A Productive Update Relating To Harassment Attacks...

So here's what I've figured out so far about the latest attack upon my person.

There's a group of people at a local shelter called Heyworth House. They're being assisted by people in a cult who live near me, and by some (not nearly all) people I know personally and have trusted for a very long time, to steal aspects of my own identity and efforts and to give them to the credit of various people who live and work at the Heyworth House shelter.

Insofar as this effort has been going on, these people I've mentioned have been attempting to steal the credit including the authorship for everything I create on Shhhh! Digital Media, and that effort includes effort by organized crime in my proximity. It includes illegal surveillance conducted by organized crime, not the Police.

The idea is that this cult erase certain people in society and their means for doing so include stealing every aspect of a person's life and giving it to the credit of others, while giving back a reputation from another person that is often very contradictory to that of their own life. Basically, the membership of this cult slowly suffocate the life out of their victim(s) over a period of time, taking aspects of their victim's life and giving it out to their fellow cult members, to fuel their lives.

So basically there are neighbours in my proximity who are associated with organized crime, and some are members of this cult I'm exposing. Basically they've been spying on me illegally for years, and stealing the impression of having been the ones who create what I've been creating all along.

This effort was part of an organized plan that started out twenty or more years ago, and was at least in part carried out by some residents and workers of the shelter system, and as I stated, people I once trusted. Ironically, I was warned by the OPP twenty years ago about this very thing, as they've dealt with victims of it before.

From what I've been able to piece together thus far, that's what's behind this entire effort and it essentially was taking place in a form I began to notice a little over twenty years ago.

Most recently the attacks became motivated by the fact that I was wearing military colours and writing a story including a military character. As I've stated, the membership of this cult employ colour symbolism as one of the methods by which they attack people, especially the concept of identity. Their use of colours in this manner mirrors that of organized crime as well, especially gangs.

So these neighbours were likely planted here by the organized crime and cult I'm exposing, when I first moved into the building in April of 2012. I live in a building with a lot of subsidized units, and many of the units neighbouring my own are occupied by members of this cult who either moved in very close to the time I first moved in, or are residents of the apartments on a floating basis. That is, they live there for a few days and someone else replaces them, for a few days and so and so forth. 

All in all, this group operate together and very much work in conjunction of coordinated attacks upon my person. Either with around the clock monitoring of my computer and phone (illegally), or by stealing my identity and any of my computer work based efforts and giving it all out to members of their cult, while the same cult members attacking me replace my identity with that of others involved in a more criminal life style. For instance, sex trafficking or some association with crack cocaine and other narcotics, despite the fact that I don't use them at all.

Even this post will be attributed to a member of their cult most likely and again most likely someone who is a resident or worker at Heyworth House shelter.

Now your first reaction when people are stealing the credit for what you do, especially where it concerns your work, is to deny them of that, which in turn makes you appear to be selfish, which is one of their goals. To discredit you while they're doing all of this to you. This is coupled with a nearly around the clock cycle of verbal harassment day in and day out, not to mention all through the night as well.

The more you experience these sorts of attacks upon your person, the more of a negative effect it can have on you and your dealings with others, though in this community from what I understand, this cult has a stranglehold here. There's few people who will cross them, and so far I'm the only one I know of taking them on, but I do know there's many people who oppose them. More than there are members of this cult for certain.

So the question of my time in the military has come up, as part of the attack upon my person and in all truth, I was a member of the Queen's Own Rifles for a short period of time twenty six years ago. It was a difficult situation back then as when I joined, several other means of my employment ceased at the same time I joined leading me to believe that the places I was working were against the military. I was working two other jobs at that point in time, and they both laid me off within a week of my joining the QOR, leading to a very difficult situation. 

When you enlist, it can take several months before you start receiving pay as a member of the militia. I imagine its different with reg-forces. So naturally when I joined, my life became very difficult financially from that point onward, eventually leading to my not being able to continue my training as I had to find a paying job or end up on the streets. Ironically, once I'd terminated my membership, finding a job went from being nearly impossible to quick and easy, which once again leads me to believe that there's a cult operating at some level of society who oppose military membership, that plays with people's lives. After a lifetime of experience now, I think that its a cult built into many aspects of society unfortunately, and is more active now than ever in attacking and damaging people's lives. As I've stated, they've certainly had a very negative impact upon mine and have recently become very aggressive, especially spreading misinformation about me and the origins of what I create on Shhhh! Digital Media.

Much of this opposition comes from the fact that my own love interest is Southeast Asian and the membership of this cult opposes that. My accusing them of that has lead them to claim that I've been stealing other people's identities. People whom I've known over the course of my life (who've been at one time or another in a relationship with someone Southeast Asian) and in some cases, these are people with whom the members of this cult are attempting to swap my history with theirs as well, to get rid of the aspects of their lives that they don't like and take the good aspects of my life to wear as theirs. Once again, I'd be willing to bet that other people are undergoing similar attacks upon their person as well and it is amongst these people whom I find those that are similarly opposed to this cult, but as I stated, there's few who will take them on the same way I do.

