Sticking With Plans...

You might have noticed that activity here has dropped off significantly. Well its true. I'm going ahead with cutting down on my posts, maybe posting as little as one post every week, possibly even less.

I'm currently doing a health related fast until Friday ( as I'm not a member of any religion), and I'm feeling very much out of energy, but the end results will be worth it.

I've decided that most of my major projects will wait until after I've relocated, by which point I should be in a better environment for creative and possibly other work as well, at least insofar as attitudes go. I also suspect that this identity switching and harassment cult is probably minimally or non-existent where I'm headed. It will be a struggle at first, but at least arriving at the goal after that struggle will be much more peaceful and conducive to constructiveness.

I might write a few edits to The Butterfly Dragon: Three For Women (particularly the third story of the trio) as there were some things that I realized I had left out.

About The Recent Spate Of Violence

Insofar as the recent violence I've seen on the news goes, especially against Officers of the law, my thoughts about that are the same as they always were. First off, the only reason I might be seeing that there has been a lot of knife violence is related to analytics connected to how their systems might digest the text of my books, particularly Butterfly Dragon III: The Two Dragons Act I and II. In those books however, there is no violence directed towards Police Officers, except in one scene where one Police Officer is shot by several others.

I checked the news, and there were about ten times the number of shootings that there were violent attacks involving knives, or thereabouts. So chances are its related to analytics.

Where it concerns the cause of these attacks, where the attacker uses guns, knives, vehicles, bombs or what have you to inflict harm upon one or more people, no progress will be made in stopping such violence until there is officially an investigation opened into the secretive harassment groups operating in society right now that are radicalizing people towards a random ends. Some end in the person relocating (like my case). Others end in the person exploding in a violent attack. Until the mechanisms and people behind these efforts are taken seriously and investigated, such attacks will likely continue to climb sporadically, I'd be willing to bet.

In the case of Police Officers responding to calls of erratic behaviour, I'd be willing to bet that the harassment groups wind the person up before the Police call is made, so that the person is already all the way over the edge by the time the Police arrive. Often the Officer(s) responding are unaware of this activity, and go in completely unaware of the risks, though in the scheme of things, its the fault of the people winding the person up, as much so as it was Charles' Manson's in winding the members of his cult up to commit murder (despite the fact that the precedence of that case was in American courts, whereas I'm writing this in Canada). 

I believe that this whole situation presents one of the greatest challenges to our investigative and legal system, not to mention policy. I believe that policy will ultimately be the greatest weapon against it though. The caveat is that if we go on a Wytch Hunt for the people doing this, then we become the monsters. There's got to be a way of either diluting their strength and effectiveness, or strengthening the victims of these radicalization attempts. Nothing can happen in that regard until we know what we're dealing with.

All I can do is offer my condolences to those lost, and their families thus far to this plague of violence. Its particularly horrible that so many Police were victims of it.

Of Baby Skunks And Basements...

This little story is something that happened years ago, when I was about twenty one years old, back in around 1990/1991.

I had been living with friends renting a room in a house on Shandon Avenue in Toronto, where we had the entire upstairs of a house rented, while other friends of ours were renting the basement.

During the summer, the basement apartment used to get very hot, so they'd leave the side door open which led directly to their apartment. That would offer them a bit of cool air during the worst of the summer.

One night, on my night off from working for Southam A/V, I was upstairs watching television when the lady from downstairs came up to get me, telling me there was an emergency in the basement. I got up and ran down the stairs as fast as I could to check things out, and I saw nothing. Just their apartment exactly as it had been the last time I saw it.

I told her the coast was clear so she came down into the apartment and told me that there was a skunk in the basement. It must have snuck in when she was busy with other things.

She backed up and out of the apartment, while I searched. Eventually, behind one of the overstuffed chairs in their apartment, I found a baby skunk, frightened silly trying to dig its way out of the house through the wooden paneling in the corner.

She by this time had collected a box, while I had pulled out the chair to expose the little critter, who kept frantically trying to dig its way out. The skunk made a lot of funny noises, but thankfully no effort to spray us. 

I slowly moved in with the box, and eventually was able to coax it in without startling it. Once I had it inside, I turned the box on its bottom gently, and carried the box with the skunk in it up the stairs and out into our backyard, where I let the little critter go.

We had a pretty good laugh about the whole ordeal, and figured that the skunk was probably the most startled from the situation. Apparently the mother skunk found the baby as well, so their whole family was reunited, and they didn't spray us. Thankfully.

There's only two people that would remember that story first hand. Her and I, as everyone else was away from the house at that time. She would also remember that I'm not Ron. Or John. Or Darryl. Or Ian. Or Collin.

 Where ever she is, I hope that she's doing well and has a good laugh about this if she reads it between treating her patients (if the rumours about her current profession are true). 

She would also remember that I'm the same guy who rode his bicycle from Toronto, 200 km up to go camping with his friends at Kinmount in Ontario, Canada. Not to mention I've done that ride successfully five times (1000 km total). My best time was 9 1/2 hours, though I stopped for an hour and a half to take a break at the town of Beaverton in Ontario, Canada and fell asleep on a beach after eating. I essentially made the trip in 11 hours. Other times I took my time or had a similar total trip time.

Recently I've been planning a long distance trip, using a spreadsheet and careful calculation so as to avoid problems, especially health related and insofar as the calorie intake I'll need to handle such a trip.

So, just in case anyone questions whether I can do long camping trips on a bicycle, and long distance rides, there you go. At 55 years old though, its going to prove a bit more difficult but I'm up for it.

We're Done Here

To my readers, I hope your day went well and I'll see you soon with another post sometime in the near future and remember, I'm sticking with my red black white yellow. And remember, I'm currently writing this from my home office/apartment at 200 Sherbourne Street Suite 701 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada where I live alone. Soon however, there's a very good chance that Shhhh! Digital Media will be resituated to another location. 

Now I've got to get back to work doing an attended install of Windows 11. Bye for now.

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