Dealing With More Identity Switching And Advice For Content Producers...

Alright. Another round of identity switching cult activity so I'll deal with that right here and now with some clarification.

First of all, I'm not Guyanese or even from South America or the Caribbean. My name isn't Bobby and I'm not deluded into believing that I am the living incarnation of King Tut or anything of the same ilk with all due respect to the history and culture of Egypt.

I do NOT play guitar, and have never owned a guitar in my life. Guitars are a wonderfully expressive instrument in the hands of an apt player. However, I do play another instrument and my music theory is actually quite good and I've written some fairly decent musical compositions as well.

I do NOT live in Nova Scotia and I've never been there before, though I'd love to see it one time in person.

I am NOT a member of the Jehovah's Witnesses or a member of Prince Hall with all due respect and never have been. As a matter of fact, I don't think I have anyone that has contributed to Shhhh! Digital Media that is a part of any of those organizations, and I make that statement with all due respect. Denying a person of their right to choose their own beliefs is a crime as much so as any attempt to replace their identity in order to replace their religion, culture or both is as well.

I am not a Mormon or a Scientologist (which when combined I believe are called Ziontology, though there's no way of telling if that's just misinformation or is actually a real ideology). No disrespect meant towards either Mormonism or Scientology, but I have very right to choose my own path as a Canadian citizen.

I am not a Seventh Day Adventist and never have been and once again, it is the right of every Canadian to choose their own beliefs (including no beliefs at all), rather than have them forced upon or forcefully chosen for them by abusive harassment cults.

I'm not a Presbyterian and never have been and as I stated before, it is the right of every Canadian to choose their own beliefs (including no beliefs at all), rather than have them forced upon or forcefully chosen for them by abusive harassment cults or anyone for that matter.

I am not a member of any other religion either, and the closest I come to religion is leaning a bit towards Buddhism and Taoism. Introspection and philosophy is a personal journey, not a social one and I've never been tormented or harassed by members of either of these beliefs.

Those who use others as their mirror will often never find themselves truly happy, for they look for themselves in everyone else rather than looking for everyone else being themselves.

I'm not a member of any blood centric cult at all either, but I do support blood donor clinics and programs everywhere. 

I would however also advise anyone who takes part in being a blood donor who got their blood typed through the donor program to double and triple check it with a second blood lab as to the accuracy of a blood test, as I've had my blood typed incorrectly twice at blood donor clinics. 

I promptly had it double and triple checked first via an Eldon Card test (which returned my correct blood type) and secondly through a Doctor's blood lab through which I have contacts from a childhood family Doctor, which also confirmed my correct blood type.

Apparently the logic was that someone switched my blood type after I'd donated blood at a blood clinic in order to facilitate this identity switching cult's activity. Most all donor clinics are great people, and very friendly, but if you encounter a lot of social grief and you're a blood donor, I'd highly suggest that you get your blood type double checked at another clinic with whom you have a history and a good rapport, just to be sure. There are people who will literally take your identity away from you by such deceit. I surmise that such persons wanted to replace my identity with that of someone else based upon replacing my blood type and several other aspects of my actual recorded identity.

My first name isn't Tom and my last name isn't Thompson and I am not Irish with all due respect. My last name isn't Johnson either.

Lastly, I don't use cocaine or crack cocaine or any narcotics for that matter and I don't hire prostitutes and never have. I believe in harm reduction programs and I supported the decriminalization of cannabis from the beginning but I am not a smoker at all. Perhaps in the near future I might try an edible in order to help me sleep during stressful moments but nothing more.

I do not believe there is anything wrong with content of a legal adult nature online, so long as it is only performed and perused by adults and everything of that nature involves full legal consent by those involved.

I am of European Canadian descent, with a bit of Indigenous thrown in for good measure (Sioux and Cree a few generations back). My real life love interest is Asian, and actually, the front line female characters from A Lady's Prerogative and The Butterfly Dragon accurately represent many important women in my life over many years. Some I know personally, while others I know from afar.

I am the only CEO, owner, writer, content developer and 24/7 employee of Shhhh! Digital Media. I have others whose art I've credited, and some of those artists have work here on Shhhh! Digital Media that is "ongoing" employment one could accurately say. They're often credited in every single story posted here and if I was ever to find financial success to support this project, they would certainly benefit from that as well.

I don't believe that any of this stated clarification is being negative or even paranoid, as there are a lot of people who attempt to steal my identity or Shhhh! Digital Media and as I stated, I am not a member of any ideology that would do such a thing and certainly never will be. I'm a pretty smart guy, and if I saw such activity as being destructive to people and society, I'd be very quick to do what I could to take it down entirely, without violence, and with nothing more than truth.