Many of these people who are members of this cult live according to and enforce the idea that they are the source of many other people's minds. That is, that most of us aren't conscious, and that our minds originate collectively from this cult's group, who are usually located in a specific location in proximity to those whose minds they're "providing". So the members of this particular branch of the cult that allegedly provide my mind are located somewhere, and it is often to those people that the cult members credit everything that I say and do. As if I don't have a mind, and that the appearance of having one is created by the members of this cult, who basically claim they are the source of my mind. Likely this is the case with many other people as well. I of course defy that claim, hence their near constant efforts to gaslight me and provoke responses that go a long way towards discrediting me as a person. Its been very stressful to those ends as I'm sure many other people victim of the same thing can attest to. Evidence indicates that many content creators are similarly under attack. I've personally noticed these attacks against writers, including myself. 

So called "sponsorship" schemes, where in order to claim yourself to be of a particular vocation, you're required to pay someone else with bits and pieces of your own life or output. These payments are collected by cult members, who are akin to organized crime and literally extort the payment from you. These aspects of your life that are extorted for aren't limited to merely your vocation, but even your own culture and aspects of your own identity. Its run as a sort of competition of Gnostic duality, akin to Nazism, whereby of two people who have a similar background and sets of skills, the two are forced to compete in order to retain their own identity with regard to these skills. The winner keeps their history and their own skills, while the loser often loses their identity and any association with having those particular skills and is often sent packing with all of the bad of the two. 

That aspect of this cult is actually something that this cult sets up a betting pool between the two people, but these dualistic competitions are always weighted so that one side is guaranteed to win and the other to lose. The one they target to lose often receives major harassment for weeks at a time and around the clock, which has been the case with me on and off for almost two decades. Many of these cult members also enforce the idea that aspects of their victims' consciousness comes from movies. Either movies that have been released recently or available for a long time, or movies currently in production. So in other words, the cult enforces the idea that a person's consciousness arises from either the actor, or the character being portrayed by the actor, but the victim has no consciousness of their own according to this cult. This of course sets them up nicely to be the chosen people, who of course have real consciousness that they rent out to everyone else, and this often is identified on the basis of their dark skin colour. So basically, its a racist group.

In my case, the racist group are claiming that my true love is an obese African or Caribbean woman who is allegedly also a writer, and who is the source of my mind. That is, the cult enforce the idea in the community that I live, that everything I write originates from this obese African or Caribbean woman, who seems to be a member of this racist cult. Once again, the motives behind this cult's attack upon my person has to do with the fact that my own love interest is Southeast Asian, and the racist cult in question simply doesn't accept that because I'm light skinned and of European ancestry mostly and because I'm not African or Caribbean or biracial African or Caribbean, which apparently makes me of lesser stock than others according to the ideas this cult enforces on others. Meanwhile, I'm not going to budge on this issue at all. They'll often claim that my love interest is Filipino or Indonesian, which I can honestly say that she's not. Their motives for those claims are to keep me in the grasp of their cult through other members of their cult who are of those cultures. In all truth, my love interest is definitely not a member of their cult at all and has no association with it at all. More likely, she was victimized by the same cult, especially when I was in a relationship with her in 2006.

So you could say this is an information sharing session to help others who are being victimized by the same thing and as I stated in an earlier post, there's definitely a racial element to this as well. One directly attempting to force others like myself to be subservient to members of the African and Caribbean community, and chasing me away from my allegiance with Asian culture. In fact, this is so aggressive, that there are people who any time I access something Asian on my computer or phone (including anytime I check out adult content of that nature) these people literally take that fact from me, and wear it as if it was them, and replace what they took with activities related to African and Caribbean culture, to make it seem that I'm involved with those cultures rather than Asian culture. I am not African or Caribbean or even biracial African or Caribbean and I remind people that its a hate crime to replace someone's identity in order to replace their gender, culture or religion.

Previously, much of the theft of my content was given to a neighbour named Marty, though in all decency to that person, he's not been active in any harassment for the last two years, and has generally been quite, though it appears there's a resident in his apartment that has taken over the task of harassment from him, though I cannot be certain that person's harassment isn't actually coming from another apartment. But to clear things up, nobody named Marty is involved in the creation of anything on Shhhh! Digital Media, but if there were a person with that name involved here, it would be Martin Short for sure in the Last Lonely Lounge Comic.

One thing I've also noticed about them is that early in the lives of their victims, they attempt to create situations they can use later to create difficulty in a victim's life and often they create these situations when the victim is the most naive about it. When you trust people the most and don't suspect a thing that there's a cult operating under all of this mess. Those situations later serve as puppet strings to manipulate you, or the means of your destruction if you oppose this cult too much as the details of those situations will often be publicly revealed as a means to discredit you, meaning that this cult operates with foresight and knowledge of what they're doing and what their goals involve with their victims.

