Updates This Week Of November 20th 2023...

The Weekend...

Well it was a wonderful weekend, celebrating my birthday by myself and that's not sarcasm at all. I enjoy solitude most of the time, but miss a good outing with friends every now and then. Nonetheless it was a very enjoyable weekend. I can't believe that I'm that old already.

It only seems like yesterday that I was doing my hand colourization project of black and white photos for my Photography class in high school, on a Pentax K-1000 35mm manual camera (with a built in analog light meter). 

It only feels like yesterday that I was closing shop where I worked for the night, and getting ready for a Thursday all-nighter at Twilight Zone on their Goth and Industrial night back in the 1980s. 

It only feels like yesterday that I was on the last leg of my first 200 km ride in a single sitting, by myself, arriving at Norland in northern Ontario at midnight with another twenty six kilometers along a pitch black stretch of road with nothing but forest on either side, and nothing but the Moon and the Stars to guide me. I was all alone that time and back then, there weren't cell phone cameras, so capturing moments like that was a difficult thing that often required Polaroid instant cameras.

It feels like yesterday that I was ordering my usual breakfast burrito with hot sauce from a McDonalds across the street from my place of work as a Programmer in the west end.

It feels like yesterday that I was sitting in a donut shop at three o'clock in the morning after having worked a twelve hour day, keeping company with the woman of my dreams until her ten hour shift finished at 7 AM so we could leave together. What a feeling it was to walk down the street beside her.

Don't let other people cannibalize your life and memories.

There are people I know who will remember those times and there are plenty more that I can share as well. I can't begin to tell you how much I miss you. You know I'm not remembering anyone else's life but ours, because you were there. The best part about those memories.

Other aspects of the weekend include having had bizarre dreams of a wondrously beautiful Southeast Asian woman with long black hair, adorned in leather armour and armed with a sword and shield amongst other weapons, who happened to be building an immense fortress over a river. There were a few other steamy dreams I'd rather remain private <ahem>, though it was pretty quiet all in all.

I also seem to remember dreaming about a submarine under the ice in the Antarctic maybe? Or was it under the ice on one of Jupiter's moons, Europa I think? Could have been. And then there was a dream of this small military force which infiltrated the base of operations of a clandestine organization that had taken several citizens prisoner. Yep, it was a wild weekend for some bizarre dreams.

There was a bit of nastiness from some of my neighbours as well. Nonetheless I got through it and still enjoyed my weekend and still managed to get all my housework done, not to mention got a great deal of exercise in as well. 

Thanks to my friends and family and my readers for their birthday wishes. May yours come true.

Updates This Week...

I'm going to be working on finishing the latest unfinished episode of We Who Stand On Guard, and Night Boat, but in all likelihood The Two Butterflies will also set foot into the ninth episode by this Friday, with the ninth episode being finished by the end of November, by latest the weekend of December 2.

We Who Stand On Guard and Night Boat will receive most of the attention this week though, as they have the most complex stories involved, not to mention that Night Boat will very soon be connecting directly to the plot of Two Butterflies, making for an intense turn of events yet to come. We Who Stand On Guard's story connects to current events, though I can't say more. Today is mostly about research, as one of the storylines is very complex and will require some attention.

Insofar as The Way Of The Warrior and The Legendary Of Xarn go, I'm going to try adding to them over the next two months, at least one or two chapters each though I can't promise anything at this point. I can say that its enough of a priority that I'm planning for it though.

You can look forward to some updates this week, though nothing new will be published online until Wednesday or Thursday latest.

Once again, thank you to my readers for your support.