Just A Quick Note To Protect Some People...

The Butterfly Dragon uses her Butterfly Wings and Dragon Scales abilities to make herself impervious to gunfire in order to protect a room full of people in this artwork from the book: The Butterfly Dragon II: What Different Eyes See.

When it comes to ideas related to "blood" and what not, I put the culture and cultural group of my own love interest first. There are some ideologies that attempt to build up great burden in a person, and then trick them into dropping that burden onto another culture that  is technically outside of their own culture, and possibly even to hit a love interest of theirs with that weight.

As I stated, my own love interest is Mandarin Chinese and I'm very cautious about seeing that any local cult attempting to trick me into dropping anything on her or her cultural group in Southeast Asia doesn't prevail. So I don't gravitate towards blood, or any blood centric ideology that would seek to break that connection between us whatsoever. Especially where such an ideology or group attempts to weaponize a person in such a way so as to dump a load of burden onto a cultural group about which they care in the form of having a member of that culture as their love interest.

So, if for instance I speak with someone who happens to be the same culture as myself (I'm Caucasian and have heritage in Welsh, French, Spanish, Cree and Sioux), that doesn't mean that everything good goes to those cultures, and everything burdensome goes to other cultures. I'm not a member of any ideology that operates that way, and I abhor any ideology that would conduct themselves in that way. In this day and age there is so much interaction between differing people, that to do so only aggravates conflict.

No matter who I talk to or how they're connected to me culturally or through heritage or not, I won't ever be a part of anything that would dump the weight onto members of the culture of my love interest, who as I stated is Mandarin Chinese but that protection extends to the other cultures in her region of the world such as Korea, Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and India for instance, with all of whom I feel a bond. Ideally also, I'd want to see that women aren't wrongly burdened as well as that can have some serious effects upon a person and their self image and sense of self esteem in this day and age of predatory harassers.

The last two weeks have been very hectic, with a lot of harassment coming from a variety of sources and that in turn resulted in a great deal of weight coming to the surface. I just wanted to make my stance on this issue clear, and to give warning to members of those cultures to be wary of others who might attempt to weaponize aspects of my burden, or other burden that has been dumped onto me by the harassment cult, attempting to make it your weight. 

Unless of course you choose on your own to accept that weight, though remember that what makes that weight heavy is entirely governed by the people who'd torment you about it, meaning that its a scam. As I've stated before, they could make the burden for something as simple as someone picking their nose much heavier than the weight they would make for someone who'd committed rape or murder. Should these people even be doing this at all?

In other words, the market value of burden is entirely determined by the people who do the tormenting and the reason they make something heavy is based upon whether they want you to drop it, or whether it is something belonging to someone they know personally and are trying to help by making that burden yours permanently.

The reasons that they'd want you to drop it, ie do or say something to contradict it, would be that they believe that it comes from someone famous or notable, that they feel if they carried that weight rather than you, that it would benefit them in some way related to the person from whom it came. So if they suspect you're carrying something for someone famous, a celebrity for instance, they'll really, really torment you because they want you to drop it, so they can pick it up and benefit from "protecting" someone famous. However, you should know that the people who do the tormenting are almost never tormented themselves. 

That is, if they pickup the weight for someone else, they never experience its weight at all, because they're never tormented about it. They're the predatory people, and they tend not to be tormented about anything they carry and they've developed the whole market scheme for carrying the weight of burden for others into an immense scam. Getting rid of the burden for their friends onto other people, and taking the burden related to celebrities and notable people from others, to benefit themselves. They've got a whole market system figured out for this and that's what drives most harassment. That and obscuring the truth of situations in such a way so that the role of perpetrator and victim are reversed, and the victim is burdened with the weight of the perpetrator, while the perpetrator is treated as the victim (which usually benefits the perpetrator and destroys the victim).

A lot of what people get tormented about is very personal stuff and can even go so far as to attack someone simply for what they read and think, rather than what they do. Not to mention that it can be traumatizing being attacked over your personal secrets, or the secrets of others. That pressure is probably that much more based upon how well known you are in the public. And believe me it gets much worse if those secrets are related to any aspect of your private sexuality, which essentially is nobody else's business but your own so long as it lies within the confines of the law.

So I just wanted to make sure that my own love interest and her cultural neighbours in the region from where she originates are protected from this sort of thing that might seek to weaponize anything they've dumped onto me, trying to drop it onto those cultures, especially hers. The best way to ensure that doesn't happen is to make my stance on that issue clear and to warn them.

Also, the fact that I pay more attention to my computer than I do my own love interest is a difficult matter to explain, but I'll give the short of it here. She lives in the same city that I do, though if I were ever to be seen with her or spend time with her, she would be stalked and harassed to the point of it being severely harmful to her, considering that she's older than me and I'm 55. So I literally cannot see her for these reasons. I have her picture on my computer and I see it every single day many times a day, and that's what drives me to keep going.

Everything I've stated here is truth, especially on this matter.

I'm going to continue licking my wounds, while working on some other projects as well to finish the day. I still haven't decided if or when I'll be returning to writing A Lady's Prerogative or The Butterfly Dragon, but keep in mind that I'll always be a source for those two unique ideas in many ways other than just writing alone.

Oh and nobody is controlling me.