Here's the first final design images of characters from The Legendary Of Xarn.

Below, pictured from left to right (as you can probably read on the image) are Janet and to her left, Denise. They are two of the female leads in the book, which is currently under construction though its being published as I write it. The same format I've used with just about every single book and short story I've written. I started early this morning and have been going non-stop since then.

I'll be working on some other design elements today, and possibly adding a chapter or two to the book if I have the time.

Thank you for the positive support from those of you who were kind enough to give it. Even if it was discrete or secretive, I noticed and it is greatly appreciated. I work hard creating this content and a dash of honey every so often goes a long way, but there's a bigger goal as well. There is also a bigger picture to all of this, and regardless of whether I was doing this or not, that bigger picture will always be a part of everything that motivates what Shhhh! Digital Media stands for.

Have a great day, and I'll see you tomorrow with more updates and news.

Software used: Daz3D for design and rendering, Photoshop for compositing. I had these designs in my head for nearly ten years and Janet turned out almost exactly how I envisioned her but Denise is pretty close to that benchmark.