Wishes For Turkey And Other Updates

See page for author, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons
Two Earth Quakes Hit Turkey

Yesterday as many of you know, there were two devastating earth quakes in Turkey, which led to thousands of deaths in the cities struck the hardest and to an estimated $40 billion (CAD) in damage. It is great to hear that many leaders in the world are coming together to send aid and assist in the recovery from such a devastating disaster, especially considering that the world is still recovering from the recent COVID-19 pandemic. I'm very sorry to hear of this tragedy and wish Turkey a hasty recovery and the hope that many lives are saved with the ongoing rescue efforts.

As far as updates go there's nothing looming on the horizon and I've nothing planned. I'll be working on several projects over this week and next that are unrelated to my published material here, and I haven't decided where I'm going with writing. Possibly something entirely new?

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