Weekend Updates...

Greetings from Brian here at Shhhh! Digital Media.

I spent the first half of the day contending with some errands I had to run, which included a number of administrative and system upgrades that will streamline content production in the coming future.

It was an "interesting" if not somewhat challenging day in many aspects as well while out and about, but in the end I made it back to my home office again unscathed and with the vast majority of my sanity, having defended principles in which I firmly believe.

Since having finished my errands, I've been working on the upgrades one of which prompted another trip of errands to Canada Computers to buy an M.2 to PCI-E 4x adaptor (thanks to the staff there who were very helpful and found a solution that is currently functioning like a charm). Also, thanks to the immense staff at Staples for their professional service.

My day started at 8 AM EST and since that time, I've been all over the place trying to get everything done so I could finish my day around 10 PM. Lo and behold, that time is rapidly approaching and I haven't written any new additions and I'm exhausted and want to finish up my day and play.

So the deal here is that I will spend some time over the weekend writing new additions to Episode 7, and then next week will see the return of We Who Stand On Guard and Night Boat. Episode 7 is a bit involved and is treading in difficult areas that I need to venture through in order to tell the story, but as the episode nears its finish, these elements will come together and be very rewarding to my readers and set the tone for what's coming in We Who Stand On Guard and Night Boat. Not to mention, the continuation of Rysalyn's and Trent's story.

So I apologize to those who were expecting some new written material today, but it was a very trying day, and I did my best to get everything done but as the lead singer of the legendary rock band Boston says in one of their songs: time doesn't wait for me... it keeps on going.