Identity Clarification Once Again...

Hi. Brian Joseph Johns here once again.

Over the last few days there's been a very aggressive and psychological attack upon my person and at a time where I tend to get a little sensitive to such things. Fortunately I've been able to maintain a good stable balance and mood.

This sort of thing often happens around a person's birthday for some reason related to cults that abhor birthdays or anything to do with things of that nature. Its been a fairly constant theme throughout my life just beyond my 17th birthday and right up until my birthday recently which I'll just say was/is within four days of today's date.

As you get older, you might start to notice such things yourself and with your own life too, depending upon the nature of the people by whom you're surrounded or those who take a decided interest in your life.

If and when you see posts such as this on Shhhh! Digital Media, its a pretty good indication of how I'm being harassed and how aggressive that harassment is. So judging by this post (I'm writing this sentence after finishing the entire post) you can assume that the harassment is pretty bad and generally you can get a good idea of where that harassment is coming from as well.

So, I'm going to clarify a few things that have recently come up, that are an obstruction to my own identity and definitely not associated with my identity or being. Some of them might be offensive, but in all honesty, I've checked thoroughly that my statements are not hate based in any way, and in fact any attack upon your person or identity that seeks to alter or replace your identity, especially to alter your culture or religion (including Atheism) or gender is considered to be a hate crime in Canada. Clarification of those aspects of your identity is not hate speech.

  1. I am Canadian and have never lived in another country, or outside of the Greater Toronto Area in my entire life. I've never lived in Nova Scotia either.

  2. I am not African or Caribbean or biracial African or Caribbean myself at all. I am not Jamaican or biracial Jamaican at all. Likewise I am not Haitian or biracial Haitian either. I am not Somalian  or biracial Somalian, (Somalia is an African country so saying I am not African is the same thing). I am not Guyanese or biracial Guyanese or South American for that matter with all due respect to South America.

    I am Canadian born and raised, of mostly European ancestry (Welsh, French, Spanish). There is also Indigenous ancestry (Sioux and possibly Cree), more than 5 generations removed from my own line, however, I am not a blood centric kind of person.

    Culture is certainly a big interest for me concerning others as it often shows up as an element in what I write, but not at the expense of recognizing the fact that there's a unique person within rather than just a cookie cutter copy derived from some socially biased and stigmatic cultural cliché.

  3. I am not homosexual or transgender, though I do support LGBTQ2 rights and marriage and always have, despite the fact that my own love life isn't connected to the LGBTQ2 community with regard to my romantic and/or sexual partners. I'm a guy, and quite simply put, my attraction is to women and I've only been involved romantically/sexually in that direction throughout my life.

  4. I do not have a fetish for African or Caribbean (or Jamaican or Hatian) women in any way shape or form and never have. I don't date in that direction and have no interest in doing so either, and my reasons for this are my own and require no justification, as thankfully, there are no laws that legislate our love lives and quotas over how we choose our partners, other than those laws that protect minors and for good reason.

    Generally I have had the best relationships/friendships with European (German, British, French, Spanish. Polish, Czech, Russian, Ukrainian), Asian (Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese, Thai, Indian, Malaysian, Indonesian) and Middle Eastern (Jewish/Israeli, Jordanese, Iranian) women, though this statement isn't about me filing an application. This is my own life experience and once again, a clarification of my identity.

  5. I've never hired out for sex or any sexual purposes where it involves prostitution and certainly have never taken part in that vocation myself, or acted as a manager or pimp for anyone else who has.

    I would certainly never oppose a woman's right to have the final say over what happens with her own body, but at the same time I completely disagree with prostitution. If women seek to exploit themselves in a sexual manner (for money or their own enjoyment), I believe that there are alternatives that are much safer for women and their identity, including the alternatives online that involve no contact and therefore far fewer risks to women and their safety.

  6. I don't smoke at all, as I quit cold turkey thirteen years ago. I've supported the decriminalization and legalization of cannabis from the beginning.