I don't really consider myself to be on the "blue" team in the sense of it meaning hate means love and love means hate or any other alteration of the context of expression. Likewise with the brown team as well, though I do love the brown eyes and blue eyes on many of my Shhhh! Digital characters, whose eyes often reflect those of women from own my life as I stated, both those I know personally and those I know from afar.

So, hate isn't love and love isn't hate, and what I stated here is truth as surely as I am Brian Joseph Johns.

Just so you know, I worked both mornings of this week (Monday July 17 And Tuesday July 18) starting with projects on Unreal Engine. I think Unreal Engine is great, but I do not symbolize myself as being on the "blue" team simply because I run that software first, rather than write a story on Shhhh! Digital Media. I'm more concerned that in doing so, that no adversity affects my readers and others out there for whom I'm looking out. I've always considered myself more a part of the colours on Shhhh! Digital Media anyway. 

Also, I wrote the latest Night Boat episode first, and then republished The Butterfly Dragon: The Way Of The Warrior afterwards and ensured that it remains at the top and as the latest post.

I really enjoy the way that Night Boat is unfolding, but its difficult to write as a result of harassment activity, I guess because of what it has potentially come to symbolize. 

I believe that other authors (especially very popular ones) working on projects that have the public's interest likely experience many attempts to steer their writing and content creation in one direction or another.

As a matter of fact, I suspect that this sort of activity is popular with many overly aggressive fans of content such as film, streaming shows, books and certainly video games. So I suspect that concerted efforts that target content producers in such ways are likely quite common, but in the end its their abundance of resources that insulate those people from the more damaging aspects of overly aggressive fans. If you don't have a lot of resources, it can be quite disruptive to your life.

I would strongly advise anyone getting into content production to insulate themselves against such activity and to be very cautious and wary of it. Don't let yourself get isolated (something this same cult has definitely done to me), and keep a good circle of trustworthy friends, keeping them separate from your public life. 

Most of all, don't give in to such persons and their efforts to steer your content in a direction of their choosing, but don't alter your content in order to "punish" them because either way, they would regard that as a win, and your content will suffer greatly as a result. 

The only time you should cater to such people is when nobody is being harmed by the process, and if it promotes your content and your potential to grow your audience. If its harmful to you or anyone else, then take hold of the reigns and keep your feet in the stirrups and don't let them alter your course in a way that will cause anyone harm.

Write and create content for the people for whom your content is the entertainment, not for those who enjoy the spectacle caused by aggressive fans wreaking havoc upon your career and life or those who benefit from any strife directed towards your person. 

Keep in mind too that there will be people who are watching and benefiting from your missteps. Inopportunity for you as a content producer might lead to opportunity for others who take the other side, if you've been swayed too far to any extreme. That is why it is best to be cautious when stepping out over the line of balance and into the extremes. There will be people looking to benefit when you fumble.

Finally, I'll give you a physical description of my person. I'm 6 feet tall and currently about 175 lbs. and thin. I'm fairly fit for my age of 55 years old, but if I don't maintain it, I'm going to start feeling it and that's coming from someone who in his mid-twenties and thirties easily rode 200 km several times in a single sitting and amongst other exercises some of which are related to my writing. My eyes are neither brown nor blue, and my hair is short brown and white. I do my best to be soft spoken, but sometimes when you're constantly bombarded by multiple abusive people, it can be difficult to maintain one's rational calm. I am a Scorpio by the way, without having to borrow it from anyone else.

So there you have it. 

I expect to be working on The Two Butterflies, but will be focusing on The Way Of The Warrior and a lot of research related thereto and by. I also hope to have We Who Stand On Guard and Night Boat caught up to the Two Butterflies soon. My favourite content to write actually deals directly with the Two Butterflies main story and currently, The Way Of The Warrior, but the two sides of We Who Stand On Guard and Night Boat are a great challenge and might lead to other things.

Thank you for reading my content, even clarifications like this have their place in the scope of things despite how off the beaten path it might seem. 

See you again soon,

Oh, and recognize her?

My Asian character on Elite Dangerous.
She drives while I cook the food and keep the bed warm in the back...

Note: I don't live in the United States and never have but I've visited twice in my life when I was much younger. I live in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and my address is listed below, beside my photograph. Finally, I am very fortunate not to be living with a debt load or high debt. 

Lastly, my name isn't Trent, and the only Trent I've ever known in life is the character I wrote from my book Stories From The End (Rysalin and Trent). He's making a return in an upcoming Butterfly Dragon storyline as part of We Who Stand On Guard.

My name isn't Shane, and I'm not biracial African or Caribbean with all due respect, and there is nothing wrong with that at all. In Canada, its a hate crime to forcefully replace a person's identity in order to replace their religion or culture. So making such an attempt against my person is a hate crime and is becoming very aggressive and bothersome of late. 

Remember that identity is one of the most fundamental rights we have, and is implicitly (and legally) protected under the right to life in the Human Rights Act and the Charter Of Rights And Freedoms.