Wednesday And Thursday Updates...

Hi again. Just taking a little time out of a late night I'm doing at the home office here at Shhhh! Digital Media and after a long evening of Stellaris.

What I have planned for the next two days is first; editing of the most recent chapters of Episode 7 of Two Butterflies. Friday afternoon will consist of a marathon of new additions to Episode 7, which will continue on Monday alongside We Who Stand On Guard, and Night Boat.

Second; I'm concerned with making sure that the recent revelations by Jinn Hua and Ms. Huệ Vân (to Heylyn) are taken in the right context, rather than as malicious invasions of her privacy and being. 

These boundaries are the very definition of bias and trust. Those that try to gain that sort of bias against the consent of a person are in fact in violation of  one of the most fundamental principles to the history of the Butterfly Dragon. So it needs to be very clear as to the sidedness of this idea, and I may not have illustrated this point quite as steadfastly as I should have.

Once again, I promised a good Yin Yang balance, and I will meet that goal by the end of Episode 7,  without compromising the integrity of that for which The Butterfly Dragon stands. There's yet still a long way to go for this episode, not to mention we'll see the return of some long neglected characters.

So that's the plan, Fran (or Stan). On both days I'll post the updates by the end of the day, at around 6 PM EST and there will be indications in the post title that it has been updated.

Have a good night and I'll see you sometime in the morning!