The Road Ahead...

The Butterfly Dragon and the Eclipse make their way into the air...

Hi. Brian Joseph Johns here.

I'm going to be focusing on some other projects over the next week or two that are more based in development than writing, but I will reserve at least two days a week (including Saturday) to work on the current story lines of the Butterfly Dragon, i.e. The Two Butterflies, Night Boat (which is long overdue for an update) and We Who Stand On Guard.

Tales From The Sanctum will get another story soon, but I can't say for sure if that will happen before the end of February or some time into March. When it does, it will be a monumental occasion, speaking in terms of the plot of course.

The Legendary Of Xarn is still very much a part of the future, but not the immediate future. I'll get to it by late Summer/early Autumn of 2024.

So, insofar as what the near future brings, I'll be focusing on Butterfly Dragon connected stories, and then Tales Of The Sanctum (which is also very much connected to Butterfly Dragon as well) and then some other surprises over the remainder of the Winter and into the Spring.

I will continue to attempt to use the story lines that are a part of Shhhh! Digital Media, employing them towards introspective ends where it concerns global issues, and I'll do my best to do justice by them. 

I have my own flaws (many of them) and I'm one person working within those limits, and often within a tumultuous environment that isn't conducive to what I do and many that treat me as if what I do, originates from them, as if they're remotely controlling me or some other nonsense of that kind. My mentors I have humble respect for. My abusers, that's a completely different story <grits teeth and clenches fists>.

However, I still keep on keeping on. That's a small feat considering what some other people are going through in other parts of the world right now. It always amazes me that in the midst of such turmoil, that there's always more people willing to add to it in the world. Don't let chaos get the best of you.

I take a lot of psychological beatings, but every single time I get back up and continue from where I left off. I'd much rather be the person struggling against such malevolence than part of the people dishing it out, who mostly seem driven by sadism and narcissism.

There's much more to learn in regard to struggling against such misguided efforts, and as a famous philosopher once stated: whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger. A truly profound statement indeed.

Don't let whatever doesn't make sense, make you senseless.

Whether you're struggling against it, or you're living a peaceful dream and using that luxury well and for the betterment of the world, you're getting ahead. It must be a real hell to just give up your mind and your meaning and to jump on board a large group of chaotic people with no purpose other than malevolence. However, are they the problem, or is it whatever makes them that way? Is it an act of choice or just giving up?

No matter how rough things get, we should always be glad we never fell that far, but that realization also comes with its own responsibilities and the way to stop it isn't to keep feeding it.

There isn't so much a solution as there is likely a process that sees it eventually have no means to continue to exist as an option.

I'm off, but not to see the Wiz, the Heys or the Haze or for that matter (I'm definitely not about any of those ideas), however Frank L. Baum's original story is still a classic in my heart. I'm off to do some stuff in Unreal Engine and possibly some (actual) coding as well. Then much later on and into the night, I'll be a naughty man.

I should have a few more chapters posted to the ongoing stories by Saturday, and then next week will see another episode completed and another started.

To those of you absent of malice, have a good day. 

And once again, Bobby has nothing to do with Shhhh! Digital Media at all. Bobby isn't Weltherwithsp either and I don't play guitar. I think that there's an identity theft cult involved in the abuse I experience, and I look forward to exposing them fully in the future.