Thank You...

I've been improving my ability to craft great shopping lists, using No Frills' online tools for just that. I've already bought the first half of the month's health motivated groceries. So far so good.

Then, as this weekend approached, I decided I needed to have a turkey. Its a wonderfully healthy form of poultry, that stays great for leftovers up to a week beyond the point of cooking.

So today I picked-up my scheduled order of Turkey for this weekend's spring meal ritual from Rocco's No Frills, I also happened to venture out to Value Village on Queen Street East in my home City of Toronto.

I was there today and picked up something small and much needed for a very reasonable price, and I'd like to thank the staff and patrons there for their helpfulness and their courtesy.

That part of Queen Street East from East Don Roadway over to Greenwood Avenue is a great little community, especially the kind of place where you can find a multitude of unique cafes, restaurants and bars to inhabit on those warm weekend days in the spring and summer. Comfortably with an artist's flair and with a little bit of grit too.

Parliament Street is much the same in my neck of the woods from about Dundas Avenue East north up to Danforth Avenue. The thing they're lacking though is a Value Village, and the one on Queen Street East is a real gem.

Thank you all, and to that part of Queen Street East. I hope to see you again in the warm weather.

Whatever you may believe and celebrate on a warm weekend like this, I hope that you find meaning and hope, or at the very least, a good time there within.

Remember to find it within your heart to support second hand stores like Value Village directly by shopping there, or by supporting the United Way locally or world wide.

Brian Joseph Johns
CEO, Author and Artist
Shhhh! Digital Media