Monday Update...

Hi. Brian Joseph Johns here, owner and writer of everything on Shhhh! Digital Media. Sorry for the lack of graphics but I'm posting from my phone.

Due to another severe harassment attack, I've decided that I won't be doing any writing on Monday October 30 (2023). I'll be coding in Delphi and possibly in Unreal Engine as well, though I'm working in Delphi for certain.

I'm not sure when I'll continue as I'll be busy with other stuff, and social abuse isn't really my thing. From where it stands now, I'm looking at Thursday before I begin writing again but that could change.

See you soon (or maybe not so soon).

Oh, and some of you might like this interesting article which I read last night on my phone, as it tells the tale of October 7, 2023 from the side that is getting the least mainstream media coverage. It might put things into perspective for many of you.