A Heart For Japan

Accept help humbly,
guard your dignity readily.
Aikiko Tanaka Wields Her Bokken.
FYI: Its the same writer that writes both Tales Of The Sanctum: A Lady's Prerogative stories and books, and The Butterfly Dragon: The Two Butterflies. I am that writer. Just so you know.

I only very recently heard about the tragedy of the earthquakes that hit Japan earlier this first week of January 2024. 

I am very relieved that the casualties and damage sustained are far less than they could have been, given the extremity of the quake and the potential for tsunami in their after aftermath, though any casualties are a cause for concern and grief.

I recall that during the aftermath of the 2011 earthquake that had hit Japan, I spent three months giving half of my disposable income to charities supporting the rescue and housing efforts in Japan, and that was at a time when I myself was not housed. 

At that time, I was homeless, but working, all the while I was writing the first couple of stories that would eventually grace the Shhhh! Digital Media website.

I know what its like to be without a home, and to be in that situation, even more so than most people enduring that experience now, but I won't get into details about that. When I gripe about things, remember that I've traveled a road tread upon by few and I don't accept abuse.

In the aftermath of this crisis, its good to know that there are organizations that assist citizens in such dire circumstances. That is something I truly appreciated when I needed it as well, however, remember to make sure that you are treated with fairness and dignity after that need has passed, as much so as during your moment of need, Japan. Its often ironic how the most gracious of assistance and good intent, can sometimes have hidden caveats that will come to bear at a later date.

You deserve not to be exploited in your moment of need for the good press it will garner those who assist you, not to mention that good press is paid for by the lives of those of your citizens who died in the quake. 

You make sure that your dignity is upheld long after your moment of need has long since passed. Those who sincerely are about helping others in crisis, will appreciate you that much more, while those who are just there for the fleeting moments of publicity, will reveal their true nature in due time. I for one have a heart for Japan, that extends through all of your triumphs and tribulations. 

There's no strings attached where I'd expect you to transform your culture to appease the dogma of those who assisted you in your moment of need. 

Once again, those who truly are in this to help others, you'll know them and they'll always be sincere and absent of a faceted presence. Expecting nothing but for you to continue being the Japan you've always been, and the Japan you will become.

Ways To Help Online

Also, you can reach the Japanese Red Cross Society at https://www.jrc.or.jp/english/ who are active in many regions needing similar assistance.

There are other agencies and press affiliates out there that I have not mentioned whose effort is sincere and meaningful in crises such as this. Please do your research when looking into how you allocate your donations to assist in times of crisis. 

Be well and safe,

Brian Joseph Johns
Shhhh! Digital Media

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