Explanations And Updates...

Hi again. Shhhh! Digital Media here aka Brian Joseph Johns.

After my last post (the one where I gave my thoughts regarding the current situation in the Middle East), you might be asking if Shhhh! Digital Media is still going and the answer to that question is a resounding yes. I think that everything I had to say on the matter (which I'll reiterate below) is fair and just and considers all parties involved:

I only became aware of the situation recently (on October 23) and it appears that the abusive harassment cult has been attempting to play the situation to make it appear like I am anti-Israel or that I supported HAMAS, when in fact I don't support any kind of armed conflict as a solution to tensions in the region and never have.

However, Israel has very repeatedly and very clearly stated that they will in no way tolerate attacks against their citizens, and have every time such situations arise, dealt with them with an applicable and justifiable deterent force. I have friends on both sides of the fence (Jewish and Muslim friends who themselves get along quite well), and I'd prefer to see a peaceful solution. 

Had there been as much international concern before the West Bank settler attack on Israel, then perhaps such an attack might not have occurred at all and no such crisis would have arisen. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, but not after the ailment has already ravaged one's body. Surely someone must be aware of these boilerpot situations?

When I heard about the hospital, I thought that it was HAMAS that blew up a hospital in Israel, because I'd never have believed that Israel would do such a thing. Now that horrible loss of life has turned into information warfare, which will be the front lines of this conflict from herein, but I'd honestly have to say I find it very hard to believe that Israel would target a hospital, or that given the track record of their technical military infrastructure that such a missile would miss its target so drastically. And yes, I do know about things of that nature from my research writing and my interest as a simulation enthusiast.

However, if it was so important to the international community that there be peace, why weren't those efforts made before the attack upon Israel that yielded this whole conflict to begin with? Are there those  amongst us who are standing by and idly watching, hoping that such situations will create another Russia/Ukraine conflict in the Middle East? Perhaps to weaken Israel or to inflame the Muslim world into a unified stance against Israel?

I have a feeling that as the world economies buckle post COVID-19, that we'll see more regional conflicts arising until a way has been found to deal with the global sociological pressure cooker that is fueling conflict and creating dire problems for world economies. I have this feeling that such a force is much more organized and clandestined than most people would be willing to admit and is already amongst us now, (newly added from here) fueling international wars and outbreaks of violence in our society in the form of domestic violence all the way to full blown mass murder attacks. That seemed to be the most thematic social aspect of our society for the first two decades of the new millennium. It seems that these malicious forces amongst us that are responsible for this have perfected their social boilerpot methods, and we're seeing the results now.

There's nothing wrong with what I said at all and as I firmly stated, it considers both sides and certainly the fact that Israel was blatantly attacked first and that 1400 of her citizens were murdered, while others (as many as 300) were abducted and are still being held hostage. This was a crime against Israel and other nations of the region, for it threatens to destabilize the hard earned peace that the region has benefited from since the late 1970s and early 1980s. A peace that the Israeli citizens and the citizens of the many nations of the region deserve, seeing it has weathered other serious conflicts over the decades since that threatened to plunge the region into war. However, that peace will not be possible with the presence of a looming threat to stability and it is obvious that stance has become the focal point of the current conflict.

There's nothing wrong with what I have to say on the matter at all and it is the truth.

Now insofar as my other gripes are concerned, they related to the preservation of my own identity as there are cults in society that have blurred that concept (the concept of one's identity) considerably since the  beginning of the new millennium.

In Canada where I reside in Toronto, Ontario, it is considered a hate crime for any group of people socially or legally in a community or surrounding area to replace someone's identity in order to replace their culture and or their gender and or their religion, and I've experienced all of those hate crimes on nearly a daily basis for the last fifteen years. Clarifying one's own identity, either by clarifying their own culture, their own gender or their own religion or what their name is and isn't is NOT a hate crime nor is it hate speech in any way, especially when a person's identity is under threat by such a means. I am a Canadian of European ancestry, and trying to force me in any other cultural direction against without my consent is a hate crime. Sneaking a statement in that forces such an idea and my not responding to it isn't consent.

My focus will be with The Butterfly Dragon until the current storyline has reached the beginning of its final act or end phase, which is approaching rapidly.

And no, I didn't sell my soul to the devil or anyone or anything else. Perhaps a group of malicious people just tried to take it from me? They'll be getting theirs soon enough, especially when I expose that concept and how it actually works.

To my readers, those still sticking with me, I'll have something new up for you soon. :-)