  7. I do not play guitar and I've never owned a guitar in my life. I am a piano and keyboard player (former professional) and have gigged live more than I care to recall, and have recorded in studio numerous times as well. That's in addition to my day jobs over the years, and other employment I've enjoyed over the course of my life.

  8. I do not have a fetish for obesity and never have, however, I'd never harass or torment anyone who struggles with weight problems, nor would I ever transfer identities between people where it involves aspects of their weight, as doing so can lead to very destructive health risks for people, especially in younger and more sensitive people, for whom peer pressure can be quite impressionable and destructive.

    Health dictates that a person should wear their own weight, and should never be tormented or taunted about it, but encouraged towards healthy eating habits and a modicum of physical activity.

    I believe that such activity as identity switching between people can lead to psychological conditions that create Anorexia and Megarexia Nervosa in the population, through social conditioning and peer pressure and either can be a danger to health, especially to women. Thankfully, I am not obese myself, partly because I'm somewhat active and partly because of my  high metabolism.

  9. I am not a paedophile and generally throughout my life, the women with whom I've been in relationships have been older than myself. I do not believe that it is wrong for partners to have an age gap between them, so long as it involves consenting adults. I myself tend to be attracted to women within my own age group or within fifteen to twenty years older or younger. I've dated older women, and I've dated younger women, and I'd never torment people in such age gapped relationships.

    I believe that intimacy is very important, but not at the risk of trivializing it, especially with so many threats to people's own privacy nowadays. Private matters between couples should remain as such, but there seems to be an attack upon the bias of love/intimacy by an abusive cult as most people likely know, whose primary weapon is to get at people's intimate secrets in an attempt to sway the scales of bias against former lovers, and in favour of abusive cults that violate privacy in the name of religious dogma or some other destructive idiom.

    I can appreciate the beauty of youth without violating it or even sexualizing it, in much the same way that a father could admire their daughter's life efforts.

  10. I do not live according to the colour symbolism brown black. When it comes to such matters, I go more with my own natural hair colour which is brown and white speckles, though I definitely side most with my own Shhhh! Digital Media colours, and am really liking the addition of the new Sanctum insignia.

  11. I am not bankrupt and that will never happen. Being in the red for me doesn't mean being forced into destitution, when I already hover precariously just above it, but am probably one of the best and most disciplined budgeters there are, using a spreadsheet every month to painstakingly plan my budget and balance my expenses.

    I might be cash impaired, but my ambitions are always towards the stars. One day Shhhh! Digital Media will hit its stride as much so with finance, as it has with its global underground popularity.

    When that day comes, I promise to use that trust in a responsible way, and to ensure that all the charities I've stood by are given their recognition and their financial due.

    Much the same, I'll ensure that those who made it very, very difficult, especially those who numerous times tried to steal my own efforts, my identity and just made life very difficult will get nothing at all.

    I have no addictions or habits that would pose a risk if I suddenly came into money and success, as my only addiction is to creating content for my own company and life's pursuit, Shhhh! Digital Media.

  12.  I am not a Jehovah's Witness or a member of Prince Hall, and never have been. I am not a member of any form of Christianity at all and consider myself not to be associated with any such related religions. I am not Jewish or Muslim myself.

    I am not a Zionist, especially where that idea involves removing the Hebrews living in Israel or Europe and replacing them with members of the African or Caribbean community who believe that the Israeli and European Hebrews are impostors, and that the real Hebrews are African and Caribbean.

    That's just another attempt at cultural and religious appropriation, not dissimilar to what Egyptians experienced during the 1970s onward by similarly minded groups when their cultural identity was in danger of appropriation in a similar manner.

    I am absolutely not anti-Semitic, and it should be clear that I support a stable peace between Israel and Palestinians, that apparently can only be possible by preventing extremist ideologies from having a racket over the Palestinian people, and preventing such tendrils from reaching the future Palestinian leadership.

    Insofar as my own religion is concerned, I am an Atheist/Agnostic though I tend to lean towards Buddhism and Taoism, and the works of many philosophers throughout the world.

