September 4th Updates...

Greetings to my readers, Brian Joseph Johns here. I just thought I'd do up a quick post and let you know what the plan is for this week and into the coming weekend.

First of all, I hope that you had a good weekend. I'm sure that many of you know that September 2nd to 4th is a long weekend, and I am using it in that way exactly. Therefore, I'll be spending Monday doing a bit of Shhhh! Digital Media related research related to upcoming projects. There won't be anything new posted until Wednesday or Thursday of this week, though there might be some additional art posted to Episode 07 of the Two Butterflies.

Consequently, that same Episode will continue to be developed over the week (consider it to be an extra long episode that is setting up the last few episodes for the end of the season). We Who Stand On Guard and Night Boat will also receive extra attention, but nowhere near what Episode 7 of the Two Butterflies is going to receive.

Expect to see additions posted over the course of the week and into the weekend.

Enjoy your week!

[PS: I am not a member of any identity swapping ideology and never will be. I'm myself, Brian Joseph Johns and nobody else. My body isn't inhabited by "body jumping spirits" or anything of that nature that take over another person's body. despite the fact that I include elements of that kind in at least one of my storylines. I truly don't believe in things of that nature, but there are aspects of our bioelectric nervous system that are worth investigating with the help of the scientific method. I am not Bryan Toms, nor am I Bobby or Jeff.]