new one. I'm heterosexual by the way but I completely support LGBTQ rights, marriage and raising children.

Insofar as hate and abuse goes, I don't receive that kind of hate and abuse from members of the culture of my love interest and if I did, it's generally accepted from my love interest and others of her culture and that's the nature of love. Its bias. I'm not on the purple team so I'm not trying to perfectly balance the bias of love with everyone. There are boundaries and limits for good reasons and I believe that the bias of love should be in favour of your love interest or spouse and the people that you choose beyond that person within the social limits of that kind of expression. For instance, most people that are not members of this cult wouldn't approach a stranger and suddenly smother them in affection or hatred. There's social limits and boundaries.

This is also about freedom and free will and that's because members of this cult don't want to earn respect or love the hard way. They want extreme emotions the easy way and that's why they use hate. Enough hate given to a person and they'll eventually boil over themselves and likely mistreat the people that abused them. Its reaction and what some cults see as a loss of free will. So for them its like mind control and they see nothing wrong with doing that sort of thing to a complete stranger. In fact this cult wants their victim to break that definition of green in favour of a different one and that's quite often why they attack people en masse. Its because they want to break down other competing greens with their own definition for green. So this cult does it aggressively and that's also likely why so many Veterans are left in the cold as well. Its the same monster.

Love on the other hand takes time to earn. You can shower a complete stranger with love and they'll likely withdraw from you or maybe even have you charged (which should happen as well in the case of abuse and hate). No matter what you do, you have to earn love. Its not a reaction. Its free will. So this cult swap the definition of love and hate, so that they can control other people into loving them because after a lot of hate and abuse, a person will eventually burst and react harshly against the people abusing them. If hate means love, then that means that person is giving the abusers love. Extreme emotions seem to be the mechanism by which we share whatever is a part of our person. The good, bad and things in between that are our accomplishments and mistakes. So for this cult its a way of getting at those accomplishments and mistakes from their victims without the victim's consent (if they react harshly to these abusive people whom always operate in groups).

That's pretty much the secret of their operation.

So I'm going to recover today (which is Family day in Canada). I'll likely spend a bit of time recovering tomorrow as well. It might take me about a week or two before I'm clear of the nonsense from this weekend and I certainly don't want my readers (or my love interest) to end up with that nonsense as their burden.

I have nothing to do with someone nick named brown Jane and I'm not Terence or Clarence and once again I say that with all due respect. I'm not a Jehovah's Witness or Mormon. I'm a Taoist and Buddhist leaning heavily towards Taoism.

Regardless, have a good day, stay safe and be well

Brian Joseph Johns

200 Sherbourne Street #701
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
M5A 3Z5
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