Also, there are people that sometimes get angry when things in a story I'm writing don't go the way that they want them to, and yes, there are some people who will go to great lengths to attack me in some pretty devious ways. For instance, I was attacked over Shaela Sheowellyn's part in the latest A Lady's Prerogative story, and its connection to Hoby the lawyer who tells a story of his own. When people read your work, there are people who sometimes internalize the characters a little too closely to themselves, and they can become offended when things don't go the way they wanted for a particular character. 

I'm flattered to think that this seems to be happening quite frequently, but it can be unhealthy to lose yourself in an illusion. So keep that line of distinction between yourself and the character. People who can empathize well often create very meaningful character experiences for readers, and it seems that this was a recurrent theme in author J.D. Salinger's life as he was often approached by people obsessed with his books. I'm not comparing myself, but I certainly took the time to learn from that chapter of his life. Good writers are good at understanding people, and good readers are good usually creative people themselves, because their mind is so engaged filling in the blanks of what the writer only implied. Don't let that creativity run away with your perception of reality.

Also, some people might make connections between my stories and things that just aren't related, especially in their own lives, and I'd say that these sorts of illusions can sometimes be seeded by people around them who have no good in mind for them. So if you're reading something in a character you relate with, don't take it personally if something doesn't go as planned for them. Maybe try to see the humour in it, if it exists (as it does definitely in the latest ALP story), or read between the lines and learn something about people that defies cliché or stigmatic ideas, such as Hoby the lawyer, who at first seems like a sleeze out for the money, but when you read beyond the cover, you'll often find that there's much more than you thought at first simply because of the barrier a cliché or stigmatic idea poses.

As crazy as it might sound, many of my neighbours attempt to enforce the idea that they're controlling me into writing what I write, and that seems to be one of their justifications for attempting to steal it from me. I think that one of their authors is an obese African or Caribbean woman to whom they're attempting to give the credit for my writing? Just to clear things up, I can honestly say that is not the case, and that I have no fetish or attraction to such women, though I'd honestly have to say I'd never torment someone over their weight, thin or obese and I have no fetish related African or Caribbean culture or a person's weight at all and never have. 

But someone of that ilk controlling me into writing? 

It seems to me that it would be far easier just to write it yourself rather than to spend years practicing efforts to manipulate others at a distance and get them to write what you wanted to be written, wouldn't it? Why not pick up a pen and write something down or get a computer or typewriter and try it instead of claiming that everything else other people do is because of you, laying in bed all day deluding yourself into believing such a ludicrous thing. 

Control can be a fun thing to think about, but to enforce that idea upon others that you're the reason that they do and say everything and then to enforce getting the credit for it all? That's totally wrong. Think freely, speak diplomatically but act responsibly.

No offence to Heyworth House as I seem to recall there were many good staff there and civil clients who weren't out to steal the lives of others but were using the opportunity they had to get on their feet and back into life once again, though I suppose you've got to watch out for the people who are creating this very real chaos amongst everyone. However I should say that I neither live there or work there and nothing from Shhhh! Digital Media is created there. 

While waiting for housing, I was a resident between September 2008 and April 2012, and started writing A Lady's Prerogative, Testament Of Time and Stories From The End while there.

There were people who attempted to take my identity as the writer, including a guitar player, though I don't play guitar and I've never owned a guitar. 

There were others who attempted to impersonate my identity as well. For instance, I'm a piano and keyboard player, and they brought in another person of similar skills to take my identity as the writer, and for some music I composed back then.

I'm also a programmer, and work in both C++ and Pascal. Back then in 2010 I was working in Pascal and had written a fireworks simulation and a number of other projects using the OpenGL API. Another programmer moved in late 2010, and was working for Rogers center at that time, writing an OpenGL based user interface for their program guide and movie rental front end. He hired me to teach him some OpenGL related stuff and act as consultant to him, though he was pretty friendly and I don't think he had any malicious intent such as stealing my identity, but others have since that time claimed that I was stealing his identity, which is not the case at all.

So from what I can tell, this cult had the ability to spy on my computer even without an internet connection, which is what led me to investigate wireless technologies for electromagnetic eavesdropping.

That's probably enough for now. I just wanted to update people and let them know what's going on just in case it might help them with their lives, however keep in mind that while I was typing this, the membership of this cult had real-time access to my screen or a keylogger, so they knew exactly what I was writing and this is the case every single time I post or update a story or content on Shhhh! Digital Media, meaning that they know ahead of time when I'm going to post.

So yes, I was officially involved in the military and in an airborne regiment, but for reasons I've explained, my training was cut short. However, I can say that it is still one of my own dreams to get my jump wings and as always, I completely support the military and its existence. In the current world, there is a need for it more than ever.

I've recently added to We Who Stand On Guard Episode 7, and I'll be working on more additions to complete the latest A Lady's Prerogative story and begin the next cycle of The Two Butterflies. Night Boat might get an update next week as well.

Thank you again to my readers (those who aren't taking part in the harassment). Once again, I'm not Chuck, I'm not Bobby, I'm myself, Brian Joseph Johns.