Updates For November 13th...

Hi again. Brian Joseph Johns here.

Things have been getting pretty bad for harassment again recently, so I'm going to put a pause on writing, and work on something coding related, most likely C++ or Delphi, but I'm going to stay away from Unreal Engine for a bit.

It seems that some of my neighbours have been assisting in the effort to steal the credit for my work, and have been handing it out to other people. From what I've managed to find out thanks to an insider they don't know about, they have an extensive illegal surveillance network setup in this building and other buildings in the area that they use for illegal purposes, like harassment, stalking (online and offline), content theft, plagiarism and the theft of intellectual property. Their surveillance network includes contact with outside hackers as well, so it seems to be a pretty serious situation legally speaking. 

So anyway, I'll be doing other things as I don't want to reward abuse ever, and I'd like to see this local surveillance ring get busted and I certainly don't want to feed them.

I'll see how things are by Wednesday or Thursday and possibly continue writing from that point.

Until then, hope you're enjoying the most recent content...

I accept guidance every once in a while, but nobody is controlling me except me.