Trying To Get Setup With Facebook...

About two years ago, I lost access to my phone (when the phone itself died). Along with it, I lost access to my authenticator. Over the last two years, I've managed to re-establish my accounts on other social media services without too much difficulty.

However, Facebook has always been a problem when it comes to retrieving accounts or even using the name of my own company in a profile.

So most recently, I setup another account in lieu of the one that I can't access anymore (they even turned down my Government issued identification when I tried to recover my account).

So I was essentially left with no choice but to create another account. Unfortunately, it won't even let me use any references to my own company and website on Facebook as part of my profile, and considering I'm the owner and writer of everything in this company, that's pretty scary that they wield that kind of power over the identity and business names of others.

Now considering that the owner of the Facebook, and myself are into martial arts considerably, and we even share a similar martial art by style (Jiujitsu). Considering all the the Butterfly Dragon has done for martial arts, I'm very surprised that I'd have so much trouble using the name of my own company on Facebook, especially seeing as I doubt that he or anyone else on Facebook is a part of an identity thieving or swapping cult.

Anyway, if you read this Facebook, why don't you help honest struggling companies?

I hope to see a bit of a difference soon.

To everyone else, I hope to have some more work done on the most recent stories this week, possibly tomorrow or at the latest, Thursday.

Have a great day, and its good to see you again John Paul Young and to be able to touch base on FB again! Happy Belated Birthday!