Methods: How Abusive Cults Target Influencers

If you become iconified in some way, perhaps as an online social influencer (something closer to my level), you're constantly expected to have nothing but good things to say. Possibly even to promote a vision in some form that is of a positive benefit to the world around you. You become one who can do (or say) no wrong.

If you do happen to say something, anything that opposes or challenges the popular social view and idiom, there's an army of people who will take the blame for it in your stead, but as payment, they'll extract something good from you to their credit. They literally take the bad, with the good (as payment).

So if you happen to be of a calm demeanor for the vast majority of time, you generally tend to say little that plays into the economics of the people who will, for a price, cover it up for you.

Even if you're the kind of person who faces challenges in a steadfast and productive way, that originate from life itself, you tend to face those conditions in a positive manner. Though not when they arise from that actions of malicious people intent on drawing the worst from you so they can collect a payment to cover it up. And that brings me to the point.

In such a situation where you have some form of influence, that it is deemed that anything you say that is of a negative context should be covered up for payment, it creates the dynamics of a vicious and malicious activity, as all the required aspects are present.

However, if you're amongst the people who cover things up for a payment, you certainly don't want to make yourselves look bad by creating business in nefarious ways. Hence, the harassment group.

The harassment and abuse group, having other more clandestined purposes, is a group of people surrounding the influencer that is generally there to provoke the worst from them in terms of expression. They might seem to be the enemies of those who are helping cover things up, but in all truth, they're on the same team economically speaking in a symbiotic sort of way.

In a way, its a form of milking a person of their good. Take this as a warning right now if you're approaching that status of being a young influencer, that someday when you're older, you're going to face this exact thing in the same or a similar way. 

I certainly don't wish it upon you and I'm doing everything I can to stop it, but chances are its going to hit you when you reach the age and accumulation of current or previous influence which would qualify you as being "ripe for harvest". 

When you reach that point, you'll find that things change very rapidly from being a world embracing your message, to becoming a localized group of people looking to prey upon you using the mechanic I've described above.

To the outside world, they'll blackout what they're doing very effectively, keeping themselves hidden in doing so and sometimes even you, and your identity. For instance, to the people near me who know that I'm Shhhh! Digital, they know exactly who I am but unfortunately most of those people are the very ones who conduct the abuse in order to facilitate this extraction economy.

They keep it secret by creating the impression that the person creating the content on Shhhh! Digital Media is someone very different. Actually a physically different person from myself, or even a few different people, each of whom is wearing my identity visibly to the outside world beyond my community. Sometimes when I write, the community labels me as being a security guard within the building, which I'm not and I've never worked as a security guard in my life. Failing that, they'll switch my identity with that of someone else, usually someone whose actitivies are not so in line with my own.

So internally, its almost like being kept in a social prison that is blacked out to the rest of the world, even with its own laws internally that are very different from the laws of the rest of Toronto and Canada, while the content I create is sold as coming from these other people whom the abusers promote to the outside world, while keeping me hidden and trapped in this social prison because I've reached that point where they've decided that I'm ripe for harvest. There's a vast amount of people in this building focused on this whole effort to steal my content and to harass me. 

There's even someone who pulls the fire alarm as well, to warn others when their ruse is being exposed and I kid you not. Likely, they're trying to prevent any information from reaching the RCMP about this activity, as the cult are very much based in colour symbolism. So for instance, if there's that danger this information might make it to the RCMP, they pull the alarm, and the fire fighters show up (essentially the same or similar colour symbolism as Canada's Federal Police). The cult then believes that all the clues relating to my revealing this cult's efforts will go to the fire fighters rather than the RCMP. That's another story in itself and certainly not connected directly with what I'm trying to expose in this particular post, but in the worst of cases, this might be something similar to what other influencers experience, including those who become wealthy enough to protect themselves. You never have enough money to isolate yourself entirely from this.