    In my experience, when you profess to hold a belief or an idea, there are those who are going to try to trick you into contradiction, as a means of creating a divide between your professed sense of identity and your supposedly demonstrated identity. The consistency between who you claim to be and who you are based upon your actions.

    The motives behind this activity will be a future focus of exposure in what's to come in a certain storyline on Shhhh! Digital Media. That storyline will continue to focus on dismantling such activities in much the same way that they already have, while keeping a focus on positive solutions.

    I'm the only writer of content on Shhhh! Digital Media and I am also the creator and owner of the company. There are numerous artists who've contributed content to Shhhh! Digital Media and they've all been credited on the Credits page and most often with every post that uses their content. I also do a great deal of the artwork as well and I'm always looking for ways to streamline my content production pipeline for a faster turnover of content, while increasing its media richness.

  13. There's nobody remote controlling me, though there are certainly many people who try through a variety of different means. In the end though I'm still very much in control of myself, and benefit from the guidance of my many mentors in life.

  14. I don't say the opposite of what I mean. I don't use colour symbolism in that way at all (for example the colour blue being used to polarity reverse a person or person's statements to mean the opposite contextually as to what was expressed). I say what I mean and mean what I say, especially if I'm saying it in the context of a post like this one.

  15. My own love interest is a woman with whom I've been involved previously and she's Mandarin Chinese.

  16. From what I can tell about the harassers and cult members, they're kind of like cannibals. They eat aspects of the life history of other people, and attempt to create situations that tear their victims away from their own life history and efforts, by making them appear to contradict aspects of their own life. The cult members do this as a means to take over the life history of other people so they can wear that life history as their own. In my experience, they operate in large organized groups that seem to be well coordinated by the means of their methods, and not much more. Well practiced, but very incapable of adapting. Their only means of adaption is to bring in other people whose methods differ from their own.

    So basically, they create situations to tear aspects of a person's life away from them, while creating situations that make the cult members seem more consistent with that history than the victim whose life history they're stealing.

    They also attempt to find out burdensome aspects of a victim's life because the cult members take the good of a person, by carrying the weight of their burdensome aspects. So for instance, if it is found out that you had difficulty with math in school, but you now work in a field that relies on math, the cult members might take the burden of having had trouble with math initially from you and carry that weight themselves, and in payment for doing so, they'll take something good from your life (and possibly career) as payment for carrying that weight.

    However, the cult members are the only people generally who make such aspects of a person's life heavy. In other words, they're quite often the ones who harass people about their own burdens, so much so that they "drop" that burden by either denying it or contradicting it in some way, which the cult members then pickup and carry for themselves (without being harassed at all). Having removed this burden from their victim, they charge a price that is paid by the victim giving up something good from their life to pay for that weight. So essentially, the entire thing is a scam.

    This generally seems to be how they erase people as well, because most of a victims output is completely taken from them by other people, and often replaced with aspects of the lives of others, even the cult members' lives.

    Much of what they try their hardest to steal from their victims' lives are the things that are the most difficult to speak about, especially if legality is involved and secrecy is required. This is a method I believe that the cult use to create social pressure cookers. That is, situations where the victim is required at all costs to keep something secret, that was never a secret in the first place. The victim is then harassed about that secret with the hopes of breaking them, and most often this leads to a pressure cooker situation, that in some cases I believe is an actual method the cult use to radicalize people.

So that pretty much wraps this post up, and fortunately I'm still in possession of my own identity regardless of nonsense related to colour symbolism or any other such scam used to take a person's identity from them or replace theirs with that of another person.

Nothing I've stated here means the opposite of what I've expressed. I don't use the colour symbolism of blue or blue white for anything of that kind and never have.

I've been working with technology for the last couple of days and I'm not certain when I'll return to writing. Possibly by as soon as tomorrow, or by next week some time. I'm hoping to enjoy my own little birthday celebration over the weekend (by myself) and have no plans to work on content, though I've been known to on a whim, up and write many chapters during a hiatus.

I hope those of you who enjoy the content here and benefit from it without abusing me or others have a great evening and weekend! 

I might be back soon with more :-)