AI Artist Humour And A Quick Message From Me

If you're an AI artist that uses text prompt based image generators and want a good laugh...

Swap your image text prompt with the negative prompt...

Last Lonely Lounge Comic... ;-)

As Brian Joseph Johns

On another note, I'd like to thank those of you who took time to contact me or to view this site. I'm very grateful for it whether I express that sentiment or not.

I was contacted by a friendly lady named Annie on Facebook, who claimed to be an educated woman from Singapore, and I apologize if I seemed a bit rude and abrupt, but I've been receiving a lot of negative attention and lack the resources to insulate myself and my company from such issues. 

So sometimes its difficult to tell the difference between a kind and sincere approach versus a malicious setup that will eventually lead to grief and difficulty. Hence, I had to be protective first of my artists (one of whom am I),everyone else in my circle, my person as CEO, artist and writer, and my company's interests. 

I certainly lack a social life and probably need one under Doctor's orders, but I have to protect my circle first. I don't date and certainly am not the kind of person who seeks one night stands or relationships involving immediate gratification. Don't get me wrong, healthy sexuality is an important healing and release for adults (in almost all of its exploratory avenues), but I and most other sexually liberal adults value true companionship first and above all else. Passion has no context or meaning without a foundation. This is definitely a key aspect of the latest Two Butterflies Episode - Episode 10. However, we're not here to tell people how to feel, so we're going to explore a lot in this matter in that Episode.

If your contact was pertaining to business, especially related to Shhhh! Digital content, then please feel free to contact me again and I'll give our dealings another chance. No harm intended, but my circle comes first. You could say that Heylyn and I are very similar in those respects.