Recognize Her?

This is my character on Red Dead Redemption 2. As most of you know, I'm a guy who when he plays characters in video games, often creates a female character in order to promote women. 

She looks a bit like my own real life love interest, though her hair is much, much longer. I think I was just trying out different hairstyles for her. 

Here's a more recent screenshot taken today:

Here's another angle with her horse, Moon's Aura.

Anyway, when I was playing yesterday, another player who was playing as a guy with a moustache and a beard came up to my character and assaulted her.

When I went out today earlier, there were a lot of people treating me as if I assaulted a woman. 

Meanwhile, I've never done anything like that in my life.

As it turns out, the members of this cult who spy on my computer (illegally and who are considered organized crime by law enforcement), assumed that because I'm a guy living here in my apartment, that I was playing the game as the male character who assaulted the female character, when I was simply a guy playing as a female character.

So I had a number of people treat me as if I'd abused a woman, something I'd never do. I even had a large fellow much taller than me confront me, though I couldn't understand what I'd done that had drawn hostile attention. Regardless, I didn't back down from the fellow and he eventually broke away and let me pass.

I spent some of the day trying to figure out what had happened, and then it dawned on me. The organized criminal gang that spy illegally on people's computers had assumed that I was the male character that assaulted the girl, and now people in the community were treating me as if I was a real spousal abuser or something of that nature. Meanwhile, that's something I've never done. Perhaps the RCMP needs to look further into illegal computer surveillance in communities like mine, where it seems to have become a tool of organized crime.

So from what I can tell, this cult had tried to swap my identity with that of someone who had assaulted a woman previously, and had used the context of the video game to create the situation to transfer that identity to me. Meanwhile, I was playing as the female character and hadn't assaulted anyone.

Regardless, this is why illegal surveillance should be stopped immediately and those conducting it should be investigated formally by the OPP or RCMP.

No spousal abuser here, nor a pot-bowl belly. I don't say the opposite of what I mean. I say exactly what I mean.

There is nobody by the name of Shane or Bobby or Jake N, that work for Shhhh! Digital Media and I've never contracted any work to anyone of those people.

With all due respect, nothing on Shhhh! Digital Media is produced by a Haitian woman or man. There seems to be a lot of effort in that direction to steal material from Shhhh! Digital, but nothing is produced by anyone of that culture, and I say that with all due respect.

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