These dynamics are tied in with other aspects of what I'm exposing, but the aspects from the paragraphs above is very important, especially seeing as video media sites and social media are creating masses of potential influencers. Some of whom will experience exactly what I'm talking about in this post. You might not believe something like that now, especially if you're in your twenties, but heed my words and be aware that this will likely happen to you when you reach that milestone in life.

Don't let it make you completely cynical, which I've become in many regards outwardly because I protect the best parts that I'm saving for the people I care about, who are the real fans of my content., not the people trying to steal it. When I write The Butterfly Dragon, I am probably more direct and affirmative than is common througout society. I still have that aspect, but its guarded carefully by scrutiny and skepticism learned through decades of hardship.

Ironically most of the cult who are doing this to me believe that I'm possessed or being remotely controlled by the membership of their cult. So they seem to justify stealing from me using the methods described above based upon that assumption. Now I enjoy certain aspects of control as a sort of fantasy, but I draw the line when it comes to reality. This aspect might not happen to you directly, but certainly the means I've described in the paragraphs above by which they extract from you will.

I advise you to be aware and most of all, to be ready. Especially if you don't become a part of the social norm or if you challenge society's current path. Those creative properties and stories that you looked up to as a child, might appear as the very monsters from your nightmares when you reach the age of being ripe for harvest. Sometime in your mid thirties to late forties. For some it might come earlier. For others, later.

You'll be pit against them in a way that can be very destructive to your life and in a very Joseph Campbell sort of way, though be advised, some rites of ascension are the end for you. Not the beginning. If you make it through, at some point, the same people behind this malice might attempt to make you into the monster of the generations to come who when they become ripe for harvest, you'll bare down upon them like their nightmares. 

You'll be the hero for a while and then you'll become their villain, as if all heroism and villainy occurs as part of a society wide theatrical skit, rather than arising from a person's own natural ability to face  naturally occurring challenges. Keep in mind that in a skit, your role can change direction on a dime if it so pleases those who are creating the story to preserve their career or position in life. 

I barely make enough to survive and that's been the case throughout the entire time I've been producing Shhhh! Digital Media content, so my motives for writing have nothing to do with either preserving my financial status or my position in life. I'm very aware of global society's current state and direction right from the very top down to the very bottom. I'm just concerned that what I'm experiencing will eventually come to all influencers as a franchise directly tailored to them.

Heed my advice. You have nothing to lose in doing so.

I've decided that I'm going to postpone writing, as a result of recent abuse and harassment by people local to my place of residence in Regent Park, Toronto, Canada, but I'll be publishing something later in the week. Possibly by Thursday or Friday but I can't promise anything.

As usual, I am not Ron Silk and I don't play guitar and have never owned a guitar but as I said in yesterday's post, its a very expressive instrument. I'm not Bryan Toms either. I am not a shelter worker named Osama, not to mention, I'm an Atheist that leans toward Buddhism and Taoism.

I'm not a real pilot by the way, but I do enjoy flight simulators, especially air combat sims and have long before Tom Cruise starred in Top Gun. Despite my having a German warship in the game World Of Warships, I am not a Nazi and never have been. 

Imagine if people assumed that just because you have a German ship in a video game, that you were a Nazi? That would be kind of like assuming that people who watch movies or read books with Nazis in them are Nazis themselves or that people who watch Gangsta movies about the hood, are also Gangstas themselves. You could end up with any number of potentially stigmatic labels just by watching a single evening of television or streaming content.

So does that mean we should rewrite everything to remove those references and turn everything fluffy? Not at all. We should change society in such a way that doesn't make weight for people just because they peruse and contemplate stories that involve such matters. 

The real problem isn't the content. The problem is that there's people who make anything and everything a potential weight, but they pick and choose in advance for whom its a real burden. Who will react to that burden and who won't. That's corruption at the social level. Change that, and we'll be able to think freely and contemplate stories that involve potentially stigmatic aspects, and that actually might make us better people.

I'm Brian Joseph Johns and this is

Have a wonderful day,