Monday Updates...

I've been working on the updates today after having gone out grocery shopping again earlier. I expect to have my updates online today though its been a pretty bad day for harassment from noisy and abusive neighbours in the community. I'll stick with the Shhhh! Digital Media colours that you see on the banner above and hate isn't love and love isn't hate. I'm an Atheist that leans toward Buddhism and Taoism, though I'm far from devout.

Sometime before the evening, I'll post what I've got so far with a descriptive header at the top of the page to let you know what's been changed and added. By tomorrow and Wednesday, you should see the latest episodes of We Who Stand On Guard and Night Boat.

Just an FYI about the kind of stalking bullies that I deal with constantly. First of all, they're trying to fool you into believing that I'm being mind controlled by them, or their allies. They're not trying to fool me, they're trying to fool you, because they think you're stupid and that you're idiots. Easy enough to dupe into such a foolish thing, because if they get you to go along with it, then they can use that justification to steal my work from me.

This is the same sort of scam that this cult has been doing for many years and with many other people and the truth is that the only real idiots and goofs, are them. Don't believe them and don't support them by giving audience to their efforts, because they're simply people who see someone making effort, and then try to find ways to take that effort from their victim by fooling the rest of the public into going along with it by creating an illusion. In other words, they're scammers.

In all honesty, I love content that has an element of control aspect to it, but not in reality simply because I can tell the difference between reality and fantasy, while this cult cannot. The idea is that if they can trick me into contradicting that, or anything associated with my identity and private life, that they can take those aspects of my life away because I'm being inconsistent with them. 

For example, if I often do internet searches about renaissance art, and while out and about someone makes a comment about  a particular piece of renaissance art that I just happen not to like. I respond to them by saying something like "I'm not really a fan of that one", and they assume that in that statement, I'm proclaiming that I'm not a fan of renaissance art. But what this cult knows about me by spying on me (and many others illegally) is that I often search for renaissance art related content. 

So by my response being inconsistent with the fact that whoever writes the content here often searches for renaissance art, they assume that I must not be the person they're spying on, and therefore I can't be the owner and writer of Shhhh! Digital Media. All simply because I responded verbally to a person's comment that "I'm not really a fan of that one". They then use that justification to give the credit for my content to someone else in the same building, or in the same city who is more consistent with my internet activity.

Now I don't really do searches on renaissance art (at least not since having written the last A Lady's Prerogative story). Its just an example to illustrate the idea of how this cult forms a concept related to identity, based upon consistency with internet activity, and how a person responds when confronted with it publicly. Most of this cult's goals are all about taking one person's efforts and giving them to the credit of other people. Especially where it concerns internet activity and identity.

I don't have a Playstation and never have, not to mention, I don't look a thing like Jimi Hendrix and I don't play guitar and have never even owned one. I have a neighbour who is an identity thief, that is on the same internet line as myself and he seems to have an army of people who assist him in stealing my identity and the credit for everything that comes from Shhhh! Digital Media.

Given the date today, wouldn't it be nice if we could all heal from the malicious social acumen and animosity that's been brewing amidst us over the last decade? We're at a point where we could teeter over the precipice into oblivion, or progress into a bright future. That choice though ultimately is up to us and nobody else. So which team are you on, the one who wants to drag humanity down or the one who wants to liberate it?

Being aware of the potholes in the road can save you a lot of hassle for the long trip ahead, and sometimes when someone is desperately trying to tell you about them, it can pay in droves to heed their warning and perhaps even their advice. Optimism includes awareness of the things that you don't want to hear, but that might save you.

So, enough of that. To those of you who read my episodic content (without harassing and abusing me), I'm truly grateful. I'll have more up soon and episode 7 still has a bit of a way to go but it will be worth it. All around, especially with a long neglected aspect of the storyline.

See you soon! :-)

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